The 8 Best F-Machine Alternatives for Thrilling Thrusting

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If you’re interested in getting your own F-Machine but are looking for an alternative (perhaps, a cheaper option?), then you’re looking at the right list. We’ve looked at tons of different sex machines, narrowing down our list of top contenders to the eight great models you’ll see listed below that are similar to the F-Machine lineup. These penetrative powerhouses have more than enough variety to keep you coming back day after day for more. Perfect for solo use (or with a partner who enjoys watching), you can select a smaller machine for a tamer experience or go all out with a full-size sex machine! If you’re ready to start introducing the word “horsepower” into your masturbation sessions then you’re about to be in for a treat. Read about the best f-machine alternatives below!
1 Test Winner

MOD Xtreme Power Engine 2.0

 MOD Xtreme Power Engine 2.0

  • Want a powerful fuck machine
  • Love trying different positions
  • Want an f-machine with detachable elements
  • Enjoy thrusting action

MOD Xtreme Power Engine 2.0

  • Want a discreet sex machine
  • Prefer compact machines

The Xtreme Power Engine 2.0 is a powerful fuck machine that has an adjustable base, making it perfect for any of your favourite positions. You can adjust the speed of the thrusts with the dial to a minimum RPM of 38 and a max RMP of 176, allowing you to find the rhythm that will take you to that toe curling climax. Your accessories are all held in place with a super secure lock compatible plug, and you can add the bar for extra length to get the pleasure of your wildest dreams. Its suction cup feet will hold the machine in place on any smooth, hard, non-porous surface.

  • Adjustable speed
  • Suction cup feet
  • Suitable for different positions
  • Detachable handheld fucker
  • Bar add on for extra length

  • Not discreet
MOD Xtreme Power Engine 2.0
Length20 inches
Height17 inches
Width11 inches
Weight15 lbs

If you are looking for a powerful fuck machine then the Xtreme Power Engine 2.0 may just be your perfect fit. The adjustability in terms of positioning and speed, means that you can experiment to your hearts content until you find the perfect setting for you. It’s worth noting that this one doesn’t come with any attachments so you will need to buy compatible dildos separately. It’s also not a discreet machine as the powerful motor makes it quite loud!

2 Cheapest

Hismith Masturbation Machine 0-85° With 9 Attachments

 Hismith Masturbation Machine

  • Want a hands free sex experience
  • Love trying different angles
  • Want an f-machine that comes with lots of attachments
  • Are looking for a lifelike sex experience

Hismith Masturbation Machine

  • Want a rechargeable f-machine
  • Want a discreet f-machine

This masturbation machine is great for anyone who wants a budget friendly f-machine that comes with loads of attachments. It’s a decent beginner option as you have everything you need to get started straight away, allowing you to experiment to find what works for you. The Hismith Masturbation Machine is also adjustable up to 170 degrees, meaning you will almost certainly find that sweet spot. This Hismith machine is remote controllable so can be used and adjusted hands free, and has 4 powerful suction cups that will stick to any hard, smooth surfaces for maximum stability.

  • Adjustable angles
  • Suction cup base
  • 9 attachments
  • Adjustable up to 170 degrees

  • Needs plugging in
  • Noisy
Hismith Masturbation Machine
Length14.5 inches
Width7 inches
Height6 inches
Thrust ModesUp to 420 times per minute

The Hismith Masturbation Machine is perfect if having lots of attachments to try is important to you, and it’s budget friendly. It’s great because you can try so many different positions, speeds, and toys, and you can really make it mimic real life if that’s whats important to you.

3 Beginner

Lovehoney Love Motion Warming Thrusting Sex Machine

 Lovehoney Love Motion

  • Haven't used an f-machine before
  • Want a more compact f-machine
  • Want a rechargeable sex machine
  • Love the idea of a warming function
  • Enjoy realistic feeling toys

Lovehoney Love Motion

  • Want a quiet f-machine

This remote controllable f-machine is a great option for anyone who hasn’t used an automatic sex machine before, and comes with 2 attachments to get you started. The Lovehoney Love Motion warms up to 40 degrees for an ultra lifelike feeling, and has 10 different thrusting and vibration functions for you to change things up with. This one is rechargeable and more compact than a lot of other f-machines, but this does also mean that it doesn’t have the same angle variability.

  • Warming function
  • Remote controllable
  • Rechargeable
  • 2 dildos included
  • Suction cup base

  • Noisy
Lovehoney Love Motion
Insertable length7, 7.5 inches
Battery Life60 minutes
Thrust Modes10
Vibration modes10
Travel LockYes

The Lovehoney Love Motion is the most beginner friendly f-machine on this list, so if your are just starting out on your thrusting sex toy journey this one is a great place to start. It’s also rechargeable which make it easier to use, and the warming function gives you a deliciously lifelike experience. You can get started straight away since it comes with 2 attachments, which is perfect because no one wants to get a new toy and then not be able to use it straight away!

4 Milking Machine

LoveBotz The Milker

 LoveBotz The Milker

  • Want to invest in a luxury milking machine
  • Are looking for a hands free masturbating machine
  • Want a machine that feels like a blowjob
  • Prefer intense stimulation

LoveBotz The Milker

  • Want a budget friendly f-machine
  • Want a rechargeable milking machine

LoveBotz’s The Milker pretty much does what it says on the tin, it will make you come like never before. The best comparison to how this machine feels is that of the best blow job of your life, it will give you the most intense orgasm of your life. It comes in a box that can be used to store and transport it conveniently, and discreetly. However, this one is an expensive toy and it’s not really quickie friendly as it takes a while to take apart and put back together for cleaning.

  • Comes with 2 sleeves
  • Discreet storage/ travel case
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable speed

  • Expensive
  • Requires plugging
LoveBotz The Milker
Length11 inches
Width8.25 inches
Height11.75 inches
Weight16 lbs
MaterialsABS, silicone, natural rubber, metal

If you’re looking to invest in a luxury milking machine that will give you the orgasms of your life then you have certainly found it in LoveBotz’s The Milker. It will give you sensations like no other, but it is certainly an investment so you should consider carefully that it’s right for you before you buy it.

5 App Control

Hismith Premium Sex Machine

 Hismith Premium Sex Machine

  • Want a long distance controllable sex machine
  • Want a f-machine with different functions
  • Want a quieter sex machine
  • Want a hands-free f-machine

Hismith Premium Sex Machine

  • Want a rechargeable sex machine

The Hismith Premium Sex Machine might just change your life if you are struggling with a long distance relationship with its app controllability! This f-machine is quieter than others and comes with a handy storage back bag making it super discreet. You can also control it with the remote control that comes with the machine, so if you don’t have a compatible smartphone then you can still enjoy the hands-free functionality. This Hismith Premium Sex Machine also comes with a silicone dildo so you can get playing straight away.

  • App controlled
  • Comes with a storage case
  • Quieter than other f-machines
  • Sturdy
  • Remote controllable as well as app

  • Requires plugging in
  • Not budget friendly
Hismith Premium Sex Machine
Length7.1 inches
Insertable length6.7 inches
Diameter1.38 inches
Remote ControlsYes
Vibration modes3
Storage Bag IncludedYes

The best feature of the Hismith Premium Sex Machine is that it is app controlled so can be controlled from anywhere in the world, even if that’s just from across the room! It’s remote controllability also makes this perfect for anyone with reduced mobility as you don’t have to do any manual work to get your pleasure. It’s more discreet than some machines, but still not silent and it’s not the most travel friendly toy.


LoveBotz Versa Fuk Machine

 LoveBotz Versa Fuk Machine

  • Want a thrusting sex machine
  • Prefer hands free automatic toys
  • Want a machine that comes with attachments
  • Are looking for an adjustable f-machine

LoveBotz Versa Fuk Machine

  • Want a budget friendly sex machine
  • Requires plugging in

The LoveBotz Versa Fuk Machine is a powerful thrusting sex machine that will relentlessly pleasure you until you can’t take any more. It’s vibrating remote control gives you the option for hands-free use and added stimulation, and you can get your satisfaction just how you want it by adjusting the angle. You can also set it to vibrate if you want to add a different sensation, and this one comes with 3 different attachments to get you well on your way.

  • Thrusting motion
  • Comes with 3 attachments
  • Remote controllable
  • Hands-free usability

  • Needs plugging in
LoveBotz Versa Fuk Machine
Length25 inches
Width12.75 inches
Height19 inches
Remote ControlsYes

The LoveBotz Versa is powerful f-machine that can give you hands-free stimulation like you’ve never experienced before. The remote control also vibrates which offers external stimulation to give you blended orgasmic bliss. This one is on the more expensive side, so it’s definitely more of an investment but it will reward you with out of this world orgasms every single time you use it.


Doc Johnson Kink Power Banger Vac-U-Lock Sex Machine

 Doc Johnson Kink Power Banger

  • Are looking for a fully adjustable f-machine
  • Love being able to adjust the thrusting pattern and speed
  • Want an f-machine compatible with vac-u-lock toys
  • Prefer remote control machines

Doc Johnson Kink Power Banger

  • Want a rechargeable f-machine

Doc Johnson’s Kink Power Banger is a powerful and versatile f-machine that you can use to bring your fantasies into reality. It’s powerful suction cup feet mean that you can have it as hard and fast as you like it, and the dial adjustable remotes means the speed is completely customisable. Compatible with all Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock toys and some dildos that have vibe compatible holes, you can take your pleasure how and where you want it.

  • Compatible with all Vac-U-Lock attachments
  • Fully adjustable speed and angles
  • Suction cup base
  • Includes universal adapter for international use

  • Not rechargeable
  • Noisy
Doc Johnson Kink Power Banger
Length16 inches
Width9 inches
Height7 inches
Weight5.15 lbs
MaterialsMetal and ABS plastic

The Doc Johnson Kink Power Banger is an amazingly versatile and powerful f-machine as it’s completely customisable in terms of position, thrusting power, and attachable toys. It’s also towards the lower end of the spectrum price wise! However, it is quite noisy so not suitable for anyone who needs it to be super discreet while using it.


Mod Love Deluxe Thruster Kit

 Mod Love Deluxe Thruster Kit

  • Want a f-machine with a detachable thruster
  • Prefer compact machines
  • Want a fully adjustable f-machine
  • Love using your machine hands-free and hand-held

Mod Love Deluxe Thruster Kit

  • Want a quiet f machine

The Mod Love Deluxe Thruster Kit is a powerful f-machine that is one of the most adjustable as you can detach the thruster and use it as a handheld device. The strong suction cup feet will hold the machine in place, and the adjustable dial means you can have your pleasure up to a speed of 176 RPM. It’s easy to disassemble too so you can give it a thorough clean and store it discreetly when you’re not using it.

  • Powerful motor
  • Detachable thruster
  • Compact
  • Suction cup feet

  • Noisy
Mod Love Deluxe Thruster Kit
Length26 inches
Width12 inches
Height9 inches

The Mod Love Deluxe Thruster Kit is an amazing and powerful f-machine, that is perfect for anyone who wants to try using it in a variety of different ways but without having to get into bendy positions themselves! It’s a more approachable price than some of the other machines, and it’s great for storing discreetly when you’re not using it due to being easy to disassemble.

Prefer Riding to Thrusting?

Thrusting style machines aren’t everyone’s cup of tea! Sometimes you might want to be the one that’s getting hot and sweaty doing all of the hard work. Check out this alternative more manual style machine where you hop on and ride it yourself!

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine - Prefer Riding to Thrusting?
The Cowgirl has a 360° swivel rotation, multiple powerful vibration options, and comes with two attachments! It’s also app controllable so you can use it for long-distance play with a partner, or hands-free controllability while you ride the night away. However, if you are looking for a quiet f-machine then this isn’t the one for you as it’s pretty loud!

Don't Have the Space for a Sex Machine?

We don’t all have the space for an f-machine! So we’ve found a few options for you that will give you the sensations of a sex machine but without the need for extra space in your house! The beauty of these f-machine alternatives is that they are inevitably more discreet and travel friendly too.

Fun Factory Stronic

Fun Factory Stronic - Don't Have the Space for a Sex Machine?
The Fun Factory Stronic is a perfect option if you don’t have space for an f-machine then this thrusting dildo is a perfect alternative. It has 7 different speeds and 3 patterns of pulsating pleasure for you to experiment with. Plus it’s completely waterproof so you can use it for aquatic adventures, which is something you can’t usually do with an f-machine. This one has a realistic shaped head for delicious internal massages, and it’s rechargeable so you can get your fix whenever and wherever you want it.

Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl

Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl  - Don't Have the Space for a Sex Machine?
Have your cake and eat it with the Greedy Girl thrusting rabbit vibrator, as the shaft stimulates your g-spot the bunny ears surround your clitoris for a perfectly blended orgasm. It’s also relatively quiet (especially compared to f-machines), so it’s perfect for discreet play. The travel lock and luxurious storage bag, make this one a perfect travel companion too.

CalExotics Eclipse Thrusting Rotator Probe

CalExotics Eclipse Thrusting Rotator Probe - Don't Have the Space for a Sex Machine?
The CalExotics Eclipse Thrusting Rotator Probe is the perfect anal dildo especially for newbie anal players because of its super approachable size. The shaft thrusts and rotates simultaneously, for unparalleled pleasure. You can experiment with how you like your anal adventures by trying out each of the 12 intense functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation.

How to use an f-machine

You are of course free to use your f-machine in any way you desire, but always make sure to lube up first! Here are a few ideas in terms of how to use your f-machine to get you started.

Going solo

Going solo

Solo masturbation is when f-machines really come into their own. You can pretty much customise them to your hearts desire in terms of attachments, favourite speed, or positions, so you can try out new things without the pressure of pleasing anyone else, or you can just keep it simple by setting it to the way you know will give you a toe curling climax.

Multiple stimulation

Multiple stimulation

One the many beautiful advantages of using f-machines is that they free up your hands to stimulate other parts of your body. For example, while your f-machine is working its magic on your g-spot you can hold a clitoral vibrator to stimulate you externally for a wonderfully blended orgasm. Equally you can use your f-machine to try double penetration, or if you are a penis owner you can use your machine to stimulate your p-spot, while using a masturbator to stroke your penis. The options of how to use these delightful contraptions are endless!

Long distance

Long distance

F-machines are a great way of keeping the sexual spark alive when you are either in a long-distance relationship or just going through a period where your relationship is long-distance. The best f-machines for long-distance loving are those that can be controlled through an app, because your partner can take control of your f-machine from wherever they are in the world.

How to clean your f-machine

The different components of f-machines makes them a little more complicated to clean, but we are here to help! The electrical components of these pleasure giving devices mean you need to unplug them before you begin cleaning, and you have to be careful not to get the electrical parts wet or you risk breaking the machine. Another thing to consider is the material of the attachments that you are using with it, as porous materials will require a more rigorous cleaning process than non-porous.


Most people! Aside from the initial set up the majority of f-machines are suitable even if you struggle with reduced mobility. There are such a wide variety of f-machines available nowadays that you will be able to find something that suits your specific needs.

Compared to other sex toys, yes! It's not that surprising when you think about the complexity of the engineering of these machines though, and with many of them you get attachments too. As with anything you can get some that are super expensive and some that are more budget friendly, we've tried to cover a wide range of the price spectrum on this list.

Most of them should be, you can usually get universal dildo adapters that will make the vast majority of dildos compatible with your machine.

Yes usually! Just make sure that the dildo you have attached is anal safe (has a flared base) and that it is properly secured to your f-machine.

Unfortunately, genuine F-Machine products are often hard to find. It’s much easier to find high-quality alternatives (plus, most of the time, they’re cheaper too!).

Whereas the Pro 2 was designed for high-powered penetration, the Gigolo is designed with the beginner in mind. Although both are very quiet during operation, the Pro 2 offered up to six inches of thrust, whereas the Gigolo offers a maximum of 4 inches. However, the Gigolo does have a wireless remote, as opposed to the wired remote of the Pro 2.

What is an f-machine?

F-machines are sex machines that can be used by men and women to make your sexual fantasies become a reality. You can attach your favourite kind of toy to these machines and they will thrust away until they delight you with an explosive orgasm. A lot of f-machines are fully adjustable in terms of their thrusting speed, and the angle at which they are positioned, meaning you can take your pleasure as hard and fast as you want it and in any of your favourite sex positions. F-machines that are designed specifically for men will sometimes be called blow job machines because they are designed to give you the same sensations as you would get from oral sex.

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