The 10 Best Autoblow Alternatives for More Automated Blowjob Bliss

   Josh Gill
Not quite sure if the Autoblow AI products are for you, but still want something that will make you feel just as pampered? You’re in the right place. I’ve selected the very best Autoblow alternatives out there, so you can find the best one for you. With this in-depth review, you’ll get to know a few different options for automatic blowjob masturbators that will get the job done just the same as the original Autoblow AI!
1 Best Alternative

Kiiroo Keon

 Kiiroo Keon

  • Like the idea of connecting your masturbator to VR porn
  • Enjoy customizable controls that are easy to use
  • Need a high-tech hands-free stroker
  • Don't mind using an oral Real Feel stroker

Kiiroo Keon

  • Need a smaller and more discreet toy
  • Are on a budget
  • Already have a mouth fleshlight from another brand that you would like to use

The Kiiroo Keon is not just another male masturbator; it’s an experience that redefines the boundaries of solo pleasure. With its futuristic design, the Keon promises sensations that are unparalleled in intensity and realism. The device’s automated stroking mechanism, combined with its ability to sync with a vast array of interactive content, ensures that every session is tailored to your desires. Whether you’re syncing it with your favorite adult content or engaging in a long-distance intimate session with a partner, the Keon delivers an experience that’s as close to the real thing as it gets. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, and the easy-to-use controls mean that pleasure is always at your fingertips.

  • Compatible to interact with VR porn
  • Easy to use and customize to your needs
  • Fully automatic and hands-free strokes
  • Premium quality
  • Real Feel masturbator included

  • Can be a tad bulky and heavy
  • A bit loud
  • Not very budget-friendly
  • You have to order the oral sleeve separately
Kiiroo Keon
MaterialsKeon: ABS, PC, Silicone; Feel Stroker: ABS, PC, TPR
Weight2.42 lbs
Width8.66 inches
Insertable length7 inches
Vibration modes5.11
Openings(Real Feel) Vagina
Remote ControlsYes: buttons and app controlled
RechargeableYes: via USB cable
Battery Life(up to) 60 minutes
Charging Time(up to) 240 minutes

I think the Kiiroo Keon really stands out as a beacon of innovation in the world of male pleasure devices. Its automated stroking mechanism and compatibility with interactive content set it apart from the competition. That’s why I’ve picked it out as the best alternative option to the Autoblow. This is about as high-tech as it gets! While it might require a bit of a learning curve to get used to all its features, once you do, the possibilities are endless. The Keon promises an experience that’s both intense and realistic, making every session a journey of discovery. Whether you’re a seasoned user of male masturbators or just starting out, the Kiiroo Keon is a must-have. Of course, you need to be willing to splash out on a high-quality automatic stroker. I definitely wouldn’t say that this model is suitable for anybody on a tight budget. It’s also fairly loud and not very subtle, so keep in mind that you need somewhere to store it and enough privacy to do your thing. Dive into a world of interactive pleasure and discover what the future of solo play has in store!

2 2nd Best Alternative

Kiiroo Titan

 Kiiroo Titan

  • love masturbators that vibrate
  • like the idea of being able to sync up with your partner’s toy
  • want to sync up your Autoblow alternative to porn

Kiiroo Titan

  • prefer automatic strokes over powerful vibrations
  • can't be bothered to do a thorough cleaning
  • have issues with grip strength or mobility

The Kiiroo Titan is another great Autoblow alternative from Kiiroo. Its sleek black exterior hides a world of sensations waiting to be explored. With nine vibrating motors strategically placed throughout the device, every inch of you will be tingling with pleasure. The touch-sensitive pads on the side allow you to control the intensity, ensuring that you’re always in charge of your journey. Whether you’re looking for a slow build-up or an intense climax, the Titan has got you covered. And for those looking to add a touch of realism, its compatibility with VR and interactive content takes the experience to a whole new level.


  • Simple to use
  • Automatic modes and manual modes
  • A variety of different speeds and patterns
  • Suitable for connecting to VR porn or other interactive products

  • The automatic modes can be a bit underwhelming
  • A bit heavy
  • The touch pads are not backlit
  • Expensive
  • Battery life is quite short
Kiiroo Titan
Vibration modesManual - targeted and targeted power, and automatic - Auto, pulse, blow, and endurance
Length8.7 inches
Insertable length7.5 inches
Width3.5 inches
Diameter (internal)1.8 inches
Openings1 Neutral Opening
MaterialsShell: ABS Plastic, Sleeve: TPE, Bullet Holder: NBR
WaterproofShell: No, Sleeve: Yes
Battery Life30-40 minutes
Battery Life180-210 minutes
Remote ControlsYes, Bluetooth-compatible
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack

Obviously, this vibrating masturbator is different from the Kiiroo Keon since it doesn’t actually provide automated strokes, but rather focuses on automatic vibrations. The Kiiroo Titan is a game-changer in the world of male masturbators. Its innovative design, combined with its array of features, ensures that every session is unique. The nine vibrating motors promise a sensation like no other, and the touch-sensitive pads mean that you’re always in control. While it might be on the pricier side, the Titan is an investment in pleasure. Its compatibility with VR and interactive content is the cherry on top, making sure that every session is as realistic as it gets. For every penis-owner out there who loves a good rumble and want to sit back and enjoy that, this one’s fo you!

3 3rd Best Alternative

The Handy

 The Handy

  • Really need a hands-free stroker
  • Want an Autoblow alternative that's easy to customize to your needs
  • Like the look and feel of a clear TPE sleeve
  • Want something that's app compatible

The Handy

  • Prefer a more realistic blowjob sleeve
  • Prefer using masturbation cups instead of soft sleeves
  • Are not a fan of fast stroking

The Handy is known as the ultimate handjob simulator! And while I know we’re aiming for blowjob simulators, this little handy guy should not be forgotten. With its impressive speed, customization, and high-tech synchronization features, I’d very much say that this is a great Autoblow alternative! With its sleek design, this device promises an experience that’s as close to the real thing as it gets. The TPE sleeve is super soft, squishy and accommodating for a lot of different penis sizes. Its intuitive controls allow you to customize your experience, from the speed to the stroke length, ensuring that every session is unique. And if you’re looking to elevate the experience even further, The Handy’s compatibility with Bluetooth lets you sync it with VR porn for an immersive journey.

  • Soft and flexible TPE sleeve
  • Easy to use and very customizable
  • App control
  • Can be synchronized with porn
  • Up to 10 strokes per second!

  • Controls can easily be mixed up
  • A bit loud
  • Quite bulky
The Handy
Thrust ModesYes: length and speed
Length10.5 inches
Width2.75 inches
MaterialsTPE and hard plastic
Waterproof(TPE sleeve) yes, (Handy) no
Battery LifeN/A, mains powered minutes
Remote ControlsYes, with HandyFeeling App
Condom safeYes
Storage Bag IncludedNo

The Handy is more than just a toy; it’s an experience. Its modern design combined with top-notch materials ensures that you’re in for a treat every time you use it. While it might take a moment to get used to the controls, once you do, the possibilities are endless. The TPE sleeve feels fantastic, and the ability to customize your session means you’ll never have the same experience twice. There might be a few minor drawbacks, like the button placement and its size, but overall, The Handy promises and delivers an unforgettable experience. If you’re looking for a device that offers both pleasure and versatility, The Handy is the way to go.

4 4th Best Alternative

Blowmotion Warming Vibrating Male Masturbator

 Blowmotion Warming Vibrating Male Masturbator

  • Love the feeling of oral penetration
  • Enjoy the idea of a toy that preheats before use
  • Don't mind manual stroking
  • Love vibrations on your penis

Blowmotion Warming Vibrating Male Masturbator

  • Need a fully automated toy
  • Want the ability to adjust the tightness
  • Want something app-compatible

Blowmotion’s Warming Vibrating Male Masturbator is a unique device that combines warmth and vibration to enhance your masturbation experience. While this little guy may blend in with other household items, looking like a smart air freshener when it’s sitting on your counter, it’s designed to delightfully envelop the tip of your penis. The masturbator boasts a silicone opening that offers a snug grip, ensuring a lifelike feel. The warming feature can be preheated to provide a more realistic sensation, while the vibrations add an extra layer of pleasure. It’s travel-friendly, easy to clean, and promises a delightful experience that stands out from other male masturbators.


  • Portable size
  • Subtle design
  • Varied vibration patterns and modes
  • Feels tight

  • Not remote controlled or app compatible
  • Warming feature can become uncomfortable
Blowmotion Warming Vibrating Male Masturbator
Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns6
Length5.1 inches
Insertable length3 inches
Width3.9 inches
Diameter (internal)~1.5 inches
Battery Life60 minutes
Travel LockYes
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack

The Blowmotion Warming Vibrating Male Masturbator adds a touch of warmth to your blowjob masturbation fantasies. The warming feature, when preheated, can elevate the experience to a whole new level, closely mimicking the warmth of human touch. However, it’s essential to understand your heat tolerance to ensure maximum comfort. The vibrations, combined with the snug grip, promise an experience that’s both unique and satisfying. While it might take a moment to adjust the settings, the overall pleasure you can get from this little guy makes it worth the effort. Remember to use a water-based lubricant for a smooth experience and to protect the silicone material. Whether you’re new to toys or looking for something different, the Blowmotion Warming Vibrating Male Masturbator is a worthy investment. Enjoy the warmth, embrace the vibrations, and dive into a world of pleasure!


Autoblow A.I.

 Autoblow A.I.

  • Like a sloppy blowjob sensation
  • Mostly use your toy in manual mode, but still like variety
  • Like to use your toy for more than an hour without worrying of your battery running out
  • Prefer fine control over the stroking speed

Autoblow A.I.

  • Want to connect to interactive content
  • Are looking for a battery powered toy
  • Want a wide variety of sleeves to choose from

This is a renewed version of the traditional Autoblow. The Autoblow A.I. is a reinvented blowjob machine that is 50% quieter and three times more powerful to give you the best and more realistic blowjob experience. Autoblow A.I. uses artificial intelligence to analyze 1000 hours of blowjob videos to understand the movements and learn how to do a real-life blowjob. It doesn’t need batteries because it plugs straight into an electrical outlet. It comes with interchangeable sleeves made 100% of silicone, easy to clean, re-usable, and the most important part is that it works with all penis sizes. The cleaning task is easy, just pull the sleeve off and wash with soap and water, don’t forget to use the renewal powder to keep it like new.


  • Never runs out of battery
  • Heat from the motor heats the sleeve
  • AI mode offers great variety without the need of connecting to the web app
  • Great build quality

  • Power cable can get a bit annoying
  • It can get a bit warm which can be bothering during hotter days
  • Only 3 types of sleeves to choose from
Autoblow A.I.
Thrust Modes10 patterns, can be updated
Height10 inches
Width5 inches
Weight3 lbs
AdjustableYes, the penis gripper can be adjusted with a phillips screwdriver
Materials100% silicone sleeves, Body: ABS Plastic
RechargeableNo, Mains-Powered
Remote ControlsYes, Web App

The Autoblow A.I. is a great device that comes with a high price, but you are paying for a wonderful experience and a device you know will last long. However, there are some disadvantages and far from being downsides are more personal like preferences. Personally, I don’t mind, but there must be someone out there who would care about being always plugged if you want to use it to an electric outlet. The size and the weight are not the desired ones, but it is not hard to handle. It would be nice if there would be a hands-free option. The improvement over the first Autoblow is significant; it is noticeable different regarding the sound and the power; the A.I. does a great job, offering you something different every time if that’s what you want. So if you are not concerned about the price, I would say the Autoblow A.I. is a great device that will give you a great time, and you won’t regret having it.


Autoblow 2+ XT with Size B Sleeve

 Autoblow 2+ XT

  • want to get a good Autoblow
  • want a more handy version
  • don't mind this Autoblow is too loud

Autoblow 2+ XT

  • are concerned about the noise
  • want to have the best Autoblow version
  • want something totally different

The Autoblow 2+ XT is an improved and updated version made in 2018! This version was updated to offer even more pleasure. It gives a realistic, partner-free blowjob experience, and it is possible to change sleeves for different pleasures, sizes, and of course, for cleaning. Water-based lubricant is recommended when using the Autoblow 2+ XT; the XT comes from Extra Tight, which means you are getting a more realistic sensation than with its predecessor. You have three different sleeves to choose from. You can find different sizes, A, which fits 3” to 4” girth; size B that fits 4” to 5.5” girth; and finally, size C that fits 5.5” to 6.5”. So depending on your size is the sleeve you have to choose to work better on you.


  • Decent price
  • Good size
  • Exchangeable sleeves

  • Price if you are looking for something cheaper
  • It is loud
  • Lacking of texture
Autoblow 2+ XT
RechargeableNo, you need to plug it into a electric outlet
MaterialsABS plastic and TPE
Insertable lengthUp to 8 inches

The Autoblow 2+ XT is an excellent option if you are a beginner or if it is your first time using a machine like this. Yes, it is noise, so if you are concerned about the noise, you should probably look at the A.I. version. You have three sleeves to choose from, which are for different sizes of penises, so I would recommend looking at them before you order one. A good thing for some and a bad thing for others is that this device doesn’t need batteries, but you need to keep it plugged into an electric outlet to use it. If that is not a concern to you, then I think you will have great experiences with the Autoblow 2+ XT.


Autoblow 2 Mouth Sleeve

 Autoblow 2 Mouth Sleeve

  • want the same sleeve but different size options
  • want a cheap option to use
  • want a good quality sleeve

Autoblow 2 Mouth Sleeve

  • want a top quality sleeve
  • think the design is not enough for you
  • are looking for something else

With one color to choose from and 3 different sizes, the Autoblow 2 has a good sleeve for you to make more intense your experience. It is made from a high-quality artificial skin material, being easy to clean and easy to use this sleeve is going to last long! Size A is made for thinner penises, size B is made for average penises (fitting to 80% of the men) and size C is made for a thick girth (which is only for 5% of the men). It is recommended to use a water-based lubricant and don’t forget this sleeve is made for the second version of this toy.

  • Good material
  • 3 different sizes to choose
  • Easy to wash
  • Easy to use

  • Can be a bit tricky to find the one that fits for you
  • There is no color variations
  • There is no textures or different designs
Autoblow 2 Mouth Sleeve
Diameter (internal)A: 1.06 - 1.37 inches / B: 1.37 - 1.77 inches / C: 1.77 - 2.20 inches

The Autblow 2 mouth sleeve is a great option for you to explore your toy, this sleeve fits perfectly for the Autoblow 2 and the Autoblow 2+. However, if you have the A.I. version you will need a different sleeve. It comes just with 3 different sizes, to fit all the different kinds of dimensions one could have down there. Where it lacks is on the design as there are not many skin tone options. It would also be nice to have different textures, colors, and shapes.


Vagina Contest Winners Sleeve

 Vagina Contest Winners Sleeve

  • love the idea of a realistic vulva
  • are looking to explore different sleeves
  • want an affordable sleeve
  • are into amateur fun

Vagina Contest Winners Sleeve

  • prefer an oral or anal sleeve
  • are actually not a fan of the design

The Autoblow A.I. Vagina Contest was a real contest to find the best well-looking vagina to recreate the model and make an amazing sleeve out of it. The pictures were submitted by women and rated by men all over the world, ending up having 3 winners, the most voted, by people like you. While other companies are using pornstars to mold their sleeves after, Autoblow decided to make everything more real, with random and real women ready to join the contest. As a result, we have Nell, Jenny, and Anita. Three different sleeves with 3 different textures to provide you the best experience ever!

  • Realistic design
  • Nice materials
  • Great textures
  • Good price

  • One of them can be a bit too tight
  • More options would be even better
Vagina Contest Winners Sleeve

With three winners, the Autoblow A.I. Vagina Contest was a total success! Those were selected as the prettiest vulvas out there! Now you can choose up to three beautiful new sleeves with different textures. So, if you are looking to explore something different from the default oral sleeve, and want a realistic-looking vulva sleeve, you can take your pick! I would say the price is quite reasonable for the level of detail and realism you’re getting. However, it would be nice to have a few more options to choose in terms of skin tone.


Artisan Crafted Realistic Sleeve

 Artisan Crafted Realistic Sleeve

  • love a realistically detailed vulva sleeve
  • don't mind a bit of a larger size
  • want something that stands out from other vulva-designs

Artisan Crafted Realistic Sleeve

  • actually prefer less detailed vulva detailed
  • don't already have an Autoblow

If you have already bought yourself an Autoblow and would like to branch out into other types of sleeves, this may be something for you. This vulva design was designed by hand by three specialized artists. This is for anyone who appreciates high realism, unique detailing, and excellent performance! This sleeve is slightly bigger than the regular ones so it may be a bit more tricky to install in the Autoblow, but once you’re in there that extra time you spend mounting it is totally worth it.

  • Incredible realism
  • Unique details
  • Great material
  • Easy to clean

  • Expensive compared to other sleeves
  • Takes more time than usual to mount it
Artisan Crafted Realistic Sleeve

The idea behind designing a special artisanal sleeve is amazing. The details, colors, and textures are super realistic. This is definitely a game-changer compared to the normal sleeves. It is a bit pricey if you compare it to the rest of the sleeves but I think it is a good investment, if you value a lifelike visual. Especially if you’ve already been willing to splurge a little bit on the Autoblow itself, then a bit of extra money to enhance your experience may be totally worth it!


Extra Tight Stamina Training Sleeve

 Extra Tight Stamina Training Sleeve

  • have a smaller or thinner penis
  • want to train yourself to last longer
  • enjoy a really tight sensation during penetration

Extra Tight Stamina Training Sleeve

  • have a girthier penis
  • prefer more texture over tightness

The Extra Tight Stamina Training Sleeve is a great option if you want to train your stamina, enjoy tighter penetration, or simply have a thinner penis. If you are struggling to last long with your partner, you definitely might benefit from using this sleeve in the Autoblow AI. Sometimes we also just might enjoy a bit of a snug sensation. In this case, this Extra Tight sleeve will offer you some real slim loving! You can even choose which type of orifice you’d like to explore this sensation with. Whether you’re into oral, anal or vaginal penetration, you can have your pick!

  • Extra tight feeling
  • Good price
  • Nice materials
  • Great feeling

  • Can be too tight if you are bigger than average
Extra Tight Stamina Training Sleeve

With the Extra Tight Stamina Training, you can choose between three different orifices; Mouth, Vagina, or Anus. I also appreciate that you can choose between two different skin tones. Ideally, there would be a few more to choose from, but it’s better than no options, I guess! For this price, I would say it’s a great addition to your collection if you just like that extra tightness! Regardless of whether you are interesting in training your stamina, or have a thinner penis, I think this sleeve will not disappoint you.

Autoblow Accesories

So, if you’ve had your fun with your Autoblow or Autoblow alternatives, you might already be wondering, how can you enhance the experience even more? That’s easy, Autoblow has prepared a few alternatives that you might want to consider if you are planning to enhance your experience with the toy. Let me briefly walk you through how these accessories can help you elevate your pleasure!

Autoblow 2 + XT Easy Grip Handle

Autoblow 2 + XT Easy Grip Handle - Autoblow Accesories
This handle was made exclusively for the Autoblow 2 and provides a better grip. The company doesn’t claim that this is the most ergonomic toy on the market but still wanted to provide users a better experience by adding this extra attachment to it. It is solid and made out of ABS plastic, fits most hands, and adds enough stability to elevate your entire experience! It is suggested to use it horizontally, handling the toy with this new feature and it will give you an amazing almost “automated” experience. Many users (including me) can tell this handle adds something special to the toy regarding the ergonomics, I don’t know how, but it just makes it feel even better!

Virtual Reality Smart Phone Headset

Virtual Reality Smart Phone Headset - Autoblow Accesories
If you are into technology and have dreamed of a VR set, please let me introduce you to the Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset. This device can be used along with your toy and provideyou with some lifelike visuals while you enjoy yourself. If you are into VR you may know a good VR headset is going to cost you at least a couple hundred dollars. Well, the good thing is that this set is less than a quarter of that price. The device can be used to check your favorite VR porn while you use the masturbator, however, the two cannot be synchronized with each other, like the Kiiroo products above.

Set Of 3 Silicone Penis Rings

Set Of 3 Silicone Penis Rings - Autoblow Accesories
Finally, a good quality set of silicone cock rings that are, of course, not always necessary but always welcome! Cock rings can increase your feeling and enhance your experience. The penis rings set comes with 3 different ring sizes which allow you to choose the best size for you depending on your mood and style. You can use just one at a time or try using all the three at the same time if that’s what you want. Wrapping one around the shaft, one around the scrotum, over the testicles, and the last one over both the shaft and scrotum, you’ll be in for an eye-rolling experience. My recommendation is to start just with biggest one and work your way down in size.

What Makes Autoblow special?

Autoblow has been in the market for a very long time, and through time the company has worked on improving the automatic masturbator. Here’s a list of some of the main things that I think makes Autoblow products stand out among other alternatives.

Doesn't need batteries

Doesn't need batteries - What Makes Autoblow special?
Most automatic male masturbators are rechargable with a USB-port. While it’s great to use something wireless, you do also have to make sure that your toy is fully charged so you won’t run out of bttery right when the going gets good. The Autoblow instead plugs straight into the wall! While that offers less mobility around the room, it does mean that you’ll never have to worry about it dying on you when you need it the most!

Patented gripper

Patented gripper - What Makes Autoblow special?
One thing that makes it special is the Patented Gripper that does all the work and shows you the real magic behind this toy. With a tight grip and many features you can choose from, the motor from the Autoblow is not going to let you down.

Interchangeable sleeves

Interchangeable sleeves - What Makes Autoblow special?
When using the Autoblow, you can find different internal sleeves that are going to provide you with a variation of different textures and designs. You are not very likely going to get bored with all the options you can find! Besides, some of these masturbators’ sleeves are compatible with several versions of the Autoblow. So, if you are planning on upgrading, just take a look and check that your sleeves are compatible with the version you want to get.

Great for partners and solo

Great for partners and solo  - What Makes Autoblow special?
It doesn’t matter if you are alone or with a partner, this device is great for exploring your sexuality and pleasure. Who hasn’t ever dreamt about a threesome, for example? Even though some versions are loud, the experience is incredible for both partnered and solo use. Basicially, you’re only limited by your own imagination when it comes to fun ways to use these products.

Easy to clean

Easy to clean - What Makes Autoblow special?
Compared to other toys the Autoblow is very easy to clean. It’s easy to remove the sleeves and the cleaning process itself is fast. The TPE sleeves need to be dusted with renewal powder or cornstarch after each clean to keep the material nice and soft.

Your Own Homemade Autoblow Alternative

Still don’t feel like you have the budget to purchase either an original Autoblow or an Autoblow alternative? Well, I’ve still got something that might be useful for you. It’s not actually impossible to make masturbators at home! With a few household items, you may very well have a pretty good autoblow alternative on your hands…

The Pringles Can!

The Pringles Can! - Your Own Homemade Autoblow Alternative
One of the most common and easiest ways to do your own device is with things you can easily find in your local store. Things like a Pringles can, some sponges, some rubber bands, and a latex glove (if you want to use your toy again). Check out Edwina’s guide on DIY Fleshlight Ideas here!

One more sponge!

One more sponge!  - Your Own Homemade Autoblow Alternative
Empty your can, clean it out and pile a few sponges into the sides of the can, a few on each side. Then take one more sponge and carrefully make a hole with some scissors or a a knife, just in the middle. Place the sponge over the can and secure it with rubber bands or tape. This sponge is going to prevent all the other sponges to come out and give you a nice opening for penetration…

Place your latex glove through the hole

Place your latex glove through the hole - Your Own Homemade Autoblow Alternative
By placing your glove in the hole, you are making a disposable sleeve that’s easy to discard and replace for next time. This way you can use your make-shift Autoblow alternative as many times as you want!


Enjoy! - Your Own Homemade Autoblow Alternative
This is the easiest way to make yourself a very cheap but functional “manual” blowjob masturbator. It’s not super fancy but it probably will get the job done! I have more ideas to share with you! Don’t forget always to use plenty of lubricant. Trust me, especially with these DIY projects, the more lube the better!


W-A-R-N-I-N-G!!! - Your Own Homemade Autoblow Alternative
I don’t recommend you actually try to make your own Autoblow alternative that provides motorized strokes and suction. Autoblow was designed over many years by a specialized team. Trying make your own motorized sex toys is not safe. A manual version is totally fine in this case. Here at Bedbible, we do not recommend making your own sex toys and always recommend that you purchase purpose-made sex toys from a reputable shop. We are in no way responsible for any harm caused due to the use or sharing of these DIYs. You are 100% responsible for the outcome should you choose to make your own sex toys.

How to Use These Autoblow Alternatives

Well if you have made your decision about getting an Autoblow or an Autoblow alternative, and you are wondering where to start, don’t worry. Here’s a little list of things you might want to consider before you have your session. It might come in handy for you and perhaps it will make your first experiences with the toy something you will want to repeat!

Find the best place!

Find the best place!

Before anything, you must find a good place for your session. Make sure you’re comfortable, have a fully charged toy or are close to an outlet. Also, if you are planning to use your computer, laptop, TV or even smartphone, I recommend you choose a place where you have space for it.

Media or imagination?

Media or imagination?

Now you have to think about how you are planning to use your new toy. Are you planning to watch videos? If so, how? With your TV, computer, laptop, or even your phone? Regardless of which, make sure everything is charged and ready to go! However, if you’re planning on using other visuals or your own imagination, make sure you’re all settled with your favorite fantasties ready to go!

Gather everything you need!

Gather everything you need!

Make sure you’ve brought everything you might need during your session with you. This could be a towel, paper towels, lube, chargers, headphones, pillows, or even something to drink. It’s important to stay hydrated!

Get your privacy!

Get your privacy!

Make sure that you’re going to have the privacy you need for your session beforehand. Perhaps you’re waiting for when you’ll have the house to yourself so nobody will be disturbing you (and vice versa). Put your phone on silent, lock the door, and draw the curtains, if you really want to remain uninterrupted!

Let the fun begin!

Let the fun begin!

Now that you have everything prepared, just sit down and relax. Get in the mood and remember to be generous with the lube. You masy want to get yourself going manually at first. Remember, it is a toy. You are meant to play with it, take it easy and slowly, explore your body and the toy and find out what you like! Enjoy!

How to Clean These Autoblow Alternatives

Naturally, after each use and, more importantly, after all the pleasure, comes one of the parts that nobody likes, the cleaning part. It is important that you clean your toy thoroughly after every use! Below I will share a few options about materials and how to clean them properly, this might help you to clean your own Autoblow or Autoblow alternative! Most likely you will have to remove the internal sleeve and clean that properly, while you simply should wipe the machine itself down with a damp cloth.

Cleaning different materials


It is recommended to use water-based lube because is friendly with almost all the toys and the material the sleeves are made of.

Absolutely. These products would not be in this list if they were not deemed safe. As always with sex toys, read the instruction thoroughly and use your common sense!

Anyone with a penis! No matter if you are alone or with a partner, both options are just perfect!

Obviously, most automatic blowjob machines like the Autoblow will have a battery life ´that runs out at some point. Other than that, I wouldn't recommend that you use any masturbator with an automatic suction function for more than 20-30 minutes at a time. Remember to just take some breaks once in a while!

The most common way to use it is by roleplay, the threesome has been a big dream for almost every man in the world, so you can use an Autoblow to roleplay thinking in a third person with you both.

What is an Autoblow Alternative?

Autoblow is where the worlds of mind-blowing masturbation and AI collide to bring you realistic blowjobs whenever the feeling takes you! The stimulation is based on 1000 hours of PornHub blowjob videos to bring you the most realistic and satisfying machine-powered blow job! As well as AI-powered stimulation, Autoblow makes a range of different interchangeable sleeves so you can customize your Autoblow. Autoblow alternatives, like the ones I've picked out for this list, are automatic masturbators that aim to provide the same kind of blowjob pleasure that the Autoblow is trying to.

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