The 6 Best Beginner Prostate Toys for First-Timer Fun

   Kevin Foley
I’ve found the very best beginner prostate toys to help you dive into the world of prostate pleasure! Whether you are looking for a vibrating prostate massager, a manual option or your very first anal dildo, I’ve got the top products in each category and options to suit all budgets. What’s more, I’ve included a quick guide on how to find your prostate!
1 Test Winner

Lelo Billy 2 Luxury Prostate Massager

 Lelo Billy 2

  • Are new to prostate play
  • Enjoy vibrations
  • Want a rechargeable toy

Lelo Billy 2

  • Want remote controls
  • Have a small budget
  • Prefer to use silicone lube

My first beginner prostate toy on this list is the Billy 2 from Lelo! With a diameter of 1.1 inches, this vibrating toy is the perfect beginner prostate massager, sized for ease of use while still offering enough stimulation to make the purchase worthwhile. With five stimulation modes and multiple vibration speeds, this silicone beauty is an excellent prostate toy for beginners. The curved shape makes it ideal for prostate stimulation, which is exactly what you want in an item like this. Looking for a new toy but overwhelmed with options? I’ll make things easy for you: you’ll love the Lelo Billy 2!


  • Up to 4 hours of usage per charge
  • Travel lock
  • Made of silicone
  • Includes storage bag

  • Expensive
  • Not waterproof
  • Proprietary charger
Lelo Billy 2
Length7 inches
Insertable length4 inches
Diameter1.11 inches
Battery Life240 minutes
Travel LockYes
Vibration modes8

The Billy 2 is an excellent beginner prostate toy. I actually only have one major complaint: it’s not waterproof! This means you’ll need to be a little more careful when cleaning the toy, and obviously, any type of bath or shower play is out of the question. However, if this isn’t a deal-breaker for you then you’re sure to love the Billy 2. With multiple vibration functions & speeds, the toy can go as fast (or as slow) as you need to provide complete satisfaction. Its curved design makes it easy to target your prostate, and the soft silicone is easy to insert. Although it may be a bit expensive, I think the Lelo Billy 2 is a worthwhile investment. Like other Lelo toys, it can be a bit costly, but you definitely get your money’s worth with this purchase!

2 Cheapest

Lovehoney Booty Buddy

 Booty Buddy

  • Want a simple anal toy
  • Prefer silicone toys
  • Need something for the shower

Booty Buddy

  • Want vibrations
  • Prefer silicone lube
  • Desire color options

If you’re looking for the best prostate massager for beginner users that offers a no-frills experience, it’s hard to beat the Booty Buddy! Unlike some other beginner prostate toys, the Booty Buddy doesn’t feature any vibrations or thrusting functions. It’s simply a silicone butt plug that’s shaped for optimal prostate stimulation. At face value, this may not seem particularly intriguing. However, after trying it for yourself, you’re almost guaranteed to fall in love with the Booty Buddy!

  • Tapered tip design
  • Budget-friendly
  • T-bar prevents over-insertion
  • Completely waterproof

  • Only offered in black
  • No vibrations
  • Not for use with silicone lube
Booty Buddy
Length4 inches
Insertable length3.5 inches
Width0.87 inches
AllergiesLatex-free , phthalate-free

If you’re looking for a simple beginner prostate toy then the Booty Buddy is surely a top contender. Its simple design means the price is extremely low, but—thanks to its perfect shape—it still manages to provide excellent targeted prostate stimulation. Talk about “bang for your buck”! That said, the Booty Buddy isn’t a good option for people who want advanced features like vibrations or thrusting. Instead, I’d recommend this toy to people who want an item that can be enjoyed in the shower (or any other water-centric location!). Never tried an anal toy before, curious, but not willing to invest a lot of money? If so, I recommend picking up the Booty Buddy. Satisfaction doesn’t need to cost more than $20. After all, its low price point in the reason I selected it as my top “cheapest” pick!

3 Massager

Aneros Helix Syn V Prostate Massager

 Aneros Helix Syn V

  • Want intense p-spot stimulation
  • Love vibrations
  • Don’t mind manual controls

Aneros Helix Syn V

  • Prefer remote control toys
  • Want 4”+ of insertable length
  • Mainly use silicone lube

My next beginner prostate toy is the  Aneros Helix Syn V. Offering targeted p-spot stimulation, tons of vibration settings, and a nice black/red color combination, this could be the perfect beginner prostate massager for you! Its performance rivals even that of our test winner. However, it has a better strictly-massaging design, which earned it my “massager” recommendation. The toy itself is made of silicone, giving you a velvet-smooth surface to work with. It’s also completely waterproof and offers up to three hours of run time on each charge. If you’re looking for a prostate toy for beginners that has all the high-end features without the high-end price tag, the Helix Syn V is a promising option!


  • 8 patterns, 3 intensities
  • Made of silicone
  • Up to 180 mins. of run time
  • Submersible

  • Somewhat expensive
  • No remote
  • Charging point location is not ideal
Aneros Helix Syn V
Length5 inches
Insertable length3.75 inches
Width0.95 inches
RechargeableYes (USB)
Battery Life180 minutes
Vibration speeds8
Vibration patterns3

Beginner prostate toys often suffer from one of two scenarios: they’re either fully waterproof but lack vibration functions, or have vibrations but aren’t completely waterproof. Fortunately, the Helix Syn V manages to be completely waterproof while also offering eight unique vibration patterns, which easily earned it my recommendation! However, I wouldn’t say that it’s the best prostate massager for beginner users, mainly due to the location of the controls. Both the control buttons and the charging port are located toward the bottom of the device. This means you’ll have trouble adjusting during use, and the port may get wet in the meantime. Fortunately, these aren’t major issues, but you should still be aware of them. If you can live with these two minor shortcomings then I strongly recommend considering the Helix Syn V.

4 Steel

njoy Pure Wand Steel Dildo

 njoy Pure Wand

  • Love manual stimulation
  • Enjoy the feel of metal
  • Prefer lengthy toys

njoy Pure Wand

  • Want vibrations
  • Prefer silicone toys
  • Need a budget-friendly option

My next pick on this list of beginner prostate toys may not be the best prostate massager for beginner users, but it just might be the best massager for both p-spot and g-spot stimulation! Perfect for both types of stimulation, this stainless steel dildo offers eight inches of insertable length, two different-sized balls, and complete compatibility with whatever use you prefer to use. The large size of this toy—combined with its curved shape—makes it easy to fully enjoy your body, no matter what you’re working with!

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Perfect for any anatomy
  • Includes storage case
  • Suitable for temperature play

  • Hard to hold when fully lubed
  • Expensive
njoy Pure Wand
Materials316 medical grade stainless steel
Length9 inches
Insertable length8 inches
Diameter1.75 inches
Weight1.51 lbs
Storage Bag IncludedBox

As a beginner prostate toy, the nJoy Pure Wand is a bit expensive. At nearly $150, I definitely recommend putting some thought into this purchase. It doesn’t offer any vibration functions, which is something that people often want in a prostate toy for beginners. However, if you don’t care about that then the Pure Wand might be worth it. It can be used as either a beginner prostate massager or as a g-spot dildo; the stainless steel is perfect for temperature play, and it’s also completely waterproof. Still, with one end sized  for beginners, one sized for the more experienced, the ability to be sterilized, and total compatibility with every type of lube, it’s a compelling option. The Pure Wand might not be for everyone, but—for those who just want a temperature-play capable toy that can satisfy on land and in water—it’s definitely a great toy for those willing to give it a try!

5 Beads

Tracey Cox Supersex Beaded Prober

 Beaded Prober

  • Love ribbed toys
  • Prefer manual stimulation
  • Don’t use silicone lube

Beaded Prober

  • Prefer smooth toys
  • Mainly use silicone lubricant
  • Don’t like graduating designs

The next beginner prostate toy is the Tracey Cox Beaded Prober. Made of silicone, offering graduating beads, and complete with a finger loop (for easy toy removal), this is definitely one of the best budget-friendly options around. It was the combination of these positive factors that made the Tracey Cox Beaded Prober my top-ranked beaded prober! What makes this prostate toy for beginners unique is that it can also be enjoyed by more advanced users. The beads themselves offer intense stimulation due to the combination of sizes and their specific spacing, providing the ultimate satisfaction upon removal. Interested in a prostate toy but want to stay away from the more traditional options? If that’s the case, then this toy might be worth a second glance!

  • Integrated finger loop
  • Graduating beads
  • Affordable
  • Made of silicone

  • No case
  • Beads are very close together
  • Size may be initially intimidating
Beaded Prober
Length8.5 inches
Insertable length7 inches
Width1.19 inches

The Tracey Cox Beaded Prober is a relatively straightforward toy: what you see is exactly what you get! Most of the stimulation this toy offers is enjoyed while inserting or removing the toy, making it an excellent way to enhance your orgasms. However, the toy isn’t quite as promising for constant stimulation (although it can still accomplish this). The main appeal is the variety of bead sizes, which allow the toy to be enjoyed by nearly any experience level. If you’re looking for a budget and beginner-friendly option that’s easy to use and easy to clean, this sub-$20 toy is worth adding to your collection!

6 Dildo

Tantus Charmer Silicone Dildo

 Tantus Charmer

  • Love anal penetration
  • Prefer silicone toys
  • Enjoy pegging

Tantus Charmer

  • Want color options
  • Require a solid shaft
  • Prefer smooth dildos

Last on my list of beginner prostate toys is the Tantus Charmer Silicone Dildo. Measuring 7 inches long with a diameter of 1.19 inches, you can enjoy up to 6.5 inches of internal pleasures with this purple powerhouse! Thanks to the flared base, the Charmer is anal-safe. However, it also has another use: the Charmer can be used in a harness for pegging as well! Whether you’re looking for a general anal dildo, a p-spot stimulator, or new pegging equipment, the Tantus Charmer has you covered!

  • Flared base
  • Made of silicone
  • Can be used with a harness
  • For p-spot/g-spot stimulation

  • May be too flexible for some
  • Nearly $50
Tantus Charmer
Length7 inches
Insertable length6.5 inches
Width1.19 inches

As a beginner prostate massager, the Tantus Charmer works quite well. It’s designed with four ridges along the shaft, which adds an extra layer of stimulation to the insertion/removal process. The girth also varies slightly along the shaft, further enhancing the experience. Although the majority of users love using this toy, a few did notice that it wasn’t quite as hard as they’d have liked. Fortunately, unless you’re looking for a rock-hard toy, this is unlikely to be an issue! At around $50, the Tantus Charmer isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s not expensive either. Considering the various ways this toy can be used (and the fact that it’s made from high-quality silicone), I definitely think the Charmer is worth the modest investment! From an excellent build quality to its ridged, manageable shaft design, the Tantus Charmer easily keeps up with the high expectations set by other Tantus toys, making it a shoo-in for the dildo category.

Start Your Prostate Journey With an Anal Training Kit

While looking for your first time prostate massager, you may notice that the items listed are a bit thicker than you think you’ll be able to easily accommodate. If that’s the case, then what should you do? Well, you actually don’t need to start with a prostate massager for beginners. Instead, you can work your way into anal play with one of these anal training kits!

b-Vibe Rechargeable Butt Plug Set

b-Vibe Rechargeable Butt Plug Set - Start Your Prostate Journey With an Anal Training Kit
This comprehensive kit from b-Vibe is the perfect option for people who’ve never tried anal play before. Complete with three differently-sized plugs, an anal douche, a lubricant applicator, and a short guide to anal play, you can have all of your anal questions answered with a single purchase!

They-ology Anal Training Set

They-ology Anal Training Set - Start Your Prostate Journey With an Anal Training Kit
Perhaps you’ve tried anal play once or twice in the past, but overall, your experience in the area is still lacking. If so, then we highly recommend checking out this anal training kit from They-Ology. The set comes with five different anal dilators, each made of silicone for comfort and simplicity.

Anal Lube is Essential

Lubrication is an important part of anal play, but it’s especially important for first time prostate massager users: you want your initial experience to be a positive one! Of course, some lubricants are better than others, although most water-based lubricants will get the job done. However, you’ll want to stay away from numbing lubes, which—due to their numbing effect—can increase the likelihood of you accidentally injuring yourself without noticing. So, you shouldn’t use numbing lubes; what should you use then? Well, here are a few options I recommend.

Lovehoney Discover Lubricant

Lovehoney Discover Lubricant - Anal Lube is Essential
Appropriately labeled “Discover”, this water-based anal lubricant is condom-safe, can be used with any type of sex toy material, and is designed to last a long time during use. Spend less time lubing up and more time “in the action” with Lovehoney Discover Lubricant!

Sliquid Sassy Lubricant

Sliquid Sassy Lubricant - Anal Lube is Essential
Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, flavorless, and odorless, the Sliquid Sassy Lubricant is a neutral anal lube that pairs perfectly with any prostate massager for beginners. Did we mention it’s also vegan!?

pjur Back Door Silicone Lubricant

pjur Back Door Silicone Lubricant - Anal Lube is Essential
This last lubricant is more of a luxury option, but it may be worth the premium to the right person. Infused with jojoba, this silicone lubricant relaxes and lubricates the anus with each application for a superior anal experience!

How to Find the Prostate

Prostate diagramThere are two ways you can find your prostate: internally or externally. To find the prostate internally, insert a finger (or toy) into your rectum approx. two inches, then feel around towards the front of your body until you find a bulb. For the external approach, you’ll need to stimulate your taint (perineum). Touching the area may make you feel like you need to pee; this is a sign that you’re in the right place! Finding the prostate internally on a partner works exactly the same way, but—for the external approach—you won’t be able to tell if the touch makes them need to pee (unless they tell you). Instead, you’ll be feeling around for the soft area behind the penile bulb.

How to Use a Beginner Prostate Toy

Since prostate toys vary in their designs, the exact way you use each toy will vary slightly. However, I’ve provided a general outline below that you can use with any type of prostate toy!

Lubricate the Toy

Lubricate the Toy

Proper lubrication is vital to any type of anal play. After ensuring you have the right type of lube, you can first begin by applying lubrication to the toy itself.

Prepare & Insert

Prepare & Insert

Next, you’ll want to apply lubrication to your anus. Make sure the entire surface is lubricated, and don’t be afraid to work some lube into your rectum as well. Gently massaging your anus with the lubricant can help relax the muscles, making it easier to insert your toy. Once you’re ready, slowly insert your prostate toy (adding more lube as needed).

Adjust as Needed

Adjust as Needed

Once you have the toy entirely inserted, you can make any necessary adjustments. For manual toys, this could just mean slightly adjusting the toy for a more comfortable fit. If you have a vibrating/thrusting toy, you can now activate the functions to your liking. Enjoy!

How to Clean a Beginner Prostate Toy

Beginner prostate toys are pretty easy to clean, but the exact process you use will depend on the material(s) your toy is made from. First, you’ll want to determine if the toy is porous (TPE, TPR, etc.) or non-porous (silicone, glass, metal). For porous toys, you’ll need to clean the toy using warm water and antibacterial soap. You can use the same method for non-porous toys as well, but non-porous toys that don’t contain electronic components can also be sterilized! To sterilize a toy, simply boil a pot of water and drop the toy into the boiling water. Leave it there for a minimum of five minutes before removing it. After cleaning and/or sterilizing your toy, it’s important to pat dry your toy. Once that’s done, leave the toy out to air dry completely before storing it away. This will help prevent bacteria from building up in the remaining moisture!


I always recommend water-based lube, as it’s safe to use with any sex toy material! If you’re looking for specific recommendations, check my list of lubes above.

Remember, less lube means more friction: you don’t want that! When you’re just starting out, don’t be afraid to use more lube than you think you’ll actually need. In time, you’ll figure out the minimum amount you can get by with.

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to get your beginner prostate toy wet. However, I don’t recommend fully submerging your electronic toys for an extended period of time (even if they claim to be waterproof!).

As usual, nonporous materials like silicone and metal are preferred. Being non-porous, they’re not only easy to clean, but they can also be sterilized!

The prostate is located below the bladder and behind the base of the penis (but in front of the rectum). You can find it by going up inside your rectum and feeling around toward the front of your body.

What is a Beginner Prostate Toy?

Beginner prostate toys are a type of anal toys are safe, easy to use, and generally running small. Designed specifically for prostate stimulation, these toys are inserted into the anus, allowing them to get as close to the prostate as possible. Often used to enhance one's orgasms through the use of vibrations, prostate toys can also be used by themselves to offer orgasms!

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