The 6 Best Foot Fleshlights for Anyone Who Loves Frisky Feet

   Cecilia Jørgensen
1 Test Winner

Realistic Silicone Feet with Vaginas

 Realistic Silicone Feet

  • Want a durable and long-lasting product
  • Prefer front feet visuals
  • Prefer an option that doesn't require powder after cleaning

Realistic Silicone Feet

  • Want the opportunity of nail polish
  • Prefer more bendable joints

Our test winner is hand-crafted in premium medical-grade silicone, it’s ultra-realistic to the touch and has incredible details. The labia are sculpted beautifully, and the pronounced exterior details provide stimuli to the shaft as well as realistic visuals during penetration. The soles of the feet are slightly arched, the vaginal canal is textured true to life, and the toes are just flawless.

  • Incredibly detailed
  • Arched feet for better grip
  • Silicone material eases cleaning

  • One review mention the vaginal isn't the smoothest
  • Some may prefer ankles with a 90 degree angle
Realistic Silicone Feet
MaterialsMedical-grade silicone
Openings1 - Ankle
LengthUS Size 6; 9 inches
Weight3 lbs
AdjustableNo; Pair of feet with vagina

There are many positives to this model. Firstly, silicone material speeds up the cleaning process because it doesn’t require powder (cornstarch). Second, the ankles are angled so you get a great visual of the top of the foot and toes. Third, the arched sole can also be used for foot jobs. Despite the cornstarch step, it still requires proper cleaning. Follow the cleaning instructions at the bottom of this page, and you’ll be able to enjoy these Realistic Silicone Feet for a loong time!

2 Cheapest

Isabella's Feet Size 36

 Isabella's Feet

  • Want hyperrealistic details (crinkles, veins, varying skin tone)
  • Prefer straighter, almond-shaped toes
  • Are a little hesitant about foot masturbators

Isabella's Feet

  • Aren't getting pleasure from hyperrealistic details
  • Don't like a toe-shape that go from narrow to wider

Isabella’s feet have lots of skin crinkles and even veins! The toes are straight, and the toes’ backside are almond-shaped. Isabella’s foot is an EU 36 (US 5), so it’s pretty small. The skin tone has a warm undertone, with reddish details under the sole of the foot. The labia are highly accentuated, which may provide external stimuli during penetration. Also, the arch looks soft and rounded; perfect for a good grip!  

  • Price makes it an ideal option for curious feet lovers
  • Only positive customer reviews
  • All details are super realistic

  • You can't choose bone structure and vaginal option simultaneously
  • Highly detailed toes and labia may not be fit all
Isabella's Feet
MaterialsHypoallergenic flexible TPE
Openings1 - Ankle
LengthUS Size 5; 8.6 inches
WeightSingle Foot: 1.8; Pair of Feet: 3.6 lbs
AdjustableVagina: Optional; Feet: Pair or Single; Bone Structure: Optional

I’m astounded by the detailing, especially considering this is the cheapest pair. Therefore, I think Isabella’s feet are a wonderful option for people who are curious, and maybe even a little hesitant about foot fleshlights. Most of Silicone-Feet’s foot fleshlights can be purchased in single, pair, and with or without a vaginal opening. This applies to Isabella’s feet as well, but you can also choose the bone structure option. This, however, means you can’t get a vaginal entrance.

3 Size 39

Patricia's Feet Size EU 39

 Patricia's Feet

  • Want bigger sized feet
  • Like a little space between the toes
  • Want vaginal and anal option

Patricia's Feet

  • Don't like square-shaped toes
  • Don't want more pronounced bone features

Patricia’s Feet are fixed in a high-heel position, which provides the arch with a prominent shape. Her toes are flexible, so you can easily grab, squeeze and move them around. Patricia is a one-of-a-kind hybrid feet sex toy; You get a vaginal opening under the sole of the feet, and an anal opening at the ankles. This is an extremely versatile version of a foot pocket pussy, given you also get the opportunity to give her a French-tip manicure with the included nail set.

  • Soft and firm with bendable toes
  • Included nail set
  • High-heel position make the arch significant

  • Some may not want 2 openings
  • Buying a single foot is not an option, only the pair (unlike the other options)
Patricia's Feet
MaterialsHypoallergenic flexible TPE
Openings1: Sole (Vagina); 1: Ankle (Anal)
LengthUS Size 9; 9.8 inches
WeightPair: 4.4 lbs
AdjustableVagina: Optional; Feet: Pair

The design of this footjob toy is well thought out! There are 2 penetrative options, vaginal and anal, simulating 2 different life-like sensations. Patricia is one of the larger-sized feet in this review (EU 39), so if you’d like a little more to hold, she’s got it. This is also a great option for foot worshippers since you get to pamper her with a lovely manicure, and should you want to give her another nail color, you can just replace the manicure with a new, fresh set.

4 Size 37

Fiona's Feet Size 37

 Fiona's Feet

  • Prefer close-fitting toes with a rounded shape
  • Like the idea of a seductress (the red nail polish)
  • Enjoy accentuated labia majora

Fiona's Feet

  • Prefer a more defined transition from ankle to front foot
  • Prefer straight toes that doesn't cross one another

Olivia’s feet are sensual and seductive! I think the red nail polish and the arched sole accentuate that. The vaginal entrance is placed on top of the ankle, so you get a full view of the pretty nails and the soft, bendable toes! And the vaginal entrance shows both the clitoris and pronounced symmetrical labia. The transition from sole to toe is beautifully accentuated, and because of Silicone-Feet’s impressive craftsmanship, the toes are soft and smooth.

  • Good grip under the sole because of the arch
  • Beautiful red nails
  • Round-shaped toes

  • Hyperrealistic details may be overwhelming for beginners
  • Index toe is longer than the big toe, which might not be ideal for some
Fiona's Feet
MaterialsHypoallergenic flexible TPE
Openings1 - Ankle
LengthUS Size 6.5; 9 inches
WeightSingle foot: 1.8; Pair of feet: 3.6 lbs
AdjustableVagina: Optional; Feet: Pair or Single

Fiona’s feet are super soft and sensual with many hyperrealistic details. There are even little crinkles under the sole of the foot. This foot pocket pussy is a great option for those who enjoy round-shaped toes that are a little longer. Also, the vaginal entrance at the ankle encourages a grip on the sole of the foot. Like the other vajankles from Silicone-Feet, you can most often choose between 1 foot or a pair, and with or without the vaginal entrance. The price of course reflects your choices!

5 Size 36

Olivia's Feet Size EU 36

 Olivia's Feet

  • Want to penetrate the sole of the foot
  • Prefer customization options (nail polish)
  • Prefer slimmer labia and the clitoris design

Olivia's Feet

  • Prefer prominent arch over forefoot and toe visuals
  • Prefer larger labia

Olivia’s feet are petite, pretty, and penetrable from the sole of the foot. From reading the customer reviews, I can tell you that people are going crazy over its realistic feel and look. Olivia loves foot jobs and sunny park walks. Although you can’t have your pair walk in the part, you can use it as both a foot job toy and a foot masturbator. There are little bones in the toes that stay in place when adjusted, making it a good option for a teasing toe session.

  • Movable toes
  • You can change the nails and add nail polish
  • Lots of toe exposure during penetration

  • Heel may annoy testicles during penetration
  • Labia doesn't provide much external stimuli
Olivia's Feet
MaterialsHypoallergenic flexible TPE
Openings1 - Sole
LengthUS Size 6; 8.8 inches
WeightSingle foot: 1.8; Pair of feet: 3.6 lbs
AdjustableVagina: Optional; Feet: Pair or Single

Great details, especially under the sole of the foot and the mobility of the toes! Also, the visible clitoris is rarely seen in fleshlights. Olivia’s feet are one of the 2 options with an opening under the sole of the foot. I’d reckon that would be ideal for those with a preference for visuals of the top of the foot, and the toes. The sole is slightly arched which I’d imagine as stimulating for the testicle area as well. Olivia’s Feet would be a great option for newly interested foot enthusiasts; because the details (crinkles, veins, etc.) aren’t as prominent as other models.

6 Size 35

Mia's Feet Size 35

 Mia's Feet

  • Prefer small feet
  • Love red nails
  • Like the toes a little short and chubby

Mia's Feet

  • Prefer natural nails
  • Don't want the pronounced bone on the side of the ankle

Presenting the final foot fleshlight; This is Mia! Mia has the smallest feet of all 6 products, so if you’re into petite little things, this one is for you. The toes are short and a little crooked. They are also more dispersed than other models, which allows for a good and thorough toe massage. She’s also got pretty red nails that radiate sensuality. The labia on this petite vajankle are incredibly detailed, prominent, and very symmetrical. You can even get a glimpse of the clitoris.

  • Most petite pair of all 6 products
  • Pointy toes
  • Incredible detailing under the sole of the feet

  • Some may not prefer more splayed toes
  • Bone in big toe may be too pronounced for some
Mia's Feet
MaterialsHypoallergenic flexible TPE
Openings1 - Ankle
LengthUS Size 5; 8.4 inches
WeightSingle foot: 1.8; Pair of feet: 3.6 lbs
AdjustableVagina: Optional; Feet: Pair or Single

Like the other models, Mia’s feet are adorned with realistic details. There are skin tone differences under the sole of the feet and around the vaginal entrance. The toes are more crooked which can provide more stimuli for foot jobs and other sensory sensations. However, it doesn’t look like you can change the nails. I’m a little unsure, but if you plan to purchase Mia’s feet, you might need to consider that (sort of) fact.

Sex Doll Legs and Feet For the Full Experience

Take it a step further with a lower-body doll. A bit harder to hide, but a whole bit more to play with!

Cleaning instructions

Clean thoroughly with lukewarm water

Add sex toy cleaner and rinse again

When dry, apply cornstarch (only for TPE material)

Donna's Legs

Donna's Legs - Sex Doll Legs and Feet For the Full Experience
Donna’s legs are slim and soft. The soles of her feet vary in skin tone which gives them a hyperrealistic look. The Donna doll is made of hypoallergenic flexible TPE which is a realistic skin-like material. She’s bendable by the knees, so you can alter between her lying down or on her knees. Donna’s measurements;
  • Height: 112 cm; 44 inches
  • Waist: 80 cm; 31.4 inches
  • Feet: EU 37; US 6
  • Weight: 24 kg; 52.9 lbs

Silicone Sex Doll Lower Body, Legs & Feet

Silicone Sex Doll Lower Body, Legs & Feet - Sex Doll Legs and Feet For the Full Experience
This doll is made of medical-grade silicone, so it’s soft and requires relatively low-maintenance cleaning (water and sex toy cleaner). You get a bubbly butt, cute hip dips, and toes that vary in length. It’s got both a vaginal and anal entrance. Sex Doll’s measurements;
  • Height: 103 cm; 40.5 inches
  • Weight: 17 kg; 38 lbs

Realistic Love Doll Legs

Realistic Love Doll Legs - Sex Doll Legs and Feet For the Full Experience
This is without a doubt the most customizable option! You get to choose between 5 different skin tones, 9 toe nail colors, standing or regular feet, and much more. The toes are long, dispersed, and are square-shaped. The doll is very flexible, and even comes with a cute outfit! Love Doll’s measurements;
  • Height: 101 cm; 39.7 inches
  • Waist: 53 cm; 20.9 inches
  • Feet: EU 37; US 6
  • Weight: 24 kg; 52.9 lbs

Silicone Feet Without Vulvas For a Realistic Foot Job Fun

Are you looking for a realistic foot job? I’ve got you covered! The 2 following options are both EU-sized 38 (US 7.5). They’re made of soft, smooth silicone, and you can customize them to your liking. Choose between;

  • All silicone
  • Build in skeleton
  • Shapeable toes
  • Overall shapeable

Anna EU 38 Perfect

Anna EU 38 Perfect - Silicone Feet Without Vulvas For a Realistic Foot Job Fun
Perfect Anna is so perfect, her feet will leave you questioning, “How can they make it so real!?”. The skin tone mimics human skin to a T, with veins in green/blueish tones visible from the side of the ankle to the foot front and the toes. The soles of the feet have realistic crinkles that alter according to the movements. The toes have a square shape, the toenails are a little long in blush pink, manicure style.

Anna EU 38 Platinum

Anna EU 38 Platinum - Silicone Feet Without Vulvas For a Realistic Foot Job Fun
Platinum Anna is very similar to ‘Perfect Anna’. However, her skin tone tends toward the porcelain look. The toenails are shorter, and they look quite natural. There’s a bone detail on the side of the big toe, giving the impression of a more square-shaped foot. The soles of her feet crinkle as well, and perfectly mimic a real human’s little nooks and wrinkles during movement.

Comparison of the 6 Best Foot Fleshlights

Penetration Possibilities

There are 4 options penetrable via the ankle; Realistic Silicone Feet, Isabella, Fiona, and Mia. There’s 1 exclusively via sole (Olivia), and Patricia has both sole (vagina) and ankle (anal).

Level of Realism

The most life-like products measured in flexibility, skeletal replication, and tactile replication are Patricia, Fiona, and Mia. Patricia’s toes are bendable; Fiona’s and Mia’s can be spread. All 6 products have incredible tactile replication, especially the 5 made with TPE.


The most detailed products are measured in skin imitation (crinkles, crinkles during movement, veins, and skin tone). The products with the most prominent hyperrealistic details are; Isabella, Fiona, and Mia.

Different Sizes

There are 3 models in size 6 (EU 36). (1) Realistic Silicone Feet, (2) Isabella’s feet, (3) Olivia’s. Mia has the smallest feet in a US size 5 (EU 35). Fiona is a US size 6.5 (EU 37), and Patricia has the largest feet in a US size 9 (Eu 39).


The test winner, Realistic Silicone Feet, is the most expensive due to the material’s durability. Patricia, Fiona, Olivia, and Mia are similar in price, an amount of approximately 40 dollars less than the test winner. The cheapest pair is Isabella.

Where to Buy The Best Foot Fleshlights

Foot fleshlights are still a niche foot fetish toy, yet there are providers who create foot models using highly advanced technology and premium quality materials. If this piques your curiosity further, I’d suggest you take a look at the 2 following providers’ websites.

Silicone Feet

Silicone Feet - Where to Buy The Best Foot Fleshlights in bullet-points;
  • Specializes in foot fetish/kinks.
  • Experts in skeletal replication.
  • The majority of products are customizable.
  • Choose 1 foot or a pair.
  • The majority of products provide personalized stories from the model.
  • Exceptional customer service.

Silicon Wives

Silicon Wives - Where to Buy The Best Foot Fleshlights in bulletpoints;
  • Specializes in high-quality, authentic sex dolls.
  • 14 different sex doll categories.
  • 2 sex doll legs with feet in silicone.
  • Elaborative info section (See blog tab).
  • Simple, informational overview of touch, feel, and care of the different materials (See FAQ).
  • Free (!!!), fast, and discreet shipping with every order.

How to Use a Foot Fleshlight

Vajankles, feet sex toy(s), foot pocket pussies; Fetish pleasures have many names! Call them what you want, as long as you go through my “How to Use” guide first 😉 

Water-based lube

Water-based lube

Use a water-based lubricant, and use lots of it! Water-based lube doesn’t leave a sticky film making it the best option for easier cleaning, and therefore, optimal hygiene.



As a penis-owner, you can masturbate by penetrating the foot pocket pussy. You can also masturbate “on” it. Vulva-owners have reported using the toes to penetrate. Vulva-owners can also grind the foot toy on their clitoris.



Foot jobs are on popular demand. Using a footjob toy, you can get a footjob anytime you want. Massage, play, rub, masturbate. Whatever you please!

Partner play

Partner play

Let your partner join you in on your fetish fantasies, and include a foot sex toy in your sexual escapades.

How to Clean a Foot Fleshlight

Cleaning guide in 5 steps: 1. Rinse with cold, or room temperature water (no warm/hot water!). 2. Clean with sex toy cleaner, internally and externally. You can cover a long utensil with a microfiber cloth and rinse all crevices internally. 3. Rinse off cleaner and let dry. 4. Exclusive for TPE material: After drying, cover the product(s) with cornstarch or baby powder. Otherwise the texture get's sticky, and eventually not safe to use. 5. Store it fully covered (box, bag etc.).


Yes! They're made from the same materials as healthcare products. Soft to the touch, and some can bend like real feet.

With foot fleshlights, you should always go for a water-based lube. It's thick, and leaves no barrier or hard-to-clean residue.

Depends on the exact model, but yes! You can apply new nails and nailpolish to some of the products.

They're especially pleasureable for penis-owners since you can masturbate in it. You can also use a strap-on dildo, and vulva-owners have reported that they insert the toes in their vagina.

What is a Foot Fleshlight

A foot fleshlight is another version of the standard vaginal fleshlight, it's just shaped like a foot. They aren't in a case/container, so it's also a very realistic foot sex toy. It's made specifically to accommodate anyone with a foot kink, fetish or fantasy.

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