The 8 best sex toy brands for women, men and couples

Choosing the right sex toy can be hard, and finding the perfect brand that matches your needs is probably even harder. However, once you find your best sex toy brand you´ll probably never go back to whatever other brands you tried.

The sex toy industry is expanding and developing new innovative technology. The industry has created a branch within high-tech, health, and wellness together with sexual pleasure, beyond normative gender boundaries and old-school sex toys.

So what is the best sex toy brand for you? Which brand should be your go-to when looking for sex toys? Below you will find our top list of best sex toy brands, why we´ve listed them, and where you can find them.

Sometimes it depends on what you´re looking for, is it designer sex toys with a luxurious look, is it innovative AI toys, is it discreet-looking sex toys or just a more simple budget brand? Some of the sex toy brands can offer a bit of everything and some are niched on different kinds of products.

The best sex toy brands:

1. Lelo

Four reasons why Lelo is the best sex toy brand:

  • Beautifully designed sex toys
  • Designed with the user in mind, easy to use
  • Variety of toys, a big focus on inclusiveness both in their marketing and in their product designs
  • High-quality produced sex toys 

The best sex toy brand on the market is the Scandinavian brand Lelo. In the year 2003, Lelo was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, and is today sold in over 160 countries. They market themselves as a luxurious and inclusive brand, and for once it´s not just talking and slogans.

Lelo has been nominated for multiple awards and won the prize “Luxury Brand of the Year” several times on the Xbiz awards. So yes, it´s true, it´s the best sex toy brand on the market.

If you find Lelo to be too expensive you can always have a lock at their budget brand – Picobong. Both Lelo and Picobong are brands that provide all different kinds of sex toys, such as dildos, vibrators, etc.

Two of the most popular sex toys from the best sex toy brand are:

Buy your next sex toy from Lelo here.

2. We-Vibe

Four reasons to buy products from the famous sex toy brand We-vibe:

  • They only xx toys that are from body-safe materials and made without latex
  • Most couple-friendly sex toy brand on the market
  • Sex toys with ergonomic designs
  • Eco-friendly toys

We-Vibe is a popular sex toy brand that´s part of the famous WOW tech group. Their sex toys are produced in an eco-friendly environment, always body-safe and without latex. So this is a great sex toy brand for sensitive allergen people, and it´s definitely the best sex toy brand for couples.

They have won many prizes and awards for their we-vibe couple toy. It´s not hard to understand how the toys can be so good when you get to know that they are all developed by a team that includes sexual wellness experts, doctors, and their consumers.

Some product recommendations from we-vibe: 

3. Dame

Why you should buy sex toys from the sex toy brand Dame

  • Their sex toys are developed by high-skilled engineers
  • 3 Year warranty and 60-day return (unique for a sex toy reseller)
  • If you want to support and help a company that fights for making the pleasure gap smaller
  • Sex toys with ergonomic designs

Dame was founded in 2014 which means that it´s one of the up-and-rising sex toy companies, an innovative sex toy company that from the beginning weirdly enough became famous for suing NYC Subways.

The two female founders, a sexologist and an engineer have since then created a strong team and are now developing innovative sex toys with the goal to close the pleasure gap. If you want to see which sex toy at Dame suits you, you can take their quiz here.

Dame´s products are designed in a non-intimidating way, beautiful looking, and with a big focus on ergonomic designs for the female body. As it looks today, their sex toys are primarily for people with vulvas or couples. This is one of the best sex toy brands for women.

See what Bedbibles tester thinks about one of Dame´s sex toys here.

4. Lovehoney

Three arguments for why you should buy sex toys from Lovehoney

  • They´ve got a lot of experience
  • Their customer service is open 24/7 and available in different languages
  • Budget-friendly sex toys

Which adult toy company can say that they´ve got awards from the Queen, and not just one, two different awards? Lovehoney can! How impressive!

Lovehoney is one of the biggest online sex toy companies with sex toys of all kinds and all different types of brands. But, they have their own sex toy brand, and they have eight different ones, a few of the most popular are Lovehoney desire, Lovehoney THRUST, and their most famous – Fifty Shades of Grey which focuses on BDSM toys.

Lovehoney has got budget-friendly prices and a wide variety of all types of sex toys. So if you´re looking for cheap sex toys Lovehoney is the best sex toy company to go to.

Here you can find more information and test from Lovehoney´s different brands and products

5. Fun Factory

The sex toy brand Fun Factory is for you who:

  • If you want a fun way to explore sexual pleasure
  • Want high-quality and safe sex toys
  • If you´re looking for creative sex toys  

Fun Factory is a playful sex toy brand, we can see their playfulness in their colorful designer sex toys, on their website, and in their marketing. Sex is all about having fun right?

The sex toy brand was founded with the idea to make pleasure interesting and fun, to get people to explore themselves and their partner/partners in sexual pleasure. For the best prices, we recommend buying Fun Factory´s toys here.

They were founded in Germany and that´s still where they produce all its products, in fact, today it´s Europe’s largest Silicone Sex Toy producer. All their products are made out of 100% medical-grade silicone and body-friendly plastic.

Here are some reviews of Fun Factory´s sex toys:

6. Doc Johnson

Doc Johnson should be your go-to sex toy brand if you:

  • Want an experienced sex toy brand
  • Want to choose from over 2000 products
  • Looking for a strap-on – the best sex toy brand for strap ons

This is probably one of the oldest sex toy companies in this review, they were founded back in 1976.  It was founded in America and that´s still where it´s based, and it´s still going strong as a family company. Although the family is bigger now, with over 500 team members.

Doc Johnson first became a famous sex toy company because of their popular sex toy – Pocket Rocket. Later they developed new technologies and their Vac-U-Lock products make strapon/harness plays so much more creative and fun. This is the best sex toy brand for strap-ons, no doubt.

Here you can find more reviews:

Find the best prices for Doc Johnson here

7. Womanizer

For the most popular products from the sex toy brand, look here

You should choose Womanizer if you:

  • Love the pleasure-air of technology
  • Want a luxurious brand
  • Like the thought of a 5-year warranty
  • Enjoy sex toys that focus on female orgasm

Womanizer is one of the adult store companies that only focus on female products, they´ve even started a Pleasure Fund that in the next five years will support research on female sexual health, pleasure, and well-being.

Their biggest focus is female products with clitoral suction stimulators, they´ve got their patent pleasure-air technology and the products are out of high quality. Always produced in body-safe materials.  

For in depth-reviews read here:

8. Tenga

Why buy products from Tenga?

  • If you´re looking for simple and discrete designed male sex toys
  • Want to buy sex toys for a pocket-friendly budget
  • Like masturbators  
  • Number one Male sex toy brand

From car mechanization to a world sex toy producer, that´s the story of Tenga´s CEO. Life can change quickly sometimes. A Japanese sex toy brand that from the beginning was known for the popular Tenga Eggs, a one-time-use sex toy for people with penis men, and today they have continued to produce both one-time and reusable sex toys, for men and couples.

Tenga is probably one of the best sex toy brands for men and they have stepped up the level for all designed male sex toys from now on. The products don´t look like body parts instead they are discretely designed and therefore, also more appealable to the eye. They have also got a brand called Iroha that are new modernly designed and innovative sex toy.

Have a look at Bedbible´s testers’ reviews here:

These are the best adult toy companies on the market today, we do also recommend these: 

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