The 7 Best Long Anal Toys for Your Deepest Desires

   Josh Gill
I’ve scoured the internet to find the very best long anal toys out there! With quality and design at the forefront, I’ve selected long anal toys that are hypoallergenic, easy to sterilize, and optimized for easy insertion. With plenty of anal probes, large anal beads, anal snakes, and anal dildos galore, you’re sure to find a toy of any length that can satisfy all of your backdoor desires. Whether you’re just looking for a long thin anal toy or truly need a girthy monster-sized toy to satisfy your needs, you’ll be able to find the very best long anal toys on the market listed right below.
1 Test Winner

Tantus Cowboy Extra Long Anal Probe

 Tantus Cowboy Anal Probe

  • Love deep anal play
  • Want something beaded
  • Enjoy something firmer than anal beads

Tantus Cowboy Anal Probe

  • Prefer something with a completely smooth texture
  • Want a long anal toy that vibrates

The Tantus Cowboy Extra Long Anal Probe is 15 inches of anal excitement. Fulfil your deepest desires (literally) and challenge yourself to take as much of this flexible yet fun long anal toy. With 6 bulbs of increasing sizes along its length, it’s sure to leave you with a filled up feeling. This probe is something of a hybrid between an anal dildo and anal beads. It’s gradually beaded yet firm. The best of both worlds, I would say! Ride ’em cowboy! Yee-haw!

  • Excellent length
  • Gradually sized beads
  • Non-slip base
  • Sturdy

  • A bit pricey
  • No suction cup base
Tantus Cowboy Anal Probe
Length15 inches
Width2.8 inches
Colors AvailableOnyx, Ruby

The Tantus Cowboy Extra Long Anal Probe is a large anal toy for deep anal fun. Tapered in shape, the 6 beads allow you to gradually work up to the full width of this monster, and a non-slip base allows for good grip. However, this product does not have suction cup base, so it may be difficult to secure it in a hands-free position while you get down to work. While it’s undoubtedly a fun and challenging toy for those that think they can handle it, unfortunately the steep price could be a major drawback for those on a tight budget. All in all, I picked this extra long anal toy as the Test Winner for this review because of its design and overall quality. It’s made of quality materials and, as mentioned, kind of has the best of both worlds to offer in terms of the beaded shape but the sturdy dildo-like build. There’s something to enjoy for most fans of deep anal play.

2 Cheapest

Blush Luxe Silicone Anal Beads

 Blush Luxe Silicone Anal Beads

  • Enjoy using anal beads
  • Want a loop for good control
  • Are just starting to explore anal beads
  • Want a good quality long anal toy
  • Are on a budget but still want good materials

Blush Luxe Silicone Anal Beads

  • Want something bigger
  • Prefer a dildo-style deep anal toy

Looking for some anal beads that will impress you with just how much length they have to play around with? Long anal beads, like the Blush Luxe Silicone Anal Beads, will let you enjoy the feeling of being gradually stretched the more you insert this toy, and take pleasure in pulling it back out again, sending ripples and shivers through your body!  Starting out pretty small, the 10.2 inch insertable length contains 10 silicone beads that gradually step up in size.Blush Luxe Silicone Anal Beads Fun to use alone, the Blush Luxe Silicone Anal Beads can also be used with a partner to help keep the party going and ensure that every hole gets in on the action!

  • Great for beginners
  • Nice and cheap
  • Super flexible

  • No vibration function
  • A little too long and thin for some people
Blush Luxe Silicone Anal Beads
Length12.5 inches
Insertable length10.2 inches
Width0.7 inches
Colors AvailablePurple, Pink, Indigo

The Blush Luxe Silicone Anal Beads are a great jumping off point if you want to give anal beads a try. Definitely aimed more at beginners, the beads still give the user a sense of being stretched and filled up as they use them. While this might not satisfy all users, it is nonetheless still a safe and exciting way of testing the waters. Completely reasonably priced, the anal beads could possibly benefit from being a little wider in diameter to offer more of a fun challenge for anyone using them (although this alteration might push this particular toy into the more experienced user category!) So if you’re just looking for a gentle starting point at an affordable price without compromising on quality, then the Blush Luxe Silicone Anal Beads are just the thing for you!

3 Beginner

Sex & Mischief Silicone Anal Beads

 Sex & Mischief Silicone Anal Beads

  • Want to try anal beads for the first time
  • Are looking for a slightly soft and flexible product
  • Already have some experience with anal play

Sex & Mischief Silicone Anal Beads

  • Want something more rigid
  • Are more experienced and craving something more fulfilling

For all those deep anal enthusiasts who haven’t quite explored the world of anal beads yet, enter the Sex & Mischief Silicone Anal Beads, your perfect entryway into the world of anal exploration. Crafted from top-quality, phthalate-free black silicone, these beads offer a gentle yet thrilling experience. With nine gradually tapered beads, this flexible set ensures a comfortable ride from start to finish. A silky smooth seam and a user-friendly pull ring enhance your pleasure, making insertion and removal a breeze!

  • Super flexible
  • Ideal for anal bead beginners
  • Large loop handle for better control
  • Smooth silicone

  • Can be a bit underwhelming for experienced users
  • Requires thorough cleaning between each bead
Sex & Mischief Silicone Anal Beads
Length10 inches
Insertable length9 inches
Diameter0.89 inches
MaterialsABS plastic "Skeleton" with Silicone outer coating
FlexibilityVery Flexible
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack

If you’re wanting to give anal play a whirl and want to try out some toys then the Sex & Mischief Silicone Anal Beads is a great place to start. The smooth edged beads make insertion and removal a breeze, and the longer length ensures that you’ll feel like you’re been pleasured to your very core! The outer layer of silicone is smooth and soft – ideal for beginners – while the ABS plastic core provides the exact amount of firmness you need for easy insertion. This is the winner for all you newbies out there craving some deep anal toys!

4 Vibrating

b-Vibe Cinco Anal Beads

 b-Vibe Cinco

  • Love anal vibrations
  • Already enjoy using regular anal beads
  • Prefer more rigid anal beads

b-Vibe Cinco

  • Want something more flexible
  • Actually don't enjoy deep anal vibrations

Long vibrating anal beads, like the b-Vibe Cinco, brings together the exciting worlds of anal beads and vibrators. This rechargeable long anal toy will provide powerful, sensual vibrations deep inside your body with three powerful motors throughout the shaft, which will without a doubt leave you feeling satisfied beyond compare. With 5 tapered, and gradually sized beads and good length at 8.2″ , it’s a great vibrating anal toy for beginners and more experienced anal players alike! Control the sensation with the remote control. Make your solo sessions much easier to customize or let your partner take control of your pleasure!


  • 5 tapered beads in gradual sizes
  • 3 powerful motors
  • Storage bag included
  • T-bar handle that sits comfortably between the cheeks
  • Remote control

  • Can be too rigid for some
  • Quite expensive
b-Vibe Cinco
Vibration speeds6
Vibration patterns15
Length8.2 inches
Insertable length7.5 inches
Width(Widest bead) 1.3 inches
RechargeableYes - USB cable
Battery Life60 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes

The b-Vibe Cinco is a dream combination of two of the most beloved sex toys out there. Quite frankly, it does a sterling job of melding the best of both worlds together. With each bead shaped for easy insertion and removal, and a gradual increase in size, these long vibrating anal beads are suitabe for both beginners and advanced users. Just go as far as you’re comfortable with! The T-bar base will ensure that this long anal toy  will sit comfortably inside you. This way you can enjoy it as you go about your day or it simply won’t get in the way if you’re also having vaginal sex while wearing it. Vibration wise, you get a buzzy but fairly powerful sensation that you’ll feel all throughout your body. This bad boy has not one, not two, but THREE powerful motors to buzz you away! Slightly steep in price, you can’t complain too much for what you get.

5 Snake

Doc Johnson Kink In Deep Anal Snake

 Doc Johnson Anal Snake

  • Want a longggg toy
  • Enjoy a silky smooth texture
  • Don't like to be stretched too much

Doc Johnson Anal Snake

  • Are looking for something thicker
  • Prefer more textured toys

The Doc Johnson Kink In Deep Anal Snake fills quite the gap in the anal play niche: it is designed to go DEEP! At a ridiculously exciting length of 19.5 inches it might look a little intimidating at first, but once the silky smooth long anal toy starts to slide into your body you’re sure to get used to it! Also with a Vac-U-Lock compatible end you have the option of using it with a strap-on or a fuck machine.

  • Long and slim
  • Pretty flexible
  • Smooth for easy use

  • Too rigid for DEEP play
  • Not thick enough for some
Doc Johnson Anal Snake
Length19.5 inches
Insertable length17 inches
Width1 inches

Okay, let’s talk about the Doc Johnson Kink In Deep Anal Snake. Length wise you can’t knock it, and you have the absolute potential to go deep, if you’re feeling that daring. And we mean deep! But here’s the thing – while it’s fairly flexible it’s not flexible enough to curve with the insides of your body but then it’s too flexible to push on through. This means that while it’s a decent toy for enjoying some pretty deep anal, it may leave something to be desired for anyone out there who wants to take it to the next level. They may be better off getting their hands on a different kind of super deep anal toy.

6 Large

Vixen Silver Marble Anal Beads

 Vixen Marble Anal Beads

  • Want to feel stretched
  • Love larger anal beads
  • Want a flexible toy
  • Are already pretty experienced with anal beads and anal penetration

Vixen Marble Anal Beads

  • Prefer dildo-like toys
  • Need the beads to be tapered

The Vixen Silver Marble Anal Beads are a chunky silicone long anal toy that not only look pretty but feel great! The 6 equally sized beads have an eye-pleasing marble effect and will feel great as they slide in and rest inside you. Forget about cute butt plugs, this toy might be better suited to intermediate or advanced users. The large base ensures you are able to keep complete control of the beads, wear them comfortably, and remove them when you’re done.

  • Chunky, weighed beads
  • Large base
  • Excellent for advanced users

  • Possibly too big for beginners
  • The beads aren't tapered
Vixen Marble Anal Beads
Length19 inches
Insertable length18 inches
Width1.6 inches

The Vixen Silver Marble Anal Beads are an absolute beast of a toy. A super long anal toy that’s also wide enough for slight stretching, you’re sure to get a buzz and a thrill as you feel them push inside you. The silicone will warm up to your body temperature and feel natural and enjoyable for as long as you want to use them. Since the beads are all the same size and don’t have a tapered shape for easy insertion, I would not recommend these for absolute beginners. Here, I would definitely still recommend either our test winners for the “Cheapest” option or the “Vibrating” option from earlier in this post.

7 Probe

Tantus The 16

 Tantus The 16

  • Want a huge toy
  • Prefer dildo-like toys
  • Are experienced in anal play

Tantus The 16

  • Prefer anal beads
  • Are a beginner

The 16 from Tantus is 16 inches of premium silicone in the shape of a giant (and I mean giant) cock! This deep anal toy will stretch you to your limit and give you a feeling that is incomparable to anything else and any other toy that you’ve ever used before. The shaft features a realistic feeling head as well as light veins running down the length. Are you brave enough to give The 16 a try and see how much YOU can handle? Good luck!

  • Extra long
  • Super wide
  • Realistic shape/feeling
  • Plain smooth texture

  • Far too big for beginners/intermediate users
  • No suction cup base
Tantus The 16
Insertable length16 inches
Width2.25 inches

Oh my days, The 16 from Tantus is a true monster of a deep long anal toy play! Just look at the size of that thing! Once accommodated it will slide smoothly and deeply inside you and leave you feeling full and satisfied. Excellent in quality, realistic looking and feeling, and with effects that are sure to have you walking like John Wayne for the rest of the day, The 16 is a wonderfully massive toy that experienced anal players will love!

Long Anal Cones: Go Big or Go Home

“Size matters not”. That’s what Jedi Master Yoda said. But, clearly, he wasn’t talking about long anal probes! Sometimes bigger really is better, so let’s take a look at one of the biggest, most challenging long anal probes out there!

Tantus Super Sized Anal Probe

Tantus Super Sized Anal Probe - Long Anal Cones: Go Big or Go Home
With a length of 10.7 inches and a base width of an eye-watering 4 inches, this silicone cone dildo of pleasure really is for those of the strong of heart (and butt). This is by far the widest of all the toys in this article, and as such really will be a challenge, even for the most experienced of anal players out there. But if you think you can rise to that challenge then grab your lube (trust me, you’ll need it) and get to work. Good luck!!

Essentials for Anal Play and Long Anal Toys

There are a few essential items that you’ll need in your arsenal if you enjoy anal play! Nope, I’m not talking about the toys themselves; instead I’m talking about a few of the super important accessories that help make anal play that much more fun. So let’s explore a couple of essentials for anal play!

Tracey Cox Flexible Anal Douche

Tracey Cox Flexible Anal Douche - Essentials for Anal Play and Long Anal Toys
When engaging in anal play there’s always that risk of mess and unexpected surprises making an appearance when you really don’t want them to. Absolute mood killer, right! Luckily, an anal douche, like the Tracey Cox Supersex Flexible Tip Anal Douche, allows you to squirt 5.4 fl. oz. of liquid inside yourself to ensure that you’re rinsed out and squeaky clean! Once properly cleaned you can enjoy your anal play session to your heart’s content!  

Lovehoney Discover Anal Lubricant

Lovehoney Discover Anal Lubricant  - Essentials for Anal Play and Long Anal Toys
Lubrication is essential! That’s just a fact of life with pretty much any and all sex toys! The Lovehoney Discover Anal Lubricant is a water-based lube that allows you to make sure that everything’s slippy, slidey and ready to go! After all, no one needs unexpected friction burns or anything like that. Especially when it comes to long anal toy play! Ouch!

Safe Play With Long Anal Toys

Anal play is undoubtedly fun and exciting, but when it comes to using sex toys safety always should be the number 1 priority. Keeping yourself or your partner safe is of utmost importance, so let’s take a look at a few ways to keep things that way!

Only use long anal toys designed for anal play!

Only use long anal toys designed for anal play! - Safe Play With Long Anal Toys
If you’re going to be sliding anything up into your butt you want to be damn sure that it’s designed to go in there! That means making sure that you have an appropriate toy is essential. It should have a flared base, a loop or otherwise be easily removable when you need to take it out! You don’t want it getting stuck in there!

Make sure you lube up!

Make sure you lube up! - Safe Play With Long Anal Toys
Making sure that everythings as slippy and slidey as possible is super important. The anus doesn’t naturally lubricate so you need to give it a helping hand with some kind of water-based lube! Lubricating both the toy AND your anus ensures that you can slide long anal toys in and out safely and easily.

Take things slowly!

Take things slowly! - Safe Play With Long Anal Toys
If you have a long anal toy you really don’t want to be jamming it up there like a bull in a china shop. It will take your anus a while to relax into taking something in there as it is naturally tight. Taking things slow allows you to acclimatise your butt so you can have safe and injury free fun!

Make sure you relax!

Make sure you relax! - Safe Play With Long Anal Toys
As we just mentioned, the anus is naturally tight and by default wants to close up. If you’re tense or nervous then you’re more likely to clench your butt, thus making your anus try to close up, and potentially hurting it in the process. Making sure you’re relaxed and all about having fun is super important not only safety wise, but also for if you want to have a real mind (or butt) blowing experience!

Comparing the Best Long Anal Toys Reviewed: A Summary

Long anal toys can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. After all, “long” is a pretty relative term depending on whether you’re a new anal adventurer or an advanced player on the field. So, let’s have quick look at how these top 7 long anal toys do compared to each other.

Selecting a Test Winner

Today’s Test Winner, the Tantus Cowboy Anal Probe ranks similarly to all the other products in terms of design. The tapered shape and gradual size increase makes it accessible to newbies and experts, similar to the Sex & Mischief Silicone Anal Beads and the b-Vibe Cinco Anal Beads. However, the price is quite high compared to all the other products.

Longest Anal Toy of the Day

If you know that you’re a “length-queen” and you’re intentionally looking for the absolute longest product in here, the Doc Johnson Anal Snake takes the cake!

Most Flexible Deep Anal Toy

Some of you may be looking for flexibility when it comes to deep anal toys. The most flexible products in this review are the Vixen Marble Anal Beads (these are also the girthiest!), the Blush Luxe Silicone Anal Beads, and the Sex & Mischief Silicone Anal Beads. All the other products are more suitable for someone longing for a firm body.    

How to Use Long Anal Toys

Long anal toys can look pretty damn intimidating. They’re huge and kind of scary looking if you’re not too sure what you’re doing. But never fear, chill out, relax, take it easy, I’m here to save the day and talk you through exactly how to use a long anal toy!

Choose a long anal toy that's the right size for you

Choose a long anal toy that's the right size for you

Making sure that you have a toy that suits you, your body and your needs is one of the most important tips we can give you. You don’t want to jump straight into anal play with a HUGE toy because you then run the risk of injury, and no one wants that! So making sure you have something you’re comfortable with using is a great first step!

Lube yourself up!

Lube yourself up!

Lubrication is king when it comes to anal sex and anal toys. Making sure your anus is properly lubricated and your toys are generously doused in your favorite water-based lube is essential if you want a fun, erotic and pain free experience!

Gently slide it in!

Gently slide it in!

Start to slide your lubed up toy into your lubed up butt! Enjoy the sensations and feelings of being stretched out as you take more and more of the toy. Remember – only take as much as you can handle. You don’t want to push yourself too hard, too fast! Oh, and don’t forget to ENJOY YOURSELF!

How to Clean Long Anal Toys

Cleaning your long anal toy when done is super important - especially considering where it's just been! But it's a fairly simple task, and all you need is some warm water and mild soap to ensure that you clean away all the dirt from it. You don't want to find it covered in bacteria and other such icky nastiness the next time you come to use it! Here are a few handy guides on how to keep your long anal toy (and all sex toys for that matter) clean and hygienic!


Yes, providing you use them properly and make sure you take all precautions. Make sure you lube up and only take what you can handle. Stick to these guidelines and deep anal play can not only be safe and pleasurable but also sex-life changing. In the best way!

Starting off with a BIG anal toy runs the risk of causing some serious damage! Your butt can only stretch so far and so fast, and if you push it you risk tearing the sensitive skin in and around the anus. Ouch!! I would always recommend starting off with smaller toys and work your way up to the bigger ones over the course of a few sessions.

Yes, totally! It's like comparing apples to dildos: they are not the same thing! Granted, they do go in the same place, but that's where the similarities start and end! Butt plugs look nice, feel nice, can be used for pre-anal sex stretching etc, whereas long anal toys are for deep and fulfilling pleasure! Both are good, just...different!

No. And yes. It all depends what you are looking for. Some of the biggest thrills you can have are with cheap and cheerful long anal toys. They hit the spot and get the job done. Some of the biggest disappointments you can have are with the big, premium, expensive toys. But then again some people love them! It's all about what YOU like and what feels good to you. However, I always think it's a good idea to make sure that you're using good materials, like silicone, metal, glass, or ABS plastic. Avoid materials like PVC or jelly, as they are porous and therefore not 100% body-safe. So get exploring and find out which long anal toy is right for you!

Total toy length is up to you! While you can choose any length of toy you’d like (some toys exceed 1.5 ft in length), longer toys do pose a greater risk of injury. Use common sense when attempting to use extremely lengthy toys!

What is a long anal toy?

A long anal toy is literally just that; a toy that you can use in your butt that is long! Butt plugs and things like that are all well and good, but sometimes smaller toys just don't hit the spot. That's why long anal toys are becoming so popular amongst anal players as they allow them to experience a fuller and deeper feeling than they would get with other anal toys. There are many different types of long anal toys including probes, beads, and dildos.

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