The 3 Best Parachute Ball Stretchers to Pull You Into Extreme Pleasure

   Kevin Foley
1 Test Winner

Spiked Parachute Ball Stretcher

 Spiked Parachute Ball Stretcher

  • Have used a ball parachute before
  • Enjoy “sharp” pain
  • Have a partner to play with

Spiked Parachute Ball Stretcher

  • Are new to CBT
  • Don’t have weights or chains
  • Don’t want spikes

Sure, you could settle for one of the regular BDSM parachutes, but why do that when you could step things up a notch with the Spiked Parachute Ball Stretcher?! This parachute ball stretcher is essentially a regular stretcher, just with the addition of 105 tiny spiky tacks inside of the parachute. The tacks add an extra level of stimulation to the toy, as you’ll know enjoy both the sensation of tugging and the prick of the spikes. Depending on the type of experience you’re after, you can either attach a chain to the stretcher for a bit of partner play or use parachute weights for a bit of solo fun! Although this toy isn’t sold “for use with weights”, what you do with the stretcher is ultimately up to you. If you’re bored of regular CBT and want something that will test your limits then this toy is definitely worth picking up!

  • Made of leather and metal
  • 105 tiny spikes
  • Chained O-ring design
  • Affordable

  • Limited adjustability
  • Doesn’t come with weights
  • Not “advised” for use with weights
Spiked Parachute Ball Stretcher
MaterialsLeather, metal
Diameter0.9 inches to 1.12 inches

I chose the Spiked Parachute Ball Stretcher as my “Test Winner” simply because it has more to offer than your average parachute ball stretcher! True, spikes might not be for everyone, but if you want a more painful and stimulating experience then this is definitely the BDSM parachute for you. Aside from the spikes, this stretcher is also made from genuine leather, which is always a plus when it comes to BDSM toys. Despite that, it costs less than $30. Adjustability is fairly limited, but that’s common with this type of toy. With three chains attached to the stretcher and an O-ring ready to accommodate whatever you’d like to put on the stretcher, this toy is extremely straightforward to use. All in all, I highly recommend the Spiked Parachute Ball Stretcher. Whether you’re planning on using it for solo play or with a partner, this is a parachute that surely won’t disappoint!

2 Beginner

Ball Stretcher Beginner Set

 Ball Stretcher Beginner Set

  • Want a comprehensive kit
  • Prefer to have multiple toys
  • Are open to experimenting

Ball Stretcher Beginner Set

  • Prefer a specific type of toy
  • Have a smaller budget
  • Prefer leather to silicone

Next up is an option that’s marketed toward beginners but is really a great option for anyone interested in ball stretching, the Ball Stretcher Beginner Set! If a single ball parachute just isn’t enough for you—or you’re just starting out—then this set is a great buy. It includes two stainless steel stretchers, a silicone ball restraint, a CBT parachute, and a ball weight for you to try out. Unlike many other cheaper bundles, Oxy-Shop hasn’t cheaped out on any of the components here, so everything is made from high-quality materials that should last for a long time. The price is a bit higher, but—considering how many toys you get—it’s more than worth it. If you’re on the hunt for an all-in-one kit then this is what you need!

  • Five-piece set
  • Includes stretchers, restraints, & weights
  • Can use multiple weights at once
  • Restraint is made of silicone

  • Comparatively expensive
  • Stretchers require Allen wrenches
Ball Stretcher Beginner Set
Materials(Stretchers) stainless steel, (Ball restraint) silicone, (Parachute ball stretcher) PU leather,
Weight(Ball weight) 0.28 lbs, (Ball stretchers) 0.44 lbs

As my “Beginner” pick, I think this set will give you everything you’ll need to start and enjoy ball stretching for a while. True, it doesn’t have the heaviest parachute weights and weights around, but getting to that level will take time. Fortunately, this kit of BDSM parachutes and other toys gives you plenty to do in the meantime. All the items are fairly easy and straightforward to use, although the stretchers do need to be tightened using the provided wrench key. Still, even a complete beginner shouldn’t have any trouble figuring out how to use these. One thing you might not like is the lack of genuine leather in this kit. PU leather is great if you’re vegan, but as some people prefer genuine leather, I figured I’d throw that in there. At nearly $100, this kit isn’t exactly cheap. Still, considering how many different toys you get in a single set, I think the price is more than justified. All in all, if you’re looking to get into ball stretching but don’t want to be limited to a single type of toy then I’d highly recommend picking up this kit.

3 Cheapest

Parachute Ball Stretcher

 Parachute Ball Stretcher

  • Need something cheap
  • Have never used a ball stretcher before
  • Want to experiment with weights

Parachute Ball Stretcher

  • Don’t like porous materials
  • Need a premium parachute
  • Want to try spikes

This last parachute ball stretcher is the basic model, but if you’re just looking for something affordable then this is definitely a great option. The BDSM parachute is made of rubber and metal. Easily secured around your balls using two rows of snaps, three chains hang from the stretcher, leading down to the O-ring where you can attach weights. Since it uses three chains, the weight on the O-ring is evenly distributed, allowing you to get all of the tug without any of the pinching! Perfect for those curious about ball stretching or for someone who just needs a backup stretcher, the Parachute Ball Stretcher is a simple but effective way to enjoy ball stretching on a budget!

  • Secures with snaps
  • Spreads weight out with 3 chains
  • Integrated O-ring
  • Costs less than $10

  • Not made of leather
  • Doesn’t come with weights
Parachute Ball Stretcher
MaterialsRubber, metal

Seeing as this costs about a third of the cost of my first pick, the Parachute Ball Stretcher easily earned the “Cheapest” mention for this list. Of course, simply being affordable doesn’t mean that it’s a bad product. In fact, for most, this simple ball parachute should be more than enough to get started stretching. It’s made of rubber, meaning it’s porous. This isn’t ideal, but since it’s not an internal use issue, being porous doesn’t pose much of an issue either. It’s designed to have both rows of snaps connected at the same time, but you can always use one row only if you find that both make the CBT parachute too tight. It doesn’t come with any weights so you’ll need to provide your own. Alternatively, you could attach a chain to the O-ring instead if you prefer to have a partner tugging (rather than the constant pull you’d get from weights). It’s certainly not a premium product, but there really isn’t anything to complain about. All things considered, the Parachute Ball Stretcher is a solid option if you just need a simple stretcher toy.

Wanna Take CBT Play to Another Level?

Using a ball parachute is all fun and great, but what if you’re looking for something a bit more extreme than what a simple CBT parachute can offer? Well, then you’ll want to keep reading!

Mike's Spikes Cock & Ball Torture Device

Mike's Spikes Cock & Ball Torture Device - Wanna Take CBT Play to Another Level?
Coming with two sets of individually adjustable spikes and a stainless steel body, all you’ll need now is a lock to keep this device firmly in place! Whether you need a ball stretcher or a chastity device, the Mike’s Spikes Cock & Ball Torture Device can fulfill your needs.

Extreme CBT Ball Crusher

Extreme CBT Ball Crusher - Wanna Take CBT Play to Another Level?
Prefer a crush to a pull? In that case, the Extreme CBT Ball Crusher should be right up your alley! Easy to use and impossible to get out of, this hand-adjustable device will crush your sub’s testicles right in front of your eyes, offering an amazing view through the acrylic viewing plate in the meantime.

Leather Ball Stretcher w/ 2 Pulls

Leather Ball Stretcher w/ 2 Pulls - Wanna Take CBT Play to Another Level?
If you’re already experienced with ball stretchers and are up for a bit of a challenge then the Leather Ball Stretcher w/ 2 Pulls is what you need. Adjustable for a pull of one to four inches downwards, this stretcher is perfect for the avid enthusiast!

CBT Safety Guide

As I’m sure you’re aware, the testicles are sensitive! You should always take the necessary precautions to avoid unnecessary injury while enjoying this type of activity, even if you’re using something relatively low-risk like parachute weights. First, make sure you’ve established a “safe word” prior to using your BDSM parachutes or engaging in another type of CBT. You should also make sure both you and your partner are on the same page in terms of personal limitations. Beyond that, make sure to limit bondage time to 30 minutes or less to avoid circulation issues.

Parachute Ball Stretcher Comparison

I’ve written this short comparison between the various parachute ball stretcher models for all of you out there who like to skim! Here’s the low-down on each BDSM parachute. The Spiked Parachute Ball Stretcher ended up being my “Test Winner”, as it offers the best bang for your buck. Functioning as a normal ball parachute but adding in extra stimulation via spikes, this CBT parachute might be more fit for experienced users. If you’re a complete beginner then the Ball Stretcher Beginner Set is my recommendation. This set comes with a parachute, various weights, and a restraint, which should be more than enough to jump-start your stretching journey. Lastly, The Parachute Ball Stretcher was my budget-friendly pick. It’s basic, easy to use, and costs less than $10 (although you will need to get your own weights).

How to Use a Parachute Ball Stretcher

Using a ball parachute is pretty easy, even if you’ve never done it before. Here’s how!

Inspect Your CBT Parachute

Inspect Your CBT Parachute

Like with any other type of sex toy, just take a quick look at your parachute and make sure it’s good to use. This means no tears, rips, or metal bits poking out! Once you’ve made sure it’s good to go, grab the weight(s) you’ll be using and move on to the next step.

Place the Parachute Around Your Balls

Place the Parachute Around Your Balls

Wrap the parachute around your scrotum, making sure your testicles are held below the parachute itself. Secure the parachute using the snaps provided.

Add Weights As Desired

Add Weights As Desired

From here, you can either enjoy your new parachute without weights, add weights yourself, or attach a chain to it and let your partner give it a tug. Whatever you decide to do, using a parachute ball stretcher is a fun—but potentially painful—experience!

How to Clean a Parachute Ball Stretcher

Cleaning BDSM parachutes is extremely easy, requiring only soap and water. You can use antibacterial soap and warm water, but you might want to use saddle soap if your parachute is made of genuine leather. Clean the toy off then pat it down and leave it out to dry. You can follow the same process for your parachute weights. Remember to never store your toys away while they’re wet or still damp, as bacteria can grow in the leftover moisture!


Yes! Parachute ball stretchers are great at supporting weight since they feature multiple chains leading to a single O-ring at the bottom of the toy. Having these chains helps evenly distribute the weight, giving an even tug around the scrotum.

They can be, but it really depends on how you use them. By itself, a ball stretcher doesn’t weigh very much. Of course, things start to get a bit more extreme once you add weights or have a partner tug on the chain, but exactly what you do is up to you!

For non-vegans, genuine leather is usually preferred. However, faux leather is a great vegan-friendly alternative.

Yes, parachute ball stretchers can be used with a partner for BDSM/CBT or by yourself. Common methods involve adding weights or pulling on a chain.

CBT, also known as Cock and ball torture, is a type of BDSM that includes many different types of penis and testicle-related activities and often involves using toys like ball stretchers, humblers, and chastity devices.

What is a Parachute Ball Stretcher?

A parachute ball stretcher is a type of ball stretcher that uses a piece of material to make a “parachute”, which wraps around the testicles. Chains are hung evenly from the parachute, leading to an O-ring down below where weight or chains can be attached. This design is particularly effective because it applies weight evenly on the scrotum and testicles.

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