Job Advertisement: Looking for America’s Sexiest Voice

Do you have just the right voice to narrate sex toy reviews?

Bedbible is looking for a narrator to read aloud from the sex toy reviews on our site with just the right amount of *spice* in their tone.

About the position: The Sexiest Voice in America

We want to make our site more accessible and user-friendly by adding an audio feature that can read all of our sex toy reviews aloud for our visitors.

That’s why we’re looking for the sexiest voice in America!

We need a narrator that’s up to the task of recording audio clips of our sex toy reviews… and keeping it exciting along the way!

You’ll be narrating loads of reviews on every type of sex toys from butt plugs to rabbit vibrators, and BDSM crosses. You’ll also be taking listeners on juicy journeys on how to spice up their sex lives by choosing the best sex toys!

You’ll be using your voice acting skills to narrate different types of content on our site:

  • In-depth round-up reviews of all the best sex toys on the market
  • In-depth personal sex toy reviews

Salary: $100/hr

The salary for this position is $100/hr.

The Candidate

We’re looking for someone who can narrate our site in an exciting and enticing way!

Of course, you should feel nice and comfortable talking about sex and sexual pleasure in a fun yet professional manner.

If you’re 21 or above and you think you have just the right sound (and attitude) for this gig, you can apply right now!

Since this is a 100% remote position, it doesn’t really matter where in the world you’re currently located. Of course, we will be communicating regularly. But, basically, you can be narrating and captivating the whole world right from your couch!

Apply here

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be the sexiest voice in America, you can apply for this position right here!

OBS. We’re not looking for a person for this job anymore!! But we are looking for new sex toy testers. So if you want to receive free sex toys and test it. Then apply here.

The Company

Here at BedBible, our vision is to be:

Your One and Only Source on the Journey to Better Sex.

This site is full of educational and informational content to help all kinds of people better their sex lives.

We address intimate subjects, destigmatize sexual diversity, and help people find the products and tools to help them uncover new pleasures! logo