How to Use a Sex Wedge for Perfect Positioning

Sex pillows and wedges are in that weird category of sex toys that… don’t actually do anything. And yet, they can also do so much!

Despite having no vibrations, rotations, or any other fancy functions, a sex wedge can change the way you experience sex.

Sex wedges are specialized pillows made from dense foam in various wedge-shapes, from gentle slopes to small but steep angles. They’re designed to support and assist your body as you have sex. Some can even hold a toy in place for you, or rock you back and forth!

Want to have the comfiest, most satisfying sex ever? Then read on to learn why you should consider getting one, and what you can do with it.

Benefits of Using a Wedge Pillow During Sex


Bustle reported on a study by Dame Labs which found that 81% of respondents wanted to find better angles during sex with their partner.

That’s understandable — it’s simply a matter of trigonometry! Let me explain…

Say you’re in the missionary position. If your body is flat on the bed and your partner is penetrating you, they’ll be doing so at a slight downwards angle. That means that their penis or dildo will be hitting the back wall of your vagina the most.

However, when your hips are raised, the angle is more horizontal. That means they’ll make much greater contact with the front wall of your vagina, and therefore your g-spot. It also allows for better access to the anus, if that’s something you’re into (or curious about…).

Deeper Penetration

Using a wedge or pillow during sex can also be a gateway to much deeper penetration.

If both you and your partner on the same level, then they’ll find it much easier to thrust deeper.

This can be super satisfying for both parties! You’ll experience a much ‘fuller’ feeling, and may even get some a-spot stimulation. The a-spot (or anterior fornix) is located at the inner-most part of the vagina, next to the cervix, and is a part of your internal clitoral structure like the g-spot.

Deep stimulation can feel super pleasurable, and can result in some deeply satisfying orgasms.

A sex wedge can help you achieve deep penetration in lots different positions, from missionary, doggy and beyond!


There are a myriad of reasons why people might not be able to assume or hold themselves in a position. But why should limited mobility be a barrier to enjoying all the best angles that sex has to offer?

There’s lots of sex furniture out there that can help with these issues! A sex wedge can change the angle of penetration, raise the penis-haver’s hips to help ‘push back’ as you grind and more, all without you needing the muscle strength to do it yourself!

Explore More Positions

It may be that you have some mobility issues preventing you from trying out some more adventurous positions, or perhaps you and your partner have a large height difference. Whatever the hurdle is, a sex wedge can often help out.

Depending on placement and position, a sex wedge or pillow can open up a whole new world of sex positions. They’re not limited to partnered sex positions, either! A sex wedge can be a helpful friend for your solo masturbation sessions, too.

Scroll down a section or two to see our tips for using a sex wedge in all kinds of different positions.

Do I Really Need a Special Sex Wedge?

Honestly? Of course not. Humans have been having sex for millennia without the need for specialized sex pillows, and it doesn’t seem to have stopped us yet!

However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t make sex a whole lot better. You may well have already seen on TikTok that you can use a regular old sleeping pillow to help raise your hips a bit during missionary. However, the truth is that they’re not particularly well-suited to the job.

Standard bed pillows are only really designed to support the weight of your head. That means they flatten pretty easily, and aren’t great at providing much lift. Sex wedges, on the other hand, are usually made of foam that is much more dense, and much more supportive.

Using a normal pillow also often calls for a lot of folding or rolling up to find the right amount of lift. And then, when you find it, it’s only a matter of time before it unrolls again. Wedge pillows give you instant and easy angles without the fuss, and you can find them in all shapes and sizes.

And finally, most sex wedges have something crucial that regular pillows lack: waterproof covers. Enough said?

If you’re still sceptical, then it may be worth experimenting with a firm pillow that you already own first. After all, sex wedge pillows can be an investment! It’s more than fair to want to have a test run first.

Our Favorite Sex Wedges

Here are some sex wedge pillows that we love. They’re all high-quality products and so pretty to look at!

Liberator Wedge and Ramp Combo

If you’re looking for a sex wedge with a bit more versatility, then you may want to try out this 2-piece set from sex furniture savants Liberator. In it, you’ll get their bestselling Wedge and Ramp pillows, allowing you to reach even more angles and positions comfortably. Both have waterproof, removable covers with Liberator’s signature luxurious ‘velvish’ covering. They even come in multiple colors! If you’re not ready for quite that level of investment, however, you can also buy the smaller Wedge separately.

DOMINIX Deluxe Inflatable Bondage Wedge

On the more budget end of the spectrum, you have this inflatable sex wedge from DOMINIX Deluxe. It may not feel as firm or dense as a foam sex pillow, but if you’re after something comfortable and practical to store, then it’s ideal. This one has a kinky twist, too! As well as acting as a support, it also comes with a blindfold and handcuffs that can be attached to loops on the side.

Liberator Hipster

The Liberator Hipster is a sex wedge with a difference! Rather than a simple slope, this sex pillow was designed with the curves of the human body in mind. Use the two sizes of curves to support your head, back, hips and more. Just like all other Liberator pillows, the Hipster has a water-resistant ‘velvish’ cover and is made of dense yet comfortable foam.

Dame Pillo

The Dame Products Pillo Wedge

The Pillo by Dame is the perfect, beginner-friendly sex wedge. It’s small enough to look unassuming on your bed, but steps up to plate when it’s needed. Made of dense foam with a waterproof and removable cover that’s 100% cotton — super simple to clean and care for. You can even buy the cover on its own if you prefer to have a spare handy.

Sex Wedge Positions


Let’s start with the basics. The simplest (and best) upgrade you can make to your missionary sex is to place a sex wedge pillow underneath your hips.

Orient the wedge with the lower end facing toward your butt and find a place that feels comfortable and non-straining for your back. It may be helpful to use a longer wedge with a more gradual slope.

This will open up a whole new angle of penetration for both you. Look forward to much more incredible g-spot contact and deeper thrusts! If you want it even deeper and tighter, you can try having your legs up in the air. Rest them on your partner’s chest or shoulders for comfort – a wedge will make this much easier and less strenuous!

Doggy Variations

Doggy is another one of the classics, and is cited by many people as their favorite sex position! It can feel really great for both parties, but did you know it can get even better?

If you and your partner have a significant height difference, then you may have some problems similar to that of regular missionary. Putting a sex pillow underneath your knees can put you both more on the same level, resulting in deeper penetration and less awkwardness.

Then, you have numerous variations on the original doggy:

  • Lazy Dog – Putting the tall end of a wedge under your pelvis can take the weight off your knees and ease potential pains. Your partner may have to lean a bit forward and down to be able to penetrate you, but this can feel much more intimate than your standard doggy-style. To switch things up even more, put your legs together and have your partner straddle them, which will make them feel extra snug inside you.
  • Standing Doggy – standing sex is something that many of us see in movies and wish to emulate, but in reality it’s often not so practical. Often, your bed is just not at the right level for you to match the height of your partner, and things can go from dirty to disappointing real quick. Next time, whip out your sex wedge and place it under your knees at the height that works best for you. If it’s longer, you can also grab onto the taller end and use it to steady yourself.

Oral Sex

Ever had some amazing oral cut short because your partner’s neck just can’t take the strain anymore? The struggle is real. Placing a sex wedge under your hips (just like in missionary) lifts your sweet spots up to just the right height, so they can really get their tongue exploring.

It can also be your secret weapon for 69-ing. If you’re on the bottom and struggle to lift your head for a longer period of time, prop it up with a wedge and get going!


If you’re on top, having your partner’s pelvis slightly raised with a sex wedge can give your legs a lot more room for bouncing and grinding! This can also be helpful if your partner is more well-endowed (or you’re using a bigger dildo), as you have more room to control the depth of penetration.

Also, using a longer wedge has the added benefit of raising the whole top half of their body. That’s the perfect height for them to give your nipples some serious love.


Of course, sex isn’t limited to partnered sex! There are lots of situations where a sex wedge can improve your solo sessions, too.

Many people can have difficulties reaching certain areas with a sex toy, especially if they require some thrusting, like a dildo. Of course, there are many sex toys that are designed with this in mind, like curved dildos and those with handles, but a sex wedge can help as well.

By lifting up your hips while on your back, you won’t have to reach so far down and all your bits will be much more accessible. Plus, you’ll have a better view of everything, too!

Here are some other sex furniture, that you might like:

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