The 10 Best Fake Pussies for Extra Realistic Stroking

   Josh Gill
Have you ever just thought to yourself, “man, I wish I had some kind of fake pussy to play with!” Let’s be honest, if you have, you’re definitely not alone! But that’s why I’m here today – to show you 10 of the most incredibly sexy and sensual fake pussies available! No matter what you want or what you need, there is a fake pussy out there just waiting to pleasure you! So with that being said, let’s dive on in and take a look at what we’ve got!
1 Test Winner

Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia

 Riley Reid Utopia

  • Have ever fantasised about sleeping with Riley Reid
  • Want an accurately casted fake pornstar pussy
  • Enjoy the feel of a sexy soft plastic

Riley Reid Utopia

  • Don't need an accurately casted vagina
  • Prefer to use an anus instead of a pussy
  • Don't want to have to manually stimulate yourself

Who wouldn’t leap at the chance to spend a little time in paradise with Riley Reid by their side? Admire this pocket rocket’s neat, petite form before diving inside and experiencing true satisfaction thanks to Riley’s heavenly coiled, ribbed canal. With a revolutionary coiled design and unique ‘pleasure pockets’ to plunge deep into, Ms. Reid’s Utopia texture will turn you on via a cool combo of sensual stimulation and twisty tightness. It won’t be long before you’re planning your next pleasure trip.

  • Feels lifelike
  • Realistic looking
  • Easy to use

  • Not too tight
  • Manual use only
Riley Reid Utopia
MaterialsSoft plastic
Insertable length9 inches
Width(canal) 0.5 inches

If you – like so many others (including me) – have fantasized about sleeping with the stunning porn star Riley Reid, then the Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia is going to be just the thing to fulfill your desires! It has everything you’d need in a fake pussy; lifelike looks, realistic textures, and it’s very easy to use. The inner ridges will stimulate you to completion, and you can even adjust the suction level via the twist cap on the end. I can confidently predict that the Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia will become the crown jewel of your sex toy collection!

2 Cheapest

Doc Johnson Jessie Andrews All American Girl

 Jessie Andrews All American Girl

  • Are looking for a cheap fake pussy
  • Want a realistic looking toy
  • Can't resist those lifelike textures
  • Like Jessie Andrews
  • Would like a high quality but inexpensive masturbator
  • Want an easy cleaned toy

Jessie Andrews All American Girl

  • Want a less bulky fake vagina
  • Have a larger than average cock
  • Prefer toys that do all the work for you
  • Want a toy with a closed end
  • Like complicated canal textures

The world salutes you Jessie Andrews for lending your delicate vagina to the worthy cause of male pleasure. A direct cast of her tight pussy, the masturbator is made from supple ultraskin material with a textured canal to stroke you all the way to a magnificent climax. With a detailed vaginal entrance, enjoy the incredibly lifelike sensations as you thrust into Jessie’s exquisite pussy. Featuring tight ridging, the raised internal texture brings you to an unforgettable explosion.

  • Looks/feels realistic
  • Tight and cozy
  • Awesome textures
  • Great price
  • Extremely easy to clean

  • Kind of bulky
  • Too tight for some
  • Some might prefer an outer plastic case
  • A sample of lube could have been included
Jessie Andrews All American Girl
Length5.75 inches
Insertable length5 inches
Width3 inches
Diameter (internal).25 inches
MaterialsUltraskyn (TPE)
TextureUniform bumps
Weight.75 lbs
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableLight skin tone

The Doc Johnson Jessie Andrews All American Girl is a tight and textured fake pussy that really will grip onto your cock and pleasure it until you’re done! The soft plastic has a great realistic feel to it, and the inner textures are weirdly lifelike. You’re going to be surprised at home much like the real deal it feels! The canal fits the average penis perfectly, but are you more than avarage it might feel small and tight, meaning that it will be a sexy challenge to get into. That’s going to be awesome for some, but for those with a larger cock, the Doc Johnson Jessie Andrews All American Girl might prove to be a little too tight to use.

3 Fleshlight

Fleshlight Go Stamina Training Unit

 Fleshlight Go

  • Want to last longer in bed
  • Enjoy the feel and looks of a vagina
  • Like the easy to use hand held design
  • Want a portable and fun fake pussy

Fleshlight Go

  • Are looking for something bigger
  • Don't like the design
  • Prefer an anus or mouth to a vagina

17% shorter than your usual STU but no less effective, Fleshlight’s Go is ideal for when you need to take your training on the road. Brimming with bumps designed to tease, it may help you achieve better staying power with regular use. The Go STU’s inner canal is lined with bumps for amazingly stimulating sensations to mimic the real act. Regular play may improve your stamina and technique, rewarding you with potentially stronger climaxes and a more satisfied partner. It’s great even for quick uses as it’s easy to clean just by turning it inside out and rinsing it in warm water with soap.

  • Sexy vagina opening
  • Portable
  • Light and easy to use
  • Good stamina trainer

  • Not a full-size sex doll
  • Materials may feel cheap
Fleshlight Go
MaterialsSoft plastic
Insertable length6.5 inches

For those that want to last a little longer in bed, there are definitely fake pussies out there that will help you in your endeavors. For example, the Fleshlight Go Stamina Training Unit is a great toy that will help you up your stamina and last a lot longer. It does so by combining a realistic vagina opening with a supremely textured interior. Sure, it’s not a full sized sex doll or anything like that, meaning that you don’t get the full experience. Still, as far as textured canal training goes, the Fleshlight Go Stamina Training Unit is a extremely helpful toy, even if not everyone will get something out of it.

4 Vagina and Anal

Thrust Pro Elite Layla

 Thrust Pro Elite Layla

  • Want a more full-sized sex doll
  • Like the option of using the anus too
  • Enjoy immersive masturbation experiences

Thrust Pro Elite Layla

  • Need something more compact
  • Are looking for something cheaper
  • Don't like the quality of soft plastic

Feast your eyes (and everything else) on Layla, a spreadeagled vagina and ass masturbator. Bury yourself inside either of her textured twisting tunnels, for deep immersion and a real-feel ride to climax. With the ever-ready Layla by your bed there’s no need for lonely late-night knuckle-shuffles. And if you’re feeling adventurous, try introducing her to your lover during couple’s play, for a non-intimidating third party to inspire creative role-play and intimate games.

  • Immersive
  • Anus too
  • Feels great

  • Quite bulky
  • Expensive
Thrust Pro Elite Layla
MaterialsSoft plastic
Insertable length4.5 inches
Width0.25 inches

The Thrust Pro Elite Layla is one of those toys that makes masturbation that little bit more immersive. It’s like plowing into the real thing! Made from a nice feeling soft plastic, it might not be the most premium toy ever, but it still gets the job done. It is bulky, which is a double-edged thing. First off it makes it that much more realistic when you’re sliding in and out of it, however, when it comes to storage the Thrust Pro Elite Layla is trickier to hide than your average fleshlight! Still, you can choose between the vagina and the anus, giving you some great options!

5 Realistic Ass

Thrust Pro Elite Alana

 Thrust Pro Elite Alana

  • Want to be able to use an ass too
  • Are turned on by a good curvy butt
  • Love to have an immersive experience

Thrust Pro Elite Alana

  • Are looking for something more affordable
  • Don't have the space for this kind of toy
  • Prefer handheld stimulation

Meet Alana, a full-scale vagina and ass masturbator with a luscious rounded rear. Plunge inside her tight little ass or plump pussy lips – her two distinct ribbed canals offer twice the stimulation and twice the excitement. Get creative with your lady playground as you explore and enjoy her. Stroke her soft skin, squeeze her yielding flesh, spank her ass and then slip inside for the main event.

  • Tight pussy
  • Perfect ass
  • Very immersive

  • Costs a lot
  • Not for those who prefer manual stimulation
Thrust Pro Elite Alana
MaterialsSoft plastic
Insertable length7.5 inches
Width0.5 inches

What can I say about the Thrust Pro Elite Alana?! She’s certainly a star that will get everything done in the most pleasurable way possible. If you love butts, then Alana has a gorgeous bubble butt – complete with a tight anus – that is ready to squeeze at your cock. Both the vagina and anus are textured separately, meaning that neither of them will give you the same experience. I have to admit, the Thrust Pro Elite Alana is one of those indescribably fun and sexy toys that provides you with an immersive experience. Just band into it as you would with a real woman!

6 Realistic

Fleshlight Stoya Destroya

 Stoya Destroya

  • Want a hand held masturbator
  • Love to use fleshlights
  • Can't resist Stoya's incredible vagina

Stoya Destroya

  • Prefer other porn stars
  • Want a larger sex toy
  • Don't like to use fleshlights

Unparalleled pillowy softness pairs with the realistically sculpted lips of porn actress Stoya for a thrust and squirt experience that’s as good as the real McCoy. Her 9 inch canal can accommodate most men balls-deep for absolute immersion. Crafted from temperature-responsive SuperSkin material for incredibly realistic sensations, this perfect body cast of Stoya’s hot vagina and unique Destroya bump-ridden internal texture offers an amazingly lifelike experience to thrust your pleasure gear into overdrive.

  • Well molded
  • Amazing textures
  • Realistic feel

  • Only a fleshlight
  • Not the most premium
Stoya Destroya
MaterialsSoft plastic
Insertable length9 inches
Width1 inches

A handheld hottie, the Fleshlight Stoya Destroya has that realistic feel that a lot of other similar sex toys lack. Designed by the pornstar herself and cast from her very own pussy, this sex toy will provide you with authentic and highly pleasurable feelings. The inner textures are designed to be subtle yet super stimulating, and it honestly works very well. Unfortunately, for those who aren’t huge fleshlight fans, the Fleshlight Stoya Destroya won’t scratch that particular itch. Could it be more immersive? Yes, but that doesn’t make it any less fun when you actually get down to it!

7 Torso

PDX Plus Perfect Torso Vanilla

 PDX Plus Vanilla

  • Want a life-sized torso to play with
  • Can't resist enjoying some tits as you play
  • Want an anus to use as well as a vagina

PDX Plus Vanilla

  • Need something more discreet
  • Don't need something as immersive
  • Are on a shoestring budget
  • Prefer more premium materials

The PDX Plus Perfect 10 Torso Penis Masturbator doesn’t just look incredible – it feels so realistic! Made from award-winning Fanta Flesh TPR, this ultra-premium formula mimics the look and feel of natural skin for incredible realism. It wiggles and jiggles when you squeeze it, sounds like the real thing when you smack it, and feels incredibly real when you slip inside it!

  • Vagina AND anus
  • Gorgeous tits
  • Lots of options

  • No arms/legs/head
  • Indiscreet
PDX Plus Vanilla
Insertable length5 inches

The PDX Plus Perfect Torso Vanilla is one of those toys that ups the realistic factor even more! She has a vagina, an anus, two huge and sexy feeling tits…what more do you need. Okay, she doesn’t have arms, legs, or a head, but still, for what it is it gives you plenty of options to get lost in. The only things letting the PDX Plus Perfect Torso Vanilla down ate 1) its price, and 2) the fact that it is made out of TPR and not something a little more premium. Still, if you can look past those things, she’s an absolute beauty!

8 Kit

Thrust Full Force Vagina Kit

 Thrust Full Force Kit

  • Want a customisable sex toy kit
  • Like to incorporate vibrations
  • Don't want just one vagina to play with

Thrust Full Force Kit

  • Prefer completely hands free stimulation
  • Are happy with a single fleshlight
  • Want a more immersive fake pussy

Sometimes one vagina just isn’t enough. Get your hands on this vulvarific triple-whammy with the Thrust Full Force Vagina Kit. It even comes with a sex toy storage bag, bullet vibe and renewer powder to keep all 3 dream-beavers in pristine condition. Who’s in the box? Only our best-selling Thrust ladies! Eva: She’s neat and petite, and boasts a realistically textured internal canal! Abbie: Hard on the outside, soft on the inside, Abbie has the tightest opening of them all. Chloe: Multi-skilled, Chloe features an array of ribs, bumps and textures to get you off.

  • A full sex toy kit
  • Lots of options
  • Relatively affordable

  • Not a full-sized sex doll
  • No anal option
Thrust Full Force Kit
MaterialsSoft plastic
Insertable length6 inches
Width(canals) 0.25 inches
Vibration modes3
RechargeableYes: 3x LR44 batteries

The Thrust Full Force Vagina Kit is a kit that gives you plenty of options to work with. It’s not just one vagina toy, it’s three! I’d say that for the price, that’s pretty great value for money! There is the capability to use a rechargeable vibrator with them all, too, so if you like vibrations on your cock then this kinky kit has your back. Fun to use, easy to get the hang of, and with plenty of options when it comes to how and where you orgasm, the Thrust Full Force Vagina Kit is for sure one of the best fake pussy kits out there.

9 Interactive

Dirty Talk Fuck Me Silly Masturbator

 Dirty Talk Masturbator

  • Enjoy being dirty talked to
  • Like a life-size masturbator
  • Don't want a handheld toy

Dirty Talk Masturbator

  • You want something that is higher quality
  • Dirty talk doesn't do it for you
  • You're on the hunt for a more discreet toy

Explore dirty talk fantasies with this motion-activated realistic male masturbator – she responds to your thrusts with moans and cries of pleasure. Lay your hands on her realistic feel rump and dive into the tight textures of her ribbed vagina and anus. Her textured vaginal canal has a 0.75 inch opening with 7 inches of delicious depth, while her anal canal boasts a tantalisingly tight 0.25 inch opening and 4.5 inch depth.

  • Talks dirty
  • Nice vagina/ass
  • Hands free fun

  • Audio not fantastic
  • Not discreet
Dirty Talk Masturbator
MaterialsSoft plastic
Insertable length7 inches
Width(canals) 0.75 inches
RechargeableVes: via USB

If you can’t resist a bit of dirty talk, and it really gets you going, then the Dirty Talk Fuck Me Silly Masturbator is an obvious choice. It will provide you with all the encouragement you need as you pump your way into it and enjoy the sexy textures of her vagina or ass. For me, at least, the audio quality itself seems pretty sub-par, which can be quite a distraction and pull you out of the moment. Sure, the Dirty Talk Fuck Me Silly Masturbator works well as an actual masturbator, but personally, I’d switch off the talk function and just enjoy it for what it is. But then that defeats the purpose of the toy, really!

10 Double Ended

Fleshlight Quickshot Stamina Training Unit

 Fleshlight Quickshot

  • Want a very simple to use toy
  • Are looking for a double sided masturbator
  • Love to use an ass as well as a vagina

Fleshlight Quickshot

  • Prefer deep toys
  • Are happyy with a single ended masturbator
  • Want some kind of vibrating function

Keep up your stamina training routine no matter where you are by investing in the Quickshot Stamina Trainer Unit from Fleshlight. With you two openings to choose from, the internal canal is lined with exquisite nodes for an intense, lifelike feel when you play. The Quickshot Stamina Trainer Unit inner canal is lined with bumps for amazingly stimulating sensations to mimic the real act. Regular play may improve your stamina and technique, rewarding you with potentially stronger climaxes and a more satisfied partner.

  • Small and compact
  • Two openings
  • Easy to use

  • Not very deep
  • May be too small for some
Fleshlight Quickshot
MaterialsSoft plastic
Insertable length3.5 inches

If you want to improve your stamina, look no further than the small and compact Fleshlight Quickshot Stamina Training Unit. The double ended design allows penetration on both ends while not catching ejaculate inside – so it’s extremely easy to keep clean. And to make things even more exciting, Fleshlight makes some great accessories you can use with this model, from the shower mount to the high-tech, programmable Launch. Would I recommend the Fleshlight Quickshot Stamina Training Unit? I certainly would

Choose the Most Realistic - VR Experience With Kiiroo!

Masturbation as awesome to start with, but when you combine it with the added element of virtual reality, then boy oh boy, it really goes to the next level! Check out this incredible VR toy that will really bring your fantasies to life in a whole new way!

Keon by Kiiroo Interactive Male Masturbator

Keon by Kiiroo Interactive Male Masturbator - Choose the Most Realistic - VR Experience With Kiiroo!
Step into a brave new world of pleasure, with the Keon interactive masturbator. Ready for Virtual Reality video, this innovative stroker can link to a range of erotic videos, or to your partner’s device, giving you a multi-dimensional experience. Using innovative technology, the stroker moves up and down the length of your penis, emulating authentic sensations and giving you next-level pleasure. Simply add a good splash of water-based lubricant to the soft, textured canal, slide your erection inside and let this ingenious stroker get to work. Click here to read my full review of the Keon by Kiiroo Interactive Male Masturbator now!

More Pornstar Pussies for You to Discover:

So you like a fake pornstar pussy? I can’t blame you – you’re only human, after all! Here are a few extra sexy choices for you to consider!

Fleshlight Tori Black

Fleshlight Tori Black - More Pornstar Pussies for You to Discover:
Created from Tori Black herself, this Fleshlight captures every last detail of her beautiful love box, from her soft lips down to her clit. The inner sleeve mimics the feel of Tori’s vagina. Just close your eyes, and you might as well be doing the AVN-winning star herself. Like other Fleshlight-made masturbators, the Tori Black Fleshlight is designed to “suck” your pole. Everytime you thrust inside the stroker, you push air out. This creates a slight vacuum that tugs at your shaft when you pull out for a blowjob-like sucking sensation.

Fleshlight Alexis Texas Outlaw

Fleshlight Alexis Texas Outlaw - More Pornstar Pussies for You to Discover:
If you’re into Alexis Texas – or you’d like to be – this toy is made for you. Plunge into her irresistible pussy and let the delicious Outlaw texture tighten its embrace as you thrust deeper and deeper. Pleasure this good should be illegal. As well as an anatomically correct replica of this sexy Southern belle’s pussy, you’ll find 9 internal inches of amazingly realistic SuperSkin, plus stimulating bumps and ribs throughout the textured chambers.

Mia Khalifa Pussy Stroker

Mia Khalifa Pussy Stroker - More Pornstar Pussies for You to Discover:
Mia Stroker Pussy Stroker is a vaginal masturbator, made from a soft, realistic flesh-like and molded from Mia Khalifa.  This stroker is 5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide.  Its designed with a grip-able length for the ultimate grip.  This stroker is a snug fit with unique inner textures.  Play with Mia whenever you desire.  This material feels amazing to pound into and will blow your mind!

How to use fake pussies

Using fake pussies seems like it would be quite an easy thing to do, right? Well, some people might not find it as easy as others. But that’s okay – I’m here to talk you through how to actually use them!

Choose the perfect fake pussy for you!

Choose the perfect fake pussy for you!

With so many fake pussy options out there, it can be a nightmare deciding which one is the once for you. You want to make your decision based on how it looks, feels, and of course the all important price! Just remember, though – an expensive toy doesn’t equal a good toy, just as a cheap toy is not an indication of it being bad!

Lube yourself up gooood!

Lube yourself up gooood!

Lubrication is one of, if not THE most important things when it comes to having fun with your fake pussies. You want things to be friction-free, right? That’s why you’re going to need a good water-based lubrication! Smother the good stuff on your cock and the opening of your toy, in order to get that realistic and super sexy glide!

Take things slow and enjoy it!

Take things slow and enjoy it!

Using fake pussies isn’t ALL about just getting your rocks off and moving on. I mean, sometimes it is, but not all of the time! I’d always recommend taking things slow, enjoying yourself, and savoring the sensations of using such unique and exciting toys. You won’t regret it, and you might even build yourself up to a bigger orgasm! Jackpot!

How to clean fake pussies

It's pretty important that you keep your fake pussies clean. I can't recommend that highly enough! But how exactly do you do that? Well, here are a few handy resources to help you keep your fake pocket pussies in tip-top, hygienic condition!


A fake pussy is never going to be 100% exactly like the real thing, but it's pretty damn close! Some of the pussies have the exact same textures and tightnesses as an actual vagina. Sure, visually you know it's not the real thing, but close your eyes, and I'm sure you'll be convinced!

More to the point, why NOT use a fake pussy? They're a fantastic alternative to other forms of masturbation! They also give you an option if your partner isn't in the mood. You shouldn't have to miss out on the fun!

I would always recommend water-based lubrication. Not only are they body safe, but they won't damage your toys, and they won't leave any nasty sticky residue after, making it quick and easy to clean up!

Right here by following the links in this post! BedBible thrives on working with some of the most reputable and well respected sex toy shops out there. So you can click in confidence, as BedBible can vouch for each and every store that they work with!

What are fake pussies?

Fake pussies are exactly what they sound like - fake representations of the female vagina! Manufacturers endeavor to make realistic, lifelike recreations so that you can have as much fun as possible with them. From the looks, to the textures, they are designed to be as close to the real thing as possible!

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