4 Best Custom Sex Doll Options to Choose Between

   Josh Gill
People love sex dolls, but sometimes you don’t just want a bog-standard doll. Sometimes you want to customize it and make it suit your needs. Well, there are shops out there that sell custom sex dolls! They allow you to change as much or as little about their dolls in order to suit your naughty needs! No longer do you have to settle with a sex doll that doesn’t quite do it for you. Now you have ultimate control, and can make sure that when you receive your doll, she’s as perfect as you’ve always imagined! From the skin color, to the body shape, to the size of the breasts and the tightness of the vagina and butt, the power is in your hands with a custom sex doll!
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Customizable Irontech Dolls

 Irontech Dolls

  • Are looking for a cheaper sex doll
  • Love to have different options to choose from
  • Have room for a full sized sex doll

Irontech Dolls

  • Are looking for a more realistic sex doll
  • Don't have the space for it
  • Are happy with a pre-made (uncustomizable) sex doll

Customizable Irontech Dolls allow you to choose from a variety of different dolls, each with its own unique size and look. You can then further customize them by changing up many different features, including their eye and hair color, makeup, and even breast size and vagina type. These TPE sex dolls come in a whole range of different colors, shapes, and sizes, and there’s something for everyone, no matter what your preferences. Long story short, Customizable Irontech Dolls provide you with a canvas to work on, you simply create the art!

  • Very customizable
  • Decent feeling TPE skin
  • Comes in a range of colors, shapes and sizes

  • Not the most realistic of sex dolls
  • Feels like more of a budget option
Irontech Dolls
Height4 feet 11 inches to 5 feet 6 inches
Weight59.25 lbs to 105.82 lbs
OpeningsVagina and butt

Customizable Irontech Dolls are a kind of sex doll that offers you a lot in the way of customization. Choose a base doll, and then tinker and tailor it to however you want it to look and feel. It’s a simple system, and it’s all for a fairly affordable price (as far as sex dolls go, anyway!) Do these sex dolls work? Yes! Do they feel good? Undoubtedly! Here’s the issue though – no matter how much you customize them, they never quite look real. Obviously, they’re not real, but some sex dolls look almost lifelike. These dolls look like just that – dolls! So if you’re in need of a full sized masturbation aid, and you don’t mind splashing out a little more money, we’d say hang on for something maybe a little better. We don’t want to say they’re bad dolls per se, but there are more premium options out there!

2 Cheapest

Custom Sex Doll Torso

 Sex Doll Torso

  • Are looking for a more compact sex doll
  • Don't need your doll to have legs
  • Want lots of customizable options

Sex Doll Torso

  • Prefer silicont sex dolls to TPE ones
  • Want a sex doll with legs
  • Are looking for something more premium

The Sex Doll Torso from Joy Love Dolls gives you the opportunity to own a legless sex doll that is more compact and easy to store away than its legged competitors! While it might only stand at 2 feet 9 inches tall, it has everything you need to have a good time: ample breasts, three tight and textured holes, and a booty to die for. Made from TPE, it feels great and is relatively easy to keep clean. And as we mentioned, she has no legs, which makes her a more discreet sex doll than some of the others you’ll find out there!

  • Small and compact
  • An affordable sex doll option
  • Pretty nice feeling TPE skin

  • It has no legs!
  • Not the most premium toy ever
Sex Doll Torso
Height2 feet 9 inches
Weight56 lbs
OpeningsVagina and butt
Insertable length7.3 inches

Okay, let’s get the biggest thing out of the way first – the Sex Doll Torso from Joy Love Dolls has no legs. It is literally just a torso. Yes, it looks a little strange at first, but you’ll soon discover that it can do just as much (if not more) than sex dolls with legs. You can customize a lot of things about the way this doll looks, and really tailor her to suit your preferences. One of the biggest draws is of course the price. If she had legs you’d be looking at paying around double the price, so you’re getting a real steal here! It definitely won’t be a doll for everyone, but if you want a sex doll that is compact and more discreet than other dolls, then you’ll love the Sex Doll Torso from Joy Love Dolls. It is made from TPE, which is slightly less premium than materials such as silicone, but it still feels nice, and it’s easy to clean and maintain.

3 Ultra custom

Sexy Sex Doll Custom Doll

 Sexy Sex Doll Custom Doll

  • Are looking for a sex doll that looks like a specific person
  • Want to be able to have a say in the creation process
  • Love sex toys that are of a very high quality

Sexy Sex Doll Custom Doll

  • Aren't bothered about customization
  • Prefer smaller masturbation aids
  • Don't want to spend a small fortune

Sexy Sex Doll Custom Dolls do something that other companies can only dream of. They make sex dolls of specific people! All you need to do is send in photos and measurements of your dream guy or girl, and they will do the rest, bringing them to life in the form of a sex doll! But don’t worry, they keep you fully updated and consult with you every step of the way. It’s a very collaborative process that guarantees fantastic results. You can fine-tune even the most minute details, and create something that you can have endless amounts of fun with! What you’ll receive is a lifelike sex doll that is not only poseable but looks and feels just like a real-life person. And the cherry on the cake is that it could be a specific person that you’ve always dreamed of making love to! Niceee!

  • Ultimate customization
  • Great collaborative process
  • Excellent looking/feeling results

  • Results not ALWAYS convincing
  • Extremely expensive
  • Takes a long time to make
Sexy Sex Doll Custom Doll
HeightVarious inches
WeightVarious lbs
OpeningsVagina, butt, and mouth

If you’ve ever fantasized about sleeping with a specific person, then Sexy Sex Doll Custom Dolls can make that dream come true. All you need to do is send in photos and measurements, and they will fully customize a sex doll just for you. They mold the head and body separately and make sure that they get things as accurate as possible. It’s great that they involve you in the process, as it allows you to tweak the minor details as you go. The downsides are that not only can it take a long time to make – up to several months – it will also cost you a small fortune. And even then the results might not be 100% convincing. They can only do so much with the information provided, so you may notice that your doll doesn’t look EXACTLY like the person you based it on. Still though, it’s an incredible feat of engineering and customization, and if you have the time and money for one, then it could be a truly worthwhile investment!


Build Your RealDoll

 Build Your RealDoll

  • Want a fully customized sex doll
  • Love to use sex dolls
  • Are looking for a high quality toy

Build Your RealDoll

  • Aren't bothered about customization
  • Prefer smaller masturbation aids
  • Are on a budget

If you want to create your very own sex doll, then Build Your RealDoll from Realdoll gives you that opportunity. Choose from a range of different faces, body types, and skin tones, to create your perfect doll. Customize the hair, eye, and makeup types in order to really refine your doll, and even select the kind of vagina and pubic hair you want her to have. They are made from silicone, so they feel silky smooth. This also makes them super easy to clean and maintain. Most of the Build Your RealDolls come with gel implants in their buttocks, giving them that extra lifeline look and feel.

  • Very customizable
  • Fantastic feeling silicone skin
  • Lifesized and very realistic

  • Quite large and bulky
  • Very expensive
Build Your RealDoll
Height4 feet 10 inches to 5 feet 10 inches
Weight60 lbs to 105 lbs
OpeningsVagina, butt, and mouth
Insertable length7 inches

Build Your RealDoll from Realdollis a great option if you want to create something that is absolutely perfect for you. You’re not limited by your choices, and you can customize pretty much everything about her. No matter how you customize your doll though, you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality, fully poseable sex doll that is covered in a lifelike and realistic-feeling silicone skin. It’s just like the real thing! The one downside is that if you want a Build Your RealDoll from Realdoll it’s going to cost you! In fact, it’s going to cost you two or three times more than you’d expect to pay for a standard pre-made sex doll. Still, if you have the money, then why not?!

Pre-made custom sex dolls

Kitty - Pipedream Ultimate Fantasy Doll

Kitty - Pipedream Ultimate Fantasy Doll - Pre-made custom sex dolls
If you want a realistic little blonde bombshell then Kitty’s the girl for you! She is one of Pipedream’s Ultimate Fantasy Dolls, and an amazing option if you want a doll that is life-sized, big-breasted, and fully poseable! She is covered in an amazing feeling TPE skin, which covers an easily moveable steel skeleton. She comes with blonde hair and green eyes, and three tight and textured openings: her stunning vagina, her delicious butt, and her tempting mouth. But all of that can be customized, so if you’d rather have a brunette Kitty with darker skin and smaller breasts, then that’s totally doable!

GI Jane Fantasy Love Doll

GI Jane Fantasy Love Doll - Pre-made custom sex dolls
Hello, what have we here?! Made out of an ultra-realistic looking and feeling TPE, The GI Jane Fantasy is a amazing rubber sex doll! The skin is stretchy, squishy, and soft. At 5 feet and 5 inches tall, this little beauty comes with a hat, 2 dog tags, crop top, blonde wig, and shorts! She’s all business, and ready to get down and dirty with you! So if you like the look of this terrifically toned temptress, then you know where to find her! Ready for action? Sir, yes sir!

Tori Premium Curvy Sex Doll

Tori Premium Curvy Sex Doll - Pre-made custom sex dolls
When it comes to the Tori Premium Curvy Sex Doll, realism really is the name of the game! She looks incredibly lifelike, and for lovers of big beautiful women, she’s going to be the crown jewel of your sex doll collection! Made from a wonderfully soft and smooth feeling TPE, she has a poseable steel skeleton, meaning you can position her however you want in order to have your fun. She features three intricately and differently textured holes, and each should be able to take your cock comfortably! With her massive H cup breasts, she’s one of the most stunningly perfect custom sex dolls out there!

TPE vs Silicone Sex Dolls

When you buy a custom sex doll you’ll find that it comes in one of two different materials: silicone or TPE. Both have their pros, both have their cons, so let’s take a little look at the two and see if we can help you decide which you’d prefer!
  • Silicone – Custom sex dolls made out of silicone feel great because of the versatility and effectiveness of the material! It is safe to use on your body, feels nice and life-like, and because of its non-porous nature, it’s easy to keep clean. Here’s the thing though – don’t use silicone lube as it might cause damage to your doll!
  • TPE – Short for ‘ThermoPlastic elastomers’ TPE is a wonderful feeling material for custom sex dolls that shares a lot of the same qualities as silicone. However, whereas silicone’s downfall was silicone-based lube, TPE suffers from being highly porous, meaning it can absorb dirt and bacteria. This makes it extra essential that you thoroughly clean your TPE custom sex dolls after use as you don’t want any nasty surprises the next time you come to use it!

How to use custom sex dolls

We’re not going to lie, custom sex dolls are amazing, but we also know that not everyone is going to automatically understand how you use them! So let’s go through how you actually use your custom sex doll. Let’s get to it!

Lube things up!

Lube things up!

It is essential that you use plenty of lubrication when getting jiggy with your custom sex doll. It makes things slippery and generally feel much more sexy and sensual. Applying your favorite water-based lube to not only your custom sex doll’s vagina, anus, or mouth, but also your cock will help keep things completely friction free and feeling fine! You’ll never regret using too much lube!

Take things slow!

There’s no need to rush into using your custom sex doll. After all, you spent a LOT of money on one, and you don’t want the experience to be over in no time at all! Taking things slow allows you to savor the textures and feelings as you slide in and slowly get to work. Using your custom sex doll is an event – not a race!

Keep things safe!

Custom sex dolls are often the size and weight of a real life human, and as such there’s a potential to get hurt! And while these custom sex dolls can do a lot, they can’t help you out if things go wrong! So make sure you use it properly and don’t do anything too wild – after all, you want to have fun, not get injured!

Clean up when you're done!

Cleaning up is one of the most important parts of owning a custom sex doll! They are expensive items and require a lot of care, so while we totally get the appeal of just falling asleep or walking away when you’re done, you need to keep things clean. After all, you don’t want to use it next time and find any nasty surprises waiting for you…!

How to clean custom sex dolls

Custom sex dolls are awesome, but when the fun is over you need to clean up! But how do you do that? How do you properly clean and sanitize a custom sex doll? Luckily for you, we're here with some handy resources that will help you out!


Water-based lube is our number 1 recommendation. It's safe for your body, won't damage your custom sex doll, and won't leave any sticky residue when you're done! Triple win!

Yes of course they are! Just make sure you're following the manufacturer's instructions! Be smart when using them and don't do anything silly, and you can have plenty of fun with your custom sex dolls!

Because a LOT of work has to go into making them! They are all handmade, and that takes a lot of time and effort. You're not paying for some bog-standard off-the-shelf kind of sex toy - you're paying for a unique, one-of-a-kind sex doll!

By following the links in this post! We work with only the very best, most reliable, and most reputable sex toy stops around, so you can rest assure that you'll be buying from a company that is trusted and loved!

What are custom sex dolls?

Custom sex dolls are - as the name suggests - a type of sex doll that you can customize! You can do this by changing all kinds of things, from the body shape, to the skin color, and even the type of vagina and anus they have. You have a lot of options to help you create a sex doll that's perfect for you and your naughty needs!

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