The 5 Best Inflatable Gags for a Mouth-Filling Feeling

Kasia   Katarzyna Halinowska
Are you bored of regular ball gags, and you dream of the deeper submission? This post will present inflatable gagsadvanced BDSM gear for hardcore kinksters! You will find butterfly gags and dildo gags to fulfill your wild submission fantasies. All the products we present to you are safe and made with high-quality materials. We also included a few tips on how to use and care for your new pump gags to ensure your 100% satisfaction!
1 Test Winner

Bondage Boutique Inflatable Dildo Gag

 Inflatable Dildo Gag

  • want a dildo gag
  • are looking for a leather mouth gag
  • enjoy gags that get bigger in width

Inflatable Dildo Gag

  • want a gag that gets longer
  • want a dildo gag for deep-throating
  • don't want a leather sex toy

If you fantasize about completely silencing your sub and keeping their mouth filled with a dildo gag, this leather inflatable gag will make your naughty dreams come true. It can inflate up to 5.5 inches in circumference and has a quick-release valve that gives you full control over your sub’s mouth. It’s made with high-quality materials and is comfortable to wear, despite the extreme and dark look. The dildo gag has no core, so it’s soft, squishy, and easy on the teeth. If you are an advanced gag lover, this Bondage Boutique Gag will allow darker and more hardcore fantasies to come alive!

  • High-quality materials
  • Soft and squishy gag
  • Quick-release valve

  • Some people might not enjoy how wide the gag gets
Inflatable Dildo Gag
MaterialsLeather, Latex
Insertable length3 inches
DiameterInflated: 1.75 inches
Quick-release valveYes
AllergiesContains Latex

This mouthpiece is a good choice if you want a high-quality inflatable gag that is textured and shaped like a dildo. The leather muzzle covers the mouth for enhanced BDSM sensations, and the inflatable dildo is easy to control. FYI, this gag is inflating more horizontally rather than in length, so if you want something to make your sub really gag, we also included a long inflatable dildo gag that will get the job done!

2 Butterfly Gag

Master Series Inhibitor Inflatable Gag

 Master Series Inhibitor

  • want to experiment with inflatable gags
  • like gags without a harness/muzzle
  • don't want a dildo gag

Master Series Inhibitor

  • are looking for a gag that inflates into a long and deep-penetrating mouthpiece
  • want your sub to have covered mouth
  • are looking for most hardcore inflatable gag

The Inhibitor is an inflatable butterfly gag is used to impose silence on your sub and give you full control over their sub’s mouth. Press the pump and see their cheeks get fuller and fuller with obedience! It’s perfect for humiliation and submission play. It doesn’t cover the mouth, so you see and get turned on by the filled look on your sub face! It’s a great starter if you want to experiment with inflatable gags. It doesn’t go deeply onto the throat like dildo gags, but it serves the purpose of a dominating toy for your slave.

  • Easy to use
  • Good if you are training your gag reflexes
  • Comfortable to wear

  • No fastening to secure the position
  • Easy to take off
  • No quick-release valve
Master Series Inhibitor
Materials TPE TPR Elastomers
Allergies Phthalate Free
Width2.35 inches
LengthDeflated: 1.5 inches, Inflated: 2 inches
Quick-release valveYes, Release knob

This butterfly gag is a nice way to introduce your slave to inflatable mouth play. When deflated, it’s easy to put into the mouth. When inflated, it stays secure in the mouth without the strap. However, if you have a disobedient slave, they might use it as an advantage to take it off quickly. This gag does have a release valve, but you have to twist the release knob, which isn’t as easy to activate as the usual press-button release.

3 Dildo

Silencer Inflatable Locking Penis Gag

 The Silencer

  • are looking for a lockable pump gag
  • want a gag made from high-quality materials
  • like leather bondage sex toys

The Silencer

  • don't use leather accessories
  • are not into dildo design
  • don't want a lockable option

The Silencer Inflatable Locking Penis Gag offers a unique blend of features that make it the perfect addition to your collection! Crafted from body-safe silicone, this pump gag is easy to clean and soft against the skin. Its inflatable design allows for a comfortable, adjustable fit, while the locking mechanism adds a layer of security and immersion. So pump it up, and let your new inflatable mouth gag take your BDSM session to the next level!

  • Made with durable materials
  • Silicone gag
  • Adjustable straps

  • Might be too intense for beginners
The Silencer
MaterialsSilicone, Leather, Metal
LengthStraps: 16 - 21 inches inches
DiameterGag deflated: 1.5 inches, Inflated: 2 inches
Insertable lengthGag deflated: 2.25 inches, Inflated: 2.5 inches

In summary, the Silencer Inflatable Locking Silicone Penis Gag stands out as a high-quality and durable bondage inflatable gag for enhancing BDSM play. Its body-safe silicone material ensures comfort and ease of cleaning, while the leather straps add extra spice to your look!

4 Lockable

Lockable Pump Gag

 Lockable Pump Gag

  • are looking for a top quality inflatable mouth gag
  • love leather straps
  • want a regular inflatable ball gag

Lockable Pump Gag

  • prefer a dildo design
  • want a silicone gag
  • can't use leather

The Lockable Pump Gag is a game-changer if you’re in the market for a lockable inflatable mouth gag that combines comfort, security, and adjustability. Crafted with high-quality materials, this gag features a pump system that allows for a customized fit. The lockable buckle adds the extra kinky side to your play, which is perfect for more intense submissive play!

  • High-quality leather straps
  • Durable
  • Inflates up to 2.5 inches in diameter

  • The ball gag is not silicone
Lockable Pump Gag
MaterialsRubber, Leather, Metal
DiameterGag deflated: 1.5 inches, Inflated: 2.5 inches

The Lockable Pump Gag is a top-notch bondage inflatable gag offering unique features like an adjustable pump and a lockable buckle. The high-quality construction ensures both durability and comfort for extended periods of use. Whether exploring new boundaries or looking to up your game, this gag is a worthy addition to any BDSM toolkit!

5 Double-sided

Incubus Inflatable Gag

 Master Series The Incubus

  • love dildo gags
  • you want rediscover the meaning of "giving a head"
  • like variety of BDSM mouth plays

Master Series The Incubus

  • are a gag beginner
  • don't like dildo gags
  • haven't trained your gag reflexes yet

If you have a big oral fixation, this 2-in-1 inflatable mouthpiece offers you two different BDSM scenarios! The Incubus has a long dildo on the outside that can be used for penetration using your face. The inflatable part is the smaller dildo-like gag that can inflate to 10 inches in circumference. You can use it for wild oral fantasies, punishments or humiliation, and other hardcore BDSM sessions. Just remember about safety because this gag is not for the faint-hearted!

  • Variety of BDSM session ideas
  • 2-in-1 gag
  • Can inflate into a very big size
  • Quick-release valve

  • Made with porous materials
Master Series The Incubus
Materials Latex, Plastic, TPE TPR Elastomers
AllergiesContains Latex
Quick-release valveYes
DiameterGag: From 0 up to over 3 inches
DiameterDildo: 1.6 inches
Insertable lengthDildo: 5.75 inches

This gag opens the door to many wild fantasies! It’s meant for advanced gag users who know their way around big toys in their mouths and have a super-trained gag reflex. I think this mouthpiece is a great toy; however, it’s made of porous materials, so if you want to try using the long dildo for vaginal/anal penetration, I highly recommend putting on a condom to protect you from bacteria building up in the materials over time.

More Inflatable Sex Toys for You

If you’ve already found your new inflatable mouth gag, and you want to expand your collection with more inflatable sex toys, here is a special section just for you!

Cock Locker Inflatable Monster Dildo

Cock Locker Inflatable Monster Dildo - More Inflatable Sex Toys for You
Unleash your deepest desires with the Cock Locker Inflatable Monster Dildo. This huge inflatable dildo inflates up to 12 inches for extra deep stimulation! Its detailed design with realistic features and pronounced head add a more life-like feeling and more intense sensation.

Lovehoney Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug

Lovehoney Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug - More Inflatable Sex Toys for You
Elevate your anal play experience with the Lovehoney Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug. This amazing inflatable butt plug inflates up to girthy 2.9 inches in diameter! But that’s not all—add some buzz to your intimate moments with its tantalizing vibration settings!

Comparison of All Inflatable Gags - Choose the Best Gag for You

Design If you want the best inflatable gag with a great design made with high-quality materials, the Inflatable Dildo Gag is your go-to. With a near-perfect design score of 97, it’s the belle of the ball. The Lockable Pump Gag isn’t far behind, boasting a design score of 95. Both the Master Series Inhibitor and The Incubus share a design score of 90, making them equally stylish and user-friendly but not quite the showstoppers. Quality Quality-wise, the Inflatable Dildo Gag is in a league of its own with a perfect score of 100. The Silencer also impresses with a high-quality score of 90. The Lockable Pump Gag is reliable with an 85, but the Master Series Inhibitor and The Incubus could improve, scoring 80 and 75. However, the Inhibitor is the only inflatable gag without the lock, so if that’s what you need, you might want to look at other contestants. Size If size matters the most to you, the Master Series The Incubus takes the lead with an insertable length of 5.75 inches. The Inflatable Dildo Gag offers a versatile size, with an insertable length of 3 inches and an inflatable diameter of up to 1.75 inches. And if you are into smaller, not dildo-shaped gags, then the Master Series Inhibitor and the Lockable Pump Gag are the ones for you!

Inflatable Gag Safety Guide

With all BDSM toys, you need to be extra careful and provide maximum comfort and safety to your sub! Here is a reminder of a few most important rules you should practice for all BDSM sessions.

Healthy and sober

Healthy and sober - Inflatable Gag Safety Guide
Do not use gags when you are unwell, can’t breathe through your nose, or are under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Safe sign

Safe sign - Inflatable Gag Safety Guide
It’s impossible to communicate verbally with a gag in your mouth; even making louder sounds can be very tough, so make sure both parties have agreed on a safe sign. It can be anything, as long as you are able to do it fast and it’s very visible. For example, you can keep an object in your hand and drop it when you want the play to pause; quick hand movements or kicks in the air are also an option.

Never leave your sub alone with a gag on!

Never leave your sub alone with a gag on!  - Inflatable Gag Safety Guide
This is very serious! Gags have a high risk of choking, so take the gag off if you need to leave a room. Even if it’s just for a moment, don’t put anyone at risk; it’s better to take it off for a moment and have a short break. Your mouth and jaw will be very thankful!


Communicate - Inflatable Gag Safety Guide
It’s important to talk with your partner beforehand about your needs, fears, and boundaries to avoid any unpleasant experiences. Both sides should feel 100% safe and comfortable with the play. Figure out the quick-release valve before using the gag for the first time, and try out the different sizes you are able to start with and how far you can go. Also, check-in with your partner regularly to ensure they are okay, especially before increasing the size.

Inflatable Gags Session Ideas

If you need a bit of inspiration on how to use inflatable gags in BDSM, we have some ideas in mind. These are very simple, but we wanted to show how fun inflatable sex toys can be!

Inflating as a punishment

Inflating as a punishment - Inflatable Gags Session Ideas
You can pump the gag anytime the sub is misbehaving or not doing the task properly. With the gag getting bigger and bigger, the sub will be more silenced, drooly, and more turned on, so following your orders will get harder. And of course, the innocent and filled with humiliation face will be a sweet treat for you!

Pair it with an inflatable dildo/butt plug

Pair it with an inflatable dildo/butt plug - Inflatable Gags Session Ideas
Inflatable gags are great, but wouldn’t it be even better if you could punish your sub by making the dildo in their mouth and in other places bigger? Then, you can use inflatable dildos or butt plugs to pump all their holes at once! You can also use the inflatable dildo to pump more pleasure on yourself while punishing them by inflating their gags at the same time!

How to Use Inflatable Gags?

Inflatable gags are dedicated to advanced BDSM. Using them is not the easiest task, so here are some tips to help you keep the fun pleasurable and safe!



Make sure to take off all your jewelry or piercings and place the gag delicately; this will ensure no painful accidents and tangled hair! Adjust the buckles/fastings to sit comfortably on the face.



With an inflatable dildo, breathing through your mouth is impossible, so make sure you can breathe through your nose easily. Don’t place anything else over the face, and take a minute for some breathing test to ensure everything is all right.

Take it slow

Take it slow

Inflatable gags are not a beginner toy, so it’s okay if you need to take a break to relax your mouth, jaw, or tongue, especially if you are a beginner. We recommend taking a few minutes to break every now and then to rest, relax your muscles and breathe uninhibitedly. Also, don’t rush with inflating the gag too fast. Try out different sizes before the real play. Take a few minutes of breathing tests with different gag sizes to check if you really are comfortable and have no problems breathing.

How to Clean Inflatable Gags

Cleaning inflatable gags are just like cleaning any other gags. Just wipe it clean with warm water and non-fragranced soap. If some parts are made with leather, follow the producers’ manual and use additional leather conditioner to prevent the leather from drying and cracking.


You inflate the gag using a hand pump. You make it bigger with each pump and decide how big the plug should get. It prevents the sub from the ability to speak and breathe through the mouth. If you want to deflate the gag, a quick-release valve is usually connected to the pump for fast and easy relief.

It depends on what you want to achieve! The butterfly gag goes between the cheeks and behind the teeth. It’s more difficult to hold, bo it makes the wearer's face look more pumped. Dildo gags go inside the mouth deeper for a more advanced, deep-throat-like experience.

Make sure to secure the straps around the head comfortably. Try out how big the gag gets with each pump and test it before using it during a session. Take it slow and get used to the feeling of a rubber gag becoming bigger in your mouth.

What Is an Inflatable Gag?

An inflatable gag is usually a rubber or a latex gag that can expand in size using a pump. There are many different shapes and functions for everyone’s deep desires. You can find an inflatable gag shaped like a dildo, a butterfly gag, or two-sided mouthpieces. When looking for a gag, check how the gag changes in size. They can become wider, more bulbous, or longer. It depends on what type of mouth play you are looking for. To deflate a gag, you can usually use a quick-release valve that is connected to the pump. Keep in mind that this type of gag is meant for advanced BDSM fans. If you are new to BDSM/mouth gags, we recommend starting with smaller ball gas or bit gags.

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