The 3 Best Funnel Gags to Swallow It All

   Kevin Foley
Whether you’re just starting on your funnel gag bondage journey or looking to add a new BDSM funnel gag to your collection, I have good news: you’re in the right place! Today, I’ll be showing you the top three funnel gags you can buy right now (from reputable retailers, no less!). Rather than just providing three similar options, I’ve selected three unique offerings that each bring something new to the table. As a test winner, the Chomp Mouth Gag reigned supreme. With its multiple hose options, simple design, and relatively low price tag, the Chomp Mouth Gag is just a good all-around choice. However, that doesn’t mean the other options aren’t worth considering, so make sure to read through the entire list before deciding which funnel gag you want!
1 Test Winner

Chomp Mouth Gag with Piss-Hose

 Chomp Mouth Gag

  • Want to try piss play
  • Prefer using a cock sleeve
  • Plan on experimenting with other liquids

Chomp Mouth Gag

  • Aren’t interested in piss play
  • Want a bigger funnel
  • Need other color options

Whether you want to share the humiliation with your partner or subject them to it alone, the Chomp Mouth Gag With Piss-Hose is the unique BDSM funnel gag for you! This gag gives you a few options, starting with the choice between a black model & a red one. From there, you get to choose the type of hose you want: urethral piss hose or cock sleeve hose? With your selections made and your sub all prepped, get down and dirty as you subject your sub to all the piss-play domination their pretty face can take!

  • Two color options
  • Two hose styles
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean gag

  • Hose can be difficult to wash
  • Metal type not disclosed
Chomp Mouth Gag
MaterialsSilicone, metal, plastic
Colors AvailableRed, black

It’s nice to have options, especially when you’re experimenting with funnel gag bondage. The nice thing about this product is that you do get a few different options. However, your options will be limited depending on which option you choose. The urethral piss hose only comes with the hose, whereas the cock sleeve option also comes with a funnel. I think this makes it the better choice, as you have two ways to play with one purchase! That said, the funnel itself is quite small, which could possibly present an issue if you’re trying to minimize the mess. On the plus side, both options are adjustable (regardless of which option you choose). Made of silicone, this gag is easy to sterilize. With all of these factors taken into consideration, the Chomp Mouth Gag was an easy choice for my test winner!


Watersport Mouth Gag with Adjustable Straps

 Watersport Mouth Gag

  • Want to get close during piss play
  • Like the urinal-inspired design
  • Need an adjustable gag

Watersport Mouth Gag

  • Struggle to pee in small spaces
  • Prefer having color options
  • Want space between you & your partner

Love piss play and funnel gag bondage but hate having so much space between you & your partner? Well, now you don’t have to: get up close & personal while pissing in your partner’s mouth using the Watersport Mouth Gag! Loosely modeled after a urinal, this fully-adjustable funnel gag streamlines the entire piss play process. Why waste time with long tunnels when you could go straight to the source!? Ideal for those who want to savor the process up close, the Watersport Mouth Gag is a unique item that’s sure to add a new level of dominance to your next “get-together”!

  • Designed to minimize leakage
  • Adjustable gag
  • High-flow tube

  • Porous material
  • No color options
  • Pricey
Watersport Mouth Gag
MaterialsFLEXtpr, neoprene
Height3 inches
Width3.75 inches
Length1.75 inches
Weight0.93 lbs
Length(Tube) 1.25 inches
Colors AvailableBlack

While the idea of peeing into a urinal definitely isn’t an original one, I have to give this company some credit for improving the design! True, the tubing on your average BDSM funnel gag isn’t extremely long, but it’s still one more thing to worry about. Between more leakage potential and an annoying cleaning process, it’s nice to see a design that removes these complications. Now, whether or not this funnel gag is for you depends on how comfortable you are with your partner’s junk being right in front of your face. For some, this may be off-putting. However, I think the target audience of this item will really appreciate it, as it makes the degradation of the entire situation feel a bit more personal. The only real downside of the toy is it will be harder to use if neither you nor your partner has a penis. Still, with the right outlook, that could be part of the fun. If not, then that’s their fault for getting in the splash zone anyway!


Latrine Extreme Funnel Gag

 Extreme Funnel Gag

  • Want an easy-to-use gag
  • Requires adjustable straps
  • Need something that’s easy to clean

Extreme Funnel Gag

  • Don’t like the funnel design
  • Want color options
  • Prefer having a longer hose

Are you a fan of keeping things classic? If so, then you’re sure to love the Latrine Extreme Funnel Gag! Simple in design but effective in execution, this toy combines a simple mouth gag with a giant funnel. Engaging in piss play has never been this easy: barely any aim is required! Adjustable from 16.5 to 22 inches, this BDSM funnel gag will fit most users, snapping into place once the perfect size has been reached. With your sub down and waiting, establish your dominance by filling this funnel up with whatever liquids your heart desires. Who says simplicity can’t be sexy!?

  • Easy to use
  • Has strap for securing funnel
  • Adjustable
  • Large funnel

  • Could be cheaper
  • No color options
  • Porous
Extreme Funnel Gag
MaterialsPVC, PU, metal
Harness Size(Head strap) 16.5 to 22 inches inches
Insertable length(Gag) 1.85 inches
Diameter(Gag) 1 inches
Length(Tube) inches
Colors AvailableBlack

This last pick I think is a great option for those who are curious about funnel gag bondage but don’t want to deal with a learning curve. Unlike the other options, this gag features a large funnel, making it extremely easy to aim inside of. The strap adjusts to accommodate a wide range of head sizes, making it accessible to most people. Furthermore, the tube design—although simple—is quite effective. With the strap in place, you won’t have to worry about the funnel tipping over during use. However, you can also remove the strap to get better access if needed. Really, my only complaint about this is the price. If it was made of silicone then I could justify the price. However, considering it’s made from porous PVC, I think the asking price is a bit high. All in all, this is a good funnel gag for people of all levels. While it won’t provide the best experience and isn’t made from top-tier materials, it certainly gets the job done.

Removable Gag Tubes for Golden Showers On Demand

Using a funnel gag is a great way to minimize messes when you’re enjoying piss play with a partner, but it can also somewhat limit the “natural” feeling of the encounter. Want to enjoy piss play with fewer props? Then check these out!

Tongue Suppressor Gag Insert

Tongue Suppressor Gag Insert - Removable Gag Tubes for Golden Showers On Demand
Designed specifically to hold down the wearer’s tongue, your sub will be forced to drink everything you spray into the through. Made for expert users, this gag helps ensure the flow keeps going!

Short Tube Gag Insert

Short Tube Gag Insert - Removable Gag Tubes for Golden Showers On Demand
Equipped with a through that’s large enough to allow two people to “contribute” to the pool, the Short Tube Gag Insert makes it easy to take your piss play to the next level. The adjustable velcro head strap is even compatible with other piss gag inserts, making it a good value for the experienced enthusiast.

Discover Different Sides of Humiliation Play

Scott Paul’s Humiliator Gag is a well-known gag system that has over fifteen different attachable accessories, including a funnel gag. If you’ve gotten your hands on this name-brand piece of equipment but want some accessories to go with it, here are a few worth checking out!

Toilet Paper Attachment

Toilet Paper Attachment - Discover Different Sides of Humiliation Play
Whether you’ve fantasized about being the toilet paper holder yourself or simply want your sub to feel the humiliation, this unique attachment will let you play out your inner fantasies. Face-mounted servitude made easy!

Toilet Brush Attachment

Toilet Brush Attachment - Discover Different Sides of Humiliation Play
Toilet paper isn’t the only thing your sub can be tasked with managing. Why not make them hold the toilet brush instead? Easily mounting to the Scott Paul’s Humiliator Gag, your sub will know exactly where they stand once you place this on them.

Feather Duster Attachment

Feather Duster Attachment - Discover Different Sides of Humiliation Play
Outside of the bathroom, your sub can still serve you in other ways. With this feather duster attachment, you’ll always have a duster just a short reach away. Just make sure your sub stays by your side!

Funnel Gag Safety Rules

Safety is key, not only in funnel gag bondage but in BDSM as a whole. The best way to stay safe is by establishing a clear method of communication between partners, but that can be a bit difficult when your mouth is filled up! Fortunately, you do have other options. First, have a conversation about your personal boundaries before you whip out the funnel gag. With limits established, it’s time to determine a suitable safe word substitute. This will be a movement that you’ll use to let your partner know you’re reaching your limits or you’ve had enough. You’ll want to make sure that your partner will be able to notice this substitute, and also that you’ll be able to do it once you’re all geared up. Some potential options are tapping them on the back or rolling your head around, but the final choice is up to you. Once you’ve finished both of these conversations, you can finally move on to using your funnel gag. It’s important to make sure that your partner can always breathe during this type of play, so—regardless of which role you’re playing—make sure to maintain communication throughout for an enjoyable, safe degradation experience.

How to Use a Funnel Gag

Using a funnel gag isn’t hard, but it’s important to know the proper steps to follow if you’ve never used one before. Here’s a quick overview of the process!

Prepare the Toy

Prepare the Toy

It’s always a good idea to clean a new toy, so make sure to clean your equipment properly once you first receive it. When you’re finally ready to use it, you’ll likely need to assemble the different parts. It’s a good idea to get the tube mounted ahead of time—at least, mount the end that goes into the gag—to avoid complications or accidental injuries later on.

Mount the Harness

Mount the Harness

With the toy prepped, you now need to have your sub put the gag on. Have them put it in their mouth and hold it in place while you secure the harness from the back. Once it’s secured, check with them to ensure that they can properly breathe through their nose.

Let It Flow

Let It Flow

If you haven’t already, mount the attachment to the other end of the tube. From here, what happens next is up to you. Whatever liquid you decide to provide, whether urine or something else, your sub is there eagerly waiting to receive all that you have to offer. Enjoy!

How to Clean a Funnel Gag

Cleaning a funnel gag is fairly easy, requiring only warm water and antibacterial soap. I recommend cleaning the gag once using soap and water, then washing it off using water only. If your gag has any removable silicone parts then you can sterilize these by dropping them into a pot of boiling water for a minimum of five minutes. When cleaning your funnel gag, take close care to ensure that the tube is sufficiently clean. Once done, dry off your gag as much as possible using a towel and then leave your gear out to air dry. Make sure it’s completely dried before storing it away. Never store your funnel gag away when it’s still damp, as the leftover moisture can cause bacterial buildup!


Yes! Just like there are many different models, there are also many different sizes. It’s a good idea to determine what size of gag you can fit into your mouth before purchasing one. If this isn’t possible, starting with a smaller model is a good approach.

You technically could, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Premade funnel gags are safe to use (within reason), easy to adjust, and made from high-quality materials. This makes them the better option over the DIY approach, which only brings complications and potential health risks if improperly assembled.

Assuming you’re not sick, you should still be able to breathe through your nose while using a funnel gag. However, the funnel gag does restrict your ability to breathe through your mouth.

Exactly how long you’ll be able to use a funnel gag will vary from person to person. However, long-term continued use isn’t recommended, as your jaw will likely get tired and uncomfortable the longer you use the gag.

You can likely find a funnel gag at your local sex shop. However, I would recommend checking out the options on either or Oxy-shop, as these online websites will likely have way more options than your local store!

What is a Funnel Gag?

A funnel gag is a type of BDSM gag that’s specifically designed to allow the wearer to ingest liquids while wearing it. Like regular gags, these gags also obstruct the wearer’s airflow and muffle their voices, although more so when there is liquid flowing through the tunnel. While they can be used for other purposes, funnel gags are most often used for piss play.

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