The 8 Best Medical Fetish Toys to Get Your Doc On

   Josh Gill
When it comes to buying medical fetish toys, we understand how it can be kind of confusing and even a little overwhelming. There are so many toys to choose from! That’s why we’ve reviewed 8 of the best medical fetish toys out there, to give you a helping hand choosing something that’s perfect for you. We’ve looked at all manner of different toys, and found out all kinds of interesting and useful information that you’ll be able to use to help you make your choice. In this review we’ve even linked to some of the most beloved, respectable, and highly rated sex toy shops out there, so when you’re ready to make your purchase, you can be assured that you’re buying from a highly recommended site!
1 Syringe

Colt Master Cleansing Syringe

 Colt Master Syringe

  • Love medical play
  • Want to be able to syringe lube
  • Enjoy anal douches

Colt Master Syringe

  • Don't really enjoy anal play
  • Are looking for something less stiff

Well hello there, the doctor will see you now! The Colt Master Cleansing Syringe allows you to syringe up to 100ml (3.4 fl oz) of liquid directly where it needs to be. Whether you use it as an anal douche or to syringe lube into the exact place you need it, this probing little bit of medical fetish kit will do the trick. Sexily terrifying, it completely dismantles into 4 pieces for quick and easy cleaning (vial, plunger, nozzle and lid).

  • Long, slender nozzle
  • Made of body-safe plastic
  • Easy to clean

  • A little too rigid
  • Won't provide much stretch
Colt Master Syringe
Volume100 fl. oz

If you’re into the medical fetish scene then the Colt Master Cleansing Syringe is a great toy to add to your box of delights! Fairly large in size it allows you to syringe up to 100ml of liquid into the smallest and tightest of places (be it water or lubrication). It’s a quality toy that is brilliant for anal douches as well as strategically applying lube. The body-safe plastic is quite inflexible and as such might cause some issues, and because of the slenderness of the nozzle it doesn’t provide much stretch.

2 Douche

Colt Anal Douche Kit

 Colt Douche Kit

  • Love anal douches
  • Want adaptable nozzles
  • Enjoy 'squeezable' douches

Colt Douche Kit

  • Want something smaller
  • Prefer a bulb that holds more water

The Colt Anal Douche Kit allows you to squirt 200ml (6.8 fl oz) of water exactly where it needs to go. If you want to customize your douche experience then there are two nozzles to choose from; one smooth, the other ridged. They attach to a large, squeezable bulb that fits neatly into the hand and can be delicately and expertly controlled to ensure that you get the most out of your anal douche experience!

  • Squeezeable bulb
  • Nicely textured nozzles
  • Interchangeable nozzles

  • Quite large
  • Could go deeper
Colt Douche Kit
MaterialsSoft plastic
Length10 inches
Insertable length4.5 inches
Width0.8 inches
Volume200 fl. oz
AllergiesContains latex and phthalates

The Colt Anal Douche Kit gives you the opportunity to have a customizable anal douche experience. Coming with two nozzles you can choose which you prefer; the smooth or the ridged. The soft plastic bulb is easy to squeeze and provides you with total control as to how much or how little water you want to squirt inside. Great to keep yourself nice and clean before you jump into some fun and intense anal play, it’s maybe not the best toy if you prefer deeper anal play.  

3 Speculum

Bondage Boutique Steel Vaginal Speculum

 Bondage Boutique Speculum

  • Love to play with speculums
  • Enjoy the feel of steel
  • Want to be stretched

Bondage Boutique Speculum

  • Prefer more natural feeling materials
  • Want something a little less harsh
  • Are looking for an anal toy

Open wide! Or rather let the Bondage Boutique Steel Vaginal Speculum open you wide! This labia spreader is made out of medical grade steel this harshly cold and industrial looking tool can be inserted into your vagina and opened up nice and wide to allow access to all those sensitive internal pleasure points such as the cervix and G-spot. Lay back and let the doctor do his work!

  • Provides a great stretch
  • Allows access to deep pleasure points
  • Made of medical grade steel

  • Harsh and cold
  • Not for beginners
  • Not for anal play
Bondage Boutique Speculum
Length6 inches
Insertable length4.5 inches

The Bondage Boutique Steel Vaginal Speculum is a great too if you want to spread a vagina nice and wide in order to get to all those hard to reach places. You’ll feel the pleasurable burn as your vagina is stretched and laid out on display and hear the tool click as it ratchets wider and wider! The medical grade steel is hygienic and sterile but can feel cold and harsh while inside. For this reason this might not be the perfect toy for everyone, and if you prefer softer play then you might want to look elsewhere.  

4 Proctoscope

Anal Proctoscope

 Anal Proctoscope

  • Enjoy anal play
  • Want a tapered anal toy
  • Love prostate stimulation

Anal Proctoscope

  • Don't enjoy deeper anal insertions
  • Want a toy that is smoother

If you’re into deeper anal play then the Anal Proctoscope is a cool medical fetish toy to have to hand. Tapered in design, you can insert the 3 inch long length into the anus to allow for stimulation at a greater depth. The medical grade plastic makes it body-safe, and ensures an exciting and sensual anal dilation experience that is bound to feel absolutely orgasmic!

  • Great for deeper anal play
  • Better access to the prostate
  • Made of medical grade plastic

  • The ridge on the toy
  • The hard texture
Anal Proctoscope
MaterialsMedical grade hard plastic
Length3 inches
Width1.03 inches

The Anal Proctoscope is a fun toy if you want to explore the sensation of deeper anal stimulation. You slide it into the anus, remove the obturator (the plunger-looking thing in the middle), and you have access to a world of pleasure and excitement otherwise hidden deep away. Unfortunately there is one small (but hugely detremental) downside: there is a small ridge along the shaft of the toy, and while it only may be tiny it is noticable – especially for the person it’s being inserted into! This design flaw might cause discomfort to some people.  

5 Clamp

Master Series Stainless Steel Pussy Clamp

 Master Series Pussy Clamp

  • Like to feel the stretch
  • Want a stainless steel toy
  • Like adjustable toys

Master Series Pussy Clamp

  • Aren't into stretching
  • Are afraid of a little pain

The Master Series Stainless Steel Pussy Clamp allows you to have complete access to the vagina, and all the sexually sensual secrets and pleasures it holds. Using the thumb screws you can slowly but deliberately spread the labia up to 1.25 inches wide open, allowing you to use any kind of other probing toys you want! Feel the sweet, sweet pain with this awesomely industrial implement!

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Very adjustable
  • Small but effective

  • Cold and harsh material
  • Uncomfortable for some
Master Series Pussy Clamp
MaterialsStainless steel
Length3.3 inches
Width1.15 inches / (open) 1.25 inches

The Master Series Stainless Steel Pussy Clamp is an interesting, exciting and highly useful toy. Made out of stainless steel it is a weighty and solid toy that is easy to keep clean and maintained. simply clamp it to either side of the labia and use the small but powerful thumb screws to slowly open it up, exposing the inside of the vagina. While it might not be a toy to everyones liking due to the specific kind of pleasurable pain it dishes out, it’s definitely a wonderfully useful medical fetish tool!

6 Pinwheel

Fifty Shades Darker Metal Wartenberg Pinwheel

 Fifty Shades Darker Pinwheel

  • Like to tease nerve endings
  • Enjoy foreplay toys
  • Want a simple and easy to use toy

Fifty Shades Darker Pinwheel

  • Want something bigger and harsher
  • Prefer to inflict more pleasurable pain

The Fifty Shades Darker Metal Wartenberg Pinwheel is a small but highly effective pinwheel toy that is going to leave your partners skin teased and tickled. Featuring 22 tiny prickly spikes, it can be rolled along the body to entice those nerve endings and get the body ready for further excitement. It’s a tantalizing pinwheel toy with a pleasurable price. This pinwheel is great for both beginners and more experienced users thanks to how easy it is to use, and how different sensations you can give depending on the pressure you use.

  • The 22 pleasurable spikes
  • Easy to hold
  • Simple to use

  • Quite small
  • Might not deliver enough pain
Fifty Shades Darker Pinwheel
MaterialsNickel-free metal
Length7.5 inches

Fifty Shades Darker Metal Wartenberg Pinwheel is a great little pleasure/pain toy in a discreet little package. The 22 spikes are sharp enough to give pain but on a level that is somewhere between ‘oo that hurts’ and orgasmic! It’s easy to hold and can be used in a variety of ways and in a variety of places. Making DIY BDSM accessories is fun, and you could undoubtedly create something that gives a similar sensation to this toy, for the price and the beautifulness of the item it doesn’t make sense NOT to pick it up!

7 Spreader

Master Series Dartigues Retractor Spreader

 Master Series Spreader

  • Enjoy being spread wide open
  • Love internal play
  • Want to live out those medical fantasies

Master Series Spreader

  • Don't think you can take the stretch
  • Prefer external medical fetish toys

The Master Series Dartigues Retractor Spreader pulls and holds open your vagina for deep, internal pussy play. It allows access to otherwise hidden areas and gives you the sense of being stretched and laid out bare, at the mercy of the doctor! Simply insert the toy into the vagina and squeeze the handle until it’s as wide as you need it to be. It can even be used in the anus to help slowly train it for larger toys! Two-for-one!

  • Can be used in vagina and anus
  • Simple design makes it easy to use
  • Good width at maximum spread

  • Might be too big for some
  • Steel might take a while to warm up
Master Series Spreader
MaterialsStainless steel
Length12 inches
Insertable length3 inches
Width(up to) 6 inches

The Master Series Dartigues Retractor Spreader allows you to spread open your vagina or butt and train them to be able to take other larger toys. The stainless steel is hygienic and the design is simple, however it might benefit from some kind of locking mechanism for when you’ve got it to the desired width. It might be a little large for some people and they might have trouble with it – especially in the anus. However if you persevere then you’re sure to get a stretching sensation like no other!

8 Fisting

Renegade Rubber Long Latex Fisting Mitten

 Renegade Rubber Fisting Mitten

  • Enjoy fisting
  • Love the feel of latex
  • Want to get extreme

Renegade Rubber Fisting Mitten

  • Have a latex allergy
  • Want something easier to put on

If fisting is for you then the Renegade Rubber Long Latex Fisting Mitten is going to come is super handy! Made of a stretchy yet durable latex material, you can slip it on, lube up and slide inside, savouring every sensation along the way. The latex is this so you’re not going to miss out on feeling a single thing as you get down to business. Allow around 5-10 minutes for the glove to acclimatize to your body and it’ll be a perfect fit for a naughty experience!

  • Stretchy latex
  • Feels great against the body
  • Can still feel through it

  • Only comes in one size
  • Can be tricky to get on
Renegade Rubber Fisting Mitten
Length18.5 inches
AllergiesContains latex

The Renegade Rubber Long Latex Fisting Mitten allows you to enjoy the experience of fisting in a clean and safe way. Long enough to keep things hygienic and soft/smooth enough to feel sexily sensual and awesome, it’s a fun accessory that will only add to the erotically intimate act. The material is fairly thin (allowing you to still feel everything while you wear it) but because of that it might feel and look a little cheap and like it could easily rip. It is also quite tricky to actually put on, and might require a little help to get it on completely. Still, you can’t deny the excitement of a fisting toy!

Want Something More Extreme?

Extreme can be gooood, especially in the world of medical fetish toys! So let’s take a look at something that helps you go above and beyond when it comes to those medical role-play fantasies!

DOMINIX Deluxe Medium Anal Hook

DOMINIX Deluxe Medium Anal Hook - Want Something More Extreme?
The DOMINIX Deluxe Medium Anal Hook allows you to pleasure the butt while you give your lucky patient their check-up! This stainless steel hook slides into the ass and the sizeable ball will provide precise G-spot or P-spot stimulation. This medical fetish toy puts the power in your hands and gives you the opportunity to dominate and tease your patient to your heart’s content! Combine it with other BDSM tools such as traps and ties to really enhance the experience. his hook really is a catch!

Look the Part

It’s all well and good having your medical fetish toys, but what about the uniform? You want to look the part, don’t you? Of course you do! So let’s play a little dress up. Here are some awesome orgasmic outfits that can help take the medical fantasy to the next level!

Lovehoney Flirty Nurse Costume

Lovehoney Flirty Nurse Costume - Look the Part
Oh, hello there nurse! The Lovehoney Fantasy Flirty Nurse Costume is divine from top to bottom! The close fitting material and elasticated belt helps accentuate each and every delicious curve, and a duel-directional zipper allows for easy access whenever you need it. This cheeky little number will have pulses racing before you’ve even touched your medical fetish toys! Hubba hubba!

Lovehoney Heartbeat Hottie Costume

Lovehoney Heartbeat Hottie Costume - Look the Part
The Lovehoney Heartbeat Hottie Costume is going to have you wondering why you don’t go to the hospital more often! This low-cut top perfectly frames the tits while the red trimming draws the eye to each and every aspect of this beauty. It even comes with a matching G-string to help accentuate the butt and show off those gorgeous cheeks. What an amazing ensemble!

Nurse Hat with Applique

Nurse Hat with Applique - Look the Part
A naughty nurse outfit is not complete without a naughty nurse hat. This Nurse Hat with Applique allows you to add that finishing touch to your outfit, sliding neatly into your hair it should stay put even during the most vigorous of…erm…examinations! This really is the crowning glory to the outfit. Looks like your patient is ready so grab your medical fetish toys and get them on the examination table!

A Beginner’s Guide to the Medical Fetish

Everyone knows what “vanilla” sex is: plain old, missionary-position sex. For some, that’s enough, but for others, their sexual journey is just beginning! Fetishes, or sexual desires revolving around a particular item or act, are something that nearly everyone has. Of course, fetishes vary widely, and there are nearly an unlimited number of options when it comes to the fetishes one can explore. However, today, we’ll be taking a close look at one fetish in particular: the medical fetish! For some, a medical fetish could be as simple as finding nurse/doctor outfits attractive. At this level, a simple roleplay might be enough to satisfy their desires. Many people want more though and begin to incorporate props into their roleplaying. At this point, the medical fetish starts to become closer to BDSM!

Medical Fetish Meets BDSM

In a BDSM relationship, one partner is the dominant; the other is the submissive. While the “dom” leads the relationship and roleplays, the “sub” follows their lead, submitting to their authority and guidance. However, this isn’t an “anything goes” situation. Both parties must completely understand the limitations of how far they’re willing to go, communicating any issues that arrive. For this reason, it’s commonplace to establish a “safe word” beforehand. Using the “safe word” lets your partner know that they’re taking things too far & you’ve reached your limit. When translated over to a medical fetish setting, the dominant partner would be the “doctor” or “nurse”, and the sub would be the “patient”. Since communication is vital to this type of fetish interaction, you’ll first need to ensure that your partner is on board with the fantasy. Once you’ve established that they consent, you can begin to discuss the types of situations you’d like to act out, the props you want to use, what you’re willing to do, and where you draw the line.

Establishing Consent & Expectations

Since communication is vital to this type of fetish interaction, you’ll first need to ensure that your partner is on board with the fantasy. Once you’ve established that they consent, you can begin to discuss:
  • The types of situations you’d like to act out
  • The props you want to use, what you’re willing to do, and
  • Where you draw the line (personal limitations)
This conversation might take a while, but it’s important to have it before attempting to bring your fantasies to life. Still, if you’ve never explored your medical fetish before, you might not know where to begin! Below, we’ve listed a number of points & props you’ll want to bring up in your conversation.

Choosing an Outfit

You can certainly explore your medical fetish without an outfit/costume, but your fantasy will feel much more “real” if you’re dressed for the part. Although there are many different outfits you can choose, the standard options themselves are fairly limited. You can choose:
  • Scrubs
  • A nurse outfit
  • A doctor’s outfit
Once you’ve decided what—if anything—you’re going to wear, it’s time to talk about props!

What's the Appeal of Medical Fetish Toys?

medical fetish toys Medical role-play is a popular and ridiculously sexy fantasy that many people have. It allows them to role-play as medical professionals and, in most cases, their patients. And obviously along with that come the toys. Because what doctor worth their weight doesn’t have some tools to hand?! Here’s the thing, these tools might look industrial and medical, but they are actually designed for maximum pleasure and tip-top stimulation all while maintaining that medical role-play fantasy. So medical fetish toys are the tools of the trade, if you will! They allow a person to delve further into the fantasy role-play and become immersed in the sensations, pleasures and ultimately orgasms that these medical fantasy toys will inevitably bring! And to us that sounds amazing!

“Exam Equipment”

Depending on the situation/procedures you’re attempting to act out, the equipment you require will differ. Read through the above list with your partner, discuss which items catch your eye, then figure out what you want to try first from there!


In a genuine medical setting, having gloves is critical to staying sanitary. Similarly, you’ll want to be sanitary during your medical play as well, especially if you’re going to be performing an “internal exam”! “Exam gloves” or latex gloves are very cheap, can be bought in sets of 50 or 100, and will contribute a lot to the legitimacy of your medical fantasies.

Lubricant Applicators

Another item you should pick up is a lube tube applicator syringe. Whether you’re simply performing an examination or planning to enjoy actual intercourse with your partner, having proper lubrication is a necessity. Having a dedicated applicator syringe just makes things seem more like a legitimate medical procedure. Plus, they will help cut back on the amount of wasted lube!

Posture Collars

If you’ve ever sustained a serious neck injury then you’re probably familiar with neck braces. You can use a medical posture collar in place of a brace for your “patient”. Not only will this add to the medical immersion, but using a collar will also prevent your “patient” from moving their head around. That makes it perfect for when you want to tease them with a bit of sensory play!

The Bed

Although an “exam table” isn’t a necessity for medical play, having one will definitely help you get in the mood faster! While you technically could go out and buy an actual exam table, most people opt for a BDSM sex bed instead. This option may actually be better since these beds often have built-in straps that allow you to subdue your patient without hassle.

Sex Swings

If you’re planning on giving your “patient” a pelvic exam, you might be worried about proper positioning. Fortunately, you don’t need to buy a set of Lithotomy stirrups; you can just use a sex swing instead! A swing will give you an excellent view and easy access for the “examination”. There are many different types of sex swings available, so you can choose which mounting style will work best for you. Single-hook – that are typically cheap sex swings, dual-hook – that are heavy duty sex swings, and door-mounted sex swings are the most common choices. But you can also find Spinning sex swings, and bondage swings.

Sensory Play

As the name implies, sensory play (sensation play) is a type of erotic foreplay that centers around stimulating a person’s senses. With touch, smell, taste, sound, and sight at your disposal, it’s easy to overlook the miniscule differences. However, by restricting a person’s senses, you can get them to focus in on other senses, allowing you to bring the foreplay to new heights! Sensory play allows you to be creative, finding new, exciting ways to drive your partner wild!

Wartenberg Pinwheel

Proper nerve functionality is vital, so what better way to test your “patient’s” nerves than with a Wartenberg pinwheel!? This neurological device is very easy to use. Simply roll it across the skin to test for nerve reactions and patient sensitivity! The user maintains all control: you can run it lightly, teasing the skin, or harshly, jabbing into the skin with its many spikes. These pinwheel props work excellent for foreplay, both in a medical setting and a more “vanilla” one.

Reflex Hammer

Another type of sensation play is impact play! Although paddles are common for general BDSM play, reflex hammers are a type of impact toy that are specific to medical play. You can test their reflexes—as well as the sensitivity of their more previous parts—with these mini rubber mallets.


Cheap, classic, and easy to incorporate into your play sessions, blindfolds can be highly erotic. By limiting a person’s visions, they are forced to focus on other senses (such as touch or hearing). As such, blindfolds work great when used simultaneously with other sensory toys.


Nipple toy play is another common type of BDSM play. Going along with the medical theme, forceps are excellent toys for applying precise pressure to your patient’s sensitive bits. Whether you’re hoping for a slight “nip” or a sharp “bite”, these little toys will do the trick!

Urethral Exams

Is your partner’s urethra due for a checkup? If so, there are a couple of different props you can use for the “procedure”! A sound set is a collection of silicone sounds or metal sounding devices (“sounds”) that are inserted into the urethra, stretching the passage as it’s inserted. Although more common with male patients in the medical fetish, female patients can use sounds as well. They even have urethra vibrators available! If a simple sound won’t do the trick, you can up the ante using either penis plugs or a urethral stretcher. The first device simply blocks the urethra, preventing the “patient” from being able to urinate or ejaculate. Contrarily, a urethral stretcher is used to—you guessed it—stretch the urethra. These items can inflict permanent damage if not utilized correctly, so we’d suggest getting a feeling for what sounding feels like before attempting to use them.

Vaginal Exams

 Of course, female “patients” need attention as well: that’s where a vaginal speculum comes in! Once lubricant has been applied, the speculum is inserted into the vagina. Using the adjustable screws, the vaginal speculum widens, spreading the vagina for easier access and examination. If skin-to-metal contact isn’t what you’re looking for, there are also silicone labia spreaders and labia spreading clamps available for future procedures!

Anal Exams

 Anal health is a topic that some people tend to avoid, but it’s surely one worth covering. When it comes to exploring your medical fetish, there are two items in particular that you’ll want in your bag! For anal examinations, having an anal proctoscope will come in handy. This item is first inserted into your patient’s anus, then the obturator (plunger-like middle part) is removed, giving you a clear view of the orifice’s interior! Perhaps it required a bit of cleaning? An enema kit will do the trick: all you’ll need is a faucet to complete the deep cleaning process!

Exploring Your Medical Fetish Safely

As you can see, there are many different types of props used in the medical fetish (and there are many more beyond the few we’ve listed above!). This list should give you enough to get started, but there are a couple of things you’ll want to keep in mind.
  • Sterile lubricant is vital. Just like in a real medical practice, it’s important that your “tools” are sterile. Not only should you take the time to sterilize your tools between usages, but you should also use sterile lube as well. This will help prevent any unnecessary complications or unfortunate infections.
  • Take things slow. Remember, you’re still learning: there’s no need to try everything at once! It’s important to take the time to explore your fetish, separating what you like from what you love.
  • Never do anything you’re uncomfortable with. Whether it’s a “procedure” being done to you or one that you’re performing yourself, it’s important to stay within your comfort zone. Remember, medical fetish play can quickly go wrong, and you surely don’t want to injure your “patient”! When in doubt, wait until you can talk to a more experienced practitioner. Once you do, you can decide how to proceed from there.

The Importance of Aftercare

The term “aftercare” can mean many different things. Essentially, “aftercare” is the process between two (or more) BDSM partners of working their way out of the “play” mindset and back in the “real world”. The partners will talk about their experience with each other, discussing what went well and what could be improved upon. From there, they will do activities that bring them comfort, which could be either partnered activities (such as cuddling) or singular activities (like writing in a journal). Although seemingly trivial, “aftercare” plays an important role in providing a sense of completion to your medical play. Once you’ve determined what type of aftercare works best for you, you’ll likely find your sessions to be much more enjoyable and satisfying!

How to use medical fetish toys

As you can see there are a whole variety of exciting, sexy, naughty, interesting medical fetish toys out there, all of which can be used in vastly different ways. We can’t go through how to use each and every one of them, but we do have a couple of super helpful tips for you that we think you should take heed of! So here we go!

Read the instructions!

Read the instructions!

Whichever medical fetish toy you go for it is important to always read the instructions and follow the manufacturer’s guidance on how to properly use and maintain it. You might think you know how to use a particular item, but the instructions might give you some hints and tips that you never even thought of! It’s always worth it to give them a quick read!

Keep things lubricated!

Keep things lubricated!

Did you know that lubrication is your best friend! You should never underestimate the power and importance of lube. If you’re using a medical fetish toy that is insertable you’re going to want it to be nice and slippery as it goes in! So don’t be shy, crack out your favorite water-based lubricant and get your medical fetish toys slathered in it. After all, you don’t want any painful and awkward friction burns. Otherwise your medical play might turn into a real life hospital trip!

How to clean medical fetish toys

Cleaning medical fetish toys is important. That should kind of go without saying! It's all about keeping them clean and as sterile as possible so they're nice and hygienic and good to go the next time you need them. Usually it's just a case of cleaning them with warm water and mild soap or sex toy cleaner. Quick, simple and easy, right! So let's take a look at a few handy resources on how to keep your medical fetish toys clean!


Yes! Companies wouldn't manufacture and sell medical fetish toys if they weren’t safe! They have been tried, tested, reviewed, poked at, prodded, examined, and tried and tested again to ensure that the product you receive - whichever it may be - is of the safest quality possible!

Sometimes, yes. That of course depends on what the medical fetish toy is, but many are designed to cause some level of pain and discomfort. The good kind of pain though, don’t worry! Many people have the fantasy of feeling helpless and used in a medical setting, unable to do anything, and medical fetish toys allow that to happen!

Any lubricant is good, but we would always recommend a good, high quality water-based lubricant. Water-based lubes are safer for the body as they contain fewer chemicals. That ensures you and your medical fetish toys are in tip-top condition when it comes to play time!

That all depends on who you are and what you want out of your medical role-play fantasy! Some like to be tickled and teased, some like to be stretched and dominated, it's all down to personal choice. What medical fetish toys are best is subjective, and if you ask 100 different people you'll get 100 different answers. So the best thing to do is experiment, try things out, and see what's right for YOU!

Yes, there's no reason why not! Just make sure you fully understand how the toys work, what they do, and (most importantly) your limits! Have fun, get naughty, try new stuff, but most importantly stay safe!

Wha are medical fetish toys?

Medical fetish toys are toys that look, feel and act like real-life medical instruments. From syringes to speculums to clamps, there's a whole wide range of industrial and professional medical looking tools available to you. You've surely heard of naughty nurses and sexy doctors...well this just takes that fantasy and cranks it up to 11! Crack out your white lab coat, pull out the sexy nurse outfit, grab a medical fetish toy and live out those naughty medical fantasies!

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