The 7 Best Luxury Sex Machines for Ritzy Revelry

   Isabelle Uren
Are you looking for a luxury sex machine? We’ve reviewed the top luxury sex machines and ranked them in this handy round-up review. All the sumptuous sex machines we’ve reviewed come from reputable, high-quality sex toy shops. In our guide, we’ve also outlined the best ways for you to use your sex machine, whether you’re a beginner or a specialist. With the help of our sex-pert advice, you’ll learn where to buy the best luxurious sex machines, how to clean and store them, and most importantly, how to enjoy them to the fullest- ooh-er!
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The Cowgirl Premium Remote Control Sex Machine

 The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

  • Love vibrating toys
  • Have a large budget
  • Enjoy vibrating toys

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

  • Have a very sensitive clitoris
  • Are new to using ridable sex machines
  • Prefer longer, girthier vibrators

If you enjoy riding like a cowgirl, this is the sex machine to make your Wild West fantasies come true! The Premium Cowgirl can be used for vaginal or anal penetration, depending on your preference. Be sure to clean your machine in between switching those two up. The Cowgirl is, of course, shaped like a saddle, with a section for an attachment of your choice. This machine will take you for a wild ride to deliver knee-trembling sensations! With this cheeky machine, you won’t be able to walk straight after a night in the saddle. If you’ve never used a hands-free riding machine before, this may be a little too intense! Go slow your first time around and experiment with what feels good in your body.

  • Bucking bronco vibrations
  • Padded saddle
  • Rotates
  • Remote-controlled

  • Very loud vibrations
  • Pricey
  • Only 4 inches of insertable dildo
The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine
Vibration modesMultiple
Vibration patterns6
Length16.7 inches
Height11 inches
Insertable length4 inches
Maximum Weight399 lbs
MaterialsSilicone, aluminum, plastic
TextureOptions for attachments
Remote ControlsYes, (wired and app)

There is no doubt that this toy will provide the maximum vibrations (at the maximum volume!) to give you endless earth-shaking orgasms. Afterwards, you’ll be walking knock-kneed for days! This toy is loud! If you’re using it on the highest setting, you may be heard by people living several houses down. Because the vibrations of the Cowgirl are so powerful, we don’t recommend it to beginners. If you’re an experienced sex toy user and have the cash to flash, then the Cowgirl is a great addition to any sex aficionado’s collection.

2 Cheapest

MOD Xtreme Power Engine 2.0

 Power Engine 2.0

  • Want a machine with detachable dildos
  • Enjoy a good thrusting dildo
  • Want to try different positions, hands-free
  • Need a budget sex machine

Power Engine 2.0

  • Are looking for a more simple machine
  • Want a ridable machine
  • Need a discreet machine

The Xtreme Power Engine 2.0 is an incredibly powerful fuck machine. This ain’t your grandma’s wall banger! Adjust the base and the angle of the gun to suit any position you like. Turn up the heat for a quickie or indulge in a delicious, slow fuck with a simple twist of a dial. The thrust speeds range widely, so you’re sure to find the rhythm that will send you over the edge into an oblivion of bliss. Your accessories are all held in place with a lock compatible plug, and you can add the bar for extra length to reach all of your happy places. The suction cup feet grip on any smooth, hard, non-porous surface so you won’t slip and slide while trying to enjoy some of that sweet thrusting. Attach a compatible dildo for thrusting penetration or a pocket pussy if you want to do the penetrating.

  • Adjustable length and angles
  • A great range of thrusting speeds
  • Grippy, suction cup feet
  • Detachable, handheld fucker
  • Awesome range of detachable toys

  • Requires additional cushioning
  • Loud
  • Only comes with one dildo attachment
Power Engine 2.0
Thrust Modes38-176 rounds per minute
Length20 inches
Weight15 lbs
Height17 inches
Width11 inches
Remote ControlsPlug-in dial remote

If you are looking for a powerful fuck machine, then the Xtreme Power Engine 2.0 won’t disappoint, and for a great price, too! The range of choices for angles, speeds, length, and dildos will keep you entertained forever. It’s worth noting that this sex machine doesn’t come with any attachments, so you will need to buy dildos separately (make sure they’re compatible). The powerful motor is pretty loud, especially at the highest setting, so make sure you’re home alone before climbing on top.  

3 Beginner

Hismith Pro Traveler 2.0 Portable Sex Machine

 Pro Traveler 2.0

  • Are on a budget
  • Enjoy a thruster with lots of angles
  • Want a sex machine to travel with
  • Like a handheld thruster option

Pro Traveler 2.0

  • Want to ride your sex machine
  • Want a super powerful machine

Do you crave deep, discreet thrusting that you can bring with you everywhere you go? Then look no further! The Hismith Traveler Pro 2.0 is a compact and easily portable sex machine gun designed to give you the pleasure you deserve. This sex machine has a suction cup to keep it stable while you use it, enabling hands-free play and allowing you to try out various positions. The Traveler Pro 2.0 is compatible with any Hismith sex machine gun accessories to give you more options for enjoyment. Why not hand over the controls to your partner and allow them to thrill and surprise you with varying thrusting modes and speeds?

  • Travel-friendly
  • Suction cup for stability
  • Adjustable angles for perfect positions

  • Suction cups come loose on tile
  • Not as powerful as other thrusters
  • Wall plug-in is a little short
Pro Traveler 2.0
Vibration speeds3
Thrust Modes8
Insertable length6.3 inches
Weight8 lbs
TextureVelvet-smooth silicone
Remote ControlsWireless

While this isn’t the most powerful thruster on the market, the Pro Traveler 2.0 is the best option for a portable thrusting sex machine that you can bring with you on lonely business trips or vacations with a bunch of loved up couples who make you feel like a third wheel. It’s discreet and has a wide range of angles, so you can lie back and enjoy the laziest masturbation session of your life. However, if these portable machines seem too small or vanilla for you, and you’re curious about some double-penetration options, check out our round-up review here.

4 Masturbator

Hummer Plus Ultimate Blow Job Male Masturbator

 Hummer Plus Ultimate

  • Are new to using masturbators
  • Are looking for a realistic mouth feel
  • Want a handheld option

Hummer Plus Ultimate

  • Prefer a suction masturbator
  • Don't want a sleeve that vibrates
  • Have an exceptionally large penis

The Hummer Plus has a sleek, ergonomic design and recreates the realistic feeling of a mouth contracting and moving around your penis. The clear sleeve gives you a saucy glimpse into what’s happening inside, and you can move the machine as it vibrates and sucks around you. This may not be the machine for you if you have a particularly girthy penis, but most people will find that the tight squeeze can be pretty pleasurable! This toy comes with a wireless remote so you can relinquish control to a partner, or lie back and relax as the machine moves pleasurably around your hardened shaft. If the bulky machine is getting in the way, you have the option to detach the sleeve and use it as a handheld, vibrating pocket pussy.


  • Detachable
  • Wireless remote control
  • Realistic contractions

  • Short cord connecting the control box
  • Heavy
  • Not suitable for girthier penises
Hummer Plus Ultimate
Vibration speedsMultiple
Thrust Modes9
Insertable length5 inches
Remote ControlsWireless

This machine gives you a mind-numbing, knee-trembling blowjob, almost like the real thing! It can be detached from the control box if you’d prefer to use it just like a vibrating pocket rocket, or you can leave it plugged in to get the full power of the mains behind each thrilling thrust. The cord connecting the sleeve and the control box is a little short, so you have to keep the box up on the bed with you. It’s pretty heavy, so be careful not to knock it off your bed, or you’ll have some interesting dents to explain. Experiment with moving the sleeve as it pumps and squeezes you, or lie back and let the machine do all the work.

5 Glider

Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On Sex Chair

 Cloud 9 F-Slider Sex Chair

  • Enjoy the natural rocking motion of sex
  • Don't like the idea of robotic sex
  • Enjoy the aesthetic of a realistic penis

Cloud 9 F-Slider Sex Chair

  • Are on a tight budget
  • Struggle to assemble anything from Ikea
  • Want to experiment with different angles

The Cloud 9 F-Slider Sex Chair is ready to go right out of the box. It comes with a realistic 7-inch dildo, a Vac-U-Lock adaptor, and a universal dildo adaptor. All these attachment options mean that you can find the best fit for you if the standard dildo in the box is not to your taste. Ride your way all the way to Cloud 9 with this sturdy, dependable, ergonomic machine. If you like a good pounding, this machine is for you. Every body is different, so spend some time playing with the different settings and angles on the device before you go full-tilt, to ensure that everything fits and moves comfortably. We also suggest lathering yourself and the sex machine in your favourite water-based lube.

  • Imitates motion of sex with a partner
  • Comes with a realistic dildo
  • Adjustable angles and sizes
  • You determine the pace

  • Realistic penis dildo may not appeal to all
  • First installation can be tricky
Cloud 9 F-Slider Sex Chair
Thrust ModesYou decide
Insertable length7 inches
MaterialsLeather, Metal, Plastic

The Cloud 9 F-Slider Sex Chair moves with you as you rock your body so that you can determine the depth and speed of each thrust. In this way, this is a great sex machine for first-time explorers, though figuring out the machine settings and angles can be tricky at first, so remember to go slow while you work everything out. We recommend watching the videos above to get a clear idea of what to expect and how to assemble your sex machine. Remember to lube up thoroughly before climbing on top and rocking your world.


Hismith Premium Remote-Controlled Sex Machine

 Hismith Premium Sex Machine

  • Enjoy powerful thrusting
  • Have wrist problems
  • Are looking for a relatively discreet toy

Hismith Premium Sex Machine

  • Have a very small, tight vagina or anus
  • Prefer a more rhythmic rocking motion
  • Want a more travel-friendly option

The Hismith Premium Sex Machine is one of the most powerful sex machines on the market, so buckle in before bending over to take a pounding. Despite its magnificent thrusting capabilities, it’s very quiet between 30% and 45% power. Many users have found that they didn’t need to turn it up much higher to find utter satisfaction. Thanks to the smooth, quick releases, the angle adjustment is doable with one hand. The depth adjustment is also very smooth. The app is intuitive to use; simply download, connect to your sex machine, and get f@*ked! It can also be controlled from afar, so get your long-distance lover to download the app and enjoy relinquishing control. One minor design issue is that the power cord comes out of the front of the machine, and the speed control comes out the back, and the device might handle better if these were the other way around. Though it is pretty heavy, it is also a compact sex machine, great for storage.

  • Hands-free fucking
  • Powerful thrusts
  • Many different attachments

  • Machine can push away from tight openings
  • Heavy
  • Doesn't come with a knee cushion
Hismith Premium Sex Machine
Thrust Modes8, or adjustable on app
Insertable length6 inches
Remote ControlsApp-controlled

Great for long-distance loving, with one partner controlling the machine via the app and the other receiving multiple mind-blowing orgasms. You can control the device with the app, manually, or surrender to one of the eight pre-programmed thrusting modes for total ease and comfort. The Hismith Premium Sex Machine is also great if you have any problems with your wrists and prefer a dildo that you don’t have to hold awkwardly to get the right angles. Make sure to lube up yourself and your dildo before beginning playtime.


The ShockSpot Fucking Machine

 The ShockSpot

  • Want an easily adjustable toy
  • Like to control speed and depth
  • Want to invest in a sturdy, quality toy

The ShockSpot

  • Prefer a rideable machine
  • Have a Mac computer
  • Are on a tight budget

The ShockSpot is the perfect robotic fucking machine for all of you technology lovers out there. The “Touch and Feel” software gives you pre-set control of depth, stroke length, speed, sequence time, and smoothness all at your fingertips. It’s time to take matters into your own hands- with this hands-free sex machine! The ShockSpot is sturdy yet lightweight, so you may need to back it against a wall for those extra hard fucks in extra tight openings. The whole thing folds down to the size of a briefcase, making this machine portable and easy to store.

  • Total control over your experience
  • Supports multiple positions
  • Adjustable thrust strength and depth

  • Not compatible with Macs
  • Unwieldy shape
The ShockSpot
Thrust ModesMultiple
Weight14 lbs
Remote ControlsWindows-compatible

The ShockSpot’s sleek and elegant design isn’t too blatantly sexual or graphic(depending on your chosen dildo), so you can fold it away into the corner without worrying what the cleaners will think. Remember to detach your dildo after playtime for a thorough cleaning, and give your whole sex machine a wipe-down. This machine, unfortunately, isn’t compatible with Macbooks, so be sure to check that your computer is suitable before splashing out on this magnificent machine. If this particular machine is bound to break the bank, why not check out some cheaper options?

Try These Luxurious Sex Toy Mounts

If some of the more robotic machines seem a bit daunting and you prefer the aesthetic of plush velvet and decadent comfort, we have picked out the top three pillow mounts for you. Guys, if you feel like this is not what you had in mind, head on over to our round-up of men’s sex machines.

Liberator BonBon Toy Mount

Liberator BonBon Toy Mount - Try These Luxurious Sex Toy Mounts
The Liberator certainly opens your sexual options right up! Adding this innovative position pillow to your collection will enhance solo play, enable hands-free arousal, and even make double penetration a piece of cake with a partner. This cushion is compatible with dildos with flared and non-flared bases, and tucks neatly around any toy you attach for some comfy cushioning.

Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount Sex Pillow

Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount Sex Pillow - Try These Luxurious Sex Toy Mounts
The Liberator Humphrey is the perfect pillow to hold two happily humping bodies. It is compatible with massage wands, suction cup dildos, and classic vibrators. Last but certainly not least, Humphrey’s plush pillowcase also features an ‘inception pocket’ (a pocket inside another pocket) for holding your choice of bullet vibe or clitoral stimulator right where you need it. This is the most versatile luxury mount on the market, so you’ll never run out of new ways to play with it.

Liberator Wing Toy Mount

Liberator Wing Toy Mount - Try These Luxurious Sex Toy Mounts
It’s time for your sexual liberation! This mount gives you two ways to use your toys; one side holds your dildo or vibrator erect so that you can ride it to your heart’s content. The other side folds around your sex toy to get the whole pillow moving and shaking. Take a walk on the wild side! The Liberator Wing allows you to explore new ways of reaching earth-shattering orgasms for you and your partner.

Why are Sex Machines so Expensive?

As with all sex toys, sex machines come in a range of price and quality. There are several modifiable factors here, like the materials, the colour, the shape and design, computer compatibility, wireless controls, and more! Below, we’ll dive into the main components that hike up the price of your sex machines.


Materials - Why are Sex Machines so Expensive?
Sex toy manufacturers care about creating machines that are safe for your body, and for this reason they use materials like silicone, ABS plastic, glass, stainless steel, or even wood! These substances are not toxic for your body, and they are durable and sturdy. However, these materials don’t come cheap, so be prepared to part with some of your money to guarantee peace of mind.


Mechanics - Why are Sex Machines so Expensive?
Gone are the days of awkwardly-hewn, home-made sex toys! Innovation and development have taken us taken us to great new heights, and now sex machines are much more high-tech, allowing for multiple vibration and pulsation patterns, different stroke and pound speeds, rumbly and buzzy vibrations, and many sex machines are submersible or at least splash-proof.


Mastery - Why are Sex Machines so Expensive?
Now we have sex machines that can operate by remote control, phone or laptop apps, manual thrusting, and some even come with virtual reality videos! This means that our possibilities are taken to the next level! Now, you no longer have to be sad and celibate while your partner is away; they can pleasure you from afar in just the ways you like, thanks to long-distance app control.

How to Use Sex Machines

The great thing about sex machines is that you can use them solo or with friends. They have multiple functions and uses, so it is vital to read the manual carefully and watch demo videos of your product before you use it. Your sex machine should be on a stable, grippy surface to ensure safety in every position. Always use plenty of lube and take it slow at first- it may take a while to learn the different ways and angles of your new fun toy.

Get to Know Your Machine

Get to Know Your Machine

As you assemble your sex machine for the first time, make sure to read and then re-read the assembly and instruction manuals. To make sure that you are absolutely safe, ensure that all moving parts are working properly before putting them anywhere near your body. Also, be sure that you know how to make the machine stop in an emergency.

Start Off Slow

Start Off Slow

With machines that thrust and jab, or machines that you climb on top of and move with your own rhythm, it is essential to start out on the lowest, slowest settings before you gradually increase speed and intensity. There’s no rush! So take your time and always make sure that you feel comfortable and safe.

Lube Up!

Lube Up!

Ensure that your favourite lubricant is compatible with your sex machine and dildo, then slather yourself and the machine in the stuff before the pleasurable pounding begins.

Pillows and Padding

Pillows and Padding

Get yourself comfortably into all of the right positions by using pillows to prop yourself up. Experiment and find what works best for you and your partner to have the ultimate orgasmic experience.

How to Clean Sex Machines

It is essential to clean your sex machine before and after use to avoid bacteria from growing or spreading. Each device is different, so consult your instruction manual before you tend yours for the first time. Most machines can be cleaned with warm soapy water (or sex toy cleaner/antibacterial soap) and dried off with a clean towel. As you cannot submerge these toys, you need to use a clean cloth with the antibacterial solution to wipe them down thoroughly. Please don't get your toy soaking wet as this will destroy it.

Cleaning different materials


Yes, you can save money by shopping on Amazon. However, we don’t recommend doing this because many products offered on Amazon aren’t made from body-safe materials and may develop issues from repeated use.

Yes, sex machines are safe. As long as you clean them properly and ensure they are maintained and stored correctly when not in use, sex machines are entirely safe. Make sure you don't push yourself- take it slow and find your perfect pace.

Honestly, probably. Today’s machines are much quieter than they once were, but most are still audible from a short distance. If they don’t’ hear the device, they will undoubtedly hear your muffled moans of pleasure.

It's important to research different machines before you buy one, as you want to own something sure to pleasure you and meet your needs. It's also crucial because sex machines don't come cheaply, and you don't want to blow tons of cash on something you aren't happy with.

There isn't a specific lube that you should use with your sex machine. Use the lube that works best for you. However, if the dildo or toy on the sex machine (or the machine itself) is silicone, never use a silicone-based lube.

What is a Sex Machine?

A sex machine is your new best friend! You can use them independently, with a friend, hands-free, or manually. A sex machine imitates the movements and pleasures of sex with a person. It usually has a motor inside it that can make the toy twist, thrust, stroke, vibrate, or move around to take you to orgasm city.

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