The 6 Best Latex Suits for the Sexy Skin-Tight Sessions

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Latex Catsuit w/ Thru Zipper

 Latex Catsuit

  • Want zipper access
  • Like American Horror Story
  • Don’t have breasts

Latex Catsuit

  • Need a female-fitted suit
  • Prefer thicker latex
  • Want more coverage

“As seen on FX’s American Horror Story”   If you loved the show, why not bring a little bit of horror back to your home dungeon with this latex suit!?   Providing coverage from your ankles up to your neck, this suit is tight-fitting and classic black (although other colors are available upon request).   Offering access to the wearer’s backside, crotch, and nipples—just slide the zippers—this suit is perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike!

  • Custom colors offered
  • YKK zippers with auto lock sliders
  • Nipple/crotch/butt access

  • Doesn’t include hood & gloves
  • Expensive
Latex Catsuit
LengthVarious inches

This suit is rather expensive, but—as you’ll soon see—the price isn’t too bad compared to similar offerings. Aside from the price, there really isn’t anything to complain about.   The latex is only offered in one thickness (14g), but there are four different sizes you can choose from. Offering a comfortable but snug fit, this suit is a promising option if you’ve never owned a suit before!

2 Catsuit

Full Latex Catsuit w/ Back Zip

 Full Latex Catsuit

  • Like lilac or red
  • Need a high-quality latex catsuit
  • Have breasts

Full Latex Catsuit

  • Want less coverage
  • Don’t like the zipper layout
  • Prefer thicker latex

If you’re looking for a sexy, one-piece latex catsuit, then this is the suit for you!   Tight, 14-gauge latex conforms perfectly to your figure in your choice of color. Three main colors are offered, but custom colors are offered upon request!   Complete with a 3-way zipper on the back, the zipper line stretches far enough down for easy access when the mood arises!

  • Offered in three main colors
  • 3-way zipper closure
  • Custom colors offered

  • No frontal access
  • Custom colors cost extra
  • Expensive
Full Latex Catsuit
Materials14 Gauge Latex
Fastening3-way zipper
LengthVarious inches

This latex suit costs considerably more than the previous model, and we’re not entirely sure why. It uses a three-way zipper (rather than a four-way design), is made of the same latex, and costs over a hundred dollars more.   We’re not entirely sure why this is, but it’s something to consider. Aside from that, the latex catsuit itself is definitely a high-quality item. Perfectly fitting to your form and offered in five different sizes, this is the perfect suit to get if you’re shopping for your first one!

3 Bondage

Latex Bondage Suit

 Latex Bondage Suit

  • Enjoy teasing your sub
  • Love the feeling of thick latex
  • Want to restrict the wearer’s arms

Latex Bondage Suit

  • Prefer lightweight latex
  • Don’t like the complexity
  • Want genital access

This latex suit is more beneficial for the watcher than the wearer. While the wearer is forced to keep their arms in front at all times, the watcher is free to touch, tease, and drive the wearer wild.   If this sounds like a good time then you’re sure to love this bondage suit! Made from thick, 25-gauge latex with a D-ring integrated into the collar, this suit is the perfect way to let your sub know their place!

  • Integrated D-ring
  • Belt prevents access to genitals
  • Secures the arms
  • Locking buckles

  • Expensive
  • Latex may be too thick for some
Latex Bondage Suit
Materials25-gauge latex
Fastening5-zipper design
Fastening1¼" D-ring

We love the design of this latex suit, but it certainly won’t be for everyone. Whereas many other suits offer a high level of mobility, this suit essentially forces the wearer to keep their arms in one place. They won’t have any access to their genitals either.   On the other hand, their master certainly will, and that’s who we think the suit is really made for. If you’re the type of person who absolutely loves to tease your sub (knowing that there’s absolutely nothing they’ll be able to do about it), then we highly recommend at least considering adding this latex bondage suit to your wishlist!

4 Rubber

Rubber Surf Suit

 Rubber Surf Suit

  • Only need partial coverage
  • Prefer frontal zippers
  • Are size S-XL

Rubber Surf Suit

  • Want more coverage
  • Need a suit that restricts
  • Desire integrated D-rings

Offering significantly less coverage than the other suits we’ve covered so far, your sub will certainly be more mobile in this suit… but that just opens up the opportunities, doesn’t it?   Made of 14-gauge rubber, this design uses four separate zipper heads. This layout allows you to open the crotch and butt opening separately, meaning you only need to let out what you’re currently occupied with.   Everything else can stay contained within the suit, impatiently waiting for a turn!

  • Zip-guard reduces caught hair
  • 4-zipper design
  • Allows for separate front/back access
  • Custom colors offered

  • Custom colors incur additional costs
  • No XS size offered
Rubber Surf Suit
Materials14-gauge rubber
LengthVarious inches

This is a solid latex suit, although the design differs a bit from the other ones. Whereas many suits opt for more coverage, this one has decided that less is better.   That’s not necessarily a bad thing though: the design allows for separate frontal and back access, enables subs to get on their knees without touching the latex to the floor, and can easily be paired with other accessories for additional coverage.   If you’re interested in getting a suit but aren’t quite enthused about trying to fit a full-coverage suit over all your skin, the rubber surf suit could be a good alternative!

5 Front Zip

Front Zip Catsuit

 Front Zip Catsuit

  • Love full-bodied suits
  • Won’t pay extra for transparency
  • Want complete coverage

Front Zip Catsuit

  • Prefer less coverage
  • Want thicker latex
  • Don’t like the seam locations

Despite covering almost your entire body, this latex suit is sure to encourage more attention to your curves in this tight outfit!   Designed to perfectly conform to your natural curves, the shape of your body is highlighted when wearing this catsuit, thanks to the specific seam placement.   If you want a suit that makes you feel sexy but also looks right at home in a BDSM dungeon, you simply can’t go wrong with this classic option!

  • Transparent smoke is a main option
  • Customizable coloring
  • Front zip design
  • High collar

  • Expensive
Front Zip Catsuit
Materials14-gauge latex
Fastening3 zip heads
LengthVarious inches

Many of the suits share similar designs, but this suit has two specific benefits: a high collar and an accentuated seamline. Pair that with the fact that this suit offers “transparent smoke” as an optional color—not an add-on—and you can definitely see why we chose this suit!   Whether or not the additional neck coverage is a plus or a minus ultimately comes down to personal preference. However, given that this suit is made from the same 14-gauge high-quality latex as the other options, we’d say go for it if the design appeals to you!

6 Mini Dress

Latex Wear Mini Dress with Garters

 Latex Wear Mini Dress

  • Are vegan
  • Don’t need full coverage
  • Want a budget-friendly option

Latex Wear Mini Dress

  • Want more coverage
  • Prefer a more traditional look
  • Need D-rings or attachment points

Affordable, attractive, and stretch-to-fit: introducing the Rubber Girl Latex Wear Mini Dress with Garters!   Offering minimal coverage, this dress hugs your curves in dark, black latex, held in place thanks to the four garters.   Sure, you’ll need to buy a set of matching leggings to complete the look, but at a price this low? It’s surely worth it!

  • Vegan-friendly materials
  • Stretch-to-fit design
  • Multiple sizes offered
  • Includes garters

  • Comfort will vary
  • Runs small
  • Stockings not included
Latex Wear Mini Dress
FasteningMetal garters
LengthVarious inches

As mentioned above, this latex suit tends to run small. As such, you should order a size up (especially if you have large breasts). However, no complaints were made besides this, so this is the only issue you could run into.   Assuming you order a size up, you should be more than happy with the dress and garter combination! While it may not have the “traditional” look that many people hope for in BDSM gear, it still offers an inkling of the BDSM style at a fraction of the cost.   If you’re looking for a sexy, form-fitting, and budget-friendly option, we think this dress & garter combo is worth checking out!

Latex Accessories

We’ve looked at the full suits, but who can forget the accessories!? Here are a few of our favorites!

Rubber Hood w/ Zipper

Rubber Hood w/ Zipper - Latex Accessories
Wrap your head in 25-gauge latex, leaving only your eyes and mouth uncovered (for easy access!). Offered in five different sizes, you won’t have any trouble finding one that’s the perfect fit.

Lace Up Rubber Gauntlets

Lace Up Rubber Gauntlets - Latex Accessories
Made of 30 Gauge rubber with 16 eyelets per gauntlet, these sexy accessories can be placed on your forearms or fit to your upper arms. Placement is up to you; just make sure to order the right size!

Premium Latex Black Elbow-Length Gloves

Premium Latex Black Elbow-Length Gloves - Latex Accessories
If gauntlets weren’t enough, perhaps these elbow-length latex gloves are more your style. Sexy, and shiny, these gloves look perfect with nearly any BDSM outfit!

Rubber Girl Latex Stockings

 Rubber Girl Latex Stockings - Latex Accessories
These latex stockings also pair perfectly with nearly any outfit, and can be the perfect touch to your existing latex outfit!

Latex Wear Essentials

Simply dressing the part isn’t enough; here are a few other essentials you’ll need before you don your new latex outfit!

pjur Cult Easy Latex Dressing Aid

pjur Cult Easy Latex Dressing Aid - Latex Wear Essentials
Latex may be a sexy material, but there’s nothing sexy about struggling to put on a suit. Make your life a little easier with this Easy Latex Dressing Aid!

pjur Cult Latex Shiner Spray

pjur Cult Latex Shiner Spray - Latex Wear Essentials
All latex needs to be shined if you want it to look its best, and latex often needs to be shined upon arrival anyway. Get ahead of the game with this Latex Shiner Spray!

beGLOSS Special Wash Latex Cleaner

beGLOSS Special Wash Latex Cleaner - Latex Wear Essentials
Take extra special care of your favorite latex outfit by cleaning them with this Special Wash Latex Cleaner!

How to Use a Latex Suit

Never used a latex suit before? Here’s the process you’ll need to know!

Get everything you’ll need

Get everything you’ll need

You’ll need more than just your suit: you’ll also need a dressing aid! This could be talcum powder or silicone lube. Experiment with both (which one you use is ultimately down to personal preference!).

Turn the Suit Inside-Out

Turn the Suit Inside-Out

You’ll need to apply the dressing agent to the inside of the suit. Turn the suit inside out before applying it. After it’s been applied, you can strip down to the nude. Ensure your nails are clipped and remove any undergarments before attempting to put the suit on.

Put the Suit On

Put the Suit On

Generally, you’ll want to start from the feet and work your way up. Go slowly: you do not want to stretch the latex under any circumstances! Work it onto your body by pushing up when required (never pull) and shifting as needed until you’ve managed to get the entire suit on.

How to Clean a Latex Suit

It’s important that you clean your latex suit after use, not only to prevent bacterial buildup, but also to prevent long-term damage to the material itself. Fortunately, it’s not very hard to do! You’ll need to wash the material using warm water (no soap) or a specialized latex cleaner like beGLOSS Special Wash Latex Cleaner. Wipe off any excess water using a toy then lay the suit down to dry. Treat the material with talcum powder before storing it away, and always ensure it’s completely dry before storage!


We only recommend using silicone lubricants or dedicated lubricants for latex suits.

“Gauge” refers to the thickness of the latex. A higher number indicates a thicker latex material.

The idea is that by being completely covered (including the face), the wearer is reduced from a sexual partner to a sex toy (within the context of the BDSM encounter). You could think of it as another form of consensual power play!

With latex suits being made for all different types of bodies, literally anyone can enjoy wearing a latex suit!

6-8 hours is a realistic expectation for long-term latex suit-wearing. While it’s certainly possible to wear one for longer, the experience will get steadily more uncomfortable as you go on.

What is a Latex Suit?

A latex suit—also referred to as a bondage suit or gimp suit—is a type of stretchy, tight-sitting suit designed for sex play. Many of these suits feature integrated anchor points, which allow the suit to be bound easily to other BDSM sex toys/mounts.

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