The 8 Best Alien Dildos for Extraterrestrial Enticement

   Isabelle Uren
Get ready for galactic pleasure! We’ve found the best alien dildos to help you fulfil all your cosmic fantasies! Marvel at the colorful designs and let the out of this world textures tease you into a frenzy! We’ve got an alien dildo to suit every taste, from beginner-friendly to eye-wateringly huge.
1 Test Winner

Uberrime Xenuphora Alien Tentacle Dildo


  • love intense textures
  • want to explore alien or tentacle roleplay
  • prefer medium density silicone
  • enjoy more average sized toys


  • want a suction cup dildo
  • are looking for a dildo for strap-on play
  • crave a large alien dildo

Let the Xenuphora dive its tentacle deep inside you, it suckers massaging you as it travels deeper inside! This highly textured tentacle offers otherworldly sensations with each stroke or twist. The pointed tip seeks out your most sensitive spots,  it’s peaks providing an intensely pleasurable massage. The Xenuphora is hand-poured in the US, using top-quality silicone, so not only are you getting an incredible alien dildo but also a work of art!

  • Suckers and ridges add provide intense massage
  • Tapered tip is great for targeted stimulation
  • Nubs on base can provide external stimulation
  • Beautiful colorful design

  • Some might find the pointed tip uncomfortable
  • Not designed for use in a harness
  • Tricky to clean all the textural details
Length6.75 inches
Insertable length5.5 inches
WidthHead: 1.39 inches
Diameter1.43 inches
MaterialsPlatinum Silicone

Uberrime are one of the front-runners when it comes to making fantasy dildos and the Xenuphora is a prime example of their craftsmanship. The whole circumference of the shaft is covered in interesting textures that add new levels of stimulation as the tentacle moves, making this great for anyone who loves a lot of intense stimulation! The nubs on the base can also provide some external stimulation for your clit or perineum which is a big bonus! I wouldn’t recommend this dildo if you want an alien dildo to use in a harness, but aside from that, I would say this is worth the investment for anyone who loves a bit of sexy sci-fi role play!

2 Cheapest

Big Shocked Alien I

 Alien I

  • love a thick dildo
  • enjoy textured dildos
  • prefer softer dildos

Alien I

  • want a firm dildo
  • prefer a curved dildo for g-spot stimulation

The thick shaft of the Alien I from BigShocked is laced with teasing textures from another dimension culminating in a petal-shaped glans. This hand-poured alien dildo is made using premium silicone and is available in four different color ways.

  • Thick shaft
  • Teasing textures
  • Suction cup base
  • 4 different colors to choose from

  • Will be too large for some bodies
  • Textures are tricky to clean
Alien I
Length8.07 inches
Insertable length6.69 inches
Diameter2.09 inches
MaterialsPlatinum silicone

The Alien I is going to be a great match for anyone who loves a little more girth, which also intensifies the experience of the textural details. That does mean this is best suited to those with a bit more experience with larger dildos. It’s also a really great price for a hand-poured silicone dildo and I love that you can choose between four different color combinations.

3 Beginner

Uberrime The Veris Fantasy Tongue

 The Veris Fantasy Tongue

  • enjoy whimsical alien designs
  • want a slim dildo
  • prefer soft, squishy silicone

The Veris Fantasy Tongue

  • crave intense textures
  • want a thick shaft

The Veris is a twisting tongue that wants to probe deep inside and tease every inch of you! Made with soft, squishy silicone, you can feel each twist of the shaft without it being uncomfortable. As with all Uberrime dildos, the Veris Fantasy tongue is handmade so each one is unique!

  • Slim design is beginner friendly
  • Deliciously soft silicone
  • Slim tip can be used for targeted pleasure
  • Anal safe

  • Might be soft for vigorous thrusting
  • No suction-cup base
The Veris Fantasy Tongue
Length6.75 inches
Insertable length5.5 inches
Diameter0.75 — 1.59 inches
MaterialsPlatinum silicone

If you prefer a more whimsical alien dildo or you love soft squishy silicone, the Veris could very well be the alien dildo for you! The soft but pointed tip is also really great for massaging your a-spot or exploring cervical orgasms. The softness does mean that it might not be the best option if you love vigorous thrusting though. Also, bear in mind that this is a slimmer dildo, which makes it beginner-friendly but not the best for those looking for an intensely full feeling.

4 Squirting

Deep Fantasies Irkox Squirting Dildo

 Deep Fantasies Irkox

  • love squirting dildos
  • enjoy heavily textured dildos
  • prefer a softer dildo

Deep Fantasies Irkox

  • prefer very firm dildos
  • want a suction cup base

Experience the intense pleasure of alien insemination with the squirting Irkox dildo! The Irkox is covered with teasing, rippling textures and when you reach that big O, use the squirt tube for a realistic ejaculation experience! This thrilling dildo from Deep Fantasies is made from platinum cure silicone in a medium soft density.

  • Squirting capabilities
  • Textural details add stimulation
  • Slight curve for g/p-spot stimulation

  • Tricky to clean
  • No suction cup base
Deep Fantasies Irkox
Length7 inches
Insertable length5.8 inches
Diameter1.89 inches

This squirting dildo the ideal choice for anyone with an alien breeding fantasy. As the silicone is relatively soft, textural details aren’t the most intense of all the dildos in this review but they do add a nice layer of stimulation. It’s unfortunate that this dildo doesn’t have a suction cup base as you need to use one hand to hold the dildo and one to activate the squirt mechanism.

5 Huge

Oxballs Avatar Alien Dildo

 Oxballs Avatar

  • are looking for a huge dildo
  • have experience with large sex toys
  • enjoy heavy textural details

Oxballs Avatar

  • are new to alien dildos
  • want a very soft, squishy dildo

Explore larger than life pleasure with the Oxballs Avatar. This 12-inch dildo will help you fulfil your deepest fantasies in every sense! The blue beast is covered in fine textural details from the foreskin right down to the base to give a realistic feeling as it probes deep inside you! It even has a set of tiny torpedo testicles!

  • Huge dildo for an extra full feeling
  • Very detailed textures
  • Increasing thickness towards base
  • Torpedo shaped balls

  • Too big for a lot of people
  • Base can be awkward to hold
Oxballs Avatar
Length12 inches
Insertable length10.5 inches
Diameter2.5 inches

With 10.5 inches insertable length and 2.5 at it’s widest point, this huge alien dildo is definitely one for the size kings and queens out there! It’s a relatively firm but flexible dildo, and unlike many of the other dildos in this review that have very pronounced textures, the Avatar has more fine textural details to give it more skin-like feeling and a little more drag. This is best suited to those with more experience of large toys looking to push their limits!

6 Glass

Icicles No 24 Glass Tentacle Dildo

 Icicles No 24

  • love very firm dildos
  • enjoy intense textures
  • love the tentacle look

Icicles No 24

  • are sensitive to texures
  • want a dildo for vigorous thrusting
  • prefer a longer dildo

Give yourself over to this glistening glass tentacle! Made from borosilicate glass, this tentacle dildo is great for a deep g-spot massage and it’s firmness means you can really feel each sucker sliding over your most sensitive spots! It can also be heated or cooled for some tantalizing temperature play and it’s compatible with all lubes!

  • Beautiful design
  • Intense textures
  • Finger loop handle
  • Compatible with all lubes
  • Great for temperature play

  • Textures too intense for some
  • Loop can be tricky to hold
Icicles No 24
Length6 inches
Insertable length4.5 inches
Diameter1.5 inches
MaterialsBorosilicate glass

This glass wand provides some pretty intense stimulation, which can even be a little too intense for some, so bear that in mind when deciding if this is the alien dildo for you! This is a great option if you love the idea of temperature play though! The cold glass can feel really amazing against your warm body or you can heat it up for a more sensual experience!


Uberrime The Alien Probe Thing

 The Alien Probe Thing

  • crave extra deep penetration
  • enjoy a lot of texture

The Alien Probe Thing

  • prefer a firm dildo

Explore deep probing pleasure with the Alien Probe Thing. The 12-inch shaft features rippling textures and large head that leads the exploration deep inside you! Made with UV Reactive and glow-in-the-dark pigments, this silicone dildo definitely feels like a creature from another planet!

  • Extra long shaft
  • Undulating textures
  • Sculpted head
  • Glow in the dark

  • Too long for many people
  • Textures can be too intense
  • No suction cup base
The Alien Probe Thing
Length12 inches
Insertable length11 inches
Diameter1.75 inches

The Alien Probe Thing is a LONG dildo and not for the faint-hearted! The larger head and three ribs provide a lot of stimulation as it moves deeper and deeper inside. It’s an expensive dildo but that’s due to the immense size and the fact it is handmade from pure platinum silicone.


Creature Cocks Orion Invader Veiny Space Alien Dildo

 Creature Cocks Orion

  • prefer a firmer silicone dildo
  • want less intense textural details
  • are looking for a dildo with a suction cup base

Creature Cocks Orion

  • prefer a very soft dildo
  • crave intense textures

The Orion Invader  is here to invade your insides with it’s deliciously veiny shaft. The Orion also has stimulating ridges all along it’s underbody that provide a pleasing massage with every movement. The thick, curved shaft is perfect for g-spot or p-spot stimulation, and you can even enjoy the Orion hands-free using the suction cup base or in a harness.

  • Suction cup base
  • Tapered design
  • Raised vein details
  • Curved for g-spot/p-spot stimulation

  • Not as detailed as other alien dildos
Creature Cocks Orion
Length7.25 inches
Insertable length6 inches
Diameter1.3-2.3 inches

The Orion isn’t as intricately textured as some of the other dildos in this review, making it a better option for anyone who loves the idea of alien role play but is too sensitive for intense textures. The lower price also makes it great for anyone on a budget or anyone who just wants to dip their toes into the world of alien dildos. It does have one major advantage though — the suction cup base means you can enjoy this dildo hands-free!

Transform Your Penis Into the Alien Dildo of Your Dreams

Transform your own penis into an out of this world alien appendage with a fantasy penis sleeve! The perfect accessory for fantasy partner play! Cock sleeves add extra girth and new textures to your erection, giving your partner the chance to explore new sensations!

Deep Fantasies Xenomorph Penis Sheath

Deep Fantasies Xenomorph Penis Sheath  - Transform Your Penis Into the Alien Dildo of Your Dreams
This open-ended penis sheath with give an extraterrestrial erection to satisfy your partner with. Not only does it look the part, it adds extra girth to your erection, and the textural details deliver otherworldly pleasure!

Egg Depositing Alien Dildos for The Most Kinky Out There

If you dream of alien insemination, the Oviposter is the dildo for you! Primal Hardwere have created a range of innovative egg depositing alien dildos alien that release gelatine eggs deep inside you to fulfil your alien breeding fantasy! Check out Primal Hardwere’s full range of out of this world dildos to find your next fantasy play thing!

The Splorch Ovipositor

The Splorch Ovipositor - Egg Depositing Alien Dildos for The Most Kinky Out There
The Splorch is a 100% silicone alien dildo with a hollow inner canal, allowing the gelatine eggs to be squeezed out of its open mouth and deposited inside of you.

Where to Buy the Best Alien Dildos

If these amazing alien dildos have piqued your interest but you haven’t quite found your perfect match, here are some sex toy stores that we love and trust that stock some fabulous fantasy dildos! As always, when shopping for sex toys, go for reputable stores and always look for body safe materials, like silicone, borosilicate glass, or stainless steel.


SheVibe - Where to Buy the Best Alien Dildos
SheVibe has one of the best collections of alien dildos out there and have even teamed up with some of the top fantasy dildo makers out to make their own! Here are some of our favorite alien dildo brands available at SheVibe:


Oxy-shop’s range of sci-fi dildos feature a whole range of otherworldly creatures to fulfil all your fantasies!

Spectrum Boutique

Spectrum Boutique also stock a selection of Uberrime dildos. Their hand-crafted fantasy dildos are true works of art!

How to use an Alien Dildo

Alien dildos come in all manner of shapes and sizes but often they are big and have a lot of texture. While this can be intensely satisfying, that does mean you’ll need to take more care when using them. Here’s how to enjoy your alien dildo for all kinds of fantasy play! And as always, only dildos with flared bases are safe to use anally!

Warm up first

Warm up first

Spend lots of time using your alien dildo to tease and massage your external erogenous zones first. If you are using a particularly big alien dildo, I would also recommend using your fingers or a smaller dildo to warm up first.

Use extra lube

Use extra lube

As alien dildos have a lot of textural details you are going to want to add even more lube than usual to prevent any friction. If your alien dildo is made of silicone, stick to using water-based lube to protect the toy’s materials.

Take it slowly

Take it slowly

Don’t be tempted to take the whole toy in one go, insert it slowly bit by bit and give your body time to get used to the size and texture.

How to Clean Alien Dildos

If your alien dildo is waterproof, you can wash it using warm water and mild soap or a sex toy cleaner. As alien dildos tend to have a lot of textural details, you need to make sure to clean in all the nooks and crannies as these can be the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. You also need to make sure it's completely dry before storing it in a bag or box.


100% silicone is the best material for an alien dildo as it it non-toxic and non-porous. If it doens't have any electrical components, it can also be boiled to be sterilised. All of the dildos in this review are made from silicone so you know they are all body safe! Borosilicate glass is also a great material for alien dildos — it is body safe, can be heated or cooled and is compatible with all lubes!

If you are new to alien dildos or dildos in general, I would recommend looking for a smaller alien dildo with less pronounced textures.

If your alien dildo is made from silicone, you should only use water-based lube as other lubes can damage the silicone. If your alien dildo is made from glass, you can use any type of lube.

What is an alien dildo?

As you may have guessed from the name, an alien dildo is a dildo designed to look and feel like an alien body part. Often they take the form or winding, probing tentacles with intensely teasing textures. They come in all shapes and sizes, although the extra large, extraterrestrial appendages seem to be very popular! They are the perfect addition to your toy box if you love a little alien role play or you are just looking to experience unique textures and fun designs!

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