The 9 Best European Sex Dolls for Worldwide Adventures

   Kevin Foley
1 Test Winner

Anastasia Premium Sex Doll

 Anastasia Premium Sex Doll

  • Love thinner dolls
  • Prefer toned, fit women
  • Want a realistic labia

Anastasia Premium Sex Doll

  • Want a silicone doll
  • Need a 100% lifelike face
  • Prefer larger butts

The first European sex doll I have to show you today is the Anastasia Premium Sex Doll. Toned, flexible, and ready to fulfill all of your fantasies, this doll looks amazing out of the box. Like most dolls, it’s offered with a variety of different cup sizes, and you can choose between the regular or a “curvy” body. If you love realism then this doll is a great option, as even the smallest details seem nearly lifelike, making the experience using this doll highly immersive. Perfect for first-time full-size doll buyers and experienced users alike, the Anastasia Premium Sex Doll is one of the European sex dolls that’s definitely worth getting your hands on!

  • Many cup sizes offered
  • Available in regular or curvy
  • Toned physique
  • Perky breasts

  • Porous
  • No free storage options
Anastasia Premium Sex Doll
Materials(Body) TPE, (Skeleton) metal
Height65 inches
Weight72.75 lbs
Width(Shoulders) 13.39 inches, (Hips) 33.1 inches
OpeningsVagina, anus, mouth
Insertable length(Vagina) 7.09 inches, (Anus) 6.3 inches, (Mouth) 5.12 inches

I chose the Anastasia Premium Sex Doll as my “Test Winner” for its combination of realistic detailing, toned physique, relatively reasonable price, and large variety of customization options. To be clear, this European sex doll isn’t cheap. At over two thousand dollars, you’ll definitely want to make sure this is the doll you want before making the purchase. Still, compared to dolls that cost five grand or more, the Anastasia Premium Sex Doll offers great value for the money. In terms of details, the body is pretty much perfect. Everything—from its small but round bum to the shape of the labia—is pretty much accurate, making the experience of using this doll much better than most of the lower-cost alternatives. However, my main issue with this doll is the face. It looks almost perfect, but there’s just something a bit off that keeps it from looking exactly like a real person. All things considered, I’d still say that European sex dolls are great dolls. If you want a toned doll that looks good in nearly any outfit then the Anastasia Premium Sex Doll is a great option.

2 Cheapest

Britney 2.0 Sex Doll

 Britney 2.0 Sex Doll

  • Are shopping on a budget
  • Are buying your first sex doll
  • Love perky breasts

Britney 2.0 Sex Doll

  • Want a full-sized doll
  • Don’t like the breast size
  • Want a doll to dress up

The next doll I have for you is the Britney 2.0 sex doll, an upgraded version of the European sex doll I’ve reviewed previously. The Britney 2.0 has received many improvements, such as a more realistic skin texture, a more realistic LHP, a redesigned labia, and upgraded nipples. These European sex dolls are partial dolls, making them an excellent option for those with limited space. Offering a 7-inch vaginal canal and a 6.22-inch anal canal, Britney 2.0 gives you plenty of pleasure in a tiny package! If you’re hoping to purchase your first sex doll but find yourself wondering where you’ll put it, consider a compact yet satisfying solution like the Britney 2.0!

  • Offered in two skin tones
  • Affordably priced
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Upgraded details

  • Not a full-size doll
  • Lacks extensive customization
Britney 2.0 Sex Doll
Weight35.94 lbs
Width(Waist) 19.02 inches, (Hips) 29.92 inches
OpeningsVagina, anus
Insertable length(Vagina) 7 inches, (Anus) 6.22 inches

Costing around $400 or so, the Britney 2.0 easily earned the “Cheapest” mention on this list. Don’t let the low price fool you though, as the quality of this European sex doll is just as high as the other European sex dolls on this list. The main difference between this and other dolls is the size. Britney 2.0 is a torso sex doll, meaning she doesn’t have a head, arms, or legs. Still, she does have two perky breasts, two usable canals, and a detailed exterior, so you’ll surely enjoy your time with this doll. Britney weighs just under 30 pounds and measures about 19 inches tall, making her fairly compact, lightweight, and easy to store. She has a poseable internal spine as well, allowing you to experiment with different positions easily. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a full-sized sex doll that offers a more immersive experience then this doll probably isn’t what you’re looking for. However, if you’re looking mainly for a functional doll that you can pick up for a reasonable price—or you’re a first-time buyer—then the Britney 2.0 is definitely a doll I’d recommend getting.

3 Annika

Annika TPE Sex Doll

 Annika Sex Doll

  • Love wide hips
  • Want a doll with perfect skin
  • Need an oral-capable doll

Annika Sex Doll

  • Prefer silicone dolls
  • Need a budget-friendly option
  • Want a doll with a thicker stomach

My third pick is the Annika Sex Doll, a doll with a cute face and wide hips. Depending on which version of this European sex doll you decide to get, your doll will be anywhere from 4’9” to 5’7” tall. If you need something a bit more compact, these dolls are also offered in a leg-less version, allowing you to start enjoying your doll with minimal space requirements at a lower cost. Like most other European sex dolls, Annika offers a wide variety of customization options. From breast size to hair color, nearly every detail of this doll can be crafted to perfection. If you love brown-haired ladies with wide hips and large breasts then the Annika Sex Doll might be the one for you!

  • Premium mouth offered for free
  • Offered in many different sizes
  • Thick thighs
  • Perfect skin

  • Porous
  • Default model lacks legs
  • Removable vagina costs extra
Annika Sex Doll
Materials(Body) TPE, (Skeleton) metal
Height68 inches
Weight114.64 lbs
Width(Shoulder) 11.02 inches, (Hips) 43.31 inches
OpeningsVagina, anus, mouth
Insertable length(Vagina) 7.09 inches, (Anus) 6.3 inches, (Mouth) 4.72 inches

As with other dolls, the main downside of the Annika Sex Doll is the price. Once you click on the page, you’ll instantly be greeted with a price of around $1,200, which seems great. However, it’s a bit misleading. The pictured version of this European sex doll costs nearly $1,800. This is still cheaper than many other dolls, but it’s considerably more than the $1,200 or so version. On the plus side, if you don’t mind a doll without legs or don’t have a lot of space to work with, the cheaper doll could be a great option for you. These European sex dolls have perfect skin, free of any blemishes. This could be a plus or a minus, depending on what you want. Breast sizes vary but generally go large, and the doll’s hips are very wide, giving it an hourglass figure. All in all, the Annika doll is a solid option if you like wide hips, big eyes, and brown hair!

4 Vienna

Vienna Sex Doll

 Vienna Sex Doll

  • Love full lips
  • Want a realistic doll
  • Like thin but not toned figures

Vienna Sex Doll

  • Prefer smaller lips
  • Like smaller areolas
  • Want an extra curvy doll

This next European sex doll doesn’t have many customization options, but that’s okay: she looks great as-is! The Vienna Sex Doll is offered with a variety of different breast sizes, in different heights, and can even be ordered as a legless doll. The doll itself sports a relatively realistic figure as far as dolls go, which can be more or less realistic depending on the breast size you go for. Vienna has a thin stomach, blurring the lines between thin and toned. With perky breasts, a toned bum, and realistic downstairs details, this is another doll that you’re sure to love!

  • Long, blonde hair
  • Striking greenish-blue eyes
  • Weighs less than 100 lbs.
  • No leg version offered

  • Somewhat expensive
  • Limited customization options
Vienna Sex Doll
Materials(Body) TPE, (Skeleton) metal
Height67 inches
Weight83.8 lbs
Width(Shoulder) 13.8 inches, (Hips) 38.2 inches
OpeningsVagina, anus
Insertable length(Vagina) 6.7 inches, (Anus) 6.7 inches

Interestingly, the Vienna doll offers almost no customization options (beyond body type/size and breast size options). If you’re someone who gets overwhelmed with too many options then this could be a good thing. However, some other people might prefer European sex dolls with a bit more customization options. Still, the design of this doll is pretty good. Vienna has large, full lips, a small but round bum, two perky breasts adorned with large, pink nipples, long blonde hair, and rounded facial features. While the face doesn’t look 100% realistic, it looks pretty close to a person wearing makeup, which is essentially what this European sex doll is trying to imitate. One unique thing about Vienna is her eyes. Falling somewhere between green and blue, the striking eyes of these European sex dolls definitely set them apart from many other models. Overall, the doll is a solid option for most people. If you love her eyes and full lips then I’d say she’s worth picking up!

5 Hedy

Hedy Sex Doll


  • Want a highly-customizable doll
  • Prefer silicone as an option
  • Love freckles


  • Have a small budget
  • Prefer dolls taller than 5’7”
  • Want a doll with perfect skin

While many dolls go for large breasts, curves, and hourglass figures, the Hedy Sex Doll takes a somewhat different approach to European sex dolls. Don’t get me wrong: if you want a chubby doll with G-cup breasts then you can get that as well, but—by default—the Hedy Sex Doll is offered with A or B-cup breasts, making her unique on this list. Hedy has a much leaner figure than most other European sex doll models, from her defined neck to the outline of her ribs on the sides of the doll. If you’re a person who prefers their dolls to be on the thinner side then the Hedy Sex Doll is definitely one worth looking into!

  • Realistic skin details
  • Offered in multiple body styles
  • Free oral-capable head upgrade
  • Offered in silicone

  • Free upgrades are opt-in
  • Original versions weigh nearly 100 lbs.
Materials(Body) TPE or silicone (Skeleton) metal
Height68 inches
Weight(TPE) 91.4 lbs, (Silicone) 93.6 lbs
Width(Shoulder) 14.1 inches, (Hips) 34.6 inches
OpeningsVagina, anus, mouth
Insertable length(Vagina) 7 to 7.5 inches, (Anus) 6.3 to 6.7 inches, (Mouth) 5.1 inches

One of the major selling points of the Hedy sex doll is its level of detail, especially in her face. She has a few beauty marks and some freckles, which help make her face look more realistic when compared to more “perfect” dolls. Another thing that sets this European sex doll apart is her nipples. While many other models have wide areolas with light-colored nipples, Hedy has smaller areolas with darker nipples. Depending on your personal preferences, this could be a huge plus! Hedy is a bit thinner than most other European sex dolls, as shown in her prominent collarbone, thin stomach, and visible ribs. Again, this comes down to personal preference, but it’s always nice to see something different. Although the eyes aren’t 100% perfect, the face of this doll looks pretty realistic overall. When paired with the various textures and skin tones used across the doll’s entire body, I think you end up with a pretty realistic-looking doll. Ultimately, Hedy won’t be for everyone, but if you like this specific body type then I think Hedy would be a good doll to pick up!

6 Celine

Celine Iron Tech Silicone Doll

 Celine Iron Tech Doll

  • Want a silicone doll
  • Like to customize the finer details
  • Love large breasts

Celine Iron Tech Doll

  • Prefer smaller breasts
  • Want to customize major details
  • Need a budget-friendly doll

Interested in European sex dolls but love tanned skin? If so, then the Celine Iron Tech Doll might be the exact doll you’ve been hoping for! With tan shiny skin, long brown hair, full lips, large breasts, and a prominent, realistic labia, this European sex doll seems to have it all. Even her face—from her large, luscious lips to her defined eyebrows—is designed well, making it seem less like a doll and more like a person. Made from silicone, this doll is instantly higher quality than most of the other dolls I’ve shown you so far. The amazing detailing is simply the icing on the cake.

  • Tanned skin
  • Made of silicone
  • Prominent labia
  • Free skeleton & hand upgrades (opt-in)

  • Expensive
  • Removable vagina costs extra
  • Visible seams
  • One size only
Celine Iron Tech Doll
Materials(Body) Silicone, (Skeleton) metal
Height64 inches
Weight85.9 lbs
Width(Shoulders) 14.9 inches, (Hips) 40.5 inches
OpeningsVagina, anus
Insertable length(Vagina) 7 inches, (Anus) 6.2 inches

As a whole, realism is a great strength of this European sex doll. Celine features a more realistic and detailed labia than many other dolls, has a realistic tan, and her knees look real when not bent. However, she does have some flaws. Her face looks better from a distance than up close, her knees look a bit off when bent, and she has a weird seam near her crotch (although this will vary with production). That said, being one of the European sex dolls made of silicone, she’s nearly guaranteed to last for a long time with proper care. Really, you have to pit her flaws against her long-lasting potential when deciding whether or not to get this doll. If you want a perfect doll then you may need to consider something even more expensive like a Realdoll. However, if you can overlook her few flaws then I think Celine is a doll that will give you hours of enjoyment for many years to come.

7 Rachel

Rachel Iron Tech TPE Doll

 Rachel Iron Tech Doll

  • Like dark-skinned dolls
  • Want a realistic-looking doll
  • Prefer shorter hair

Rachel Iron Tech Doll

  • Prefer larger areolas
  • Want an extra curvy doll
  • Prefer super skinny dolls

The Rachel Iron Tech Doll is a bit different from the other European sex dolls on this list, as this particular doll is offered in a wide variety of skin tones. Whether you prefer darker skin or fairer skin, you can order this European sex doll to your liking. Unlike most, this doll has short straight hair that perfectly frames its face. Her lips are full, her breasts are perky, and her stomach has just enough thickness to pass for a regular person. That said, this doll does have a figure. While Rachel might not be the curviest model around, you’re sure to enjoy your time with this doll if you decide to pick her up!

  • Offered in many different skin tones
  • Accurately styled eyebrows
  • Realistic face
  • Oral capable

  • Alternate hairstyles cost extra
  • Only 5” of oral depth
  • Expensive
Rachel Iron Tech Doll
Materials(Body) TPE, (Skeleton) metal
Height64 inches
Weight94.7 lbs
Width(Shoulder) 13.7 inches, (Hips) 40.5 inches
OpeningsVagina, anus, mouth
Insertable length(Vagina) 7 inches, (Anus) 6.3 inches, (Mouth) 5 inches

Like most sex dolls, Rachel can be customized. With heights ranging from 4’9” to 5’7” and cup sizes from B-cup to H-cup, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding the size of doll you’re after. By default, though, Rachel is a European sex doll with dark skin, large breasts, and short straight hair. The standard mouth is included automatically, but if you want a mouth with a tongue then you’ll need to opt in to the free upgrade. Rachel has a few other free upgrades, although everyone needs to be manually opted into. Still, if you do all of them then you’ll end up with an amazing doll at roughly the same cost as most other European sex dolls with fewer features. A few essentials—like a storage solution or a removable vagina—aren’t offered for free though, so you’ll want to look through all of the options before ordering your doll. All in all, if you like darker complexions, shorter hair, and free upgrades then Rachel is a doll worth considering.

8 Tori

Tori TPE Sex Doll

 Tori Sex Doll

  • Love curvy dolls
  • Want to try a H20 Cyberskin insert
  • Want to dress your doll

Tori Sex Doll

  • Prefer thinner frames
  • Have a smaller budget
  • Don’t like the face

This next doll is probably one you’ve seen before, the Tori Sex Doll! Tori is one of the curviest European sex dolls around. Whereas most dolls have either large breasts or a large bum, Tori is large in both areas. It’s not overdone either, as Tori has a relatively proportional midsection, resulting in a European sex doll that looks “thick” but not disproportional. Made of high-quality silicone that feels real to the touch, Tori works great as-is. However, you can take her to the next level with some of the many upgrade options offered. If you simply want a doll with gigantic curves then Tori should be your go-to gal!

  • Offered in multiple skin tones
  • Accurate face
  • Great for costumes
  • Legless version offered

  • No D-cup size offered
  • Removable vagina costs extra
  • Porous
Tori Sex Doll
Materials(Body) TPE, (Skeleton) metal
Height63 inches
Weight111.33 lbs
Width(Shoulders) 12.99 inches, (Hips) 44.49 inches
OpeningsVagina, anus, mouth
Insertable length(Vagina) 7.09 inches, (Anus) 6.3 inches, (Mouth) 5.12 inches

Like many other dolls, Tori is made of TPE. Being made of a porous material isn’t ideal, but this doll should last you for a few years before needing to be replaced. Unfortunately, there isn’t a silicone version of Tori available. Tori is a great doll, but she is offered at a wide variety of prices. If you really want to get your money’s worth then I recommend shopping around for the best price. Aside from that, there really isn’t much to complain about with this European sex doll. With plenty of sizing options offered, a curvy but lifelike construction, a figure that works for plenty of outfits, and a fairly realistic face, Tori is a great option for anyone who has a thing for curvy ladies. If that sounds like you then I highly recommend picking up one of these European sex dolls for yourself!

9 Marchell

Marchell Premium Doll

 Marchell Premium Doll

  • Prefer toned women
  • Want a doll with perfect skin
  • Like pigtails

Marchell Premium Doll

  • Prefer curvy dolls
  • Want a dark-toned doll
  • Don’t have a lot of storage space

Last but not least on this list of European sex dolls is Marchell, a premium sex doll made of TPE. Marchell has a few unique aspects about her, such as her light brown hair which is separated into two pigtails that extend just below her breasts on each side. Her figure is fairly average compared to the usually curvy European sex doll we see, but it’s nice because it looks a bit more realistic. That said, if you prefer larger breasts then you’re in luck, as Marchell is offered with cup sizes ranging from B all the way up to L! Offered at a reasonable price and offering tons of unique sexual experiences, Marchell might be last on this list, but—if you like her looks—she might be the number one pick for you!

  • Lifelike skin
  • Realistic frame
  • Toned stomach
  • Pigtails

  • Made of TPE
  • Takes up a lot of space
Marchell Premium Doll
Materials(Body) TPE, (Skeleton) metal
Height66 inches
Weight87.08 lbs
Width(Shoulders) 12.2 inches, (Hips) 33.46 inches
OpeningsVagina, anus, mouth
Insertable length(Vagina) 7.09 inches, (Anus) 6.3 inches, (Mouth) 4.72 inches

The hair of this European sex doll is really what sets her apart from the competition. None of the other dolls I’ve shown you so far have had pigtails, nor have they had this specific shade of light brown hair. Paired together, I think they do a great job at making Marchell look more like a real person. Her figure also adds to the realism, as she looks in shape but not overly curvy. Like other European sex dolls, you do have plenty of customization options, so everything from her breast size to her eye color can be changed to your preference before ordering. Marchell definitely isn’t cheap, but she’s not one of the more expensive models either. Some upgrades are offered for free, although many will cost a bit extra. Still, considering she feels likelife to the touch, has beautiful hair, a cute bum, and a fully poseable internal skeleton, I think Marchell is definitely an option worth checking out if the other dolls just aren’t doing it for you.

Don’t Have Enough Space for a Sex Doll?

Not everyone has the space for a full-sized European sex doll. Don’t worry though, because even if you don’t have enough space for a larger doll, there are still plenty of smaller alternatives to European sex dolls for you to explore. Here are a few promising options!

THRUST Pro Elite Alana Ribbed Vagina Masturbator

THRUST Pro Elite Alana Ribbed Vagina Masturbator - Don’t Have Enough Space for a Sex Doll?
Offered in three different skin tones, textured to perfection on the inside, and complete with big, round curves on the outside, the THRUST Pro Elite Alana is a sex doll bum that gives you exactly what you need from a doll (without taking up too much space!).

Fleshlight Mia Malkova Lvl Up Texture

Fleshlight Mia Malkova Lvl Up Texture - Don’t Have Enough Space for a Sex Doll?
With an exterior molded from Malkova herself, this Fleshlight toy puts pleasure in the palm of your hand. Relatively affordable, easy to use, and offering nine inches of internal satisfaction, this Fleshlight is a great addition to any person’s sex toy collection!

Fleshlight Abella Danger Danger Texture

Fleshlight Abella Danger Danger Texture - Don’t Have Enough Space for a Sex Doll?
Featuring various internal textures, a labia molded from Abella Danger, and adjustable suction thanks to the twistable base, this Fleshlight toy is an excellent option for people who love intense stimulation!

Fleshlight Stoya Destroya Texture

Fleshlight Stoya Destroya Texture - Don’t Have Enough Space for a Sex Doll?
If you love Stoya’s films then you’re sure to love her Fleshlight! From the accurately sculpted lips to the temperature-responsive SuperSkin sleeve—and interior—itself, every part of this toy has been optimized to give you the most pleasure possible.

European Sex Doll Comparison

Now you’ve seen all of the best European sex dolls I could find. Of course, there’s quite a bit of information about each of them, so I genuinely don’t expect you to remember everything. Still, to save you from having to read everything about each European sex doll all over again, here’s a quick overview of the options. I chose Anastasia as the “Test Winner”. Cute, thin-waisted, and set with large breasts, this doll is a great option for nearly anyone as her figure appears to a general audience. If you’re on a budget then Britney 2.0 is the doll for you. While it might not have limbs or a head like the larger dolls, it’s offered at a fraction of the price, is much easier to clean, and still provides just as much fun in the bedroom! If you prefer thicker girls then Tori is the doll for you. For a more slender figure, opt for Hedy instead. If you want a doll that’s somewhere in the middle, then Rachel is a great alternative as well.

How to Use European Sex Dolls

Using a European sex doll is pretty much the same as using any other sex doll. However, just in case this is your first time using one of these products, let’s quickly go over the general process!

Ensure Your Doll is Clean

Ensure Your Doll is Clean

Even if your doll is brand new, it’s still important that you make sure she’s in good condition before using her. While you’re at it, double-check to ensure that your doll hasn’t been damaged in transit. Assuming she’s good, grab a bottle of lube and move on to the next step.

Pose Your Doll and Apply Lube

Pose Your Doll and Apply Lube

Now, you’ll need to figure out where you want to use your doll. Move her there and then put her in the position of your choosing. From here, apply lube to the orifice(s) you plan on using. Make sure to lubricate the doll both inside and out.

Insert Yourself

Insert Yourself

Once you’ve finished lubricating your doll, it’s time to insert yourself! Feel free to add more lube as needed. After you’ve fully penetrated your doll, it’s time to let your imagination run wild and mess around with your new toy. Experiment and enjoy!

How to Clean European Sex Dolls

Cleaning a European sex doll is a fairly simple process, although it can be quite time-consuming. Fortunately, you don’t need to clean the entire doll after every use! However, you will need to clean any orifices you use after every time with antibacterial soap and warm water. You can clean the exterior of the doll every one to two weeks, using soap and water like before. Since these dolls are rather large, it may be easiest to clean your doll in the shower. If desired, you can also clean the doll’s hair with shampoo and conditioner. Pat your doll down with a towel, and make sure that your doll is completely air-dried before storing it away again to prevent bacterial growth.


I recommend sticking to water-based lubes, as this type of lubricant can be safely used with any sex toy, regardless of the materials used to make the toy.

It varies by doll, but most European sex dolls can be customized! Selections such as body type, eye color, and hairstyle are all common options.

You’ll have a few different storage options. Some dolls offer the doll hook set as a free add-on, while others charge for it. However, if you want the best of the best then you can get a premium storage case for your doll.

Generally speaking, TPE sex dolls will be cheaper than their silicone counterparts. However, for this list specifically, Britney 2.0 is my budget-friendly pick!

Nearly all European sex dolls are offered in a variety of skin tones, generally ranging from pale white to tan.

What are European Sex Dolls?

A European sex doll is a sex doll that’s designed to look like a person of European descent. Like other sex dolls, these dolls are often highly customizable, meaning that the customer can tweak their doll to their liking. Customization options vary but often include things such as breast size or body type changes.

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