The 4 Best Fleshlights for Women – HerSpot Dildos and More

   Kevin Foley
1 Test Winner

Cobalt Lily Dildo

 Cobalt Lily Dildo

  • Need a harness-compatible toy
  • Prefer straight-shaft dildos
  • Prefer silicone toys

Cobalt Lily Dildo

  • Want over 7” of insertable length
  • Prefer curved dildos
  • Want a textured toy

When looking at female-oriented toys, one of the Fleshlight for women products worth checking out is the Cobalt Lily Dildo. Whereas many other dildos go for intricate designs or an ultra-realistic approach, the Cobalt Lily Fleshlight dildo takes a different route. Offered in three sizes, this simple toy gives you a semi-firm shaft to enjoy, complete with a flared base to make the toy harness-compatible. Thanks to the hollow inside, you should be able to stick this dildo to a smooth, flat surface and enjoy the toy hands-free if desired. Simple, effective, and sure to make you keep coming back for more, the Cobalt Lily Dildo is a great all-around option for beginners and more experienced dildo enjoyers alike!

  • Offered in three sizes
  • Deep blue coloring
  • Maximum length of 5.1” to 7”
  • 1.44” to 1.64” maximum diameter

  • Lacks external textures
  • No XL version offered
Cobalt Lily Dildo
MaterialsPlatinum-cured silicone
Length(Small) 5.1 inches, (Medium) 6 inches, (Large) 7 inches
DiameterAt base (Small) 1.44 inches, (Medium) 1.55 inches, (Large) 1.64 inches
Colors AvailableCobalt blue
AllergiesHypoallergenic and body-safe

The other options I’ll soon show you are great, but still, I ended up choosing the Cobalt Lily Dildo as my “Test Winner”. The main appeal of this female Fleshlight toy is its overall simplicity. The shaft is straight and the surface is non-textured. Really, the only thing that makes it stand out is its unique coloring. Still, simplicity breeds consistency, and sometimes consistency is all you need to get the job done. Simply pick out your favorite size and enjoy! It’s also worth noting that, unlike some other Fleshlight women products, this dildo is harness-compatible. If you have a partner that’s into pegging then this could be a big selling point! Overall, I think this female Fleshlight toy is a winner. No, it’s not the most flashy option around, but it doesn’t need to be. It just needs to get the job done, and this blue bombshell definitely will.

2 Curved

Plum Orchid Dildo

 Plum Orchid Dildo

  • Plan on using a harness
  • Prefer silicone toys
  • Want a smooth shaft

Plum Orchid Dildo

  • Want a textured shaft
  • Prefer straight dildos
  • Don’t like purple

If the Fleshlight women straight dildo toys just aren’t doing it for you then perhaps you’d prefer to try something with a bit of a curve… like the Plum Orchid Dildo! Offered in three different sizes, made from platinum-cured silicone, and complete with a curved shaft for better G-spot targeting, this female Fleshlight toy is a great option for those who want something versatile. Like the previous model, this dildo is harness-compatible, making it suitable for pegging. Thanks to the large flared base, it’s anal-safe, so you can also use it on yourself if desired. If you’re looking for something that can offer a bit more precision when trying to hit that “perfect spot” then the purple Plum Orchid Dildo is definitely an option worth considering!

  • Unique purple coloring
  • Curved shaft
  • Offered in three sizes
  • Maximum length of 6.7”

  • No color selection
  • Only offered in three sizes
  • Lacks external texturing
Plum Orchid Dildo
MaterialsPlatinum-cured silicone
Length(Small) 5.1 inches, (Medium) 5.75 inches, (Large) 6.7 inches
Insertable length5.2 inches
DiameterAt base (Small) 1.44 inches, (Medium) 1.55 inches, (Large) 1.64 inches
Colors AvailablePlum purple
AllergiesHypoallergenic and body-safe

The Plum Orchid Dildo was my “Curved” pick. While it doesn’t offer quite as much precision as my next pick, I still think this is one of the better Fleshlight for women when it comes to G-spot stimulation. Thanks to the flared base, you can easily suction this toy onto a surface or place it in your favorite harness, giving it some versatility beyond handheld activities. This base also ensures it’s anal-safe, which is essential if you plan on using it for pegging. Aside from that, it’s a fairly simple Fleshlight dildo, with the deep purple coloring being the main thing that stands out in this design. Still, if you’re after a simple toy but don’t like straight-shaft toys then I’d definitely recommend picking up the Plum Orchid Dildo for yourself.

3 G-Spot

Golden Rose Dildo

 Golden Rose Dildo

  • Want a toy for G-spot stimulation
  • Love silicone dildos
  • Need something for harness play

Golden Rose Dildo

  • Don’t care about G-spot stimulation
  • Want something realistic
  • Prefer textured toys

Perfect for G-spot stimulation thanks to its bulbous head, the Golden Rose Dildo is one of the best Fleshlight for women products around. Like other Fleshlight dildo toys, it’s offered in three sizes, offering up to a maximum length of 7” with a diameter of 1.649”. The toy is made of firm but soft silicone, ensuring body-safe enjoyment with a filling sense of stimulation. Like other Fleshlight dildo toys, the Golden Rose Dildo is harness-compatible, allowing you and a partner to enjoy switching roles for a bit. Ultimately, if you’re looking for the best G-spot or P-spot stimulation that Fleshlight has to offer then the Golden Rose Dildo is simply a must-have toy to pick up!

  • Bulbous head
  • Offered in three sizes
  • Perfect for solo & partner use
  • Easy to clean

  • Only for use with water-based lubes
  • Not textured
Golden Rose Dildo
MaterialsPlatinum-cured silicone
Length(Small) 5.35 inches, (Medium) 6 inches, (Large) 7 inches
DiameterAt base (Small) 1.44 inches, (Medium) 1.55 inches, (Large) 1.64 inches
Colors AvailableRose gold
AllergiesHypoallergenic and body-safe

Thanks to the bulbous head on the end of this female Fleshlight toy, the Golden Rose Dildo ended up being chosen as my “G-Spot” pick. The shape of the head helps provide extra pressure to your G-spot or P-spot. When paired with the slight curve of the shaft, this toy makes it easy to target, stimulate, and enjoy your inner workings (even when you can’t see them!). Like other Fleshlight women products, the toy is made of platinum-cured silicone and offered in three sizes. Having some size variation is nice, as it means that anyone can give these toys a shot, even if they have particular sizing preferences. However, this toy still doesn’t have any external texturing, which I think is a bit of a downside. Even a few more bumps for stimulation would have been nice. Unfortunately, this dildo only has an enlarged head for extra stimulation. Still, these are fairly basic toys. Out of the Fleshlight lineup, I’d say this one is probably one of the most stimulating. Whether you’re simply itching to try out a new dildo or want one specifically for G-spot targeting, I’d say the Golden Rose Dildo is worth adding to your cart.

4 Realistic

Johnny Sins

 Johnny Sins

  • Are a fan of Johnny Sins
  • Prefer more realistic toys
  • Want a toy with balls

Johnny Sins

  • Prefer over 2” of shaft diameter
  • Prefer toys without balls
  • Want a straight dildo

Last but not least on this list of Fleshlight women toys is the Johnny Sins! This female Fleshlight product is built with realism in mind, from the accurately detailed exterior to the actual shape of the shaft. Unlike the other options I’ve shown you, this one actually looks like a penis, so if you’re going for the most realistic experience possible then this is definitely a toy worth checking out. Offering a lot of shaft diameter with a decent amount of insertable length, this toy is probably a bit ambitious for beginners. Still, if you’ve used a dildo before and are ready to take things to the next level, Johnny Sins will happily help you get there!

  • Realistic design
  • 6.62” of insertable length
  • 1.91” of maximum diameter
  • Has balls

  • Only one size offered
  • A bit pricey
Johnny Sins
Length8.125 inches
Insertable length6.63 inches
Diameter(At largest point) 1.91 inches

The Lovehoney Health Silicone Dilator Set isn’t overpriced, but it’s not exactly cheap either. Still, I’d say this set of silicone dilators is worth it, especially if you’ve never used a pelvic floor dilator before. The set comes with five dilators, a storage bag, and a guide on how to use dilators. This is especially valuable to newcomers who might not know how or how long to use these devices for. The dilators themselves are covered in silicone, making them body-safe and comfortable against your body. Completely waterproof (and thus easy to clean), maintaining these for long-term use is a painless task. Ultimately, although plenty of people can benefit from using the Lovehoney Health Silicone Dilator Set, I think this set is best suited for those just starting out, mainly due to the smaller sizes that are included in the kit.

Add Some Buzz With Fleshlight Vibrators

Now that I’ve shown you the Fleshlight for women dildo selection, let’s take a look at some of their other offerings. Here are four vibrators you won’t want to miss!

Poppy Bloom Bullet Vibrator

Poppy Bloom Bullet Vibrator - Add Some Buzz With Fleshlight Vibrators
Compact, pink, and offering three distinct speeds, this high-powered bullet vibe is the perfect travel buddy for those with a single AA battery on hand.

Iris Bloom Power Rabbit Vibrator

Iris Bloom Power Rabbit Vibrator - Add Some Buzz With Fleshlight Vibrators
Offering internal and external pleasures at the same time, the Iris Bloom rabbit vibrator is a rechargeable powerhouse that uses three different motors to make your toes curl!

Jasmine Bloom G-spot Palm Vibrator

Jasmine Bloom G-spot Palm Vibrator - Add Some Buzz With Fleshlight Vibrators
Designed specifically for G-spot stimulation, this handheld vibrator is perfect for a long night in. With three vibration speeds and four vibration patterns, it offers a simple but satisfying experience that you’re sure to savor.

Lotus Bloom Palm Vibrator

Lotus Bloom Palm Vibrator - Add Some Buzz With Fleshlight Vibrators
This palm-sized vibrator is portable and powerful. Offering five vibration speeds and patterns, you can instantly enjoy amazing clitoral stimulation at the click of a button!

HerSpot Essentials

One of the more helpful Fleshlight women products that this company offers is a lineup of premium lubricants. If you want to ensure that your first female Fleshlight goes off without a hitch, consider adding one of these to your cart as well!

Sensitive Lube by HerSpot

Sensitive Lube by HerSpot - HerSpot Essentials
Optimized for those who’ve run into issues with other lubricants, HerSpot Sensitive is a water-based lubricant that’s gentle on sensitive skin, enriched with vitamins, and completely additive-free.

PH Balanced Lube by HerSpot

PH Balanced Lube by HerSpot - HerSpot Essentials
If you’re looking for a lubricant that prioritizes vaginal health then this is definitely one you’ll want to check out. Enriched with vitamins and flower extracts, this gentle lube is a great alternative to harsh, mainstream lubes.

Aloe Lube by HerSpot

Aloe Lube by HerSpot - HerSpot Essentials
Enriched with aloe, fragrance-free, and gentle on sensitive skin, this Aloe Lube is a great option for those who want a superior slide with a dash of skin care.

Fleshlight for Women Comparison

There might only be four Fleshlight for women products that I’ve shown you today, but it’s still pretty hard to memorize the details for each one. To help you out when selecting a Fleshlight dildo, here’s a quick summary of which one you should pick (and why). If you prefer straight dildos then the Cobalt Lily Dildo is the one you want. Colored a beautiful blue and harness-compatible, this toy offers a simple, straightforward, and satisfying experience. Want a bit of curved? Consider the Plum Orchid Dildo instead. This model is relatively simple, offered in three sizes, and is colored in a pleasant purple. Maybe you want the best G-spot stimulation possible. In that case, you’ll definitely want to go with the Golden Rose Dildo. Thanks to the bulbous head, this toy is excellent for G-spot stimulation. Oh, and did I also mention that it’s curved for a better internal reach? Lastly, if you’re the type of person who prefers realism, go with the Johnny Sins dildo. Realistically textured, anatomically accurate, and named after a real star, this dildo is a great option for those who want a lifelike experience.

How to Use a Fleshlight for Women

Using these female Fleshlight toys is quite easy. Still, it’s something you’ll want to make sure you do, especially if you want to get the most out of your new toy. Not quite sure how to go about it? Here’s how!

Check Your Toy

Check Your Toy

Even brand-new toys can come with defects. Check to make sure your particular toy is in good condition. While you’re at it, give it a quick cleaning before grabbing a bottle of your favorite lube.

Prep Your Toy

Prep Your Toy

Next, you’ll have to lube both yourself and the toy. You’ll want to lubricate yourself inside and out. For the dildo, try to mainly lubricate the head and shaft, as lubricating the base will make the toy challenging to hold on to.

Insert Your Toy

Insert Your Toy

With everything all lubed up, it’s time to finally insert your toy! Take things slowly, and don’t be afraid to add more lube if necessary. Once you’ve inserted it, experiment with different depths, angles, and speeds to find what works best for you.

How to Clean a Fleshlight for Women

These Fleshlight for women are simple to clean, requiring only antibacterial soap and some warm water to get the job done. Clean once using soap and water, then wash away any leftover soap using water only. You can also sterilize your Fleshlight dildo if it, a.) doesn’t contain any internal electronics, and b.) is made purely of silicone. To do so, simply boil a pot of water. Once boiling, drop the toy in the water and leave it there for five minutes. Once done cleaning and/or sterilizing your toy, pat it down with a dry towel. From here, leave it out to air dry completely before storing it away. Remember to never store your toy away before it’s completely dried, as doing so can allow bacteria to grow in the leftover moisture.


I recommend sticking with water-based lubricants. These lubes won’t damage your sex toy’s materials, helping ensure that you can keep enjoying them for a long time!

All of the main Fleshlight for women toys listed below are anal-safe. If you’re not sure, though, there’s an easy way to check. Take a look at the product. Does it have a flared base? If so, chances are, it’s anal-safe!

It depends on the toy. However, most Fleshlight for women toys are made of or covered in silicone, which is a body-safe non-porous material.

Well, women, men, and basically anyone who wants to! Although these toys were designed with the female form in mind, dildos are very versatile toys. With a bit of creativity, even most vibrators can be enjoyed by anyone.

Although there are quite a few online stores that sell Fleshlight for women toys, I’d recommend sticking solely to the official Fleshlight website. This will give you access to the latest products while also ensuring that you receive a genuine product!

What is a Fleshlight for Women?

A Fleshlight for women toy is a toy produced by Fleshlight that’s designed primarily to be used or enjoyed by women. Generally, these toys take place in the form of a dildo or vibrator, unlike the “male” toys (which are primarily stroker toys). Although Fleshlight doesn’t have a lot to offer women at this time, it’s nice to see that they are slowly expanding their offerings.

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