The Best 3 Fleshlight Gags for Extraordinary Blowjobs

Kasia   Katarzyna Halinowska
If you are a big gag fan and love a good and crazy blowjob, this is the article for you! Fleshlight gags are definitely not for total gag newbies, so if you are up for very intense and submissive sessions, this might be for you! We found the best fleshlight gags and some other hot and spicy propositions for you. All of them are safe, high-quality, and very pleasurable toys that most BDSM fans will fall in love with. You can use them for intense submissive, humiliation play, or oral sex. Enjoy this ride, and get ready to find your new favorite mouth gag!
1 Test Winner

Pussy Face Oral Sex Mouth Gag Black

 Master Series Pussy-Face

  • are experienced with wearing gags
  • want a simple flashlight gag
  • you don't enjoy textures fleshlights

Master Series Pussy-Face

  • are looking for your first gag
  • are on the budget

This fleshlight gag will fulfill your wild blowjob fantasies and turn your sub’s face into a pussy! The 1.75 inches ring will keep your sub’s mouth open the entire time you thrust your shaft into the soft silicone fleshlight. Enjoy a combination of the realistic vaginal opening and the tongue giving, caressing your penis on the other side! You can also use this gag for punishment or humiliation play.

  • Soft silicone Fleshlight
  • Adjustable straps

  • Lack of granules imitating the inside of a vagina
  • The flashlight is not stretchy
Master Series Pussy-Face
MaterialsThermoplastic Elastomers TPE, polyurethane PU leather, metal
DiameterGag: 1.75, Insertable: 1 inches

This gag provides incredible stimulation to the penis, and the look of it is a big turn-on! So if your sub loves the feeling of extreme submission and humiliation, this gag will make you very happy! The straps are very comfortable to wear and easy to adjust.

2 Cheapest

Sohimi Sex Toy Face Pocket Pussy for Mouth Oral Sex Couple

 Sohimi Face Pocket Pussy

  • dream of mind-blowing orgasms
  • enjoy textured and stretchy fleshlights
  • like the feel of high-quality soft silicone

Sohimi Face Pocket Pussy

  • don't want a textured fleshlight
  • want a toy that is very quick to clean

If you are looking for a fleshlight gag that guarantees a mindblowing blowjob, this is the one! It features a very stretchy and soft pocket pussy with a lot of granules that imitate the structure inside the vagina. The ring will keep the wearer’s mouth open so you can enjoy the additional mouth stimulation at the same time! If your sub loves the idea of humiliation and punishment play and dreams of being face fucked, you found the perfect toy!

  • Soft and stretchy silicone
  • Adjustable straps
  • Lots of textures

  • Harder to clean
Sohimi Face Pocket Pussy
MaterialsBlack faux leather strap, silicone pocket pussy

This fleshlight feels amazing! It’s soft and stretchy, and the structure on the inside feels so great; it will be really hard for you not to cum right away! Try using it with a good amount of tasty lube to increase the pleasure even more. A big plus is the price of this gag. Taking into account the adjustable faux leather straps and such a high-quality fleshlight, it’s a steal!

3 Beginner

Scandal Silicone Stopper O-Ring Gag

 Calexotics Stopper Gag

  • want to experiment with open-mouth gags for oral pleasure
  • are not ready for fleshlight gags yet
  • like silicone gags
  • want a gag that is easy to use and gentle for the teeth and mouth
  • you are on the budget

Calexotics Stopper Gag

  • are looking for a fleshlight gag
  • you are already experienced with open-mouth gags and you try more extreme options

An open-mouth gag will be great training if you want to try using gags for oral sex, but a fleshlight gag is too much for you. It will keep the wearer’s mouth open, and the silicone lips with give additional stimulation to the penis. It’s very easy to wear and super quick to clean. Plus, you can use the stopper for a breathing punishment. Use it as an open-mouth gag, or switch to a regular one wherever you want!

  • Easy to use
  • Versatile use
  • Easier to breathe in
  • Great for oral pleasure
  • Good for beginners

  • Silicone straps might tangle or rip off some hair
  • Fiddly buckle
Calexotics Stopper Gag
MaterialsSilicone (gag) Nickel-Free Iron (hardware)
LengthStraps: 24 inches
Diameter1.5 inches

This Stopper Gag is a great introduction to an exciting oral play. It’s easier to use and breathe, plus the silicone lips are great for penis stimulation and more gentle for the teeth and mouth.

Next Level Mouth Gags

Do you love gags and want to experiment with many different types? Fleshlight gags are awesome; perhaps they made you hungry for something even more exciting. We have a small selection of more extreme gags that will satisfy every hardcore BDSM fan!

Strict Leather Deep Throat Gag

Strict Leather Deep Throat Gag - Next Level Mouth Gags
The Deepthroat gag was designed specifically for those who love deep-throating and want to take it further! It will always prepare the wearer for any oral play, either with your penis or a dildo. If you and your sub are advanced with gags and are up for a very hot deep-throating challenge, this toy is for you!

Feeder Locking Open Mouth Gag Black Leather O/S

Feeder Locking Open Mouth Gag Black Leather O/S - Next Level Mouth Gags
The Feeder Gag features a tunnel that will keep the wearer’s mouth wide open and keep the teeth and tongue out of the way for you to feed them anything and anytime you want. It’s a high-quality piece of real leather, which is gentle on the skin, super durable, and looks hot!

Get Some Tasty Lube for Your Sub

Using lubricant with a fleshlight is a must! It will enhance the experience and give a mindblowing orgasm! However, the taste of regular lube is disgusting, and there are other sexier and more pleasant ways to punish your sub… That’s why we decided to include a small selection of tasty lubes that will make your sub want to lick your penis all the time!

System JO Gelato Salted Caramel Flavored Lubricant 1.0 fl oz

System JO Gelato Salted Caramel Flavored Lubricant 1.0 fl oz - Get Some Tasty Lube for Your Sub
This luxurious bottle contains a water-based lubricant with a salted caramel flavor that will make any oral play a treat! The formula of this lube is 100% safe to use with all silicone toys.

Doc Johnson Good Head Flavored Lubricant (5 x 1.0 fl oz Pack)

Doc Johnson Good Head Flavored Lubricant (5 x 1.0 fl oz Pack) - Get Some Tasty Lube for Your Sub
If you can’t decide which flavor you want, try this adorable pack of 5 different fruity lubricants! You can use them for hot foreplay, where you get to taste different flavors from different body parts. They are all water-based, so they are suitable for silicone toys.

ID Frutopia Natural Mango Passion Flavored Lube 3.4 fl oz

ID Frutopia Natural Mango Passion Flavored Lube 3.4 fl oz - Get Some Tasty Lube for Your Sub
Try this mango-passion fruit lube if you like the sweet and fruity natural flavor. It’s fresh, delicious, long-lasting, and not sticky! The water-based formula is safe to use with all sex toys and condoms.

How to Use Fleshlight Gags?

Using a fleshlight gag is pretty simple and very pleasurable as long as you remember everything about the wearer’s safety and comfort. Remember about the consent, safe sign, and hygiene! Here are a few rules that will make your experience easier, better, and more comfortable.

Find the perfect fit

Find the perfect fit

Start by removing all of your jewelry and piercings to avoid any painful accidents. Then take your time to adjust the straps properly and make sure you feel 100% comfortable. Finally, take some breathing tests and move around to ensure everything fits properly.

Take it slow

Take it slow

Wearing a fleshing gag takes a while to fully get used to it. So don’t push yourself too far. Try wearing it for a few minutes first, take some breaks, and get comfortable with how the new gag feels.

Safe sign and consent

Safe sign and consent

This is absolutely crucial. Talk with your partner about your boundaries and expectations. Set the safe sign that will be visible and easy to make in all positions. For example, it could be dropping an object from your hand.

How to Clean Fleshlight Gags?

Remove the fleshlight part from the gag and clean it thoroughly. You can use warm water with an unscented, delicate soap or a fleshlight cleaner. Get into all the textures and pay extra attention to the part close to the mouth. We also recommend reading the manufacturer’s instructions to determine which detergents might harm the material.


They can be used for punishment or humiliation play. They can also be a new tool for exciting oral sex! You can learn more by reading this article.

You can! Using lube with a fleshlight is going to feel amazing! Just keep in mind that with silicone toys, you can only use a water-based lubricant. Only this formula won’t damage the material. Plus, regular lube doesn’t taste great, so consider purchasing a flavored lubricant. There are plenty of water-based and tasty lubes out there!

Yes, as long as you ensure the wearer’s safety and comfort are the most important. Make sure the straps fit properly, take a lot of breaks, and don’t wear them for more than 20 minutes. And, of course, a safe sign is the key!

What Is a Flashlight Gag?

A fleshlight gag is an open-mouth gag with a silicone fleshlight imitating the vulva on top. This type of gag can be used as a punishment or humiliation toy, but essentially it makes oral sex an amazing experience! It combines the feeling of a realistic vaginal opening with oral sex stimulation. Keep in mind that even though this is an open-mouth gag, the mouth will be covered by the fleshlight, so the wearer can only breathe through the nose. Be mindful of that!

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