9 Best BDSM Bit Gags to Subdue Your Submissive

   Kevin Foley
So, you’ve decided that you want to pick up a bit gag: what now? As you likely already know, there are a ton of different options to choose from. If you already know what you’re doing then finding a suitable option might not be too bad, but—for complete beginners—the options can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, today we’ll be looking at a variety of bar gags to help you find the perfect product for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a silicone bit gag, a leather bit gag, a sliding gag bit, a draw gag bit, or something else, I’ve listed an option for you below. I’ll be covering the pros and cons of each, making the process of shopping for a new bit gag quite easy! The Stockroom Silicone Bit Gag—a basic but reliable option—came out as “Test Winner”. While this should be suitable for most users, I still highly recommend looking at all of the options before making a selection. That way, you know you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for in your first order! So, ready to start shopping?
1 Test Winner

Stockroom Silicone Bit Gag

 Silicone Bit Gag

  • Value long-term wear comfort
  • Want something easy to clean
  • Need an adjustable strap

Silicone Bit Gag

  • Don’t like the bone design
  • Want a thicker gag
  • Are allergic to nickel

First up is our test winner, the Stockroom Silicone Bit Gag! Performing amazingly across the board, this beginner-friendly gag is perfect for any level of user. The gag itself is shaped loosely like a bone, making it suitable for more specific use cases (like puppy play) as well as general use. Made using silicone & leather, this sturdy gag fits comfortably in the mouth, allowing you to bite down hard without worry. It’s fully adjustable and held securely in place using a locking clasp. If desired, you can even lock it using your own padlock for truly inescapable silence! Whether you’re looking for a solid first-time gag or just want something reliable, the Silicone Bit Gag from The Stockroom will treat you well.

  • Easy to use
  • Offered in multiple colors
  • Uses silicone & genuine leather
  • Adjustable

  • Nickel-plated hardware
  • Doesn’t include lock
Silicone Bit Gag
MaterialsSilicone, nickel-plated metal
Diameter(Harness) 4.77 -6.68 inches, (Gag) 0.75 inches
Length(Gag) 4 inches
AllergiesContains nickel

This silicone and leather bit gag is a good all-around option. It uses mostly high-quality components, although the nickel-plated metal it uses for the hooks does somewhat let it down. However, unless you have a nickel allergy, this shouldn’t pose a giant issue. Many bar gags feature a recognizable design for the bar itself. The bar on this toy loosely looks like a bone, but it’s a neutral enough design that it won’t look out of place for pony play either. This adds some perceived value to the gag, as you’re not limited in the type(s) of play you can use it for. Beyond design, the price is also worth mentioning. While it’s definitely not the cheapest option around, I think it’s a fair asking rate at less than $40. Overall, the Stockroom Silicone Bit Gag is a good buy. While it doesn’t excel in any particular categories, it does manage to provide a satisfactory experience overall that should be more than enough for any type of play you’re planning!

2 Cheapest

Black & White Silicone Bit Gag

 B&W Silicone Bit Gag

  • Just want a simple BDSM bit gag
  • Want a lockable gag
  • Need an affordable option

B&W Silicone Bit Gag

  • Want genuine leather
  • Require other color options
  • Want a dedicated storage bag

Next up is my “Cheapest” pick, the Black & White Silicone Bit Gag! Don’t be fooled though. Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean this silicone bit gag isn’t worth your consideration. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! For less than $25, you get an adjustable silicone gag bit paired with an adjustable leather band that secures the gag bit firmly in place during play. Perfect for BDSM play on a budget, this classic black and silver look of this gag will look right at home next to anything else you may have in your home dungeon. The next time you want a way to silence your sub but don’t want to spend a bunch of money to do it, consider picking up your own Black & White Silicone Bit Gag!

  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Silicone bit bar
  • Adjustable

  • Uses bonded leather
B&W Silicone Bit Gag
MaterialsSilicone, bonded leather, metal
Length(Bit) 5 inches
Diameter(Bit) 0.75 inches

When it comes to budget-friendly options, you really can’t beat the effective simplicity of the Black & White Silicone Bit Gag! There isn’t anything particularly special about this silicone bit gag, but it serves its purpose effectively. Fully adjustable via a clasp, you can even lock the BDSM bit gag on your sub’s head by using the integrated lock ring. However, it is important to note that these bar gags don’t use genuine leather. Instead, they use bonded leather! While this isn’t very surprising given the low price point, I still thought it was something you might want to know before clicking the “Buy Now” button. All in all, there isn’t very much to say about this product. If you want something that just works, it’s a good option, but look elsewhere if you’re looking for a more premium experience.

3 Beginner

Sincerely Lace Bit Gag

 Sincerely Lace Bit Gag

  • Enjoy pony play
  • Need a comfortable gag bit
  • Want an affordable option

Sincerely Lace Bit Gag

  • Are bad at tying knots
  • Want a lockable sliding gag bit
  • Are allergic to polyester

For newcomers, finding a BDSM bit gag that’s not too intimidating can be a challenge. Fortunately, that’s not the case with the Sincerely Lace Bit Gag! As far as mouth bits BDSM accessories go, this option is one of the least intimidating out there. Featuring a small bit gag attached to 53 inches of lace, this bit gag is very comfortable during use. Assuming your partner is paying attention, you won’t need to worry about getting your hair stuck in this draw gag bit. If tied right, the gag is both easy to put on & to take off. Offered for less than $25 and ready to use as soon as it arrives, the Sincerely Lace Bit Gag serves as the perfect introduction to light BDSM and pony play for beginners!

  • Affordable
  • Doesn’t block breathing
  • Perfect for smaller mouths
  • Comfortable

  • Requires tying a knot
  • No color options
  • Contains polyester and polyurethane
Sincerely Lace Bit Gag
MaterialsPolyester, polyurethane, citrate, spandex
Length53 inches

This bit gag definitely isn’t intended for more experienced users, making it the obvious “Beginner” recommendation for this list! Although more seasoned users can certainly use it as well, this sliding gag bit will be the most appreciated by those who are just starting out exploring new kinks. Being lace, the gag & gag bit will be much more comfortable to wear than leather or faux leather gags. There’s no metal used in the design, which means you won’t have to worry if you have nickel allergies. That said, it is worth noting that this sliding gag bit contains polyester and polyurethane, which can cause allergic reactions in some people. Anyone at any level can have an enjoyable experience using this bit gag. However, I think it especially shines for beginners, where its non-threatening look and high levels of comfort make it an appealing option.

4 Leather

DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Bit Gag

 Leather Bit Gag

  • Want an all-leather bit gag
  • Need a budget-friendly option
  • Want to explore beyond ball gags

Leather Bit Gag

  • Have a small mouth
  • Need a lockable gag
  • Don’t like the taste of leather

The silicone gag bit is a classic option, but sometimes you want to switch things up. If so, why not try out a leather bit gag instead? The DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Bit Gag fits the bill perfectly, being made from mainly leather with bits of metal added in where necessary. Affordably priced and easy to use, this bit gag will look at home alongside the rest of your BDSM gear. Although it doesn’t offer any color options, it does have a classic BDSM look that you’re sure to love. If you want to experiment with bar gags but don’t like the traditional silicone bit gag, try switching things up with this leather option instead!

  • Adjustable
  • Buckle attachment
  • Leather bit
  • Affordable

  • Can’t be locked
  • Too big for small mouths
Leather Bit Gag
MaterialsLeather, metal
Harness Size14.5 to 23 inches
Length24.5 inches

As noted by a few different customers, the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Bit Gag isn’t ideal for small mouths. Since the bit itself is sewn together and there aren’t any alternative sizes available, the size of your mouth plays a significant factor. However, if you have an “average” sized mouth, you shouldn’t run into issues. As such, most people will be able to enjoy this leather bit gag without a hitch! In terms of design, the gag bit is quite simple, using two pieces of leather to obstruct the mouth of the weather. Being wider than most silicone options, this bit gag will be more effective at silencing your sub. The gag is fully adjustable, using buckles to secure the gag in place. However, unlike some alternative options, this particular model doesn’t allow you to lock the gag on your sub’s head, which is a bit disappointing. All in all, the  DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Bit Gag is a great option for people who want something a bit different. Sure, you have to deal with the taste of leather, but hey, that’s half the fun!

5 Puppy Play

Bondage Boutique Silicone Dog Bone Gag

 Silicone Dog Bone Gag

  • Love puppy play
  • Need something easy to use
  • Don’t want to spend a lot of money

Silicone Dog Bone Gag

  • Need a lockage bit gag
  • Aren’t into puppy play
  • Want a white bone

Next up is my “Puppy Play” pick, the  Bondage Boutique Silicone Dog Bone Gag! This bit gag easily takes the top spot for this category, from its collared look to the silicone bone used for the bit gag. Thanks to the metal D-rings on the sides of the gag bit, you can expand your options at a whim with items such as chains or a leash for your sub. With eight holes to adjust as needed and a one-inch-thick gag to muffle your puppy’s whines, the Bondage Boutique Silicone Dog Bone Gag is perfect for anyone looking for a new puppy play accessory!

  • Bone-shaped bit
  • Affordable
  • Made from silicone
  • Dual D-rings

  • No sizing options offered
  • No color options
  • Can’t be locked
Silicone Dog Bone Gag
MaterialsSilicone, metal
Harness Size16.5 to 23 inches
Diameter1 inches
Length25 inches

The  Bondage Boutique Silicone Dog Bone Gag was made with a specific target audience in mind, and this shows. However, that’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! In every aspect, this silicone bit gag just screams “puppy play”. The silicone bone used for the gag itself makes that quite obvious, but the leather straps also look like a collar, fitting along with the theme. This bit gag features a D-ring on each side of the bit, which could be useful for attaching other puppy play accessories for more fun. So, what are the negatives? Well, there aren’t many to speak of. You can’t lock this gag, which is a bit of a downside, and there also aren’t any color options. I think this is a missed opportunity, as they should—in my opinion—at least offer an off-white bone version to really complete the look. Overall, though, I think this gag bit is a good option for people who enjoy puppy play. If that sounds like you then I recommend adding this to your collection!

6 Red

SportSheets Saffron Silicone Bit Gag

 Saffron Silicone Bit Gag

  • Want a red bit gag
  • Prefer using buckles to tying knots
  • Need a vegan-friendly option

Saffron Silicone Bit Gag

  • Prefer to lock your sub’s bit gag
  • Want genuine leather
  • Don’t like the color scheme

As we’ve seen, black is a very common color when it comes to bar gags & BDSM equipment. However, if you’re looking to add a bit more color to your purchase, you might like this next option. Pairing a deep red collar with the classic black bit gag, the Saffron Silicone Bit Gag is a great-looking silicone option! The gag uses faux leather for the straps, making it a vegan-friendly option for those who want a cruelty-free product. Completely adjustable using the buckles, this bit gag will fit comfortably in your mouth, preventing noise without hurting your jaw or becoming uncomfortable over time. Whether you’re searching for a different color scheme or just want a vegan-friendly option, the Saffron Silicone Bit Gag is the way to go!

  • Visually appealing design
  • Silicone bit
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use

  • Can’t be locked
  • Not offered with genuine leather
Saffron Silicone Bit Gag
MaterialsPU leather, iron, silicone
Length(Bit) 5 inches

The biggest selling point of this bit gag is its color, which is why it’s been given the “Red” award: no other options on this list have much to offer in the way of color variety! Aside from being red, the Saffron Silicone Bit Gag is also one of the few vegan-friendly options (and it’s advertised as such!). A few of the other options might be vegan but don’t specify, which is important if that’s what you’re looking for. Beyond these two factors, the Saffron Silicone Bit Gag meets all of the standard expectations. It’s adjustable, it uses a silicone bit, and it has D-rings that can be used to incorporate additional accessories into your setup. If you’re specifically looking for a vegan-friendly or non-black option, you can’t go wrong with the Saffron Silicone Bit Gag. For everyone else, it’s just a regular bit gag (but a solid option nonetheless!).

7 Nipple Clamps

Equine Bit Gag With Nipple Clamps

 Bit Gag and Nipple Clamps

  • Love two-in-one toys
  • Like the simple aesthetic
  • Want adjustable nipple clamps

Bit Gag and Nipple Clamps

  • Need a cheap option
  • Want removable chains
  • Don’t like nipple play

If you’re getting tired of looking at plain old bar gags and want something a bit more adventurous, why not step things up by adding nipple clamps into the mix!? The Equine Bit Gag With Nipple Clamps combines two toys in one, allowing you to punish your sub while silencing them at the same time. The clamps dangle from two chains that are attached to the silicone bit gag itself. Easily adjusted via the base screws, you get to choose how much “pinch” your sub has to deal with. Perfect for those who want to spice things up, consider adding the Bit Gag and Nipple Clamps to your toy box!

  • Limits movement of wearer
  • Fits comfortably in mouth
  • Silicone bit gag
  • Incorporates nipple clamps

  • May not fit all body types
  • No color options
Bit Gag and Nipple Clamps
MaterialsFaux leather, silicone, metal
Harness Size16.5 to 23.5 inches
Diameter(gag) 0.75 inches
Length(Chain) 12.5 inches, (Gag) 3 inches

Earning the designated “Nipple Clamps” title, this silicone bit gag builds slightly upon the standalone gag design to provide twice the fun with just a single purchase! The main downside, of course, is the price. Coming in at around $60, the Bit Gag and Nipple Clamps costs about twice as much as nearly every option. On the plus side, you do get what you pay for. You won’t have to worry about losing the nipple clamps either, as they’re chained directly to the gag itself. This could be annoying later on if you decide you’d like to remove them, but doing so shouldn’t be much of an issue. However, it is worth noting that you won’t have this issue if you buy a gag, clamps, and chains as separate purchases. Overall, this is a good option if you want a two-in-one gag and clamping solution.

8 Head Harness

Rubber Bit Trainer Gag

 Rubber Bit Trainer Gag

  • Love pony play
  • Want a head harness
  • Prefer lockable buckles

Rubber Bit Trainer Gag

  • Won’t use leashes or reins
  • Need a vegan-friendly option
  • Want a leather bit

Last on our list is the Rubber Bit Trainer Gag, a lockable silicone bit gag that incorporates a head harness design. With both of these design aspects at play, it’s fairly obvious what this is designed for: pony play! Although the BDSM bit gag doesn’t come with genuine reins, you will receive two leather leashes to go along with it, allowing you to start roleplaying right away. Easy to use, highly adjustable, and completely securable (so your horse can’t get away), the Rubber Bit Trainer Gag is a must-have for anyone who loves pony play!

  • Adjustable
  • Perfect for pony play
  • Classic look
  • Includes two leather leashes

  • Doesn’t include actual reins
  • No color options
Rubber Bit Trainer Gag
MaterialsLeather, metal
Harness Size(Horizontal strap) 5.72 to 7.63 inches
Length(Top of the head) 9 to 16 inches

As the only head harness bit gag on this list, the RUbber Bit Trainer Gag easily stands apart from the rest. Sure, it’s designed for pony play, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be limited with your usage options. You could also use this for puppy play by walking your sub with one (or both leashes). Thanks to the head harness design, you’ll have full control over their skull, allowing you to make them submit to pretty much whatever your heart desires at that moment. The added head control makes the Rubber Bit Trainer Gag a good option for those who really enjoy power play. If anything, I would say it’s only missing one more O-ring down below (so you could use it as a regular leash). All in all, this is a pretty good value. While it does cost more than most of the other silicone bit gags, it also comes with two genuine leather leashes. I think this more than justifies the slight price increase. Whether you’re into pony play, puppy play, or just power play in general, I highly recommend adding this unique BDSM bit gag to your personal collection!

9 Advanced

The Half Moon Bit Gag by Scott Paul Designs

 The Half Moon Bit Gag

  • Are into humiliation play
  • Want a BDSM bit gag for kinky play
  • Like the idea of attaching a lead to a bit gag

The Half Moon Bit Gag

  • Are a bit gag beginner
  • Don't use leather accessories
  • Were looking for something more casual

The Half Moon Bit Gag from Scott Paul Designs, combines style and comfort for extended wear. Its unique half-moon-shaped mouth bit is designed for a firm yet comfortable bite. Perfect for more kinky BDSM play or an introduction to humiliation play, this BDSM bit gag has a versatile design perfect for kinksters. The interior is lined with soft, easy-to-clean neoprene, and the robust leather neck strap includes a felt-lined pad for added skin protection. It also features a sturdy ring at the front for extra attachments. This gag offers a comfortable strap system and a durable front ring. Crafted with a focus on artistic design and quality, Scott Paul’s gear is hand-assembled in Seattle, ensuring both durability and a pleasurable experience!

  • Unique design
  • Premium-quality bit gag
  • Can be used with a lead or other attachments

  • Might be too intense for beginners
  • Pricey
The Half Moon Bit Gag
MaterialsLeather, Aluminum tubing, Stainless steel
Harness Size16 - 21 inches inches

In conclusion, the Half Moon Bit Gag by Scott Paul Designs is an excellent choice for those seeking a premium, heavy-duty BDSM gag for extra spicy sessions. Its thoughtful design caters to extended use, ensuring both comfort and durability. Whether for its distinctive half-moon bit, skin-friendly materials, or its unique artistic touch, this gag stands out as a sophisticated and practical addition to any collection. Just keep in mind, that this gag is designed for more advanced users, gag beginners might find it too extreme or overwhelming.

Add Some Kinky Attachments to Your Bit Gag for More Fetish Fun

Now that you’ve selected your choice of bit gag, let’s take a look at some of the accessories you could pick up to go with it. After all, the more, the merrier!

Leather Leash

Leather Leash - Add Some Kinky Attachments to Your Bit Gag for More Fetish Fun
Measuring 2.5 feet long and 0.75 inches wide, this leather bondage leash works great for pony play, puppy play, and pretty much anything else you can think of! Making things even easier, the leash features a spring hook for easy attaching/detaching.

Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System

Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System - Add Some Kinky Attachments to Your Bit Gag for More Fetish Fun
With a bit gag, you can keep your sub quiet. With this restraint system, you can ensure they stay in place! Designed to fit easily under most mattresses, the Under the Bed Restraint System makes it easy to enjoy bondage on demand!

Comparing the Best Bit Gags

The Silicone Bit Gag, excellent for beginners, has an overall score of 4.8/5, a Bedbible rating of 4.6/5, and a quality rating of 90/100. For leather enthusiasts, the Leather Bit Gag, scoring 4.6/5 overall and 4.4/5 in Bedbible rating with a 90/100 in quality, is a top pick. The unique Silicone Dog Bone Gag, suitable for puppy play, boasts an overall score of 4.7/5, a Bedbible rating of 4.5/5, and a 90/100 quality rating. For a splash of red, the Saffron Silicone Bit Gag has a Bedbible rating of 4.5/5. The Bit Gag and Nipple Clamps combination, offering an interesting twist, holds a Bedbible rating of 4.5/5. Lastly, for advanced users, The Half Moon Bit Gag, with its superior design (100/100), scores 4.8/5 in Bedbible rating and a perfect 100/100 in quality.

Finding the Best Bit Gag for You

There are many different factors you must take into consideration when comparing bar gags. Sure, a single bit gag may be a fairly affordable item, but—if you end up making multiple purchases—the overall cost(s) can still add up. As such, it’s a good idea to have a general idea of what you’re after to avoid making unnecessary purchases. With that in mind, let’s go over a few of the different aspects to think about when comparing your options!
  • Adjustability is an important factor, especially if multiple people will end up wearing the gag bit. Even if that’s not the case, you’ll still need to adjust the gag for the ideal fit, making it essential to find a gag with enough adjustability. I recommend measuring yourself and comparing that to the manufacturer’s measurements to ensure your selection will fit before making the purchase.
  • Material varies from gag to gag. Generally, though, you’ll find yourself considering some sort of silicone bit gag. These are a good option, as silicone is non-porous (and therefore can be sterilized before it’s put into your mouth!). However, you should also pay attention to the materials used for the strap and the D-rings/O-rings. You may need to shop around for a vegan option, or perhaps avoid products that are plated with nickel.
  • Type, or the general design, will likely be important (unless you’re just looking for a general bit gag). Fortunately, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. While some may incorporate extra features like nipple clamps, others use more basic designs. Find one that aligns with your specific use(s).
  • Purpose is what I’ve just described: specific use cases! Is this bit gag for pony play? Puppy play? General BDSM? Different models will work better with certain uses than with others, so it’s a good idea to identify how you’ll use your new toy from the get-go.
  • Price likely won’t be a giant consideration, mainly because the average BDSM bit gag isn’t very expensive. Even so, this may be something to be aware of (especially if you’re on a tight budget!).

How Make Your Own DIY Bit Gag at Home

If desired, it is possible to forgo the premade bit gag route and make your own bit gag instead. Personally, I probably wouldn’t opt for this route if you don’t already have rope on hand, as it’s hard to justify the small savings when compared to the effort required. However, if you do decide that you want to do it yourself, you’ll first need to pick up at least five feet of suitable rope. Once you do, click on this video here and follow along!
We do not recommend making your own sex toys and always recommend that you purchase purpose-made sex toys from a reputable shop. We are in no way responsible for any harm caused due to the use or sharing of these DIYs. You are 100% responsible for the outcome should you choose to make your own sex toys.

How to Use a Bit Gag

Curious about how to actually use a bit gag? Not to worry: the process is actually quite simple!

Inspect & Clean the Bit Gag

Inspect & Clean the Bit Gag

It might be new, but that doesn’t guarantee that everything’s all good. Once you receive a new bit gag, check the gag over and make sure it doesn’t have any physical damage. With that out the way, you should give it a good cleaning before attempting to try it out.

Establish Boundaries and Procedures

Establish Boundaries and Procedures

Like with any BDSM activity, you’ll need to have a talk with your partner. Establish your boundaries and settle on a safe word substitute before moving on to the next step. A safe word substitute can be any physical movement that will be easy to recognize by your partner, such as tapping on their back or moving your head in a particular pattern. Regardless of what you choose, ensure that your current play situation won’t inhibit your ability to use the safe word substitute!

Place the Bit Gag

Place the Bit Gag

First, you’ll want the sub to hold the bit in their mouth. From here, you’ll be able to adjust the straps behind their head. Ensure the gag is properly in place and won’t fall out during play. With the bit fully secured, it’s time to enjoy!

How to Clean a Bit Gag

As fairly simple items, bit gags are fairly simple to clean. In fact, you’ll usually only need antibacterial soap and some warm water! Simply mix the soap with the water then dip a towel in the mixture. Use this towel to clean the surface of your gag. I recommend dipping a second towel in water only and using this to wash away any leftover soap from the first towel. If your bit is made of silicone and happens to be completely detachable from the straps, you can also sterilize it by dropping the silicone bit in a pot of boiling water for a minimum of five minutes. Once you’re done cleaning your bit gag, wipe it down with a dry towel and leave it out to completely air dry before storing it away. Never store a bit gag away while it’s still wet as this can cause bacterial buildup from the leftover moisture on the toy.


There isn’t any specific limitation on how long you can wear a bit gag for. However, extended use will likely make your jaw sore, so pay attention to your body and stop if it begins to feel uncomfortable.

A bit gag, like any other type of gag, is primarily used to muffle or silence the wearer. However, since bit gags are loosely inspired by a horse’s bridle, bit gags are especially popular for pony play.

Literally, anyone can use a bit gag, but typically, a bit gag would be used by the “submissive” person in the given situation. This could be the person who’s roleplaying as an animal or the slave in a BDSM arrangement.

No, bit gags can be made from a few different types of materials. Most use silicone for the actual bit, but some do use leather. Leather is especially popular for the straps. However, faux leather versions are also available, making these products accessible to vegans.

My number one recommendation would be The Stockroom, as they specialize in BDSM equipment. However, Lovehoney, Spectrum Boutique, PinkCherry, SheVibe, and SexToy.com are also good options!

What is a Bit Gag?

A bit gag is a type of BDSM gag designed to mimic the form of a horse’s bit. Many models stick to this standard design, and some may even incorporate a head harness to complete the pony play aesthetic. However, there are also other designs offered, such as gags that use a bone-shaped bit. Since bit gags allow for some airflow and don’t require the wearer to open their mouth as much as other types of gags, using a bit gag is an excellent option for a complete beginner.

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