The 6 Best Male Nipple Suckers For Naughty Nipple Play

   Kevin Foley
1 Test Winner

Oxballs Gripper Nipple Suckers

 Oxballs Gripper Nipple Suckers

  • Want a good view
  • Need something reliable
  • Want tuggable toys

Oxballs Gripper Nipple Suckers

  • Prefer non-see-through suckers
  • Have nipples wider than 4 cm
  • Want the cheapest suckers around

First up, I have for you a tried and true option: the Oxballs Gripper Nipple Suckers! These male nipple suckers are designed to be see-through, giving you—or your partner—a perfect view of what’s going on. These suckers are easy to hold on to, thanks to the addition of a loop on the end of each sucker. Want a bit more tug? Just give the end of the sucker a pull! These suckers are the perfect mixture between the functionality of a clamp and the pressure of a sucker. Easy to use and amazing to look at, the Oxballs Gripper Nipple Suckers are an easy recommendation for any nipple play lover!

  • Clear design for great viewing
  • Diamond-plate exterior design
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable

  • Porous
  • Only one size offered
Oxballs Gripper Nipple Suckers
MaterialsSoft plastic
Length2 inches

When it comes to nipple men toys, the Oxballs Gripper Nipple Suckers easily came out on top as my “Test Winner”! Easy to use, secure once in place, and affordably priced, there’s little to complain about when it comes to these toys. The design is quite well done, from the diamond-plate detailing on the body of the suckers to the little loops on the end. Unfortunately, being made of soft plastic, these suckers are porous. However, that shouldn’t pose much of an issue since they’re designed for external use only. By themselves, these suckers have a pretty good grip. Still, if you want the most suction possible, you can just dab a bit of lube on them for increased suction power. Really, the only downside of these suckers is the lack of multiple sizes. If your nipples are wider than 4 centimeters then these might be too small. Still, if the sizing is adequate then I’m sure you’ll quickly fall in love. Can’t decide which suckers to get? Make things easy and just pick these ones up!

2 Cheapest

Nipple Play Nipple Suckers

 Nipple Play Nipple Suckers

  • Want the cheapest option around
  • Have lube on-hand
  • Prefer silicone suckers

Nipple Play Nipple Suckers

  • Need something that will stick
  • Prefer less simplistic suckers
  • Want color options

Second on this list is the most affordable nipple sucker men toy around, the Nipple Play Nipple Suckers! Made of pure silicone and rounded into simple tubes, these fairly straightforward toys are a great option if you just need an introduction to nipple play. By themselves, they lack suction. However, once you put a bit of water-based lube around the edges, these suckers should stay in place just fine! Pick up a pair for less than $8 and see what nipple play is all about!

  • Dirt cheap
  • Made of pure silicone
  • Easy to attach

  • Tendency to fall off
  • Require lube for better fit
Nipple Play Nipple Suckers
Length2.25 inches

Costing less than $10 for a set of two, these suckers easily earned the “Cheapest” title. Usually, I’d say that the toy performs well above its price tag. Unfortunately, that’s not really the case with these. Do they work? Yes, however, not well. Multiple people have struggled with getting these to stay in place. You’ll really need to rub some water-based lube around the edges if you want to get good suction, as this will help make a seal. That said, they do cost less than $4 per sucker, so I think you get what you pay for. On the plus side, they are made of pure silicone, which is somewhat unexpected given the low price tag. All things considered, these male nipple suckers are really only suited to those willing to settle for a lower quality. I’d suggest them primarily as a way to see if you’re interested in nipple play. If so, you’ll likely want to get a better set later on!

3 Beginner

Nothing but Sensation Nipple Suckers

 Fifty Shades of Grey Nipple Suckers

  • Are new to nipple play
  • Love Fifty Shade of Grey
  • Want to enjoy increased sensitivity

Fifty Shades of Grey Nipple Suckers

  • Prefer more intense stimulation
  • Already use nipple clamps
  • Want something that looks “sexy”

Straight from the Fifty Shades of Grey toy box comes the Nothing but Sensation Nipple Suckers! Made of silicone and adorned with the franchise’s brading, these male nipple suckers are an excellent option for fans of the series. To use them, simply squeeze them, place them against your nipple, and gradually let go as the suction sets in. On their own, these suckers work fine as is, but you can also rub a bit of lube around the edges for an extra-snug fit! Affordably priced and made from high-quality materials, the Nothing but Sensation Nipple Suckers are the perfect introduction to light nipple play!

  • Made of silicone
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Affordably priced
  • Easily adjustable

  • Somewhat ugly
  • Lacks a storage bag
Fifty Shades of Grey Nipple Suckers
Length2 inches
Diameter1.5 inches
Colors AvailableGray

I chose these as my “Beginner” pick because of how approachable they are. The design might be a bit ugly, but it’s definitely not visually intimidating like some of the more advanced toys are. The suckers themselves feature a small “Fifty Shades of Grey” logo on each one. Aside from that, they’re completely plain, being dark grey/black in color and rounder on the tips. These are a nipple sucker men and women alike can enjoy, so long as they don’t mind the branding on the sides! Unfortunately, the manufacturer didn’t include a storage bag in with the suckers. You’ll have to find your own to avoid getting these dirty. That said, they’re easy to clean, easy to use, and priced very low, making them a good option for most people. I’d recommend them to any beginner!

4 Twist

Temptasia Clit And Nipple Large Twist Suckers

 Clit And Nipple Large Twist Suckers

  • Want lots of adjustability
  • Need great viewing angles
  • Have a $30 budget

Clit And Nipple Large Twist Suckers

  • Prefer silicone suckers
  • Don’t like the wide cylinders
  • Want color options

Your average nipple sucker men toy doesn’t have much to offer when it comes to precise adjustability. Fortunately, this next pick solves that issue. Introducing the Temptasia Clit And Nipple Large Twist Suckers! Made of clear acrylic for optimal viewing, these unique suckers have twist tops that can be turned to adjust the suction on your nipples. Priced at less than $30 for a pair, these suckers are a great buy for the price. Enjoyable by users of all levels (thanks to the adjustability), these simple-yet-satisfying toys will definitely earn their place in your toy box!

  • Made of body-safe acrylic
  • Completely adjustable
  • Clear for easy viewing
  • Easy to use

  • Porous
  • Only offered in one size
Clit And Nipple Large Twist Suckers
Length1.15 inches
Width1.15 inches
Height1.5 inches
AllergiesPhthalate-free, non-porous

These aren’t the only twistable male nipple suckers in this list, but they are the only ones that have earned the “Twist” mention. The reason? The twists are gigantic! This is important, as having the larger twist tops makes them easier to precisely adjust. They also offer the benefit of easy viewing, thanks to the clear acrylic sides of each sucker. Priced at anywhere from $20 to $30, I think these range from fairly to slightly overpriced. Still, if you’ll be using them a lot then I think they’re a good buy. It would’ve been nice to see a completely non-porous design, but that’s not really possible given the low point. Aside from this, I don’t really have any complaints or suggestions to speak of! All in all, I think these are a great option when  it comes to the wide range of nipple suckers out there. If you want to be in complete control of the suction—and enjoy watching the progress in real-time—then I’d say pick these up!


Black Maxxx Powerful Twist Nipple Suckers

 Black Maxxx Twist Nipple Suckers

  • Need something adjustable
  • Love being able to watch
  • Love lots of tug

Black Maxxx Twist Nipple Suckers

  • Prefer silicone suckers
  • Want small suckers
  • Don’t want clear suckers

Another great option for male nipple suckers are the Nipple Play Vacuum Twist Suckers. Similar to the previous option, these suckers allow you to easily adjust the suction using the twist top! Measuring roughly four inches long and a little over an inch wide, these suckers are sized large enough to completely cover the average male nipple. Once you place the sucker and start twisting, you’ll be able to watch the suction in progress through the clear ABS housing of each sucker. Completely adjustable and easy to use, the Nipple Play Vacuum Twist Suckers are a toy that nearly any nipple plan enthusiast can enjoy!

  • Strong suction
  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Clear for viewing
  • Affordable

  • Lacks storage bag
  • Fairly bulky
Black Maxxx Twist Nipple Suckers
MaterialsAS, ABS, silicone
Length4 inches
Diameter1.5 inches
Colors AvailableBlack, pink

Although they didn’t earn a title in a particular category, the Colt Nipple pro Suckers were still worth an honorable mention. The main reason they didn’t earn the “Twist” mention is that the top of these clamps is slightly harder to turn than the “Twist” winner, particularly for those with limited hand motion. However, assuming you have full movement in your hands, these nipple sucker men toys should do the job just fine. They are capable of applying a lot of suction, making them useful to both beginners and intermediate users alike. The big selling point of these is their low price point. Costing under $25 for a set, I’d easily recommend these to anyone searching for an adjustable set of suckers!


Oxballs Bubbles Nipsuckers Silicone Suckers

 Oxballs Bubbles Nipsuckers

  • Want silicone suckers
  • Prefer hand-poured toys
  • Like the look of the bubbles

Oxballs Bubbles Nipsuckers

  • Don’t like the color options
  • Want precise adjustability
  • Need to view the action

Last but not least are the Oxballs Bubbles Nipsuckers Silicone Suckers. These nipple sucker men toys are simple silicone suckers that feature raised bumps on the outside for a better grip. Perfect for increasing nipple sensitivity, these suckers only require you to squeeze and place: no twisting required! For an even better seal, you can rub a bit of lube around the edges of the suckers. However, you’ll still enjoy lots of suction without the lube. Whether or not to use it is up to you! If you’re looking for a basic but reliable set of silicone nipple suckers then this Oxballs Bubbles set is one that won’t steer you wrong!

  • Easy to use
  • Made of platinum silicone
  • Features “bubbles” for increased grip
  • Three color options

  • Limited suction potential
  • Only offered in one size
  • Overpriced
Oxballs Bubbles Nipsuckers
MaterialsLiquid platinum silicone
Height1.5 inches
Insertable length1.25 inches
Length1.15 inches
Width1.15 inches

Although fairly basic in design, the main selling point of these male nipple suckers is the “bubble” texture that they have on the outside. They’re designed this way to increase grip, which is great news if you like a little tug now and again! The Oxballs Bubbles Nipsuckers are made of silicone, which is a nice touch. However, I don’t think this really justifies the price of around $30. I think these would be a better value at $20 – $25 per set. That said, they do work as advertised. The width of 1.15” may be a bit small for some nipples, but it should be big enough to accommodate most. All things considered, I think these nipple suckers are worth picking up. However, I would recommend waiting for a sale if possible, as I really think the $30-ish price tag is a bit of a stretch.

Add a Pinch of Pleasure With Some Male Nipple Clamps

If a nipple suck men toy just isn’t giving you enough stimulation then you might want to consider something a bit more intense. Here are a few pinching pieces for you to check out!

Squeeze and Tease Nipple Clamps

Squeeze and Tease Nipple Clamps - Add a Pinch of Pleasure With Some Male Nipple Clamps
Love having your nipples tugged on? Then these clamps are exactly what you want! Unlike regular clamps, these clamps can’t be adjusted. Instead, the clover clamp design only tightens when tugged on, making them great for partner play!

Stainless Steel Nipple Pegs

Stainless Steel Nipple Pegs - Add a Pinch of Pleasure With Some Male Nipple Clamps
An all-metal take on household clothespins, these stainless steel beauties are sure to give your nipples the tight pinch you’re after. They’re also perfect for temperature play (if you’re into that kind of thing)!

Nipple Grips Weighted Twist Nipple Clamps

Nipple Grips Weighted Twist Nipple Clamps - Add a Pinch of Pleasure With Some Male Nipple Clamps
Weighted for extra tug and chained to provide a bit of swing, these weighted twist clamps look great while giving you the pressure you love. If the weight isn’t enough, you can switch out the current balls for something with a bit more weight!

The Basics of Nipple Stimulation & "Nipplegasms"

As you likely already know, the nipples can be quite sensitive. Generally, nipple stimulation is often thought for female breasts, but males can also enjoy nipple play! Male nipple suckers and other nipple toys can be used to target the nerve ending in the nipples. Although 100% satisfaction isn’t guaranteed, a study found that roughly 52% of men respond positively to nipple stimulation!

How to Use Male Nipple Suckers

When it comes to using a nipple sucker men often aren’t familiar with the process. Fortunately, these toys are very easy to use, so—even if you’ve never experimented with nipple play before—you’ll have them properly positioned in no time!

(Optional) Apply Lube

(Optional) Apply Lube

You don’t necessarily need to put lube on your nipple suckers, but doing so can help the suckers make a better seal around your nipples. The result? Better suction! If you decide to do this step, simply spread a bit of lube around the inside edges of your sucker (where it will touch up against your skin).

Pinch & Place

Pinch & Place

Next, you’ll need to pinch the end of your sucker, squeezing all of the air out. From here, place the sucker up against your nipple, ensuring that it’s properly centered and will cover your entire nipple.

Let Go & Enjoy the Suction!

Let Go & Enjoy the Suction!

With the sucker pressed down and ready, slowly release your grip on the sucker. Keep pushing towards your chest while slowly reducing your pinch on the sucker. You’ll feel the suction begin to kick in as you let go, until your hands are completely removed and the sucker is stuck to your nipple. Repeat this process for the other sucker and have fun!

How to Clean Male Nipple Suckers

If your male nipple sucker is free of any internal electronics and is made from a non-porous material (such as silicone), you can sterilize it easily! To do so, simply drop the toy in boiling water for five minutes. However, if your male nipple suckers don’t meet these requirements then you’ll be limited to a more traditional cleaning approach. You can clean your male nipple suckers using antibacterial soap and warm water, taking care to wash away any leftover soap before you’re done. Pat the toys down using a dry towel, then leave them out to air dry. Never store your male nipple suckers away before they’ve dried completely. Doing so can allow bacteria time to grow in the leftover moisture: no good!


Some suckers can be adjusted by simply squeezing more. Others may have a twist-top for this purpose. However, if you’re dealing with the sucker loosening over time, consider spreading lube around the edge of the sucker. This will help it form a better seal!

It’s a good idea to take a short break every thirty minutes or so while using nipple suckers! Using them for a bit longer than this won’t necessarily cause any long-term issues, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Functionally, there really isn’t a difference. However, since females tend to have larger nipples, some of the toys marketed as “male nipple suckers” may not be larger enough to effectively suction to their nipples.

Yes, many people enjoy using nipple suckers or other nipple toys while masturbating! Experiment around to see which combinations—and toys—you like best.

There are many different sites that sell male nipple suckers. However, I would suggest beginning your shopping journey on Lovehoney, SheVibe, or TooTimid!

What are Male Nipple Suckers?

Male nipple suckers are simply nipple sucker toys that are sized appropriately for the average male nipple. Like “regular” nipple suckers, these toys are offered in a few different designs that provide varying levels of suction. These toys are a great option for those who want to try nipple play (but aren’t quite ready to try clamps!).

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