The 3 Best Metal Gags for Advanced Oral Play

   Josh Gill
Let’s dive into the world of metal gags; one of the sex toy industry’s most sexily fun and popular items! From orgasmically amazing O-ring gags to long-legged, alien-looking spider gags that sit on your face, I’m sure that we’ll find a metal gag to keep you sexily silent and swimming in succulent sensations!
1 Test Winner

Scandal Wide Open Mouth Gag

 Scandal Wide Open Mouth Gag

  • Like the interchangeable feature
  • Like the sexy red and black design
  • Want a well built metal gag

Scandal Wide Open Mouth Gag

  • Don't mind paying a little bit more
  • Prefer real leather to fall leather
  • Want a slightly larger O-ring

I chose the Scandal Wide Open Mouth Gag by CalExotics as a test winner because it’s a bold and super versatile metal gag for those exploring restraint play. It features two interchangeable rings (one silicone and one nickel-free iron), and an adjustable buckle closure, ensuring a comfortable yet secure fit. The dual-sided design – soft and plushy on one side and stylish fabric on the other – adds to its appeal. I really this open gag for its functionality and it stands out for its combination of functionality, comfort, and aesthetic design, making it a top choice in its category!

  • Great feeling materials
  • Adjustable strap
  • Interchangeable rings

  • Pricey
  • O-ring may be too small for some
Scandal Wide Open Mouth Gag
MaterialsMetal and faux leather
Width1.9 inches

If you want something that is of a great quality, with a versatile design then you can’t go wrong with the Scandal Wide Open Mouth Gag. It is comfortable to wear, will accommodate most people, and its interchangeable design makes it one of the most fun BDSM items out there. The sexy red strap is both comfortable to wear and adjustable. And I think the red and black design adds a more sensual touch. The O-ring still might not be big enough for all penises and dildos, but it’s not too bad and should be okay for most regular people.

2 Cheapest

O-Ring Or Deep Throat Gag

 O-Ring Gag

  • Want something that is easy to use
  • Like the simple and straight forward design
  • Want to be left drooling in excitement...literally

O-Ring Gag

  • Are looking for a gag with a larger O-ring
  • Prefer higher quality gags
  • Don't like the feel of metal in your mouth

Just as the name implies, the Deep Throat Gag allows you to stuff your partner’s mouth and throat with your cock. To make sure that it stays there, this gag wraps around your partner’s head so they can’t escape from having all of you in their mouth. The gag wraps easily around your partner’s head while the stainless steel O-Ring keeps their mouth nice and wide. Then, feel free to place your cock into the ring. And how could I forget about the most part – the price! This simple metal gag has a surprisingly high-quality for such a low price. If you want a

  • Easy to use
  • Well priced
  • Strong buckle

  • O-ring may be too small for some
  • Not the highest quality product
O-Ring Gag
MaterialsMetal and nylon

The O-Ring Or Deep Throat Gag is a simple and straightforward gag that does exactly what you need it to. It does in your mouth, secures around the back of your head with strong and reliable buckles, and does exactly what you need it to. Perfect! The main issue that I can see with the O-Ring Or Deep Throat Gag is that it is not the highest quality gag ever. Sure, it looks and feels pretty great, but I think that the metal and strap could be of a better quality. Also, the O-ring itself isn’t the biggest, so if you want to insert a penis or a dildo, then you may need something bigger. Still, if you can see past this, then you’re bound to have a lot of fun with the O-Ring Or Deep Throat Gag. But as I mentioned, for the cheap price it may be worth picking up and giving a go. You never know – you might like it! Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

3 Spider

The Spider Gag

 The Spider Gag

  • Love the design and feel of a spider gag
  • Can't resist that extra bit of metal in your mouth
  • Are looking for a high quality leather strap

The Spider Gag

  • Prefer 'normal' O-ring gags
  • Are looking to pay less for a metal gag
  • Aren't a fan of real leather

The Spider Gag is an innovative new metal open-mouth gag. The gag has an O-shaped ring in the center, and handle-shaped “spider legs” on each side of the ring, hence the name – Spider Gag. The legs operate to further restrain and keep the ring inside the mouth. High-quality black leather straps with a locking buckle keep the piece firmly in place. The inner ring of the gag may not be intended for a penis or dildo to be inserted, but this type of gag is perfect for making your submissive drool. Plus, the look of your sub wearing it is on an another level! I think it’s a great metal gag for more experienced users that know their way around extreme BDSM toys.

  • Great sexy spider-like design
  • Industrial-feeling metal
  • Strong leather strap

  • Not everyone will like spider gags
  • Real leather straps won't suit everyone
The Spider Gag
MaterialsMetal and leather
Length(Strap) 17-22 inches
Width(O-ring) 2.5 inches

The Spider Gag literally sets out its stall from just the name alone. It is THE spider gag that you’ve been looking for. Probably! The spider-like design sits in your mouth and the ‘legs’ hang out over the side, gripping on and giving it a very unique look. It’s certainly going to set your Spidey-senses tingling when you get your mouth on it, though I’ll admit, not everyone will find The Spider Gag as desirable as others. It is a unique design and people may find it to be more uncomfortable to wear than the previous metal gags that I’ve talked about in this post. Still, if you want to try something different and feel like taking your metal gag game to the next level, then I highly recommend the The Spider Gag, it will be one that will leave you satisfied!

Metal Gags With a More Comfortable Coating

Metal is strong and tough, and while it’s an amazing material, I can see why some may not find it to be the most comfortable. So here are a few comfier gags!

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Silicone O-Ring Gag

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Silicone O-Ring Gag - Metal Gags With a More Comfortable Coating
This Fetish Fantasy Extreme Silicone O-Ring Gag is exactly what you need to keep your sub quiet while keeping their mouth wide open for whatever you wish to put in it! The metal O-ring is encased with medical-grade silicone that is taste-free and gentle on the teeth and gums while remaining sturdy and durable. The belt-like straps, also made of Elite Silicone, easily adjusts to fit most sizes.

Fetish Fantasy Beginner's Open Mouth Gag

Fetish Fantasy Beginner's Open Mouth Gag - Metal Gags With a More Comfortable Coating
The Fetish Fantasy Beginner’s Open Mouth Gag is a cool, beginner-friendly choice for those curious about bondage play. It’s got this easy-to-wear O-ring style with an adjustable strap, so it’s comfortable and simple to use. Plus, the metal ring is ribbon-wrapped, making it a gentle intro to this kind of play. It’s a fun way to spice things up if you’re looking to try something new.

Ouch Wrapped O-Ring Gag

Ouch Wrapped O-Ring Gag - Metal Gags With a More Comfortable Coating
Completely wrapped in high-quality scaled polyurethane, the O-ring bit is rigid yet gentle on the teeth. The strap, also made from durable PU, has a completely adjustable 15-hole fastening to suit all subs. The O-ring has an inner diameter of 3.2 cm (1.3″) and sits behind the teeth leaving the mouth and jaw invitingly open. The strap has a total length of 67.5 cm (27″) including O-ring and is 4.4 cm (1.8″) wide.

Other Types of Gags You Might Like

Want to see something a little different? Of course, you do! Here are some other types of gags that you might like!

Black & White Solid Ball Gag

Black & White Solid Ball Gag - Other Types of Gags You Might Like
A classic ball and bit gag combo perfect for playful couples, this Ouch! Black & White piece was designed to keep a submissive partner – you or them – quiet and cooperative. Consensually, of course! Slipping between your teeth and lips, the solid rubber sphere on a horizontal metal bit holds your/their tongue in check and mouth open wide. The ball portion of the O-Ring Gag is about 1.6 inches/4cm in diameter, and the strap adjusts to fit most.

Breathable Ball Gag with Nipple Clamps

Breathable Ball Gag with Nipple Clamps - Other Types of Gags You Might Like
Take your BDSM pleasures to the next level with this Breathable Ball Gag with Nipple Clamps. Made from smooth velvety silicone and fully adjustable, use it to silence your lover and stimulate their nipples for utterly satisfying domination play. Connecting the straps and ball gag are two oversized O-rings – perfect for attaching your choice of restraints, chains, and leashes to.

Silicone Lips Gag

Silicone Lips Gag - Other Types of Gags You Might Like
Combining soft faux leather with a tasteless silicone kiss, this fun-loving piece hails from playtime masters Sex & Mischief. Uniquely styled, the soft Lips Gag holds the wearer’s lips open, stifling sound and preventing biting, spitting and otherwise. Strapping securely around the back of the head, an adjustable band buckles to fit most head sizes.

The Ultimate Metal Spider Gag

If you love spider gags, then you’re going to absolutely ADORE this ultimate addition to your spider gag collection!

Fetish Fantasy Spider Gag

Fetish Fantasy Spider Gag - The Ultimate Metal Spider Gag
With 4 curvy metal “legs” and sturdy leather straps, your playmate will not only look super sexy, their mouth will stay open and ready for whatever you want to put in it! The sleek metal design has a bit of extra edge, but also comfortably fits most sizes. It features a uniquely-edgy spider design and a sturdy steel frame keeps the wearer’s mouth open. Plus, the circular center gives a great ‘target’ for whatever you want to put in it!

Comparing the Best Metal Gags

Scandal Wide Open Mouth Gag: Top-rated with a 5.0/5.0 overall score and Bedbible rating. It’s the highest quality (95/100) and design (100/100), but medium-priced. Made of metal and faux leather, it has a 1.9-inch width and buckle fastening. The interchangeable design is great for beginners who want to experience both silicone and metal ring gags, or more advanced users who are looking for a versatile gag. O-Ring Gag: Lower overall (4.0/5.0) and Bedbible (4.0/5.0) scores, priced low. Quality and design are decent but not top-tier (75/100 and 90/100). I think it’s a great simple, and budget-friendly option. The Spider Gag: The Bedbible rating matches O-Ring at 4.0/5.0. Cheapest, with a 90/100 in design and quality. It’s made of metal and leather and features a 2.5-inch O-ring and a 17-22-inch strap. It has a top quality, and the leather strap makes it a go-to metal gag for leather enthusiasts, however because of its design I would recommend it to much more advanced users who are used to more extreme bondage play or are into humiliation play.

How to use metal gags

You might look at a metal gag and know exactly how to use it. But then again, you might look at a metal gag and have no idea what to do. If that’s the case, I’m going to talk you through a few of the most important points about how to use your petal gags!

Find a metal gag that fits you!

Find a metal gag that fits you!

There are so many different metal gags out there, in different shapes, and different sizes, and it’s essential that you find the perfect one. You want it to fit perfectly, feel nice against your face, and easily be secured. Don’t forget to make sure that if you’re buying for a sub that they are comfortable using the metal gag too. It’s all about having good and safe fun!

Position the gag correctly!

Position the gag correctly!

If you want to fully enjoy your metal gag, you’re going to need to make sure it is positioned correctly. Put the actual gag part in your mouth and use your teeth to gently hold it in place. It should fit comfortably in there. Once you’re happy, move on to the next step!

Secure the straps behind your head!

Secure the straps behind your head!

Once the gag is comfortably sat, use the straps to secure it around the back of your head. They will reach all the way around with plenty to spare, so they will fit pretty much everyone. Use the buckles, locks, or Velcro to secure it tightly into place, at which point you’re set to go. Let the oral adventures begin!

How to clean metal gags

Metal gags are designed to go in your mouth, so it is essential that you keep them clean and hygienic if you want to use them time after time. But how exactly do you do that? Well, it's not that hard! I've provided you with a few really handy resources that will help you keep your metal gags sexy and sanitized.


No, it shouldn't do. They are meant to restrain you and leave you incapable of being able to say or do much of anything, but they are not meant to cause you any kind of pain or distress! If that's the case, stop using it immediately!

Metal gags are awesome, but if you want something a little different, then you could try silicone ones. They are a little softer and more malleable when you use them. They're undeniably a fun alternative if metal's not your thing!

You can...but they're certainly not as fun as when you're with a partner! Using metal gags with a partner means that you both get a lot more out of the experience!

Right here, by following the links in this post! Bedbible works with only the very best and most well-respected sex toy shops around, so you can be sure that when you clock, you're going to be shopping with somewhere that it trusted and recommended!

What are metal gags?

Metal gags are a kind of gag that is made (quite predictably) out of metal! They go into your mouth and keep it held open, allowing your dom to do whatever they like whilst you drool in silent pleasure! And if you think that sounds fun, well, you'd be right!

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