7 Best Dog Dildos for Raw Canine Fantasies

   Josh Gill
In today’s review, we’re going to be looking at 7 of the most amazing dog dildos out there. Exploring everything about them. We want to help you find the perfect dog dildo for you, so we have researched the hell out of them! We wanted to help you make the most well-informed decision possible because when it comes to having fun with dog dildos, you deserve the very best dildo!
1 Test Winner

Galactic Dog Dildo

 Galactic Dog Dildo

  • Want to enjoy a doggy dong
  • Like high quality dildos
  • Enjoy being able to use it hands-free

Galactic Dog Dildo

  • Want a regular dildo instead
  • Want a dildo that squirts
  • Think you may struggle with the shape

The Galactic Dog Dildo is one that will drive you wild! It has a powerful suction cup attached to the base that will make it super easy and fabulously fulfilling to use. The naughtily shaped head of the dildo is a small empty hole, which will make you feel a magical suction and give you a different surprise. The Galactic Dog Dildo has been designed to look and feel just like the real thing, so you’re sure to enjoy the sexy sensations that come along with it!

  • Amazing quality
  • Fun and interesting shape
  • Suction cup base

  • May be too big for some
  • Possibly too flexible
Galactic Dog Dildo
Length10.23 inches
Insertable length7.87 inches
Diameter(widest) 2.55 inches

The Galactic Dog Dildo is a stupendous silicone dildo that is well-sized and shaped. The suction cup on the base allows you to position it wherever you want and use it hands-free. It has plenty of flex, which really is a double-edged sword – it can be very handy, but then at the same time, too much flex could ruin the enjoyment a bit for some people. Still, it’s better than a completely inflexible dildo. Will the Galactic Dog Dildo be to everyone’s liking? No, probably not. It certainly is a more specialized kind of sex toy that only a few people will enjoy. The shape and size may take some getting used to, and even then, it might not suit everyone. But those that DO love this kind of thing will undoubtedly enjoy the experience of using this particular dildo.

2 Cheapest

"The Knot" Butt Plug & Dildo

 The Knot

  • Want a less suspicious looking dog dildo
  • Think you can handle the ballooned shape
  • Want a great quality silicone dildo
  • Are on a budget

The Knot

  • Prefer something a little more realistic looking
  • Want a smaller dog dildo
  • Are looking for a toy with extra features

“The Knot” Butt Plug & Dildo is one of those toys that looks and feels absolutely sublime. This insanely intense imitation of a docks dick will have you panting in pleasure the more you use it! It features a pronounced ridge with a pointed tip, gradually expanding towards a wide knot/bulb nearer to the base. The pointed tip puts perfect pressure in just the right place with every thrust, while the knot ensures unparalleled intensity as it pops inside. Coming in a range of sizes, this dangling delight will surely be a favorite!

  • Nice modern looking design
  • Feels great to use
  • Nice and affordable

  • Not the most accurate looking/feeling
  • Very flexible
The Knot
Length11 inches
Diameter2.7 inches

Let us start by saying that “The Knot” Butt Plug & Dildo isn’t a bad sex toy. But it IS a pretty bad dog dildo! It neither has the looks nor the textures of a more anatomically accurate toy, meaning that the experience of using it won’t be as intense or realistic as it could be. Quality-wise, it’s fantastic, and it does have the looks of a great and stylized dildo, but if you’re on the hunt for a dog dildo, then we’d recommend maybe looking elsewhere. There is one draw, though – the price makes it very affordable. “The Knot” Butt Plug & Dildo might not be perfect, but it would be a great jumping-off point if you were just getting into the world of dog dildos.

3 Beginner

Lil' Pooch Dog's Dick

 Lil' Pooch

  • Want a simple and easy to use dog dildo
  • Like the more streamlined design
  • Want a sizeable dog dildo

Lil' Pooch

  • Want something with more of a knot
  • Don't want a dildo that looks as 'human'
  • Want to pay a little more

The Lil’ Pooch Dog’s Dick is a naughty puppy that comes swollen and ready to go! It has a generous curve under the shaft that bulges and fills all the right spots, stretching and teasing as it slides in and out. The curved tip allows it to gently gain easy entry, meaning that you can live out your naughtiest and wildest dreams without fear of shocking anyone. Stick it to the wall and pound away hands-free! The Lil’ Pooch Dog’s Dick really is as fun as it sounds!

  • Nicely sized
  • High quality
  • Teasing textures

  • A little too 'human'
  • Not enough of a knot
Lil' Pooch
Length10.6 inches
Diameter(widest) 2.16 inches

The Lil’ Pooch Dog’s Dick is a decent dog dildo! It is long and thick and will deeply fill you up while offering a pleasant stretch. Design-wise, it has plenty of teasing textures, although it may be a little too human-like for some people. It lacks much of a knot, meaning that if you’re looking for a little extra stretch the deeper you go, this one might leave you unsatisfied. As a dildo, the Lil’ Pooch Dog’s Dick is a really fun time. But as a DOG dildo, it leaves a fair bit to be desired.

4 Squirting

German Shepard Dick Dildo

 German Shepard

  • Want a squirting dog dildo
  • Love the large German Shepard design
  • Are looking for a medium sized dildo

German Shepard

  • Don't need the squirting function
  • Want something less fiddly to use
  • Need it to have a suction cup base

The German Shepard Dick Dildo is a handcrafted silicone dog dildo that offers fantastic girth, delightfully subtle texture, and a detailed base for full control. It is a perfect choice for those seeking a truly lifelike experience. It looks, feels, and is even colored just like the real thing, meaning that the experience of using it is like no other. And on top of all that, it squirts! The German Shepard Dick Dildo is a unique and body-safe sex toy that is going to be a fine addition to your collection!

  • Excellent design
  • Cool squirting feature
  • Straightforward to use

  • No suction cup base
  • Fiddly to use
German Shepard
Length9.05 inches
Insertable length8.07 inches
Diameter(widest) 2.72 inches

The German Shepard Dick Dildo does it all! It looks incredible, has all the textures and feelings of a real-life dog dick, and even has the feature of being able to squirt! That’s right, you can use the simple plunger system to make it ejaculate inside you. Perfect for if you want a canine creampie! Sure, the mechanism may be a little fiddly at times, and it’s a shame it’s manual and not somehow automatic, but it’s a fun and naughty feature. The only downside is that the German Shepard Dick Dildo has no suction cup base, meaning you can’t stick it to a wall or any other flat surface. Still, the base is large and weighty enough for it to be great.

5 Sabertooth

Creature Cocks Sabertooth Dog Dildo With Balls

 Creature Cocks Dildo With Balls

  • Are seeking a unique textured design for heightened sensations
  • Prefer a hands-free or strap-on experience

Creature Cocks Dildo With Balls

  • Are not a fan of bold, animal-themed designs
  • Prefer a smaller or less textured dildo

Indulge in an exhilarating ride of fantasy and reality with the Sabertooth 11″ Silicone Suction Cup Dildo by Creature Cocks. This striking orange and black camo dildo captivates with its distinctive grooves, ridges, ribs, and lines, offering a unique blend of textures designed for heightened sensations. Its meaty head and thick, curved shaft gracefully meet a clawed, paw-shaped base, adding an extra flair of wildness to your play.

  • Unique texture and design for enhanced stimulation.
  • Strong suction cup base for versatile play.

  • Might be too large or textured for some.
Creature Cocks Dildo With Balls
Length11.3 inches
Insertable length8.75 inches
DiameterNarrowest: 1.9 inches, Widest: 2.14 inches
Colors AvailableOrange, Black

Crafted from premium, body-safe silicone, the Sabertooth is soft, squishy, and phthalate-free ensuring a safe and comfortable experience. Its strong suction cup base provides hands-free play on any flat, non-porous surface, while the wide flange makes it a perfect companion for most strap-on harnesses. With an overall length of 11.3 inches and an insertable length of 8.75 inches, this dildo is sure to hit all the right spots, solo or with a partner. For optimal pleasure, pair it with a water-based lubricant, and dive into a world where fantasy reigns supreme.

6 Werewolf

Uncover Creations The Werewolf Dog Dildo

 Uncover Creations The Werewolf

  • Are intrigued by fantasy-themed designs
  • Desire a dildo with a broad knot for a fulfilling experience

Uncover Creations The Werewolf

  • Prefer a traditional or realistic design
  • Are not comfortable with the size of the knot

Transform your full-moon nights with the Werewolf II 7.5″ Silicone Fantasy Dildo by Uncover Creations. This enticing sequel to the popular original comes with a slender tip and a broad knot, designed to mimic a werewolf’s anatomy, and promises to make you howl with delight. As you delve into its lifelike tip and textured shaft, the thick, impressive knot is set to tantalize, expand, and leave you yearning for more, evoking euphoric howls of pleasure.

  • Lifelike tip and textured shaft for increased pleasure
  • Each model is unique due to hand-pouring process

  • Fantasy design might not appeal to everyone
  • Knot width may be too wide for some
Uncover Creations The Werewolf
Length7.5 inches
Insertable length6.25 inches
DiameterHead: 1 inch, Knot: 2.25 inches
FlexibilityVery Soft

The Werewolf II, with its total length of 7.5 inches and an insertable length of 6.25 inches, is perfect for those seeking a thrilling stretch. Crafted from soft, body-safe silicone, this dildo is phthalate-free and non-porous, ensuring a safe and satisfying experience. For an extra slip ‘n’ slide, a good dose of water-based lube is recommended. Each model is hand-poured, creating a unique masterpiece every time, reflecting Uncover Creations’ commitment to delivering custom, one-of-a-kind sexual wellness products. The Werewolf II is not just a dildo, but an invitation to traverse the realms of fantasy and reality, providing a satisfying blend of both worlds with every use.


Intergalactic Dog Dildo With Suction Cup

 Intergalactic Dog

  • Want a colourful dog dildo
  • Don't want the knot to be too big
  • Like hands-free fun

Intergalactic Dog

  • Want something a bit more extreme
  • Prefer it to look more like a dog dick
  • Are looking for a bigger knot

The Intergalactic Dog is a dog dildo that is out of this world. This deep-space dog dick is a cross between that of a human and that of a dog. The strange result is as weird as it is pleasing. Mighty, powerful, and detailed, the Intergalactic Dog brings together some of the most enticing features ever. From its sloping sausage tip to its killer knot, this is a colorful dog dildo that you’re not going to want to miss out on!

  • Strange but pleasing design
  • Great for hands-free fun
  • Nice bright colours

  • Not very realistic looking
  • Not the biggest dog dildo ever
Intergalactic Dog
Length8.27 inches
Diameter2.55 inches

If you want something really eye-catching and unusual, then the Intergalactic Dog is a dog dildo that will doubtlessly grab your attention. Not only is it bright and colorful, but it also has a strange design. It has the head and relatively smooth shaft of a human cock, and the wide and chunky knot of a dog. While some people will find this preferable to a more accurate dog dildo, others may find it boring and a little lackluster. Still, no one can contest how fun it feels and how well-made it is. It has a suction cup on the base, too, if hands-free fun is your thing!

If You Are Looking for a Tail for Your Puppy

Sometimes you want to have a little anal fun! That’s where puppy tails with anal plugs really shine! We’re going to look at three long and lovely options that will fill your ass and leave you looking like that naughty animal that you are!

Puppy Tail Anal Plug

Puppy Tail Anal Plug - If You Are Looking for a Tail for Your Puppy
This silicone tail measures 12 inches in length, with a satisfying 4.25 inch anal plug on the end. Slide it in, feel the stretch, and enjoy the long silicone tail protruding from your ass. It’s stretchy, firm, and perfect for if you want to be an animal for a while!

Dog Tail Anal Beads

Dog Tail Anal Beads - If You Are Looking for a Tail for Your Puppy
The Dog Tail Anal Beads is a discreet choice if you want a small and sexy butt plug with a mini tail on the end. It might be small, but boy oh boy does it feel good! Bend over, slide this little bad boy in, and enjoy your dog dildo of choice! You really won’t regret it! With two beads at the top that allow a comfortable penetration, it will massage magnificently against your most erogenous spots!

Silver Fox Tail Butt Plug

Silver Fox Tail Butt Plug - If You Are Looking for a Tail for Your Puppy
If you want a more realistic furry tail, then the Silver Fox Tail Butt Plug will really tickle your pickle! The 18.5 inches long faux fur tail will hang and sway, while the 2.5 inch long butt plug secures it into your ass. Give your partner something to tug on and please you with the soft and sexy Silver Fox Tail Butt Plug!

Animal Roleplay Accessories

If you want to take your animal play to the next level, here are a few extra items that will spice things up!

K9 Muzzle

K9 Muzzle - Animal Roleplay Accessories
The K9 Muzzle features a removable silicone ball and is made for those who want to really enjoy their animal role-play. The open design allows for plenty of facial expressions from the wearer, while the removable leather strap and silicone ball gag make sure whoever is wearing it stays silent. And to make things even better, the back of the muzzle features a D-ring for easy leash attachment!

Black Rose Fur Lined Collar

Black Rose Fur Lined Collar - Animal Roleplay Accessories
The Black Rose Fur Lined Collar is as comfortable as it is sexy! The fur lining feels great for the wearer, while the 39-inch leash allows complete control to be in the hands of whoever is holding it. The quick-release clip makes it easy to remove, while the matte black D-ring on the front of the collar is compatible with most chains, leashes and restraints for custom play.

Puppy Paw Fist Mitts

Puppy Paw Fist Mitts - Animal Roleplay Accessories
The idea of the Puppy Paw Fist Mitts is simple: they slide over your hands and give you paws – just like the animal that you really are! The bottoms of the mitts have sturdy leather paw prints for traction. A wrist cuff with a D-ring and a lockable buckle is riveted to each mitt. They are restrictive and intensely tantalizing, meaning that if animal play is your kink, the Puppy Paw Fist Mitts are surely going to be a mainstay!

Comparing the dog dildos

When I first looked at the overall scores, the German Shepard and Galactic Dog Dildo caught my eye, both boasting an impressive score of 4.8 out of 5. They are the top performers in this category. However, the Uncover Creations The Werewolf wasn’t far behind, with its commendable score of 4.7. I noticed that Lil’ Pooch holds its ground with a 4.5 rating, and The Knot follows at 4.0. Sadly, I didn’t have the scores for “Creature Cocks Dildo With Balls” and “Intergalactic Dog” to compare in this category.

The best looking designs

Delving deeper into the design aspects, the German Shepard and Galactic Dog Dildo again stood out, both achieving a near-perfect score of 95 out of 100. The Lil’ Pooch, Creature Cocks Dildo With Balls, and Uncover Creations The Werewolf all shared the spotlight with a score of 90. Meanwhile, the Intergalactic Dog trailed slightly at 85, and The Knot seemed to be the underdog with a score of 70.

Thew easiest to use

In terms of ease of use, my attention shifted. Here, The Knot took the lead, surprising me with an 85 out of 100. The Galactic Dog Dildo was the runner-up at 80. I found it interesting that the German Shepard, Creature Cocks Dildo With Balls, and Uncover Creations The Werewolf all shared a score of 60, making them equally user-friendly. However, the Lil’ Pooch and Intergalactic Dog lagged, both scoring a mere 40.

Material and production quality

Quality is paramount for many, and in this arena, The Knot, Lil’ Pooch, and German Shepard impressed me the most. All three shared a top-tier score of 95 out of 100. The Galactic Dog Dildo, Creature Cocks Dildo With Balls, and Uncover Creations The Werewolf followed closely with an 85. The Intergalactic Dog, though not too far behind, settled at 80.

I like these the best

In conclusion, if someone were to ask me for recommendations based on my analysis, I’d likely suggest the German Shepard or Galactic Dog Dildo for their consistently high performance across categories. However, for those prioritizing ease of use, The Knot might be the way to go, and if quality is the main concern, I’d point them towards The Knot, Lil’ Pooch, or German Shepard.


Taking a look at both length and thickness of the different dog dildos, I found that: In essence, for those on the hunt for a more substantial size, the Creature Cocks Dildo With Balls and German Shepard might be the top contenders due to their length and girth respectively. Meanwhile, those leaning towards a more modest or varied experience might find the Uncover Creations The Werewolf intriguing with its unique shape and size variations.


When it comes to length, the Creature Cocks Dildo With Balls takes the crown as the longest of the bunch. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Uncover Creations The Werewolf stands out as the most compact option, making it the shortest of the lot.


In terms of girth, the German Shepard piques my interest as it boasts the thickest diameter, potentially offering a more filling experience. Contrastingly, the Uncover Creations The Werewolf offers a unique profile: while its head is the slimmest among all the options, its knot swells to a substantial size, making it both the thinnest and one of the thicker options at different points.  

How to use dog dildos

It isn’t always obvious how you use dog dildos. After all, they can look a little confusing and intimidating at first. But don’t worry; we’re here to talk you through the basics of using them. So without further ado, let’s dive on in and figure this thing out!

Get everything lubed up!

Get everything lubed up!

To get things started, you’re going to need to grab your favorite water-based lubricant and apply it generously to both the dog dildo and your vagina or butt. Making sure that you’re as wet, slippy and good to take it as possible is the name of the game when it comes to dog dildos!

Slide it in and take it slow!

Slide it in and take it slow!

It’s now time to slowly slide that dog dildo in whichever hole you choose! Take your time, there’s no rush! It’s all about enjoying the sensations that a dog dildo provide, and feeling how stretched out and filled up you are! Be careful not to go too fast, as you may get a shocking surprise when you hit the dog knot!

Make sure you have a fun time!

Make sure you have a fun time!

Try moving the dog dildo in and out, varying the pressures and speeds, to find out exactly how and where you like it! Use the suction cup to secure it somewhere if you want to enjoy hands-free fun. Feel the knot pushing up and inside you, and enjoy the squirting sensation if your dog dildo has that feature. Whatever you do…ENJOY!

How to clean dog dildos

Its always good practice if you learn how to keep your dog dildos nice and clean. Don't worry, though, doing so is nothing too strenuous or crazy. But it does take more than rinsing it under some water, throwing it back in the drawer, and calling it a day. Here are a few useful resources that will help you figure out exactly how to clean your big dildos!


Well, it's difficult to say, as they are essentially 2 different kinds of toys! Dog dildos are incredibly pleasing and satisfying toys that are loved by many people around the world. But then normal-sized dildos are amazing in their own way. Instead of comparing and contrasting the two, why not just sit back, open wide, and enjoy the positives of each?!

Water-based lube is what we would always recommend here at BedBible. It is an incredible kind of lubrication, in that it doesn't really have any downsides! It is body-safe so that it won't cause you any harm, it won't damage any of your toys, and when it comes to cleaning it up, it won't leave any sticky residue!

Yes! Of course, it's all down to the individual person and their preferences. Some people are a little weirded out by the strange and exotic design of dog dildos, however, some people absolutely love it! Long story short, dog dildos can be a massive turn-on for some people!

Right here, by following the links in this post! We pride ourselves on working with some of the best and most reputable sex toy shops out there, and we want you to have the very best experience ever. So you can follow our links in confidence, as we KNOW that you're going to have a great dog dildo shopping experience.

What are dog dildos?

Dog dildos are a kind of sex toy designed to look and feel as close to the dong of a real-life dog as possible. Some people absolutely love the strange and alien textures and shapes and want a dildo that allows them to have that kind of mind-blowing fun in a safe and convenient manner!

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