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Anal Sex Accessories For Any Anal Occasion

Whether you’re looking for anal toys for beginners or you’re more of an advanced anal explorer, I’m sure there are some good anal sex accessories out there capable of elevating your experience! Here, I will take you through any relevant aspects of anal play that may call for a few different accessories to make life a bit easier (and pleasureable) for you. From anal douches to lube injectors, and prostate massagers to weighted butt plugs. So come along and see if there’s anything useful for you to enhance your anal adventures!

In this post, I will take you through the following points:

Accessories to Prep For Anal Play

If you’re experienced with anal play, you already know that prepping for anal is an important step in a successful experience with butt stuff. There’s the process of cleaning yourself (to different degrees, of course), setting the scene, lubing up, and getting relaxed and in the mood. Let’s take a look at which accessories might be useful for this part of anal play!

An anal douche is a good anal sex accessory for feeling ultra clean

Anal Douche

There are many things to know about anal cleaning but for now, let’s keep it simple!

Empty your bowels before any anal play, so you’re sure there’s no accidents in store. If you want to clean yourself completely, I recommend using an anal douche, like this Tracey Cox anal douche with a flexible tip.

Rinse yourself out and you’re ready for some ultra clean anal fun!

Fascinator Liberator

Sex Blanket

If you’re ever worried about ruining your good sheets by having an accident during anal play, an old towel on the bed will always do the trick. But! A moisture-resistant throw for the bed, like this Liberator Fascinator, will add a luxurious feel to your experience, keep all your sheets safe, and be an absolute breeze to clean!

Don’t worry, we’ve already tested the Fascinator throw out for you, check out the review here!

Get Maude Burn no. 1

Massage Candle

Alright, you’re clean, you’ve prepared the bed, and now it’s time to get in the mood! A relaxed body means a relaxed anus.

A massage candle is a great way to (well, engage in some low-key wax play but mostly) give your partner an sensual rub to relax their muscles.

This Get Maude Burn no. 1 scented soy wax candle burns at a lower temperature, making it a great product for beginners!

Lovehoney Discover Anal Lube

Anal Lube

This might just be your most important anal sex accessory. Anal lube, like this water-based Discover lube from Lovehoney, is usually more thick to ensure long-lasting smooth insertion!

Ever wondered if anal numbing lube is safe to use? Well, we actually don’t recommend using any product that will numb your sensations down there. The numbness might make you more susceptible to bruises, scrapes, and other injuries during anal play.

If you’re looking for more information about all things lube, we have already made this full guide to lubes for sex!

Lube Tube Applicator Syringe (2 Pack)

Lube Injector

Sometimes you need a little assistance getting lube exactly where you want it during anal play. Lube injectors help you insert lube straight into the rectum and just generally give you more control over the application.

This Lube tube 2-Pack Applicator Syringe from Lovehoney is super easy to use for deep anal adventures that you want to keep nice and slippery!

liberator jaz

Wedge (Sex Pillow)

When it comes to finding the best anal sex positions for full access and optimal comfort, there are few items that could help you out!

Sex pillows like this Liberator Jaz wedge provides you with stability and soft comfort. The design allows for versatile use to explore many different positions. The wedge allows you to explore your favorite positions while offering ultimate support and relaxation, making it a perfect accessory for anal sex!

Anal Sex Accessories For Diving In

Alright, now we’re about ready for diving into some insertion and penetration. If you’re new and still wondering how to do anal, we have already prepared an in-depth guide here. 

So let’s go over some of the key anal accessories that could be good to use for initial insertion and warm-up. Remember that toys that go in your butt should always have some kind of a stopper at the end (a flared based, a large ring or a handle)!

Your fingers are the most important anal sex accessory!


I would emphasize that your fingers are the most important accessory when it comes to initial anal penetration.

It will also give you more control over the insertion and you will be in better contact with how the sphincter is reacting to the sensation.

Read more about how to finger your ass here!

Nexus Trio Butt Plug Training Set (3 Piece)

Butt Plugs

A classic anal sex acccessory, butt plugs come in many different shapes and sizes for many different purposes and sensations. It can seem overwhelming, if you’re still wondering what butt plugs feel like and how to use a butt plug for the first time!

For beginners I would recommend starting with tiny butt plugs to get familiar with the sensation. Then anal training kits, like this Nexus Trio three-piece in different sizes, are a great way to work your way up in intensity!

Remember to be safe when trying out anal training and stretching. Take it easy and slow! If you do find yourself hungry for bigger accessories, huge butt plugs are for advanced anal adventurers! If you’re new to butt plugs then we recommend that you try a training set like this.

b-Vibe Snug Plug

Weighted Plugs

Weighted butt plugs give you a deliciously full feeling when inserted. Keeping the plug in during vaginally penetrative sex, oral sex, or simply walking around the house, creates a teasing sensation of fullness!

Check out our review of the weighted b-Vibe Snug Plug here!

b-Vibe Rimming Plug 2 2

Vibrating Plugs

Vibrating plugs are a perfect way to further stimulate all those sensitive nerve endings around the anus!

The vibrations sometimes simulate the wonderful feeling of getting rimmed. If the plug is long enough, the vibrations can also stimulate the prostate!

Here’s our review of the b-Vibe Rimming Plug 2!

njoy Pure Wand

Anal Dildo

When it comes to anal dildos, there are many different options out there. We have the classic suction cup anal dildos and pleasure wands like this nJoy Pure Wand for more manual prostate massage.

Speaking of manual prostate stimulation, there are many anal sex accessories that are very efficient for anal masturbation for men. For example, cock ring butt plugs are a great dual stimulation accessory to either solo or partnered booty fun for prostate-owners!

Lovense Edge 2

Prostate Massagers

Staying in the category of prostate stimulation, prostate massagers are designed to hit that sweet spot! Some vibrating prostate massagers will even add some buzz to that bliss!

The vibration ripples pleasure throughout your perineum, anus, and prostate, building towards an amazing anal orgasm!

Check out our review of this Lovense Edge 2 vibrating prostate massager!

Spareparts Joque

Strap Ons

Strap ons, like this Spareparts Joque Strap On, are a great anal sex accessory for those of you interested in pegging or simply some thrusting anal sex without a penis! Strap-ons are great for exploring double penetration, allowing you to fill two holes with one thrust!

Simply fasten your anal dildo of choice to the attachment mechanism and enjoy some hands-free booty fun!

Lovehoney Sensual Glass Dildo Beaded Dildo

Anal Beads

So, what are anal beads really, you ask? Well, these also come in many different shapes and sizes. Made of glass, silicone, or metal, anal beads can feel very different.

They can be wide and firm like this Sensual Beaded dildo from Lovehoney, or they can be long and slim for ultimate flexibility during pull-out! Pulling the anal beads out can send shivers of pleasure throughout your body – especially when pulling them out during orgasm!

Additional Accessories for a Clean Anal Experience

Anal sex always has the risk of being a bit messy and sticky… at least because of all the lube you’re hopefully using! But let’s go over a few accessories that might be nice to have on hand during your anal adventures!

Lovehoney Fresh Toy Wipes (25 pcs)

Mild Toy Wipes

Things are getting hot and heavy and you’re eager to use one fun toy after another to stimulate you or your partner’s butt. Toys (and genitals and fingers) can get soiled or really sticky with lube!

Having some toy wipes nearby might save you some trouble and let you give things a quick wipe-down and get right back to business without too much distraction! Some Fresh Toy Wipes from Lovehoney in your nightstand could be a very practical anal sex accessory if you plan of using a lot of different toys in your session!

Put a condom on your fingers for clean anal fingering


If you’re ever feeling uncomfortable with unprotected anal penetration, it’s always good to have condoms on hand! Condoms are also wonderfully versatile as a barrier item and can be a practical accessory for many aspects of anal play. Use a condom to protect your:

  • Penis (and anus) during anal sex. Protect each other from STDs and STIs if you haven’t been tested recently and have multiple partners.
  • Insertable sex toys for optimal hygiene. This is a great way to keep things sanitary if you’re every sharing toys with other people.
  • Fingers. Slide a condom on the finger(s) you want to put in your partner’s butt for some ultra clean fingering!
  • Cut a condom open and use as a dental dam for rimming!

Cleaning and Storage of Your Anal Sex Accessories

So hopefully, this long list of anal sex accessories will provide some inspiration for your next anal experience! After you’ve enjoyed all the fullness, shivers, and rippling pleasures of anal stimulation, it’s time to pack up all the goodies so they’re all clean and ready to go for your next round!

Non-porous Anal Sex Accessories

Of couse, the cleaning process varies depending on the material of your different kinds of anal sex accessory. Most non-porous materials like silicone, ABS-plastic, glass, or metal can easily be cleaned with a mild soap and warm water or any antibacterial sex toy cleaner. For more information about how to care for anal sex toys, check out our full guide on how to clean anal toys! Your anal douche and lube injector can be cleaned in the same way as your other sex toys, as long as you are aware of which materials they’re made of!


For other accessories, like your strap on harness, your Liberator Fascinator Throw and Liberator Jaz wedge, make sure you read through the individual instructions for cleaning. Some materials can be put in the washing machine and some just need a wipe-down with a damp cloth.


Once clean and completely dry, you can ideally store your anal accessories in individual bags or covers that will keep safe from dust and lint until you take them out for another spin!

Although, it probably won’t be too long until you feel the urge to do that…

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