The 5 Best Moaning SexDoll that Look and Sound the Part

Javier Zavala   Javier Zavala
When it comes to sex dolls, a bit of realism is expected, but why not take things to the next level with a moaning sex doll? A bit part of the actual sexual experience is interacting with your partner (and vice versa). A moaning sex doll “responds” audibly, making the experience much for immersive and erotic! Available in all your usual sex doll styles, these unique toys tend to cost a bit more than your average sex doll, sex doll torso, or male masturbator, which means you’ll want to make sure that the money you spend is well spent. Fortunately, we’ve done all the research for you, meaning you only need to read below to see which items are actually worth their price tag!
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Dirty Talk Interactive Vagina and Ass

 Dirty Talk Interactive Vagina and Ass

  • want a moaning sexdoll
  • like the real-life feeling
  • want a splashproof moaning doll

Dirty Talk Interactive Vagina and Ass

  • are on a budget
  • are looking for a full size moaning sexdoll

Dirty Talk Interactive is a realistic moaning doll, everything you have dreamed about you will find it with this moaning doll. It is splashproof, which means you can play carefully with water and everything will be fine, it is made out of soft plastic and the textures and the feeling is real-like. Has two canals, vaginal and anal and both are different. This moaning sexdoll will interact with every movement you do, fulfilling all your fantasies!


  • Real-thing feel like
  • 2 different canals to use
  • Splashproof
  • Rechargeable

  • Price
  • Is not a full size doll
Dirty Talk Interactive Vagina and Ass
Vibration speeds1
Insertable length7 inches
OpeningsVagina and butt
MaterialsSoft Plastic

The Dirty Talk Interactive is an excellent option if you are looking for a moaning sexdoll, it activates every time you interac with her, no matter if you are pounding or just slapping it will speak to you. The material is amazing, it feels like the real thing, the two openings are amazing and totally different. It is splashproof so you don’t have to worry about messing it up, the price might be a bit expensive but it is totally worth it.

2 Cheapest

Blush X5 Men

 Blush X5 Men

  • want a vibrating sex doll
  • want a cheap option
  • want a waterproof sex doll

Blush X5 Men

  • are looking for a premium sex doll
  • don't like bullet vibrators

Blush X5 Vibrating Rear Ecstasy is a great option if you are interested in getting a moaning sexdoll, especially because of its price, the material is nice and it feels great. Comes with two canals, so you can choose your favorite, and also includes a bullet vibrator that you can stick in to have a vibrating experience. It is waterproof so washing it would be easy but also you can heat the doll up in warm water.


  • Bullet vibrator included
  • Totally waterproof
  • Cheap option
  • Good materials

  • It can look a bit cheap
  • Requires batteries
  • A bit more prominent would have been nicer
Blush X5 Men
Remote ControlsWired
RechargeableNo, 2 x AA batteries
MaterialsRealistic X5 material
OpeningsVaginal and Anal
AllergiesPhthalate Free
Length9.2 inches
Width10.8 inches

If you are looking for a cheap option, the Blush X5 Vibrating Rear Ecstasy. The material is good and the sensation is very nice, the bullet vibrator included with the doll can be attached anytime you want to have virating fun, which is good, and because of this, the doll is totally waterproof (meaning no vibrations underwater). It requires a pair of AA batteries. It would be nice to have a rechargeable device but also that the doll itself would be a bit more prominent, but for the price, I can’t complain, it is amazing.

3 Boobs

Pipedream Extreme Dirty Talk Tiffy Fuck-her

 Pipedream Extreme Dirty Talk Tiffy Fuck-her

  • want a sex doll that moans when you move
  • are not a budget
  • want one of the best moaning sexdolls out there

Pipedream Extreme Dirty Talk Tiffy Fuck-her

  • are on a budget
  • are not appealed by the design

Dirty Talk is a nice line from Pipedream, the Fuck Me Silly Interactive titty Fuck-her is one of the best moaning sexdolls out there. The weight is 8 lbs and the doll feels amazing. The materials are great and the canal texture is even better. Boobs feel pretty nice and natural and the interactive speaker will make fulfill your deepest fantasies.

  • Rechargeable
  • Made out of TPE
  • Feels amazing
  • Great texture

  • Design is a bit odd
  • It is expensive
  • Sounds can be repetitive at some point
Pipedream Extreme Dirty Talk Tiffy Fuck-her
Weight8 lbs

Despite the price, the Interactive Titty Fuck-Her is a great option if you are not on a budget. The feeling is great and the material feels nice. The design is a bit odd, you might understand why, but I think it works, so if you are not worried about the price and you want a nice and steady moaning sex doll, this might be a good option for you!

4 Male

PDX Dirty Talk Fuck Him Silly

 PDX Dirty Talk Fuck Him Silly

  • want a male sexdoll
  • want a sexdoll with audio
  • want a toy with a penis

PDX Dirty Talk Fuck Him Silly

  • don't want a male sextoy
  • don't want a doll with a male voice

The Dirty Talk Fuck Him Silly Masturbator, by PDX is a toy you must have. You can hear its interactive phrases every time you penetrate him. You can adjust the volume of this moaning sex doll or connect your earphones if you prefer a more intimate encounter. In addition to its anal masturbation sleeve, it has a dildo that you or your partner can use, it can blend at your choice. The anal sleeve is textured and has up to 8 inches of insertable length. It is made of dual-density TPE material. Use only water-based lube. You need to remove the speaker before washing the toy’s body.


  • The dildo can be used
  • Interactive toy
  • Vibrator
  • Textured ass tunnel

  • Doesn't have AC adapter
  • Speaker isn't waterproof
PDX Dirty Talk Fuck Him Silly
RechargeableYes, USB
Battery Life120 minutes
Charging Time90 minutes
Insertable length8 inches
Length13 inches
Width16 inches
Weight6 lbs
Length6.5 Dildo inches

This toy’s very versatile, it can be used by me and my boyfriend at the same time, which is something fun. We use it changing positions and it can keep the rhythm. The phases can get too frequent, but you can only disconnect the speaker and enjoy it. The material feels good and very firm, you can pinch it, stroke it, or bite it. I recommend using an only water-based lube. To wash it you can pour hot water in the orifice and it drains on the other end.

5 Masturbator

Zolo Thrustbuster

 Zolo Thrustbuster

  • want a portable masturbator
  • want a USB rechargeable toy
  • want a textured sleeve

Zolo Thrustbuster

  • want a full sexdoll
  • want a doll with a dildo

The Zolo Thrustbuster is a vibrator that can make a moaning sexdoll sound. It has speakers adapted and a button to activate the erotic sounds that will make your experience more complete. It comes with 4 thrusting modes to enjoy and can be used single-handedly. The body is 11 inches long, 3 inches wide, and has 5 inches of insertable length. The sleeve is phthalate-free, can be washed with hot water. The use of water-based lube is recommended. The Zolo Thristbuster USB rechargeable.


  • Thrusting penis simulator
  • Textured sleeve
  • Grip handle
  • Rechargeable

  • Needs careful drying
  • No volume control
Zolo Thrustbuster
Diameter3 inches
Insertable length5 inches
Length11 inches
MaterialsTPR, ABS Plastic
Thrust Modes4

Overall, it was a good experience, but there are some things to mention. The texture’s good, the modes are enough to have variations and enjoy it. The insertable length it’s barely half of the toy’s length, and for some, this could be uncomfortable. I usually don’t use the sounds, sometimes you’ll just pass from touching that button. The use of lube is mandatory to get a nice feel. It’s easy to wash but you need to be careful while drying, I recommend silica gel to absorb the water excess. Keep it chaarged to have a fast relief when you feel to.

This Sex Robot Does it All

So probably you are thinking that there is no moaning sexdoll that can be close to a real thing, and in fact, you might be right (at some point), because is really hard to mimic everything that can happen with a real person. But technology is rising and nowadays there are solutions that will blow your mind and will make you rethink if your statement is true. Below you will find the definitive moaning sex doll (until now).

Emma The Sex Robot

Emma The Sex Robot - This Sex Robot Does it All
Emma is a sex robot that will take the “moaning sexdoll” to the next level. It is the first commercial sex robot in the world. What makes Emma be so special is the responsive artificial intelligence, body temperature control, facial movements, and touch sensing. She can hold conversations with you, normal and erotic ones. It is totally customizable, you can decide skin color, length, type and hair color, sizes, and faces. So, Emma can be your partner, talk with you, moan with pleasure depending on how well you touch her and it will feel as warm as you. You also get warranties, assistance 24/7, and software updates. Emma might be the first one and so far the best at the moment.

Is Getting a Sex Doll Worth It?

At this point, you might be still unsure about buying a moaning sexdoll, and that’s totally understandable. A moaning sexdoll is expensive compared to other kinds of toys that can give you the same physical pleasure, like masturbators. But there are some benefits from a moaning sexdoll that can actually convince you that this is your way to go. Below I will write some points to consider hoping this might help you to dissolve any doubt you might have.


Feeling - Is Getting a Sex Doll Worth It?
A moaning sexdoll is designed to grant you a realistic feeling of the toy. Being said this, the sensation of squeezing a boob or a cheek might feel like a real thing sometimes. Of course, there is a huge difference if you compare this feeling to a stroker, mostly because the stroker is held in your hand (or handsfree if that’s the case) and you won’t ever feel anything but the sleeve inside. So if you are looking to grab or squeeze something else than the masturbator, a moaning sexdoll is a great option.


Size - Is Getting a Sex Doll Worth It?
When comes to size, a moaning sexdoll is definitely bigger than other kinds of toys. This means that you can’t carry it easily with you as it would happen with a masturbator, for example. So if this is a problem for you, then perhaps a moaning sexdoll might not be your thing. But if you are thinking to have your moaning sexdoll at home, and use her just at a certain time of the day, where you can be relaxed and have plenty of time to play, then you should get one. Of course, if hiding it is important for you, then I must say no, otherwise, a moaning sexdoll might be amazing!


Realism - Is Getting a Sex Doll Worth It?
Let’s speak about realism. If we focus on the realism during penetration, it might be hard to choose between the best fleshlight and a moaning sexdoll. This is because fleshlights are made focusing on the feeling while using it and despite being one of the best points while doing a moaning sexdoll it is not just this but the overall feeling of it. So you might find a masturbator out there that can feel even better than a moaning sexdoll, but a moaning sexdoll has a plus because of the feeling not only in the canals but on the external sensations as well.


Price - Is Getting a Sex Doll Worth It?
Finally, one of the most important aspects is the price. Of course, you can find a masturbator that can be as expensive as a moaning sexdoll or a moaning sexdoll that can be half price of a good masturbator. It is not a secret that a moaning sexdoll might be out of your list, but if the price is not a problem, then you will get “more” with a moaning sexdoll than with a masturbator.

How to use a moaning sex doll?

So, if you have decided to buy a moaning sexdoll and you are wondering in how many ways you can use it, don’t worry, let me do that job for you and keep reading, below I will list a few ideas for you!



So, the most obvious way to use it is soloing. This means that you can actually have plenty of quality time with your new moaning sexdoll. But, before anything, check the recommendations from the manufacturer because sometimes they suggest you some ways to use it to have more pleasure and to make sure your moaning sexdoll can live long. Also, it is important to check what are positions you can actually use, a moaning sexdoll is designed to use in certain positions (because of the way the “body” is made), for example, perhaps, because of the design, using it as a cowboy girl might be tricky, or maybe even complicated due to its weight. So explore, learn which positions are good and what are not, and have a wonderful time!

With your partner

With your partner

This is a delicate subject. Mostly because some partners will refuse to use a toy like a moaning sexdoll. But if you are on an exception and your partner actually is willing to use a moaning sexdoll with you, then this can make a good threesome, especially if you as a couple are interested in the subject but you are not willing to share each other just yet. Using a moaning sexdoll can grant you a bit of an experience as to how it would be by having an extra person with you.



Fantasies will be most likely your second most preferred way to use a moaning sexdoll, after “soloing” of course. This is just great because you can hear what the moaning sexdoll has to say (or moan) for you. But basically, here the limit is your imagination, you can learn how the moaning sexdoll “moans” and adapt the moaning to your favorite fantasy. This can include a partner to make a nice threesome.

How to clean a moaning sexdoll

When comes to cleaning a moaning sexdoll it can be a bit tricky, because you are dealing with a bigger toy and some of the features (like the speaker) can be detached in order to clean it better. So, the right thing here is to check the instructions provided but the manufacturer to do it in the right way. But almost in all cases, you have to wash it with warm water and mild soap (or a sex toy cleaner). A douche can be a good tool to use and the most important part is to dry the moaning sexdoll well. Because some of the materials are porous and this can ease the growth of mold and bacteria. A revive powder is optional and a good way to keep your moaning sexdoll in good shape and feeling as new. Below I will show you an infographic that will help you to know how to clean certain materials.


The most recommended lube is water-based lube. This lube is the best all-around because it is material-friendly. It is very easy to clean and also it lasts well. Compared to silicone-based is better, even though this last one last more.

It is indeed. All the materials used for this toy are 100 % safe. If you have problems with allergies, the best way is to check the specifications from the manufacturer just to be sure there's no problem at all.

Pretty much, anyone, men and women can use it, there are of course versions with penis for women and versions with vagina for men, but also, no matter what are your preferences, there's always a good option for you!

There is no time limit here, as long as you want to use it. Just if you are new to this, try to use it for short times and increase the sessions gradually.

The best material for a moaning sexdoll is silicone. Silicone offers a great texture, no odors, is not toxic, and is easy to clean. Out in the market is easy to find TPE. TPE is cheaper, it is slightly less good than Silicone and it has some other minor disadvantages but it is still good material. The best option here is Silicone, just bear in mind this material is expensive, so the dolls will be more expensive as well.

What is a moaning sexdoll?

A moaning sexdoll is a sex toy that is made out of plastic (silicone or TPE are the most common materials) and has built-in a speaker and a movement sensor (sometimes) that will reproduce sexual sounds and phrases that are pre-recorded. It is basically a sexdoll but with sounds. These items cost a bit more than non-moaning sex dolls, but for people who want the interactive experience of being with a real partner, the additional function can be worthwhile. Like all sex toys, quality varies widely, making the process of doing pre-hand research a near-requirement of purchasing a moaning sex doll.

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