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Lovehoney Shipping – How to get free shipping

This article explains the easiest way to achieve free shipping on

The simplest way is using this discount code that gives a 10% discount:

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How to get free shipping, delivery times, accuracy and more!

Lovehoney shipping costs, time and accuracy are extremely important when you’re shopping online for sex toys.

After all, when you’re in the mood for a new couple’s toy or masturbation buddy, you want it quickly, discreetly and as cheaply as possible!

So, in this article, we are going to discuss:

How to Get Lovehoney Free Shipping

There is nothing better than getting free shipping when you order something online! It’s especially exciting when shopping for sex toys.

With Lovehoney free shipping, you can concentrate on getting the best adult pleasure products for your carnal desires without the worry of ridiculous delivery costs.

So, what do you need to do to get free shipping? Here’s everything you need to know!

Lovehoney Free Shipping When You Spend $49

Lovehoney screen capture

You’ll receive Lovehoney free shipping whenever you spend $49 or more on their website. And it doesn’t matter if you’re buying sex toys, lingerie, lotions and potions or games and gag gifts.

Everything at Lovehoney ships for free as long as your total, before tax, is $49 or more. And that’s pretty easy to do if you consider the incredible selection of pleasure products, gifts and lingerie to choose from.

Sign Up for Emails

Another potential way to get free shipping is by subscribing to their emails. By doing so, you’ll receive specials, VIP information and yes, possible free shipping offers and codes that others don’t know about.

Therefore, if you buy a lot of sex toys, lingerie and bedroom accessories, it’s well worth your time to sign up and receive the Lovehoney emails.

Watch for Shipping Codes and Specials

Finally, another way you get Lovehoney free shipping is to visit their website on a regular basis. That is because they are constantly having sales and specials.

So, you never know if and when their $49 free shipping may drop or they may offer free shipping with a special code or the purchase of a certain branded sex toy. Just visit their website and click the deals tab for all of their specials in one, convenient place.

Lovehoney Loyalty Program Revamp

Lovehoney used to have one of the best loyalty programs available to sex toy shoppers. However, they have scrapped that program and are doing a revamp!

And considering their former loyalty program offered additional Lovehoney free shipping after accruing a certain number of loyalty points, they may bring that perk back to their new program. So, keep an eye on the Lovehoney website or sign up for their emails so you’ll be notified the moment a new loyalty program begins.

Lovehoney Shipping Choices and How Fast Your Order Ships

FedEx shipping

Lovehoney has 3 shipping choices for the United States shoppers. I refer to them as fast, faster and fastest. However, in some areas of the United States, you may have more limited choices, as not all areas have the full selection of couriers.

Therefore, you’ll find out all of the shipping options available to your area during the checkout process. But most all US shoppers will see the following options.

Fast: Lovehoney Super Saver Shipping

The first shipping option is the Super Saver. Also, this is the free shipping you receive if you order $49 or more in merchandise.

But when you don’t spend $49, the Lovehoney Super Saver shipping is $9.99 and takes 4 to 6 working days to arrive at your home. Additionally, this shipping choice is usually delivered via USPS.

Therefore, if your local USPS can be slow, at times, please take that into account when counting down those shipping days. Because once that package leaves the Lovehoney warehouse, they no longer have control over the speed at which it’s delivered.

Faster: Lovehoney Expedited Shipping

The faster shipping option is their expedited shipping. Expedited shipping can be yours at a flat rate of $19.99 and your goodies will arrive in 2-4 working days.

In addition, your package will likely be delivered via UPS or DHL, depending on which courier is used the most in your area. Again, if those couriers have been problematic where you live, keep that in mind when waiting on your package.

Fastest: Lovehoney FedEx One-Day and Saturday Shipping

Finally, the fastest shipping option is the FedEx One-Day delivery, which includes Saturday delivery as well. And although this is the most expensive Lovehoney delivery option, the convenience of a Saturday delivery is a huge perk for those wanting to be home when the package is delivered.

The FedEx shipping option is $49.99 and will be delivered in 1 day, Monday through Saturday.

DHL and UPS Cut-Off Times

Once you have placed your order with Lovehoney, the countdown to delivery begins! But keep in mind that DHL and UPS have cut-off times that affect when your package will go out.

So, if you use the expedited shipping option, your order must be placed before 5:00 PM, ET in order for it to go out that day. For example, if you order on a Monday at 3:00 PM ET, your order will be shipped out that day.

However, if you order any weekday evening, after 5:00 PM, your order will ship the following day.

FedEx Cut-Off Times

Lovehoney FedEx shipping also has a cut-off time. Therefore, if you choose the FedEx 1-day option, your order must be made by 3:00 PM ET on Monday through Friday only.

In addition, any orders made on the weekend, regardless of which shipping option you choose, will ship out on the following Monday. Therefore, if you order that sex swing on a Saturday, don’t start counting those shipping days until Monday.

Does Lovehoney Shipping Include Tracking?

Is it your first time ordering from Lovehoney? If so, you may be asking if Lovehoney shipping includes tracking.

The answer to that question would be yes. All Lovehoney shipping options, whether it’s the free shipping or the FedEx 1-day option, your tracking will be sent to you via email, when your package is dispatched.

Lovehoney Shipping: The Fine Print

Lovehoney spells out their shipping choices clearly. That includes the fact that not everyone will receive all 3 shipping choices at checkout.

In addition, they do their best to let you know packing and shipping cut-off times so you have a more accurate idea of when your purchases actually leave their warehouse.

However, as with anything that is shipped by USPS, UPS, DHL and FedEx, there are sometimes delays that are out of Lovehoney’s control. For example, bad weather will delay shipping, not just in your area, but any city or state through which the package may travel.

So, whenever you shop and use Lovehoney shipping, be realistic and know that their quoted delivery times are the best and most accurate estimate. But if you have any issues with your shipping, Lovehoney suggests that you contact their customer service right away.

How Accurate is Lovehoney Shipping Time?

So, how accurate is Lovehoney shipping time? The answer to that varies, depending on who is giving the information.

For instance, Lovehoney’s estimates are clear and vary from 1-day FedEx shipping to 6 working days with their Super Saver and free shipping option. But what do actual customers have to say about Lovehoney shipping accuracy?

My Lovehoney Shipping Experience

Here at BedBible, we write reviews of each of our trusted affiliates. And in doing so, we order something from them and have it delivered to the reviewer’s home.

Therefore, when I ordered from Lovehoney, I was able to gather helpful information for you, including whether or not Lovehoney shipping is accurate.

When I placed my first order, which was rather large and included a torso and a few miscellaneous sex toys, I was given the Lovehoney free delivery option. Again, that is their Super Saver shipping, or 4 to 6 working days.

My order arrived in 4 days and it was delivered via UPS. The reason for this was likely the size of the package, and may vary for you depending on what you purchase.

So, in my opinion, having experienced Lovehoney orders twice, their delivery estimates are extremely accurate.

Lovehoney Shipping Reviews

lovehoney reviews

Another great way to see if Lovehoney shipping is accurate is by simply reading their company reviews.

These reviews differ from the product reviews in that they not only cover the product, but oftentimes include shipping and customer service experiences.

Therefore, if you take a look around the web, you’ll find customer reviews that speak specifically to Lovehoney shipping time and accuracy.

For instance, this customer didn’t have such a great experience. However, Lovehoney responded to their review and contacted the customer privately.

Lovehoney review

On the other hand, this shopper had a positive experience.

Lovehoney review

So, if you want to read more about Lovehoney shipping accuracy and customer service, check out their Trustpilot reviews or their Google reviews.

Free Lovehoney Delivery and Paid Shipping Conclusion

Free Lovehoney delivery is just one of the perks you get when shopping at one of the largest sex toy websites in the world. However, if you don’t happen to spend $49 or more, you do have paid shipping options to choose from that will suit your needs.

So, whether you get Lovehoney free shipping, pay $9.99 or $49.99, Lovehoney will ship your pleasure products to you quickly and through the best carriers for your area. And rest assured, if you have a shipping issue, Lovehoney customer service is there to help!

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