The 3 Best Hook Gags To Keep Your Sub’s Mouth Open and Ready

   Kevin Foley
Like any other type of BDSM equipment, it’s important to know that the hook gag you’re buying is top-tier. Of course, not every hook gag will be an amazing product, and some even have significant issues that aren’t apparent at first glance. In this article, I’ll be presenting you with the three best hook gags I could find that will help you keep your sub’s mouth open and ready. I’ve selected the Strict Claw Hook Mouth Spreader as the “Test Winner”, due to its lockable buckle and vegan-friendly construction. That said, you might find that a different hook gag will work even better for you, so I recommend reading through and comparing all of your options before making a decision. I’ve even included some extra options, such as deep-throat-specific options! If you’re ready to find a new hook gag then you’re in the right place: keep reading!

1 Test Winner

Strict Claw Hook Mouth Spreader

 Claw Hook Mouth Spreader

  • Own a padlock
  • Want a lockable hook gag
  • Don’t mind doing DIY

Claw Hook Mouth Spreader

  • Want a ready-to-use toy
  • Aren’t interested in the locking function
  • Prefer genuine leather

First up is the Strict Claw Hook Mouth Spreader, a simple dual-prong hook gag toy you can pick up for less than $20! This hook gag is fully adjustable, easily mounting inside the mouth using two hooks and then wrapping around the head to secure itself in place. Worried about your sub escaping? No need. This hook gag is equipped with a lockable buckle, meaning it only takes a single padlock to ensure your sub stays secure. If you’re looking for a simple hook gag & don’t mind doing a few adjustments to get things working smoothly then the Strict Claw Hook Mouth Spreader could be worth checking out!

  • Lockable buckle
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to clean
  • Vegan-friendly

  • Not sizes appropriately
  • Requires installing holes
  • Lock not included
Claw Hook Mouth Spreader
MaterialsPU leather, metal
Length(Claw) 2.4 inches, (strap) 12 inches

I feel that the cons of this toy are more important than the pros. The pros themselves are fairly obvious: you can force your sub’s mouth open, the hook gag itself can be locked, and it’s affordable. However, the main issue you’re likely to run into with this hook gag is the sizing. The strap that secures the toy to the head is too long for most people, and—despite having received multiple complaints from customers over the years—the company seems unwilling to fix this issue. The Strict Claw Hook Mouth Spreader is the “Test Winner” for a simple reason: it works. That said, if you want it to work then you’ll have to be willing to punch a few holes yourself in order to allow the gag to adjust enough. If you’re not willing to punch a few holes then I’d recommend giving this one a pass. On the other hand, if you don’t mind making a simple adjustment that turns a useless $20 hook gag into something useful, it may be worth picking up anyway!

2 Cheapest

Ouch Hook Gag with Leather Straps

 Ouch Hook Gag

  • Want a simple hook gag
  • Prefer genuine leather
  • Need a budget-friendly option

Ouch Hook Gag

  • Want more than two hooks
  • Prefer a different color
  • Are vegan

Beating out the competition by a slight margin is the Ouch! Hook Gag with Leather Straps, my “Cheapest” hook gag pick! Made with genuine leather and metal, this adjustable hook gag is easy to place on your sub for some kinky domination play. With one hook placed and pulling on either side of their mouth, your sub is sure to have a hard time using their mouth. When you only have a few bucks but still want to give hook gags a try, the Ouch Hook Gag with Leather Straps is easily the best go-to option!

  • Adjustable
  • Made using genuine leather
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable

  • Not lockable
  • No color options
Ouch Hook Gag
MaterialsLeather, metal

The Ouch Hook Gag with Leather Straps is a simple hook gag that you can pick up for less than $20 (or less than $15 when it’s on sale!). Design-wise, it’s quite a simple toy, secured to the head with a strap that surrounds the skull and held in place by a hook that goes on each side of the mouth. Thanks to the five holes in each strap, the gag will fit easily on most people’s heads. Of course, you always have the option of punching additional holes if needed. It’s hard to complain about this hook gag. It doesn’t offer much beyond basic functionality, but it doesn’t need to either. For vegans, this isn’t an option as the straps are made from leather. However, for anyone else who wants a cheap hook gag, it’s a good option!

3 Realistic

Mouth Opener Gag - Stuff That Mouth

 Mouth Opener Gag

  • Want a comfortable hook gag
  • Need a relatively comfortable gag
  • Want a hook gag for oral

Mouth Opener Gag

  • Don’t like red
  • Want to spend less than $20
  • Don’t like TPE

Want a hook mouth gag but aren’t too keen on the potential discomforts that come along with having metal hooks in your mouth? If so, then the Mouth Opener Gag could be the perfect alternative! Although it does technically have “hooks”, this gag uses TPE hooks instead of metal ones, giving it a giant upgrade in the comfortability department! With two mouth spreader hooks in their mouth, your sub will be at your complete disposal. Whether you want to train them or simply enjoy the pleasures of their mouth, the Mouth Opener Gag will help ensure you can live out your fantasies!

  • TPE mouth supports
  • Perfect for oral adventures
  • Are vegan

  • Porous
  • PU leather
  • Straps may stretch over time
Mouth Opener Gag
MaterialsPU leather, plastic

By using comfortable TPE hooks instead of the more traditional uncomfortable metal ones, the Mouth Opener Gag easily earned its title as the “Beginner” pick on this list! Beyond being comfortable to wear, this gag is also comfortable for face fucking (as you don’t have to deal with metal sliding against your shaft). It’s also fully adjustable, allowing the gag to fit securely on nearly any head. One thing I particularly liked about this BDSM gag was the spreaders themselves. If you look loosely you’ll notice that they have little ridges molded into them. This is great because it helps the gag align closer to the surface of the wearer’s teeth. If you’re eager to try out hook gags but aren’t quite sure what to wear to start, you can’t really go wrong with the Mouth Gag Opener. Sure, it may not meet the traditional definition of a “hook gag”, but I think it’s worth adding to your collection nonetheless!

Other Types of Open Mouth Gags

Hook gags are great but they’re not the only type of open mouth gags! Here are a few alternatives I recommend exploring if you’re looking for something different.

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Silicone O-Ring Gag

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Silicone O-Ring Gag - Other Types of Open Mouth Gags
Perfect for oral play, this o-ring gag uses a silicone ring to force your sub’s mouth open. Made with silicone and metal only, this toy is extremely easy to clean and sure to last for years to come!

O-Ring or Deep Throat Gag

O-Ring or Deep Throat Gag - Other Types of Open Mouth Gags
The appropriately named Deep Throat Gag also forces your sub’s mouth open. However, instead of silicone, this toy uses a stainless steel o-ring, secured in place by an adjustable & lockable head strap.

Silicone Lips Gag in Red

Silicone Lips Gag in Red - Other Types of Open Mouth Gags
Love red lipstick but your sub didn’t feel like putting on any on? No worries: you can make up for that with Sex & Mischief’s Silicone Lips Gag! Forcing the wearer’s mouth open and covering their natural lips with red ones made from silicone, this gag is both functional and fashionable!

More Extreme BDSM Gags You Might Like

Love the idea of a hook gag but just haven’t seen one that’s up to your standards? Fair enough. Here are a few more “extreme” options that might tickle your fancy!

Fetish Fantasy Spider Gag

Fetish Fantasy Spider Gag - More Extreme BDSM Gags You Might Like
Expanding upon the basic o-ring design, the Fetish Fantasy Spider Gag spreads “spider legs” across the wearer’s face, adding an extra level of visual stimulation to this steel & leather gag!

Fetish Fantasy O-Ring Gag & Nipple Clamps

Fetish Fantasy O-Ring Gag & Nipple Clamps - More Extreme BDSM Gags You Might Like
Why limit yourself to solely an o-ring gag when you could enjoy nipple clamps at the same time!? That’s exactly what Fetish Fantasy has done with this product. While the o-ring gag makes sure their mouth is fully accessible at all times, the nipple clamps—which are attached to the gag itself—dissuade them from moving their head.

Strict Leather Deep Throat Gag

Strict Leather Deep Throat Gag - More Extreme BDSM Gags You Might Like
If one ring just wasn’t enough, try this dual-ring design instead. Designed purely for deep-throating, this gag uses two steel rings to keep your partner’s mouth open so they can receive all that you have to offer!

Hook Gag Safety

Although using a hook gag can be fun, there are a few safety concerns you’ll want to keep in mind. While a hook gag doesn’t run the risk of making it impossible for your sub to breathe, the hooks themselves can cause injury. As such, you need to pay close attention to the tightness of the hooks, as well as your sub themselves. You two should establish a physical movement that can be used in place of a safe word should something go awry. By discussing and agreeing on this ahead of time, you can ensure both of you have a safe & enjoyable experience.

How to Use a Hook Gag

Never used a hook gag before and not quite sure where to start? That’s okay: here’s a quick guide that will walk you through the general process!

Check the Gag

Check the Gag

When you receive a new hook gag, it’s always a good idea to clean it before using it. You should also check over the gag itself to ensure that it’s in good physical condition.

Insert the Hooks

Insert the Hooks

Once you’ve made sure the toy is in good condition, you can place the hooks in your mouth. Hold them in the position you predict they’ll be in once the straps are tightened.

Tighten the Straps

Tighten the Straps

From here, it’s best to have a partner tighten the straps behind your head. Make any adjustments as necessary, and then enjoy kink play with your new hook gag!

How to Clean a Hook Gag

Silicone can be sterilized by dropping it into a pot of boiling water for a minimum of five minutes. However, most hook gags will only be partially made from silicone, if they use silicone at all! As such, you’ll generally be limited to simply cleaning your hook gag. To do so, grab some antibacterial soap and get to a source of warm water. Wash the hook gag one using soap then wash away any remaining soap with the water. Once done, pat the gag dry with a towel and then leave it out to air dry completely before storing it away. Never store your hook gag away when it’s still wet. Any amount of leftover moisture can cause bacteria to grow on your toy!


Hook gags can definitely be good for deepthroating. However, this will ultimately come down to the people involved, as some hook gags may be uncomfortable for this purpose.

There is no established limitation for how long you can wear a hook gag. However, if—after wearing the hook gag—you find that the sides of your mouth are quite sore, you should consider wearing the gag for less time.

Aside from accidental injury, there aren’t any risks you’ll need to be aware of when using a hook gag. Proper and open communication can help mitigate any potential issues that could come up, such as the harness being too tight.

Generally speaking, neither is better so the choice comes down to personal preference. However, there is one notable exception: metals that contain nickel! These should be avoided in favor of silicone and nickel-free alternatives.

You definitely could, but it will likely take a bit of practice. Hook gags are the easiest to put on when one person holds the hooks in place while the other person secures the straps.

What is a Hook Gag?

A hook gag is a type of BDSM gag that’s designed to force the wearer’s mouth open. While this doesn’t prevent the wearer from making any noise, it does seriously inhibit their ability to speak, spit, bite, or perform other oral functions. These gags are made from a variety of materials, but metal and silicone are especially popular.

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