The 6 Best Life Size Sex Dolls that Partner Perfectly

   Josh Gill
In this review, I’ll be going over the best life-size sex dolls out there for anyone looking to find the perfect candidate for some true-to-life companionship. I’ve thoroughly reviewed each product and given them ratings based on design, price range, realism, and overall quality. It is my goal to make sure you have all the information you need to pick out the ideal life-size sex doll for you, to enjoy her satisfying curves, her full figure, and her realistic features. Let’s dive in, shall we?
1 Test Winner

Pipedream Ultimate Fantasy Dolls Kitty

 Pipedream Kitty

  • Are looking for a realistic full size sex doll
  • Aren't concerned about the price
  • Like the feel of TPE Fanta Flesh
  • Like blondes

Pipedream Kitty

  • Are looking for a smaller sex doll
  • Prefer silicone sex dolls
  • Are on a budget

Kitty is one of Pipedream’s Ultimate Fantasy Dolls, and an amazing option if you want a life sized, big breasted, fully poseable, TPE blonde sex doll! Her internal steel skeleton allows you to position her however you want, and as you get down to business you’ll truly appreciate how much effort has gone into even the smallest of details! The skin is made of super soft TPE Fanta Flesh which feels incredibly lifelike. She’s got beautiful blonde hair, capivating green eyes, and three tight and textured penetration openings: her vagina, her anus, and her mouth. Dress her up however you want, put her in any position you want, use any hole you want, and have all the fun in the world. Kitty won’t disappoint!

  • Life sized and very realistic
  • Fully poseable steel skeleton
  • Detailed and textured openings

  • Very steep price
  • Not discreet at all
Pipedream Kitty
Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight82 lbs
OpeningsVagina, butt, and mouth
Insertable length(all orifices) 5 inches

If you want a premium life sized sex doll, then Kitty from Pipedream’s Ultimate Fantasy Dolls line is an absolute winner. That’s also why she’s the Test Winner of this round-up review. She’s got the full package in terms of size, design, realism, proportion, materials, and price! She has a lot of the most desirable features that people look for in sex dolls: realistic feeling skin, poseability, three differently textured openings, and, well, conventionally good looks! Kitty is a great option overall for a life size sex doll. However, the reality is that if you want a life sized sex doll that is of such a high quality, you’re going to have to pay an equally high price. And for such a steep price tag you might expect your life sized sex doll to be made out of a type of material that’s easier to clean and maintain. While this is an understandable thought, the fact just is that most life size sex dolls are made of TPE. It’s feels the most lifelike and is the “best cheapest” material to use as seen from the manufacturers point of view. So, while Kitty may require thorough cleaning and maintenance, so do most other life size sex dolls! All in all, I think she’s a great option for anyone looking for quality and realism.

2 Cheapest

Tantaly Monica Sex Doll Torso

 Tantaly Monica

  • Are looking for realistic fleshy movements
  • Can't resist huge jiggleing boobs
  • Want a sex doll that is more discreet

Tantaly Monica

  • Prefer sex dolls made out of silicone
  • Are looking for a full-bodied sex doll
  • Want a less curvy toy

If you want a curvy sex doll that is more representative of BBW sex dolls, then you’re going to want to go for Tantaly Monica. With her sensual curves, huge jiggling breasts, and thighs, you can position her to get perfect access to her holes. While she’s not technically a full life size sex doll and don’t have full arms, legs, or a head, her torso is still realistically proportioned. So, obviously, this is the option for anyone on a budget who still wants to experience the “most important parts” of a life size sex doll. You’ll find she has a wonderfully realistic weighted feel. She’s also made of a human-feeling TPE that is soft and smooth to the touch! Small and easy to use, you can pick her up and use her however and whenever you desire!

  • Amazing breasts with perky nipples
  • Much more discreet than full-bodied dolls
  • Made of a realistic feeling TPE material

  • Not the largest doll ever
  • No steel skeleton for posing
Tantaly Monica
Height24 inches
Weight41.13 lbs
OpeningsVagina and butt
Insertable length(vagina) 6.29 inches / (butt) 6.29 inches
Width(vagina) 0.6 inches / (butt) 0.2 inches inches

Life sizeex dolls don’t often come cheap, but Tantaly Monica provides you with an affordable alternative if you just need a somewhat realistically sized sex doll! She has gorgeous feeling skin, and breasts to die for, as they bounce and jiggle with every thrust into either of her tight holes. Granted, she doesn’t have a head, arms, or legs below the knees, but really you can live without them. Well, you can’t, but you know what I mean! The thing is, Tantaly Monica is quite tiny, and for those that want something that really does provide the illusion of another human, this might not be the doll for you. It doesn’t detract from the fact that she feels great to use, and she does her job well, but she probably won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. On the bright side, she is far more discreet (and more practical to store) than all the other life size sex dolls in this review that feature arms, legs, and a head! Another thing to keep in mind that Tantaly Monica is actually also described as an anime sex doll because of her exaggerated proportions. This is for users who really love large jiggly breasts or butts!

3 Beginner

Thrust Pro Elite Roxy

 Thrust Pro Elite Roxy

  • Love a luxury realistic sex doll
  • Want to use the doll in any position
  • Have a penis that is ready to go

Thrust Pro Elite Roxy

  • Need something more discreet
  • Want something more affordable
  • Prefer silicone life size sex dolls

The Thrust Pro Elite Roxy really is a buxom brunette beauty! With full lips, curvy ass, and life-like pussy, this brunette sex doll is a stunner from head to toe. Each one of her three openings offers a differently textured canal that will be able to open up and accommodate any and all cocks. The soft TPE skin feels authentic and smooth. While she might be petite, she is fully poseable, meaning you can play in almost any position you desire. Want to get experimental and crazy? Well, she even has screws in the base of her feet to support strenuous, strange, and standing sex positions. The Thrust Pro Elite Roxy is a real keeper!

  • Cute and petite size
  • Amazing looking/feeling 30DD breasts
  • Three differently textured holes

  • Not for lovers of BBW sex dolls
  • Made of trickier to clean TPE
Thrust Pro Elite Roxy
MaterialsSoft plastic
Height5 feet 2 inches
Weight99 lbs
OpeningsVagina, butt, and mouth
Insertable length(vagina) 6.5 inches / (butt) 5.5 inches / (mouth) 4.5 inches

The Thrust Pro Elite Roxy is a beautiful and amply sized life size sex doll. She has realistic feeling 30DD breasts, and 3 orifices: a mouth, a vagina, and a butt. Each have their own unique textures and will please your penis in different ways. She can be posed however you want, and because of the bolts on her feet you can even stand her up. I believe that the variations in texture, orifice, and even variation in posability makes Roxy a great option for sex doll beginners as well. Now here’s the thing; the Thrust Pro Elite Roxy might be petite, but she is bulky and takes up a surprising amount of room – especially when trying to store her away. I have to emphasize that this needs to be a consideration when buying, as you’re going to need to keep her nice and clean and safely stored away.

4 Redhead

VM Dolls Rebecca Premium TPE Sex Doll

 VM Dolls Rebecca

  • want a hyper-realistic life size sex doll
  • love readheads
  • enjoy women with more of a petite frame
  • enjoy shapely breasts that aren't too big either

VM Dolls Rebecca

  • prefer more curvy women
  • are not a fan of curly red hair

Rebecca is not just a life size sex doll; she’s a masterpiece of artistry and realism. With her fiery red hair in curls bouncing down her shoulders, she exudes a unique charm that many find irresistible. Redheads have always been associated with passion, intensity, and a spark of adventure, and Rebecca embodies all of that. I adore that WM Dolls have crafted her astonishingly lifelike features, ensuring that every detail, from her soft skin to her captivating gaze, is as real as it gets. Whether it’s the color of her hair, the curve of her lips, or the shape of her body, Rebecca promises an experience that’s both visually and physically enchanting.

  • Beautiful curly, red hair
  • Petite frame
  • Internal skeleton
  • Relatively affordable

  • Not ideal for those who prefer very large breasts or buttocks
  • The wig can look a bit fake
VM Dolls Rebecca
Height5 feet 1 inches
OpeningsVagina, anus, mouth

The Rebecca Premium TPE Sex Doll really is a testament to the craftsmanship of WM Dolls. Her standout red hair sets her apart, making her a favorite for those who are drawn to the allure of fiery redheads. What I also appreciate is that, beyond her looks, the quality and realism she offers are unparalleled. Especially when you think of the quite reasonable price point! For those seeking a unique companion that combines beauty, realism, and that classic redhead charm, I believe Rebecca is the perfect choice for a life size sex doll. She’s not just a redhead sex doll; she’s an experience waiting to be explored.

5 Petite

WM Dolls Phoebe Premium Female Sex Doll

 WM Dolls Phoebe

  • enjoy a more petite frame
  • want a hyper-realistic face
  • need a doll that's fully customizable
  • like smaller breasts

WM Dolls Phoebe

  • prefer a fuller figure
  • would rather enjoy larger breasts

Meet Phoebe, a premium life size sex doll that perfectly captures the allure of a petite body type. I personally love her slender frame and her delicate features combined with hih quality realism. For those who have a thing for the dainty and delicate, Phoebe is the embodiment of that fantasy. I’m partial to her soft skin that, as ith most WM Dolls, feels incredibly lifelike. This way, you’ll be offered an experience that’s as close to reality as it gets. Beyond her physique, her detailed facial features and expressive eyes add to her overall charm, making her a standout in any collection.

  • Extremely realistic features
  • Ideal for fans of petite women
  • Customizable

  • Perhaps a tad too realistic for some
  • Her small build may not be fully satisfactory for some fantasies
WM Dolls Phoebe
Height5 feet 2 inches
Maximum WeightVagina, anus, mouth lbs

Phoebe stands out as a tribute to the grace and beauty of the petite form. Her delicate structure, and soft (yet somehow also sharp?) features really impressed me in terms of realism. I honestly think she’s one of the only life size sex dolls, I’ve come across that doesn’t have those over-emphasized proportions that immediately give it away. Phoebe does actually have some somewhat “realistic” features as well! Good news? Just like Rebecca, Phoebe is actually also available at a relatively budget-friendly price! So, for lovers of the petite aesthetic, Phoebe delivers an unmatched visual and tactile delight.

6 Curvy

WM Dolls Saya Premium Curvy TPE Sex Doll

 WM Dolls Saya

  • Love curvy women
  • Want a life size sex doll with a huge ass
  • Want to be able to have breast sex
  • Like the idea of a Latina sex doll

WM Dolls Saya

  • Prefer a more petite frame
  • Don't have room to store a curvy life size sex doll

Meet Saya, the embodiment of sensuous curves and lifelike allure. With her voluptuous figure, she’s a dream come true for those who appreciate the beauty of a curvy silhouette. Her beautiful black, curly hair cascades down her back, and her full figure, and full lips all add a touch fiery Latina passion to this high-quality life size sex doll. Here, WM Dolls are again behind this lifelike material and the amazing attention to detail. Saya is not just a curvy sex doll but a work of art. Made from ultra-soft thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), her skin feels incredibly realistic, inviting you to caress and explore. Her steel skeleton and movable joints make sure she can strike and hold many seductive poses, making every moment with her an adventure. Whether you’re looking for companionship or a passionate night, Saya is ready to fulfill your every desire.

  • Great butt and big breasts
  • Full figure
  • Latina

  • Can be tricky to clean because of its size
  • Slightly unrealistic proportions
WM Dolls Saya
Height4 feet 10 inches
Weight97 lbs
OpeningsVagina, anus, mouth
Insertable length(vagina) 7.5 inches, (anus) 4.7 inches, (mouth) 4.5 inches

Saya stands out not just for her curvaceous figure but also for the quality and craftsmanship that WM Dolls brings to the table. Her curvy body type, accentuated by her lovely dark locks of hair, is a testament to the beauty of diverse body shapes, appealing to those who have a a bit of thing for bigger bosoms and a bit of dump truck, if you will! Similar to Rebecca and Phoebe, the lifelike feel of her TPE skin and the flexibility offered by her steel skeleton make her a top-tier choice for those seeking a premium experience. In a world filled with choices, I think anyone who loves the proportions of more curvy women will enjoy someone like Saya!

Life Size Male Sex Dolls

So I’ve covered life size female sex dolls, but what about males? Can you get life size sex dolls with a penis instead of a vagina and tits? Of course you can! Here are a few of the best options for male sex dolls out there!

Pipedream Extreme Realistic Male Sex Doll

Pipedream Extreme Realistic Male Sex Doll - Life Size Male Sex Dolls
The Pipedream Extreme Realistic Male Sex Doll gives you some naugty options: Want to fuck his butt? Of course you do! Want to take his chunky 8 inch long cock? Go ahead! With well-defined muscles along this TPE torso, it’s a sure-fire winner for males and females alike. The cock is a dual density dildo with a solid core and squishy outer layer and feels incredibly realistic! And what’s more is that when you buy this sex doll torso, it includes samples of sex toy cleaner, lubricant and a full-size bottle of revive powder.

Hot Male Torso Love Doll - Aaron

Hot Male Torso Love Doll - Aaron - Life Size Male Sex Dolls
With a girthy 7.5 inch long penis, Aaron is a Hot Male Torso Love Doll that will have you hot under the collar! He features an articulated metal skeleton for precision positioning, and he is made of a solid yet soft TPE. Coming in at 3 feet 3 inches tall, he is life size sex doll that’s similar to Tantaly Monica in terms of discretion and practicality. So slide your cock into his butt or mouth, or take his penis inside you. Whichever you choose, you’re going to love him!

RealDoll Johnny 1.0

RealDoll Johnny 1.0 - Life Size Male Sex Dolls
If you want to go for a hyperrealistic male sex doll, then the Johnny 1.0 from RealDoll is an easy choice. With a sculpted body, well sized cock, and dashing good looks, this life sized sex doll will please both men and women alike. It might be expensive, but what you get for your money is something incredibly realistic and detailed. In fact, you might never look back! And if you want to change anything, don’t worry – you can! Every part of Johnny is customizable, so you can get EXACTLY what you want!

A Quick Comparison of the Best Life Size Sex Dolls Out There

In the realm of lifelike companions, several products stand out based on their distinct features. When it comes to height, the Pipedream Kitty towers above the rest at 5 feet 6 inches, making it the tallest option available. However, if weight is a consideration, the Monica Sex Doll Torso is the lightest at 41.13 lbs, while the Thrust Pro Elite Roxy and WM Dolls Saya are on the heavier side, weighing in at 99 lbs and 97 lbs respectively. Let’s briefly go over some of the highlights that come up when you sit down to compare all the products from the list above. Which life size sex doll should you go for if you want the tallest one, the one with the deepest internal canals, or the one with the most realistic features? Well, let’s have a look!

Internal Experience:

For those focused on the internal experience, the Tantaly Monica offers the tightest orifices with a vaginal diameter of 0.6 inches and an anal diameter of 0.2 inches. In terms of insertable length, the WM Dolls Saya provides the most depth for the vagina at 7.5 inches. That makes her extremely suitable for anyone sporting a cock that’s above average in length, while Tantaly Monica is the best at providing a pleasurably *tight* experience.

User Ratings:

User feedback is invaluable when assessing the quality of a product. So, what are the highlight? What do the people say? The WM Dolls Phoebe stands out with a perfect user rating of 5.0, based on feedback from a single user. However, the VM Dolls Rebecca has also garnered a 5.0 rating, but it’s backed by a more substantial number of 60 users, making it a popular choice among users and sex doll lovers.


While this is difficult to measure objectively, I still want to comment on the level of realism these products provide. I personally think the WM Dolls Rebecca and the WM Dolls Phoebe are at the top here for most realistic features. Those I would definitely recommend for anyone who really values captivating eyes and realistic faces. On the other side, I would say that the WM Dolls Saya and the Thrust Pro Elite Roxy have facial features that cater to more of an exaggerated look rather than a realistic one. All in all, while each product has its unique strengths, the VM Dolls Rebecca seems to be a crowd favorite in terms of user satisfaction, and the Pipedream Kitty offers the most lifelike height. However, individual preferences will ultimately dictate the best choice for each user.

Are Life Size Sex Dolls Shipped Discreetly?

I can totally understand the hesitation about buying a life size sex doll. They’re expensive, bulky, and probably not the most discreet during shipping, right? Well, I’m delighted to inform you that it’s not all bad at all! My colleagues and I have tried out the process from a few different shops. They are actually almost always shipped in the most discreet and unassuming ways possible! You can’t get around the fact that life size sex dolls are generally big and bulky toys, but companies know that if they want a satisfied customer, discretion is of utmost importance! They will almost always be shipped in unmarked boxes that give no indication as to what’s inside. So you can buy in confidence, because no one but you is going to know what’s in there!

How to Use Life Size Sex Dolls

Using a life size sex doll isn’t as complicated, difficult, or confusing as you might think. In fact, it’s fairly straight forward! But if you’re struggling, don’t worry! I’m here with a quick guide as to how to use your dolls and get the most out of them! And if you want a more comprehensive guide, I suggest you have a look at Edwina’s guide on “How to Use a Sex Doll: 10 Tips for Sex, Care, Cleaning“.

Apply plenty of lubrication!

Apply plenty of lubrication!

When you’re wanting to get down and dirty with your like size sex dolls, one of the most important things is keeping things as friction-free as possible. You can do this by generously applying lube to the holes of your sex doll as well as on your cock. The more, the merrier – it’s always better to have too much than not enough! So grab your favorite water-based lube and get covered in the stuff. You won’t regret it!

Savor the sensations

Savor the sensations

Don’t just go ramming your cock in and getting down to business, because before very long at all it’s going to be all over! You should really enjoy the feelings and sensations of entering your sex doll, savoring the textures and stimulating patterns of the vagina, butt, or mouth. Starting slow helps build up your stamina too, so it has double the effects!

Get clean after getting dirty!

Get clean after getting dirty!

Finished having your fun? Did you enjoy it? Good! I knew you would! Well, now that you’re done getting dirty it’s time to get clean! Putting your sex doll in the bath or shower might be more convenient to help you clean as they are fairly big! For more information, check out Edwina’s post with a more detailed guide on “How to Clean a Sex Doll“.

How to Clean Life Size Sex Dolls

Cleaning life size sex dolls is one of the most important parts of owning them. They require plenty of TLC if you want to ensure they last you for as long as possible. So here are a few handy resources that will help you keep your life size sex doll in tip-top condition and good to go whenever you need it!


What are life size sex dolls?

Life size sex dolls are full sized sex dolls with realistic features and poseable metal skeletons. They can be put in different positions, dressed in regular clothing or lingerie, used for cuddling, kissing or, obviously, penetration! They might be big, they might be bulky, and they might set you back quite a bit of money, but they are some of the most premium and high-quality toys out there. As well as being well sized, they are also realistic in their textures and features. If you've ever wanted to simulate sex in the most realistic manner, I'd say life size sex dolls are good way to go!

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