The 6 Best Anal Dilators for Safe & Comfortable Expansion

   Kevin Foley
1 Test Winner

Inspire Silicone Dilator Training Set

 Inspire Silicone Dilator Set

  • Struggle with penetration
  • Like the color-coded design
  • Have never tried dilators before

Inspire Silicone Dilator Set

  • Want pelvic floor massages
  • Already use 1” diameter dilators
  • Prefer using silicone lubes

The first anal dilator set I have for you today isn’t specifically for anal use. Actually, the Inspire Silicone Dilator Training Set can be used both anally and vaginally! Each one of these anal dilators is a slightly different color, making it easy to tell the different sizes apart (even if they all get jumbled up together). The base of each anal dialator features a finger loop, which helps you easily adjust the device and prevents accidental over-insertion. Easy to use, made from high-quality silicone, and making donations to the “Living Beyond Cancer” charity with every purchase, the Inspire Silicone Dilator Training Set is a great all-around option to start your anal training journey with!

  • Easy to use
  • Color-coded
  • Curved for easy insertion
  • Made of silicone

  • Not ideal for pelvic floor massages
  • No instructions provided
  • Want vibrations
Inspire Silicone Dilator Set
Length(1) 3 inches, (2) 3.5 inches, (3) 4.25 inches, (4) 5 inches, (5) 5.5 inches
Diameter(1) 0.5 inches, (2) 0.75 inches, (3) 0.75 inches, (4) 1 inch, (5) 1.25 inches

Competition was fierce, but—in the end—I ultimately picked the Inspire Silicone Dilator Training Set as my “Test Winner”. As mentioned above this anal dilator kit can also be used vaginally, giving it a bit more potential beyond anal use alone. So, what makes this anal dilator set anal-friendly? Well, that all comes down to the finger loops, which—once a finger is inserted into them—is sure to prevent accidental over-insertion. That said, you shouldn’t use this anal dialator kit without also having a finger in the loop, as the loop alone won’t prevent you from “losing” the dilators. This is the main downside of this kit – you’ll need to have a finger in the loop at all times. For some of you, this might be a deal-breaker. If not, though, then you’ll be happy to learn that the kit is sized for complete beginners, meaning anyone can start using it right away. While I wouldn’t recommend this to someone who’s used anal dilators before, I think the Inspire Silicone Dilator Training Set is a great option for complete first-timers. If that sounds like you then you should definitely consider picking this kit up for yourself!

2 Cheapest

Boundless Dilator Trio Silicone Probe Set

 Dilator Trio Probe Set

  • Need something budget-friendly
  • Plan on also using bullet vibes
  • Are more concerned with length

Dilator Trio Probe Set

  • Want more than 0.75” of diameter
  • Already use 0.75” diameter dilators
  • Don’t like plain black toys

This next option, the Boundless Dilator Trio Silicone Probe Set, is a bit more simple. With this anal stretching kit, you’ll get three different anal expanders, maxing out at a diameter of 0.75 inches. This rectal dialator is best for those looking to take more length, as the longest dilator measures over four inches long. Affordably priced, easy to use, and fitted with a finger loop on each dilator for complete control, the Boundless Dilator Trio Silicone Probe Set is an excellent option for people new to anal play.

  • Affordably priced
  • Made of silicone
  • Three sized included
  • Easy to use

  • No color options
  • Only two diameters
Dilator Trio Probe Set
Length(1) 3 inches,(2) 3.5 inches, (3) 4.25 inches
Diameter(1) 0.5 inches,(2) 0.75 inches, (3) 0.75 inches
Colors AvailableBlack

At a price of less than $10 per anal dilator, the Boundless Dilator Trio Silicone Probe Set easily earned the title of “Cheapest” on this list of anal dilators. That might have you wondering whether or not you’re actually getting your money’s worth with this product. Fortunately, yes, you are! It’s important to note that the two longest dilators both have a maximum diameter of 0.75 inches, while the smallest anal dialator has a diameter of 0.5 inches. As such, I’d recommend this kit mainly for those looking to make gains in terms of length, rather than diameter. Each dilator is made of silicone, which is always a major plus for any internal-use toy (as it means they’re non-porous and body-safe). This does limit you to water-based lubes only, but I feel that’s a worthy sacrifice for the added level of safety. The design is fairly simple, with each dilator being all-black, complete with a rounded tip on one end and a finger loop on the other end. All in all, while it might not be the best-looking kit around, I’d recommend the Boundless Dilator Trio Silicone Probe Set to anyone looking to work their way up to using longer anal dilators on a budget.

3 Beginner

Wellness Silicone Dilator Kit by Blush

 Wellness Silicone Dilator Kit

  • Have never used dilators before
  • Want hands-free anal dilation
  • Love the heart-shaped design

Wellness Silicone Dilator Kit

  • Can already use 1” diameter dilators
  • Don’t like the heart bases
  • Don’t like the color

The Wellness Silicone Dilator Kit by Blush is the first anal dilator kit on this list that can technically be used hands-free, as these dilators don’t feature a finger loop on the end. Instead, this anal dilator set features heart-shaped bases on the end of each dilator, preventing accidental insertion while looking cute at the same time. This anal dialator kit is a great option for complete beginners as it includes four different dilators for you to use. With lengths of up to six inches and a maximum width of 1.25 inches, this single kit should be more than enough to get you started on your dilating journey. Ready to get started but want something cute? Then the Wellness Silicone Dilator Kit by Blush is exactly what you need!

  • Affordably priced
  • Heart-shaped bases
  • Made of silicone
  • Can be used hands-free

  • Only one color offered
Wellness Silicone Dilator Kit
Length(1) 3.5 inches, (2) 4.75 inches, (3) 5.5 inches, (4) 6 inches
Diameter(1) 0.5 inches, (2) 0.75 inches, (3) 1 inches, (4) 1.25 inches
AllergiesPhthalate, fragrance, paraffin, and latex-free, non-porous
Colors AvailablePurple

I think the Wellness Silicone Dilator Kit by Blush is an excellent anal stretching kit for first-timers. However, it’s the cutesy approachable design that ultimately earned this rectal dialator set the “Beginner” mention on this list. Whereas many other anal expanders don’t look approachable, this kit won’t intimidate anyone, making the entire process seem much less stressful. I think the price is reasonable, coming out to just over $10 per dilator. The size range is decent, with the largest dilator measuring 1.25 inches wide and 6 inches long. The only downside of the bases is that they will make the dilators slightly harder to hold on to. Still, I think many people will value being able to leave the dilator in place over constantly having to have a finger in the finger loop. Taking the asking price, design, size range, and silicone materials used into consideration, I’d definitely recommend the Wellness Silicone Dilator Kit by Blush to anyone looking to start their anal dilation journey.

4 Adjustable

Odile Discovery Butt Plug Dilator For Beginners

 Odile Discovery Butt Plug Dilator

  • Have used anal dilators before
  • Want something to prep for anal sex
  • Prefer plugs

Odile Discovery Butt Plug Dilator

  • Have never used an anal dilator before
  • Want multiple devices
  • Have a tight budget

This next option, the Odile Discovery Butt Plug Dilator For Beginners, is a bit different than the other anal dialator toys I’ve shown you so far. Whereas the other ones offered multiple dilators with a different size for each dilator, this particular plug is able to be adjusted to match your perfect size. At its smallest, the plug has a diameter of only one inch across. However, with just a few turns, you can up that to a maximum diameter of 1.35 inches for some effective anal dilation! Easy to use and made from high-quality materials, the Odile Discovery Butt Plug Dilator For Beginners is the perfect pick with anyone who wants something to help with anal prep.

  • Made of silicone
  • Adjustable thickness
  • Tapered tip
  • Easy to use

  • Pricey
  • No remote controls
  • Doesn’t vibrate
Odile Discovery Butt Plug Dilator
Length6.93 inches
Insertable length3.54 inches
Diameter1 to 1.35 inches
AdjustableYes (shaft thickness adjusts)
Colors AvailablePurple/black

For obvious reasons, I selected the Odile Discovery Butt Plug Dilator For Beginners as my “Adjustable” pick. This feature is actually pretty neat, as it means—despite not being a complete anal dilator kit—this single plug can adapt to the perfect size for you at the moment. That said, the placement isn’t ideal for adjusting the diameter once the plug is already inside of you. It should still be easy enough to do, but this is one area where the plug could really benefit from having a remote control instead. This leads me to my only real complaint with this product: the price. It costs over $100 and can’t be automatically adjusted, which I feel is a bit steep. On the positive side, the toy is made from premium silicone and features a dual-density shaft, both of which work in its favor. I would probably try to find this on sale if possible. Price aside, though, I think the Odile Discovery Butt Plug Dilator For Beginners is an excellent product, so I’d definitely recommend picking one up if this model has caught your eye.

5 Glass

b-Vibe Glass Anal Dilators 4 Piece Set

 Glass Anal Dilators Set

  • Enjoy temperature play
  • Want something for “viewing”
  • Have tried an anal stretching kit before

Glass Anal Dilators Set

  • Are new to anal expanders
  • Want a lot of insertable length
  • Don’t care about temperature play

Another option worth considering is the b-Vibe Glass Anal Dilators 4 Piece Set. Each rectal dialator is made from borosilicate glass, making them safe to use with any lube and perfect for temperature play! If you’ve never used glass sex toys before then you might be a little bit worried. There’s no need to be, though, as this type of glass is shatterproof and fracture-resistant, making it more than safe for anal use! Temperature responsive, easy to clean, hypoallergenic, and offering a maximum diameter of 1.7 inches, the b-Vibe Glass Anal Dilators 4 Piece Set is a great option for those who have outgrown their original anal dilator sets!

  • Made of borosilicate glass
  • Perfect for temperature play
  • Ideal for those with a bit of experience
  • Easy to clean

  • Over $100
  • No color options
Glass Anal Dilators Set
MaterialsBorosilicate glass
Length(1) 3 inches, (2) 3.34 inches, (3) 4.3 inches), (4) 4.2 inches
Diameter(1) 1.7 inches, (2) 1.93 inches, (3) 1.95 inches), (4) 2.38 inches
Colors AvailableClear

If you’re willing to give glass a try then I’m sure you’ll quickly fall in love with the b-Vibe Glass Anal Dilators 4 Piece Set. Being glass, the main advantage of these anal dilators is that they can be used for temperature play. Whether you want to cool or chill your anal dilator, this set makes it easy to enjoy the temperature change. Even better, you can use any type of lube with your anal dialtor, as glass is safe to use with any type of lube. The only real downside of this set is the price. It will set you back a little bit over $100, but I think it’s a fair price considering the size of the dilators. It’s worth noting that the smallest dilator still has a diameter of one inch, making this kit a poor match for those just starting out. As such, I would only recommend this kit to those with a bit of anal experience under their belt!

6 Interactive

5 Piece Silicone Dilator Strap-on Dildo Set

 Silicone Dilator Strap-on Dildo Set

  • Have never used an anal dilator set before
  • Prefer silicone sex toys
  • Want to use them as strap-ons

Silicone Dilator Strap-on Dildo Set

  • Don’t like the color-coded set
  • Have tried anal dilators before
  • Prefer using silicone lube

Last but not least is the 5 Piece Silicone Dilator Strap-on Dildo Set, a rainbow-colored anal dilator kit that’s suitable for both vaginal and anal use. Thanks to the rounded base on each dilator, you can also use this anal dilator set with a compatible harness for some fun pegging your partner! Made of medical-grade silicone that’s completely phthalate-free, this anal dialator kit is both safe and easy to use. Sized for beginners but versatile enough for use by intermediate users, the 5 Piece Silicone Dilator Strap-on Dildo Set is a great option for anyone looking to take their anal play to the next level!

  • Color-coded by size
  • Made of medical-grade silicone
  • Harness-compatible
  • Safe for vaginal use

  • A bit pricey
  • Max length of 5.5”
  • Max diameter of 1.3”
Silicone Dilator Strap-on Dildo Set
Insertable length(1) 2.83 inches, (2) 3.39 inches, (3) 3.9 inches, (4) 4.6 inches, (5) 5.5 inches
Diameter(1) 0.5 inches, (2) 0.75 inches, (3) 0.87 inches, (4) 1 inches, (5) 1.3 inches

The 5 Piece Silicone Dilator Strap-on Dildo Set didn’t earn any special mentions on this list, but I still thought it was worth mentioning nonetheless. After all, this is much more than a simple anal stretching kit. It can also be used for vaginal dilation, and can even double as a strap-on kit (just grab yourself a harness!). Each rectal dialator is made of medical-grade silicone, giving you an extra level of safety but limiting you to water-based lubes. I liked how the different anal expanders are color-coded, as this will help you keep track of the different lengths (even if the dilators get mixed up). That said, the maximum width is 1.3 inches, so it’s possible that you might outgrow this kit rather quickly. Still, that’s thicker than the maximum diameter offered by many similar kits, and you get five different dilators for a similar price. All in all, if you’re struggling to fit anything in at all and want something to help you out then I’d say that the 5 Piece Silicone Dilator Strap-on Dildo Set might be a good investment!

Best Anal Training Kits

Now that you’ve picked out your brand-new anal dilator, you might be curious what comes after. Well, here are a few anal training kits that might catch your eye!

b-Vibe Anal Training and Education Set

b-Vibe Anal Training and Education Set - Best Anal Training Kits
It’s a bit pricey, but it’s also arguably the best option for a complete anal beginner. Containing three plugs and giving you the option to enjoy anal vibrations, this set gives you everything you’ll need to give anal a try. It even comes with a guide to anal play, a lube applicator, and a douche!

They-ology Wearable Anal Training Set

They-ology Wearable Anal Training Set - Best Anal Training Kits
Offered at a budget-friendly price and including five different butt plugs, the They-ology Wearable Anal Training Set is an excellent purchase for the price. Each probe is made of silicone, ensuring easy insertion and risk-free enjoyment!

Lovehoney Booty Bound Anal Training Set

Lovehoney Booty Bound Anal Training Set - Best Anal Training Kits
Containing three silicone butt plugs that are tapered for simple insertion, this simple and affordable kit offers the perfect “next step” after you’ve outgrown your set of anal dilators.

Looking For More Advanced Anal Stretching?

Alright, so you’ve made a lot of progress and now even the butt plugs above just aren’t enough to give you a challenge anymore. Well then, you’ll definitely want to check out one of these more advanced anal stretching kits below!

Master Series Expansion Anal Dilator Set

Master Series Expansion Anal Dilator Set - Looking For More Advanced Anal Stretching?
Easy to use but challenging to outgrow, this set of anal dilators starts out small before working up to a maximum diameter of nearly two inches! Perfect for people who worry about outgrowing a simple dilator set overnight.

Master Series Claw Expanding Anal Dilator

Master Series Claw Expanding Anal Dilator - Looking For More Advanced Anal Stretching?
I promise, this toy is much less intimidating than it looks! Offering a diameter of 2.25 inches when closed and a maximum width of 4.25 inches when opened, simply insert the claw and let it expand to hold the device securely in place.

Master Series Gape-Grommets Dilator Set

Master Series Gape-Grommets Dilator Set - Looking For More Advanced Anal Stretching?
If you’re looking for something that will give your partner a bit more access then the Master Series Gape-Grommets Dilator Set is the ideal option for you. The set includes three different dilators, each designed with a hollowed-out center that gives your partner instant access to your anus.

Small Abyss Hollow Anal Dilator Plug

Small Abyss Hollow Anal Dilator Plug - Looking For More Advanced Anal Stretching?
Simple, silver, and shiny, this plug gives your partner easy access to your anus while also opening up plenty of options for temperature play.

Anal Dilator Comparison

I’ve shown you plenty of different anal dilator kit options today. There’s a lot to remember though, so let’s quickly go over the highlights of what you’ll want to know when trying to pick out which anal dilator set to buy! If you want something budget-friendly then the Boundless Dilator Trio Silicone Probe Set is a great option. It costs less than $35, and yet you still get three different dilators to choose from! For the complete beginner, I recommend the Wellness Silicone Dilator Kit by Blush. Featuring heart-shaped bases on four different dilators, this non-intimidating kit gives first-timers a gentle introduction to anal play. If you want to try temperature play then I’d recommend the b-Vibe Glass Anal Dilators 4 Piece Set. Want something that’s adjustable? Then the Odile Discovery Butt Plug Dilator For Beginners is definitely the toy for you. Lastly, my “Test Winner”, the Inspire Silicone Dilator Training Set, is a great option that pretty much anyone getting started with anal dilation can find useful.

How to Choose the Right Anal Dilator?

It’s important to know what to keep an eye out for and what to consider when shopping for an anal dilator. Here’s a short list of things to keep in mind.
  • Length – A dilator can be long but skinny. If you’re looking to take more lengthy toys then you’ll want to keep a close eye on the length of the dilators themselves.
  • Diameter – Most people tend to train based on diameter alone. It’s not the only metric that matters, but working your way up to taking larger diameters will definitely open up a bunch of anal toys for you to enjoy.
  • Material – It’s important to opt for body-safe materials like silicone, glass, or metal if you want to have the best experience possible.
  • Shape – The shape of a dilator affects how easy to toy is to insert, as well as how easy the toy is to adjust and remove.
  • Weight – This likely won’t be a huge concern, but some people enjoy feeling a bit of extra weight with their anal devices.
  • Price – Take a look at the devices you’re considering and figure out how much it costs per dilator. Once you have the numbers in hand, take a look at the largest size and determine whether the price per dilator makes the purchase a good option (depending on how long it will take you to outgrow the kit).

How to Prepare Your Booty for Dilation?

The prep process is fairly simple: you just need to prevent complications before they happen! First, you’ll want to empty your bowels, as this will make using the dilators a much cleaner process. When it’s time to actually insert the dilators, you’ll need to relax. Having relaxed muscles will make insertion much easier, so consider rubbing your anus to help the muscles relax. Of course, you definitely don’t want to forget the lube! Having lube will make inserting the dilators much easier, so don’t be afraid to go overboard with your favorite lube. As you work your way up to larger sizes, you can start inserting your smaller dilators as a way to warm up before inserting your current sizes. Lastly, don’t forget the aftercare. Try to take things easy, consider taking a nice relaxing bath, and clean the area with a gentle exfoliator to help soothe your bum.

How to Use an Anal Dilator

Using a rectal dialator is fairly straightforward, but it can seem quite intimidating if you’re never used an anal stretching kit before. Need some reassurance? No problem – here’s how to do it correctly!

Get Relaxed

Get Relaxed

First, grab some lube, then get in place and prepare to relax. There are many different ways you can do this: you can massage the area, you can simply try to relax, or you can even masturbate to help your muscles relax. Regardless, you’ll definitely want to be relaxed before attempting to insert your dilator.

Apply Lots of Lube

Apply Lots of Lube

After you’re sufficiently warmed up, you’ll want to start applying lube, both to your anus and to the dilator itself. For your anus, try to get the lube on both the inside and the outside of your anus. For the dilator, only lubricate the device on the part that you’ll insert. Try to avoid getting lube on the “handle” if you can.

Insert the Dilator

Insert the Dilator

Once you’re all warmed and lubed up, it’s time to insert the anal dilator! Take things slow. If it starts to get hard to insert the toy, simply hold it there until you can relax enough to get it in further. Never force it though. Eventually, you’ll see progress and be able to work your way up to larger dilators. Don’t forget aftercare though!

How to Clean an Anal Dilator

You’ll want to figure out what your anal dilator is before attempting to clean it. If it doesn’t contain any electrical components and is made from either silicone, stainless steel, or glass then you sterilize your anal dilators by dropping them in a pot of boiling water for five minutes. Any anal dilator can be cleaned simply by using antibacterial soap and warm water. Clean once, then use water only to wash away any leftover soap. Pat your dilators down with a towel then leave them out to air dry completely before storing them away. Never attempt to store them while they’re still wet as this can allow bacteria to grow in the leftover moisture.


Anal dilators are devices that are used to stretch the anus, often used as a starting point for anal training. They allow the user to slowly increase sizes while tracking their progress.

Within reason, yes, anal dilators are safe to use! There is the possibility of tearing your anus if adequate lube isn’t used, or if you size up too quickly. However, if you follow the general best safety practices, these things shouldn’t become issues.

Literally anyone can use an anal dilator! That said, many people can actually start their anal training journey with a simple butt plug. As anal dilators are generally fairly thin, they’re mainly marketed to those who have trouble getting anything inside of their anus.

Any material that’s non-porous is the best for anal play (or any type of internal play, for that matter). This means that silicone is the best soft material, whereas metal and glass are the best hard materials.

It depends on what your dilator is made from. Most toys should only be used with water-based lubes (as using other types of lube may damage the toy). However, metal and glass dilators can be used with any type of lube.

What is an Anal Dilator?

An anal dilator is a type of device designed to help with anal training. These devices are inserted into the anus, allowing the user to stretch their anus in a controlled fashion and eventually graduate to larger, thicker sizes over time. These devices are often sold in kits, which may be color-coded or otherwise marked to help the user track their progress.

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