The 4 Best Hitachi Magic Wands, Rated and Reviewed

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Hitachi now has four different versions of their iconic wand vibrator! I’ve reviewed all of them to help you decide which one is the best Hitachi Magic Wand for you! In this review I compare the Magic Wand Original, the Magic Wand Rechargeable, The Magic Wand Plus, and the Magic Wand Mini. It’s time to put these Hitachis head to head!
1 Rechargeable

Magic Wand Rechargeable

 Magic Wand Rechargeable

  • Prefer rechargeable toys
  • Love broad stimulation
  • Want a high intensity toy
  • Prefer a silicone head

Magic Wand Rechargeable

  • Want something less bulky
  • Prefer a mains powered magic wand
  • Are looking for something discreet
  • Prefer gentle stimulation
  • Have any of the health issues listed in the manual

The Magic Wand Rechargeable is a cordless version of the Magic Wand Original, with a few tweaks to the design. It features four levels of intensity, four patterns, and sports a comfortable silicone head. No need to worry about power, either. It may not be mains-powered, but still delivers a bone shaking 6,300 RPM of pure vibrating pleasure! The cordless model adds the convenience of a plug-and-play feature – if you forgot to put it on charge last time, you can turn it into a corded model, and it’ll work right away.


  • High-powered
  • Rechargeable
  • Plug and play when the battery runs out
  • Easy to control
  • Silicone head

  • Very loud
  • Too powerful for some
  • Not waterproof
  • A lot of contraindicated health issues
Magic Wand Rechargeable
Vibration speeds4
Vibration patterns4
Length13 inches
Diameter2.5 inches
MaterialsSilicone, ABS plastic
Battery Life180 minutes
Weight1.3 lbs

This is by the best Hitachi Magic Wand for anyone who wants the full power without the restriction of being tethered to a plug! And it is full power! The four intensities range from 2,700 – 6300 rpm so this toy is one for those who crave intesne broad stimulation. For that reason, I also wouldn’t recommend this as a beginner’s toy! All this power makes it pretty loud as well! Our tester, a seasoned sex toy expert, found the Magic Wand Rechargeable too powerful for their liking, so it’s also just a matter of taste. I really love the plug and play option, so if you do forget to charge your toy, you can still use it while plugged in!

2 Original

Magic Wand Original Plug-In Vibrator

 Magic Wand Original

  • want to experience the original Magic Wand design
  • prefer corded vibrators
  • enjoy powerful stimulation
  • don't mind a vinyl head

Magic Wand Original

  • prefer non-porous sex toys
  • want the freedom of a cordless design
  • want more than two power levels
  • enjoy having vibration patterns

All hail the OG of vibrators! The Magic Wand Original helped revolutionise pleasure and normalise vibrators! And you can still experience it in its original form! The Original Magic Wand has two powerful speeds to choose from — strong or extra strong, 5,000 or 6,000 rpm to be precise! Unlike the newer models which have buttons, the original has a flick switch to change the power settings. This is a corded vibrator but with a 6 ft cord, you’ve got plenty of freedom!


  • Original design
  • 6 ft cord for freedom of movement
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Simple and easy to use

  • Head is made of vinyl
  • Not as powerful as the rechargeable model
  • Only two speeds and no patterns
  • Loud
  • Has to be plugged in during use
Magic Wand Original
Vibration speeds2
Length12 inches
Diameter2.25 inches
MaterialsVinyl and ABS plastic
RechargeableNo — mains powered
Weight1.2 lbs

While the Magic Wand Original is an icon in every sense, I don’t think this is the best Hitachi Magic Wand you can buy! Unless you have your heart set on the owning the original design, the Magic Wand Rechargeable is going to be a better option for a few reasons. First of all, the head of the Original is vinyl which is not only porous, but it can also contain harmful plasticizers, whereas the Rechargeable model uses silicone, which is a body-safe option! Next, the Original only has two power levels, while the Rechargeable has 4 intensities and 4 patterns to play with. Lastly, the Original has to be plugged in to use, but the Rechargeable can be used with or without mains power!

3 Plus

Magic Wand Plus Extra Powerful Plug-In Vibrator

 Magic Wand Plus

  • Want a mains-powered toy
  • Enjoy super-intense vibrations
  • Don't care about patterns

Magic Wand Plus

  • Want something for long sessions
  • Prefer a shorter handle
  • Are worried about noise

The Magic Wand Plus provides super intense vibrations of up to 6300 rpm wherever you choose to use it! It also has four speed settings to choose from, which is a step up from the Original’s two settings. Never worry about charging again with this mains-powered toy that’s always ready to go when you are. The 6 feet long cord ensures you can enjoy the vibrations no matter where you are and is removable for easy storage. Plus, the head is made of body-safe silicone and has a super-flexible neck for targeted control.


  • Four speeds
  • Body safe silicone head
  • Powerful
  • Flexible neck

  • Can get hot with extended use
  • No patterns
  • Mains-powered
  • Not waterproof
Magic Wand Plus
Length13 inches
Diameter2.4 inches
RechargeableNo — mains powered
Vibration speeds4
Vibration patterns0
FlexibilityFlexible neck
MaterialsSilicone, ABS plastic

The Magic Wand Plus is the middle ground between the previous corded Original and the Rechargeable. It has four speeds, but it’s mains-powered. It’s silicone, but there are no patterns. It’s about as expensive as the Magic Wand Rechargeable, but it does less. If you are looking specifically for a corded Magic Wand, I would recommend this over the Original. However, I would still the Magic Wand Rechargeable is the best Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator overall.

4 Mini

Magic Wand Mini

 Magic Wand Mini

  • struggle to hold the full-size model
  • want a travel-friendly option
  • prefer moderate intensity vibrations
  • prefer rechargeable sex toys

Magic Wand Mini

  • crave very intense power
  • prefer the long handle of the original design
  • want a corded vibrator
  • you want to use wand attachments

All the pleasure and power of the Magic Wand Original, just in a compact model! The Magic Wand Mini measures in at a very manageable 9.6 inches, making easier to manoeuvre and much more travel friendly! The soft silicone head sits on a flexible neck to help you get all the right angles. Plus, this rechargeable wand vibrator boasts up to 2.5 hours in battery life, so you can get plenty use between charges!


  • Compact model is easier to manoeuvre
  • Travel-friendly
  • Rechargeable
  • Silicone head
  • 3 vibration intensities
  • 6 ft cord

  • Doesn't feel as strong
  • No attachments available
Magic Wand Mini
Vibration speeds3
Length9.6 inches
Diameter1.9 inches
MaterialsSilicone, ABS plastic
Battery Life2.5 minutes

If you want a taste of the Hitachi magic but struggle with the weight and size of a full-sized magic wand, then the Magic Wand Mini is a great alternative! The smaller size also makes it a little easier to position and manoeuvre during partnered sex. Although the Magic Wand Mini is said to have the same vibratory power as the original (6000 rpm), our tester was a little underwhelmed with the vibration power. However, if you enjoy more moderate or gentle stimulation, this might suit you better. Another thing to bear in mind, is that some users were disappointed they couldn’t get wand attachments to fit the smaller head size. If you love attachments, you are better off going for a full sized wand.

Make Your Magic Wand Do More!

Right now, your Hitachi Magic Wand only has one setting: vibrate. But it can do so much more! Browse this selection of attachments to upgrade and personalize your Magic Wand experience, and check out our guide to the best Magic Wand attachments!

Wand Essentials Flutter Tip Magic Wand Attachment

 Wand Essentials Flutter Tip Magic Wand Attachment  - Make Your Magic Wand Do More!
If you find the Magic Wand is a little too intense, this fluttering tip attachment from LoveHoney will help disperse those powerful vibrations into a sensation that feels just like oral sex. You can also use the thicker edges of the toy to create more direct contact, or increase the pressure to increase the intensity. Best of all, this attachment is great for stimulation anywhere: try it on the nipples, the head of the penis, or anywhere you choose!

Hummingbird Male Masturbator Wand Massager Attachment

Hummingbird Male Masturbator Wand Massager Attachment - Make Your Magic Wand Do More!
Despite the gendered name, the Hummingbird Male Masturbator Attachment can be used by anyone with a penis! Fit the tube-shaped attachment onto your wand and slip the tube over the penis. Stroke back and forth with the wand, and feel the intense vibrations up and down your shaft for earth-shattering orgasms!

Lovehoney Deluxe Wand Silicone G-Spot Head Attachment

Lovehoney Deluxe Wand Silicone G-Spot Head Attachment - Make Your Magic Wand Do More!
If you want some bump and grind with your vibrations, this beautiful Lotus Wand Topper from Phreak is just the thing! The soft silicone petals add some delicious textures while your wand provides the power!

More Super Powerful Wand Vibrators

The Hitachi, in all its glory, has inspired hundreds of wand-shaped vibrators that stand up to the test! For more Magic Wand magic, see our round-up of ten Magic Wands here!

Doxy Die Cast

 Doxy Die Cast - More Super Powerful Wand Vibrators
With up to 9000 rpm, the Doxy Die Cast is 30% more powerful than the original Hitachi, so this is definitely one for power queens and kings out there! It also has more speed variation, with 8 intensities to choose from. The Doxy Die Cast is made of an aluminium-titanium alloy, giving a weighty and luxurious feel, and the silicone head is double weighted for extra rumbly vibrations! Our tester even crowned the Doxy Die Cast as their favorite sex toy of all time! Find out why she loved it so much in her full review of the Doxy Die Cast.

Lelo Smart Wand 2 Large

Lelo Smart Wand 2 Large  - More Super Powerful Wand Vibrators
The Smart Wand 2 from Lelo features 10 vibration settings in variable intensities with a beginner-friendly interface and smooth silicone body. It’s also completely waterproof for use wherever you fancy! Best of all, the Smart Wand 2 can hold up to 4 hours of charge, so no more toys dying in the middle of a hot session. Find out the juicy details in our tester’s full review of the Lelo Smart Wand 2!

Lovense Domi 2 Mini Wand Vibrator

 Lovense Domi 2 Mini Wand Vibrator  - More Super Powerful Wand Vibrators
Up next is this app-controlled vibrator from Lovense – the Domi 2. This is a great choice if you’re in a long-distance relationship, or just find yourself apart from your lover more often than you’d like. Your partner can explore unlimited vibration patterns using the app and can control from anywhere in the world. Isn’t the future incredible? Check out our roundup of mini Magic Wands for more options! Our tester was very impressed with this small but mighty wand. Check out their in depth review of the Domi 2 for more info!

Play Hands-Free

Want your hands free to explore other areas? Look no further!

Universal Wand Harness By Wand Essentials

Universal Wand Harness By Wand Essentials - Play Hands-Free
If you’re into a little bump and grind action, the Universal Wand Harness by Want Essentials is the one for you. Compatible with the Hitachi, this harness can be securely attached to any pillow with adjustable straps, so you can straddle it from above or hold it close. You can use a bespoke sex pillow, or DIY with any pillow you have that feels suitable.

Liberator Wanda Magic Wand Mount

Liberator Wanda Magic Wand Mount - Play Hands-Free
Featured in our round-up of dildo mounts, the Liberator Wanda Magic Wand Mount is an exciting piece of sex furniture perfect for Magic Wand aficionados. Designed for use with the Hitachi Magic Wand, the tapered, narrow base is ideal for straddling and easy access to standing or laying down positions. The velvish cover is available in two colors, is machine washable, and has a waterproof liner underneath.

Liberator Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount

Liberator Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount  - Play Hands-Free
Hands-free stimulation is just an Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount away. The firm foam wedge sports a velvety outer cover and a smooth waterproof inner cover to hold your weight (and the weight of your partner!) with appropriate give. Pull your Hitachi Magic Wand’s head out one end, the cord out the other, and use the window to access the controls! Mounts like this are ideal for deeper penetration and angles for increased stimulation, all while being comfortable and secure.

A Brief History of the Hitachi Magic Wand

Been there, done that, bought the vibrator. But how did we get here?


"Hysteria" - A Brief History of the Hitachi Magic Wand
The origin of wand vibrators is thought to stem back to the 1800s, when doctors would diagnose women experiencing almost anything with a condition called ‘hysteria’ (Greek for ‘uterus’) and prescribe manual stimulation of the clitoris as a cure. However, research by Hallie Lieberman has since cast a lot of doubt on these claims. Vibrators were however used therapeutically for a lot of things at the time, so it was only a matter of time before people discovered their other applications!


Hitachi - A Brief History of the Hitachi Magic Wand
The Hitachi Magic Wand was originally manufactured and marketed as a muscle massager by Japanese brand Hitachi in 1968. It was made to soothe away muscular aches and pains: on your calves, shoulders, back, neck, pretty much anywhere on your body that needed attention!

Betty Dodson

Betty Dodson - A Brief History of the Hitachi Magic Wand
Fast-forward a few years to the mid-70s. Betty Dodson, an American sex educator, learned from a friend of the magical uses of the Hitachi Magic Wand. She pioneered pro-sex feminism through workshops that encouraged women to explore their sexuality through self-pleasure using the Hitachi Magic Wand.


Vibratex - A Brief History of the Hitachi Magic Wand
It wasn’t long before the Magic Wand became widely known for its use as a sex toy, but Hitachi refused (and still does) to acknowledge what the wand was actually being used for. That’s why, when they stopped manufacturing them altogether in 1999 (gasp!), US sex toy company Vibratex took the reins.

The rest is history

The rest is history - A Brief History of the Hitachi Magic Wand
And here we are. The magic wand has had several makeovers, with ‘wand vibrator’ becoming its own category of sex toys, and many, many companies hopping aboard the train. Thank goodness for that!

How to use a Hitachi magic wand

Now you’ve got the toy, what do you do with it?

Take it slow

Take it slow

Hitachi Magic Wands are POWERFUL. They were designed to relieve muscular aches and pains, and needed some pretty strong vibrations to stimulate that deep muscle tissue. Start slow, and build up to a power that suits you best!

Lube up!

Lube up!

We say it in every article, and we’ll keep saying it. Lubes are essential to any sex toy experience, and it only makes it that much more fun! Lube both your toy and your vulva to stop any friction that might cause pain or irritation, and make sure to only use water-based lube for silicone toys.

Play with patterns

Play with patterns

While there aren’t any patterns built into the Hitachi Magic Wands, many wand vibrators will have settings for different patterns and speeds, or even app connectivity with user-made patterns. Try this wand from Le Wand, which has 6 thrilling patterns and 10 levels of intensity! You can simulate this with the Hitachi Magic Wands by raising and lowering the speed manually to create your desired pattern!

Add attachments

Add attachments

Like we mentioned before, wand attachments are a great way to give your Hitachi Magic Wand a new lease on life. Plus, they’re easy to swap out, so you can turn your toy into anything depending on the mood! Experiment with cock sleeve attachments, flutter tip attachments, bead attachments, G-spot attachments, rabbit attachments, and more!

How to clean a Hitachi magic wand

Like with all sex toys, your Hitachi Magic Wand needs cleaning after (and ideally before) every usage to prevent harmful bacteria building up, and to keep the toy in good condition. Hitachi Magic Wands are not waterproof, so you should never submerge it or hold it under running water. Instead use a damp cloth and mild soap or sex toy cleaner to clean the head, making sure not to get any water inside the toy. You should also make sure to remove all of the soap residue and dry it thoroughly.

how to clean a magic wand


Not at all! Even without attachments, the magic wand can be used to stimulate the head of the penis, the perineum, and even the anus (externally)!

The original Hitachi Magic Wand runs for around $80-90, depending on the site. There are many Magic Wand alternatives that will cost you less or more, and the various iterations of the original (rechargeable, plus) also have a heftier price point. It depends on what you're after!

The Hitachi Magic Wand is the first one, the blueprint. It does, however, only have two intensity settings. If you're looking for a toy with more options, other wands will offer a wider variety of settings, colors, sizes, and more!

Store your Hitachi Magic Wand in a cool, dry place after cleaning. You probably won't need a bespoke case for it, so try places like a wardrobe, drawer, or box under the bed. Make sure the toy is completely dry before it comes into contact with anything else!

It really depends on what you're looking for! If you're looking for variety, the rechargeable and plus models have four intensity levels, as opposed to the original's two. If you want something that's guaranteed to last, the mains power of the original is its strongest selling point.

What is a Hitachi Magic Wand?

A Hitachi Magic Wand is a vibrator that has a long, cylindrical handle and a large, rounded head. Designed to produce powerful vibrations, the Hitachi Magic Wands flexible head and long-lasting power has become a staple in the sex toy world.

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