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Fun Factory Limba Flex M — Test & Review

The Fun Factory Limba Flex M exudes quality in every aspect. It feels far from cheap; the body-safe materials and attention to detail make it incredibly reliable and sturdy. This toy is practically silent, ensuring discreet enjoyment. The overall build and craftsmanship reflect the brand’s commitment to producing high-quality products. From the texture to the suction base, it’s evident that the Limba Flex M is a testament to excellent quality, offering a durable and enjoyable experience.

Icicles No. 5 Blue Swirl Glass Dildo — Test & Review

The quality of this toy is great! It’s made of good quality heavy glass, and there isn’t any sign of chips or cracks. Upon close inspection, there doesn’t seem to be any flaw in the glass itself; it is free of bubbles, impurities within the glass, and discoloration. With careful handling, this may be the most sturdy toy in my collection!

Aaron Losey

Xenocat Artifacts Vallguard — Test & Review

Vallguard is a delightful tentacle that curves up from the base of the toy. It has two immediately noticeable key features: the groove and the barnacles. In the middle of the tentacle is a deep groove running the length of the toy. On either side are three barnacle-like protrusions (The manufacturer, Xenocat, calls them “ports”) with the function of being a “knot” for the tentacle. The whole toy has a slightly ribbed or segmented texture to it. The design is novel, still cohesive, and tantalizingly eldritch-looking. There is that sense that this is the protrusion of some creature no mortal can understand.