The 4 Best Finger Floggers for Tactile Teasing

   Kevin Foley
1 Test Winner

Saffron Finger Flogger

 Saffron Finger Flogger

  • Want to try light BDSM
  • Love the dual-loop design
  • Are vegan

Saffron Finger Flogger

  • Prefer genuine leather
  • Want a more budget-friendly toy
  • Don’t like the coloring

Perfect for first-timers, easy to use, and packing plenty of punch, the Saffron Finger Flogger gets an easy recommendation! This finger flogger wraps around two fingers, allowing you to easily swing the flogger without the worry of losing grip or letting the flogger loose accidentally. Made from a combination of PU leather and iron, this toy is completely vegan-friendly, making it possible for anyone to enjoy light BDSM with this simple toy. Even better? The flogger features 40 individual faux leather falls, giving it a lot more swinging power than cheaper alternatives. If you’re only going to buy one finger flogger and want to make sure it’s a winner, just remember that you can’t go wrong with the Saffron Finger Flogger!

  • Dual-loop design
  • Vegan leather
  • 40 falls
  • Versatile aesthetic

  • No genuine leather option offered
  • Over $20
Saffron Finger Flogger
MaterialsPolyurethane, Iron, Vegan Leather
Colors AvailableBlack/Red

There were a few different reasons why I chose the Saffron Finger Flogger as my “Test Winner”. True, it’s not the cheapest option around, but I think it offers a good value for the money. The toy itself is made from vegan leather, which could be a plus or a minus (depending on how you look at it). However, this does mean that the toy is vegan-friendly, since the only other material used for it is iron. With two finger loops placed conveniently at the base, controlling your swings with this toy is extremely easy. Since the flogger features 40 individual falls, you’ll actually be able to feel a bit of weight as you move the flogger toward its intended goal. Finger floggers are relatively simple toys, so there’s very little room for improvement. Fortunately, the Saffron Finger Flogger has improved the design just enough to earn an easy recommendation from me!

2 Cheapest

Leather Mini Flogger

 Leather Mini Flogger

  • Want something handheld
  • Are new to impact play
  • Have a small budget

Leather Mini Flogger

  • Prefer finger straps to handles
  • Want something with a sharp bite
  • Are vegan

If being limited only to using your fingers is a no-go then this Leather Mini Flogger might be more up your alley. Like other finger floggers, you could technically swing this flogger from your finger using the little loop at the bottom. However, if you want to inflict a bit more of an impact then the flogger has a small handle, which is just big enough to provide adequate grip. Measuring ten inches long and fitted with a small variety of leather tails, this flogger can tease or torment. Which one is up to you!

  • Leather tails
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight

  • Lacks a storage bag
  • No vegan-friendly option offered
Leather Mini Flogger
Length10 inches

Being the most budget-friendly option on this list, it only made sense to choose the Leather Mini Flogger as my “Cheapest” pick. Still, despite their low price point, these finger floggers still manage to offer a good value for the money. Being small and lightweight, the actual impact these can offer is limited. If you want a real sharp sensation then you’ll need something bigger. However, this limitation works out great if you’re a beginner, as you’ll be able to comfortably swing the toy as hard as you feel like without worrying about accidental injuries. As mentioned above, the toy could be swung either by the loop at the bottom or by using the handle. Practically speaking, I would probably recommend sticking to the handle if you want the most control possible. While I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who’s serious about BDSM, I think this toy is a great option for someone who just wants to mess around with some light impact play and teasing.

3 Suede

Teeny Weeny Flogger

 Teeny Weeny Flogger

  • Want a single-finger flogger
  • Need something budget-friendly
  • Prefer genuine leather

Teeny Weeny Flogger

  • Prefer harder impacts
  • Want more than one finger loop
  • Are vegan

Looking for budget-friendly finger floggers but not interested in faux leather? Introducing the Teeny Weeny Flogger, a tiny single-finger flogger that’s made from genuine suede! Produced in-house by the team at The Stockroom, this tiny flogger is offered in your choice of black or red suede. You’ll have around eight falls to swing, each measuring five inches long. Its tiny size makes it great for teaching your partner, whether with lashes or by tickling! If you need something compact, finger-mounted, and crafted from high-quality materials, look no further than the Teeny Weeny Flogger!

  • Easy to use
  • Produces in-house
  • Offered in two colors
  • Compact design

  • Expensive for the product
Teeny Weeny Flogger
MaterialsSuede, Leather
Length(Falls) 5 inches, (Leather Handle) 2 inches, (Wrist Loop) 2 inches
Colors AvailableBlack/Red

As my “Suede” pick, I think these finger floggers will be an attractive option to a lot of people. While having vegan leather options is nice, some prefer genuine leather instead. The flogger itself is quite small, with falls measuring 5” long, a “handle” measuring 2” long, and the loop adding another 2” to the total length. There are only two color options to choose from—red and black—but that’s still more than you get with alternative products, so I’d call that a win. Price-wise, you’ll only need around $15, which is a fair price. While you definitely won’t be able to really inflict any pain with this flogger, it should work excellently for sensory play and teasing.

4 Rubber

Bondage Boutique Slap 'n' Tickle Rubber Flogger

 Slap 'n' Tickle Rubber Flogger

  • Want a bit more intensity
  • Enjoy sensation play
  • Are new to BDSM

Slap 'n' Tickle Rubber Flogger

  • Don’t like the all-black look
  • Want finger straps
  • Don’t like rubber toys

Last up is the Bondage Boutique Slap ‘n’ Tickle Rubber Flogger! As the name implies, this toy has two great specialties, both of which are perfect for light BDSM play. These floggers are made from a combination of rubber and fabric, making them durable enough to last for a while. Unlike other floggers, this flogger uses very thin fronds for the “business end” of the toy. If you run them along your partner’s skin, it’s sure to drive them wild! Loud upon impact and able to offer a decent bite, the Bondage Boutique Slap ‘n’ Tickle Rubber Flogger is a great option for people new to impact play!

  • Affordably priced
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for sensation play
  • Travel-size

  • Simple design
  • No color options
Slap 'n' Tickle Rubber Flogger
MaterialsSoft Plastic
Length10 inches

This rubber flogger is a versatile and affordable option that’s great for BDSM beginners. While it doesn’t pack as much of a bite as larger, more expensive floggers do, it still provides the great sound that you’re looking for. Measuring a mere 10 inches long, it’s also very portable. Sadly, this flogger doesn’t come with a dedicated storage case, but that’s hardly surprising given the low price point. Seeing as all of the fronds are extremely thin, you’ll also be able to run the toy over your partner’s skin, teasing them before giving it a swing. Although simple, this toy is fairly useful for light impact play. If you’re looking for a smaller version of a full-sized flogger then you should consider picking up a Bondage Boutique Slap ‘n’ Tickle Rubber Flogger!

Up Your Flogger Fashion Game

Now that you’ve seen the selection of finger floggers, you might be thinking of investing in something a bit more hefty. No worries: I’ve got you covered! Here are a few options to help you level up your game.

Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Tassel Flogger

Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Tassel Flogger - Up Your Flogger Fashion Game
Handheld, vegan-friendly, and visually erotic, this sexy flogger allows you to enjoy your favorite BDSM activities while also helping save the planet!

Dreamgirl Wet Look Teddy With Flogger

Dreamgirl Wet Look Teddy With Flogger - Up Your Flogger Fashion Game
Get the sexy aesthetic you’re after by putting on this Dreamgirl Wet Look Teddy! Complete with a faux leather flogger for good measure, this sexy set is exactly what you need to bring your fantasies to life!

Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Tassel Choker

Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Tassel Choker - Up Your Flogger Fashion Game
Want to pick up a choker and a tassel at the same time? With this sexy combo, you can! Vegan-friendly, multi-purpose, and easy to use, you’re only limited by your imagination with the Bijoux Indiscrets MAZE TASSEL CHOKER!

For More Finger Fun

Finger floggers aren’t the only toys made specifically for your digits. Here are a couple of other tiny toys you can enjoy!

Sex & Mischief Brat Sensory Fingertips

Sex & Mischief Brat Sensory Fingertips - For More Finger Fun
The Sex & Mischief Brat Sensory Fingertips and designed to tease, please, and torment. Drive your partner wild or scratch them into submission with these sexy finger accessories from Sportsheets!

Fin Silicone Rechargeable Finger Vibrator

Fin Silicone Rechargeable Finger Vibrator - For More Finger Fun
If trying to keep your hands in place on your favorite bullet vibe is too much of a hassle, make your life easier with the Fin Silicone Rechargeable Finger Vibrator. Finger mounted and designed to provide pinpoint accuracy, this toy is ideal for masturbation, partner play, and more!

DOMINIX Deluxe Cat Claw Skin Scratcher

DOMINIX Deluxe Cat Claw Skin Scratcher - For More Finger Fun
Perfect for stimulating the senses, this finger-mounted sex toy is fun for both parties. Simply place it on your preferred finger and give your partner a scratch. Whether it’s a pleasure or a punishment is up to you!

How to Use Finger Floggers

Never used finger floggers before? No worries—here’s what you need to know!

Familiarize Yourself With the Flogger

Familiarize Yourself With the Flogger

First, you’ll want to get familiar with your new toys. Some have multiple finger loops, whereas others may only have one. Yours may also have a usable handle! Try holding the toy in different positions to figure out which one will be most comfortable.

Place It on Your Fingers

Place It on Your Fingers

Once you’ve figured out the ideal holding position, it’s time to get your partner. With them in position and ready to be teased, you can put the finger floggers on your fingers.

Test It Out

Test It Out

With a willing partner and finger floggers on hand, it’s time to test your new toy out! Since finger floggers are best suited for sensory play, you’ll want to experiment by running the falls over your partner’s skin. Try different body parts—erogenous zones are best—and don’t be afraid to strike them here and here. These toys are relatively pain-free, so just enjoy the process without worry!

How to Clean Finger Floggers

All-silicone finger floggers can be sterilized by dropping the floggers into a pot of boiling water for five minutes. However, most finger floggers are made from a porous material, meaning they can only be cleaned. Cleaning finger floggers is a very simple process, requiring only antibacterial soap and warm water. Clean once with both soap and water, then wash away any remaining soap with water only. Pat your finger floggers down with a dry towel if possible, then leave them out to completely air dry before storing them away again. Avoid storing your finger floggers away while they’re still wet or damp, as doing so can cause bacteria to build on your toy!


Although their primary purpose is for BDSM, finger floggers can also be used to tease. One such example is using finger floggers for sensory play.

While finger floggers are capable of inflicting some level of pain, the pain level they dish out is far below the capabilities of their larger counterparts.

The most commonly used materials for finger floggers—such as leather, suede, or rubber—cannot be sterilized. However, you should still routinely clean your finger floggers.

Finger floggers are an excellent choice for beginners due to their low level of risk and high level of versatility.

No worries, you can still use finger floggers! While these toys can definitely be used for impact play, they’re best suited for sensory play, which does not necessarily involve impacts.

What are Finger Floggers?

Finger floggers are miniature floggers designed to be held and swung using your fingers. Although these toys can provide some level of pain, they’re much gentler than their larger counterparts, making them ideal for BDSM newcomers. Designs vary in terms of tail length, the number of fronds, handle design, and materials used.

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