The 7 Best Penis Pump Cylinders to Help You Grow and Show

   Kevin Foley
Whether you struggle with ED or just want to be able to maximize your size on demand, the easiest way to get hard fast is with a penis pump cylinder! Simple to assemble and easy to use, these affordable devices can help your penis get longer in an instant (if you’re interested in permanent penis extension then we’d recommend checking out this article instead). Like many male-oriented penis products, quality & effectiveness varies widely, making it a pain to find the best products when shopping. Fortunately, we’ve already gathered the best of the best, allowing you to pick the best penis pump cylinders for your penis pump! Regardless of your budget, length, or the width of your penis, you can easily have your penis at peak performance with one of the cylinder sets below.
1 Test Winner

LA PUMP 12 Inch Professional Grade Penis Pump Cylinder

 LA PUMP 12 Inch Penis Pump Cylinder

  • Have a large penis
  • Apply a lot of pressure with your penis pump
  • Already own a universal pump

LA PUMP 12 Inch Penis Pump Cylinder

  • Have never tried a penis pump before
  • Don’t need a 12” cylinder
  • Need a budget-friendly option

When you’re paying premium prices, it’s fair to expect a premium product. Thankfully, LA Pump more than delivers when it comes to their penis pump cylinders! Constructed from high-quality acrylic material, you can purchase your next penis pump cylinder in a variety of sizes ranging from 1.75 to 3 inches in width. Each penis pump cylinder is 12 inches long so you can rest assured that there will be enough length for your entire member to fit inside the cylinder. The safety flange design ensures the cylinder won’t break under pressure while also adding comfort for the user. Compatible with all universal penis pump sleeves, hand pumps, and tubing kits, the potential is unlimited with this high-quality penis pump cylinder from LA Pump!

  • Wide flared base
  • Comfortable fit
  • Able to withstand high pressures
  • Available in multiple sizes

  • Expensive
  • No extras included
  • Non-returnable
LA PUMP 12 Inch Penis Pump Cylinder
Length12 inches
Diameter (internal)1.75-5 inches

You have many different options when it comes to buying your next penis pumping tube, so why would you pay close to $100 for one from LA Pumps? Well, it all comes down to quality. These penis pump cylinders are flame polished, diamond cut, and made from high-quality acrylic. The flared base design prevents the cylinder from becoming uncomfortable to wear, even at high pressure! The length of the cylinders makes them ideal for the more well-endowed, although the average-sized fellow could certainly use them as well. While the tubes are compatible with any universal pumps, kits, and sleeves, they don’t come with any accessories or adaptors, meaning you’ll have to shell out more money to complete your penis pumping kit. Unfortunately, high quality does—in this case—mean high prices.

2 Cheapest

Penis Pump Cylinder 1.75 Inch x 9 Inch Clear

 Penis Pump Cylinder 1.75 Inch x 9 Inch

  • Want a budget-friendly cylinder
  • Already own a Size Matters pump
  • Don’t have a quick disconnect air valve fitting

Penis Pump Cylinder 1.75 Inch x 9 Inch

  • Prefer premium brands
  • Want an all-in-one kit
  • Don’t fit within the measurements

If pricing plays a major factor in your upcoming purchase then this Size Matters penis pump cylinder is definitely worth considering. Costing a mere $31.95, this tube measures 1.75 inches wide and 9 inches long, sized perfectly for many penises. Like the model above, this penis pump cylinder is compatible with most universal parts. However, this cylinder also comes with an important extra: a quick disconnect air valve fitting! This adds even more value to an already affordable product, making connecting to the rest of your setup easier. Of course, the cylinder is crystal-clear as well, allowing you to watch in awe as your member reaches its true potential!

  • Affordable
  • Crystal-clear cylinder
  • Expanded base
  • Includes quick disconnect air valve fitting

  • Doesn’t include pump
  • Not a “big name” brand
  • Base could be flared more
Penis Pump Cylinder 1.75 Inch x 9 Inch
Length9 inches
Diameter (internal)1.75 inches

Budget penis pumping cylinders might be affordable, but that doesn’t mean they always provide a great value for the money spent. Thankfully, that doesn’t seem to be the case within the penis pump tubes from Size Matters. Made of high-quality acrylic material, you’ll have excellent visibility to watch the expansion in progress through the clear cylinder. We especially like how Size Matters also includes a quick disconnect air valve fitting with the cylinder, since not every manufacturer does this. Customers seem to love them as well: the only complaint we could find was due to ordering the wrong size!

3 Beginner

Tracey Cox EDGE Ultimate Performance Stamina Penis Pump

 Tracey Cox EDGE Penis Pump

  • Have an average size penis
  • Are curious about penis pumping
  • Don’t know what you’re doing

Tracey Cox EDGE Penis Pump

  • Have previous penis pumping experience
  • Have a 7.5” or longer penis
  • Want a clear tube

If you’re new to penis pumping, chances are, you’re not quite sure what to buy. Why complicate things? Instead of buying a standalone penis pump cylinder and still needing a pump, purchase this beginner-friendly penis pumping kit from Tracey Cox! This kit comes with the pump, the cylinder, the tubing, and even includes a penis pumping guide to walk you through the basics. Looking closely at the cylinder will reveal a ruler on the side, which can be used to measure your progress and record the results from penis pumping. Make your introduction to penis pumping less confusing and more productive with this all-in-one kit from Tracey Cox!

  • Includes penis pumping guide
  • Integrated ruler for easy measurements
  • Long enough for the average penis
  • Easy to use

  • Not crystal clear
  • Less than ideal for bent penises
  • Not as powerful as other models
Tracey Cox EDGE Penis Pump
Length8.5 inches
Diameter (internal)1.25 inches
AllergiesLatex & Phthalate-Free

As noted by many customers, the penis pump tube in this kit has a tint, straying away from the crystal clear penis cylinders you’ll often find available from other companies. On the plus side, the integrated ruler can still be used since the tube itself is fairly transparent, but complete clarity isn’t something you’ll get from this kit. Still, considering the low price point, we wouldn’t consider this a major drawback. Alongside the cylinder, you also get the pump with the necessary tubing needed to begin your pumping journey, and—as if that wasn’t enough—Tracey Cox was even nice enough to include a beginner’s guide along with this kit. This set is ideal for those with no prior penis pumping experience, but more experienced pumpers might find themselves hoping for something more.

4 Set

Penis Pump Cylinder

 Penis Pump Cylinder

  • Already own a hand pump
  • Have struggled to find the right size
  • Want the best “view”

Penis Pump Cylinder

  • Want the cheapest option available
  • Don’t already own a hand pump
  • Are a complete beginner

The first penis pump cylinder on this list was pretty expensive, while the following was quite cheap: this cylinder falls somewhere in the middle! Final pricing really depends on the cylinder size that you need, but no matter how big your penis is, The Stockroom has the size you need! Ranging from 9 to 12 inches in length and 1.5 to 3 inches in width, literally any size penis will fit into one of these premium penis pump cylinders. Made from “space-age polymers”, you’ll enjoy a perfect seal and noticeable results when using one of these cylinders.

  • Ringed base
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Crystal clear polymer
  • Includes air pressure valve

  • Non-returnable
  • Larger sizes can get expensive
  • Pump sold separately
Penis Pump Cylinder
Length9-12 inches
Diameter (internal)1.5-3 inches

The vast majority of pumping cylinders look similar, which can make it challenging to distinguish the good from the bad. Fortunately, the Stockroom has a reputation for producing high-quality products, meaning you can be sure that (as long as you’ve measured yourself correctly) your new cylinder will work as expected. Unfortunately, these vacuum pumping cylinders don’t come with a hand pump so you’ll need to purchase one separately. On the plus side, they do include the air pressure valve, saving you from an unnecessary purchase. These cylinders are definitely worth the money, but there isn’t any particular reason to choose them over alternative options either.

5 XL

XL Cock & Balls Penis Pump Cylinder 2.75 Inch x 11 Inch Clear

 XL Cock & Balls Penis Pump Cylinder

  • Need a universal-fit device
  • Have a large penis
  • Want to pump your balls as well

XL Cock & Balls Penis Pump Cylinder

  • Don’t want to pump your balls
  • Need an all-in-one kit
  • Prefer silicone cylinders

If your only goal is to pump your penis then nearly any penis pump cylinder will do. However, if your end goal is to increase the entire size of your entire package then you’ll need a cylinder with enough girth to house both your penis AND your testicles. The options might be limited, but that’s ok: this XL Cock & Ball Penis Pump is more than up to the task! Measuring 11 inches in length and 2.75 inches wide, this pump cylinder has all the space you’ll need to pump your entire package without feeling cramped inside. For many, a regular penis pump cylinder, but if you want to take things to the next level, then the XL Cock & Ball Penis Pump is waiting for you!

  • Lengthy
  • Extra-wide design
  • Includes air valve fitting
  • Universal compatibility

  • Not ideal for many users
  • Pump sold separately
  • No integrated ruler
XL Cock & Balls Penis Pump Cylinder
Length11 inches
Diameter (internal)2.75 inches

This penis enlargement cylinder is a somewhat niche item since the vast majority of guys are interested in increasing the size of their penis, not their testicles. Still, if you really want to grow the entire package then this cylinder is one of the only options available specifically marketed for that purpose. Fortunately, this cylinder maintains the high standard set by other Size Matters products, offering a comfortable fit and crystal clear material. Although technically a universal fit, the included air valve fitting is made for the Size Matters pumps. Still, you’re not limited to branded products, which is definitely a plus. For the selection of guys interested, this is a cylinder we can confidently recommend. However, if you don’t care about pumping your testicles then we’d suggest choosing a different cylinder.


Blush Novelties Performance Penis Pump Cylinder

 Blush Novelties Penis Pump Cylinder

  • Want to measure your penis
  • Need a comfortable fit
  • Already own a hand pump

Blush Novelties Penis Pump Cylinder

  • Need a complete penis pumping kit
  • Are a beginner
  • Want the best value for money

Nearly every penis pump cylinder looks exactly like the next, yet somehow this cylinder from Blush Novelties has managed to stand out amongst the competition. Like many other cylinders, this penis pump cylinder is made from high-quality acrylic and is clear for great viewing opportunities. However, this cylinder ups the ante by allowing you to measure your progress using the ruler on the side of the cylinder while enjoying an extra comfortable fit thanks to the flanged base. Priced at only $36 before shipping, it’s hard to find a better deal than this!

  • Flanged bottom
  • Comfortable fit
  • Affordable
  • Air valve included

  • Cylinder only
  • No storage case
Blush Novelties Penis Pump Cylinder
Length9 inches
Diameter (internal)2.25 inches
AllergiesFragrance, Paraffin, Latex, and Phthalate-free

It would be really nice if these cylinders came with penis enlargement pumps. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. On the plus side, this cylinder will work with most pumps thanks to its universal-fit quick disconnect air valve! As mentioned above, the cylinder incorporates a ruler into the side of the acrylic, making it possible to measure your increased length while pumping, which is always a nice touch. This cylinder also offers the wide flanged base often found on only more expensive models. The addition of these two features makes this cylinder an excellent buy already, and once you factor the low price into the mix, it’s really a no-brainer: we definitely recommend this product!


Deluxe Wide Body Ellipitical Penis Enlargement Pump Kit by LA Pump

 Deluxe Wide Penis Enlargement Pump Kit

  • Want a complete kit
  • Love LA Pump products
  • Aren't financially limited

Deluxe Wide Penis Enlargement Pump Kit

  • Have limited funds
  • Are new to penis pumping
  • Need something budget-friendly

The majority of products on this list have been standalone cylinders, but this offering from LA Pump is an entire kit! Alongside your penis pump cylinder (which is oval-shaped to better match the natural shape of a penis for the ideal fit), you also get an all-metal pump, complete with an integrated pressure gauge that allows you to keep track of your current pressure levels. The tube itself is completely clear, meaning you’ll be able to see the results right away (and so will your partner!). LA Pump is one of the best penis pumping brands around, so you can be confident that the upfront cost of this kit will be worth it in the long run!

  • Oval-shaped cylinder
  • Complete kit
  • Integrated pressure gauge
  • Available in multiple sizes

  • Costly
  • Limited size options
  • No storage case
Deluxe Wide Penis Enlargement Pump Kit
MaterialsAcrylic, metal
Diameter (internal)1.75-2.25 inches

LA Pump makes a wide variety of penis vacuum tubes. Ironically, you only have three options to choose from with this kit: 1.75, 2, and 2.25 inches in width. Additional width options would be a good start, especially considering that the oval-shaped cylinder (which is designed to fit on your penis better) actually makes it harder to determine what size is best for you. On the plus side, you can return this kit if you find the cylinder doesn’t fit your penis. The real value of this kit actually comes from the pump itself, which has a pressure gauge to help prevent you from applying too much pressure to your penis. Is this kit worth it? For the avid penis pumping enthusiast, we would say yes. However, we’d have to give it a pass for the average user.

Take Your Pumping to the Next Level

Are basic penis pump cylinders (or even the XL Cock & Ball Penis Pump) not enough for you? Perhaps the item below will satisfy your pumping needs.

Two Stage Isolator; Penis and Balls, 2"

Two Stage Isolator; Penis and Balls, 2" - Take Your Pumping to the Next Level
Why pump your penis & testicles using the same cylinder when they could be separated into individual chambers? This Two Stage Isolator does exactly that: pulling your penis into one chamber and your balls into another. Think of it as the ultimate penis pumping experience!

The Most Popular Penis Pumps

Not achieving the desired results from your current setup? Then it might be time to check out some of the most popular penis pumps!

Bathmate HYDROMAX7 Penis Pump Clear 5-7 Inches

Bathmate HYDROMAX7 Penis Pump Clear 5-7 Inches - The Most Popular Penis Pumps
Using water instead of the traditional air-based approach, this penis pump is sized perfectly for the average penis and even makes it easy to tell when the maximum pressure has been reached (water stops shooting out!).

Optimum Series Rechargeable Automatic Smart Penis Pump

Optimum Series Rechargeable Automatic Smart Penis Pump - The Most Popular Penis Pumps
Love pumping AND stroking? You can enjoy both with the Smart Penis Pump! This unique toy will drive you closer to completion while also engorging your penis through one of its three “workout” modes!

Cal Exotics Adonis Penis Pump

Cal Exotics Adonis Penis Pump - The Most Popular Penis Pumps
Simple but effective, this penis pump will fit the vast majority of penis owners and offers an easy way to start your penis pumping journey for less than $65!

Which Size Penis Pump Cylinder is Right for You?

There are only two measurements that matter when choosing a penis pump cylinder: length and diameter. you can find the length of your penis by placing a ruler on the top of your penis. Take this number and add 2-3 inches for the ideal cylinder length. To find the diameter of your penis, you’ll actually first need to figure out the circumference. You can do this by wrapping a string around your penis and marking the beginning and ending points on said string. Once done, lay the string out and measure the distance (circumference) using a ruler. All that’s left is to compare your size to the measurements below!
  • If your penis is 5.5” in circumference then the diameter is 1.75”.
  • If your penis is 6.25” in circumference then the diameter is 2”.
  • If your penis is 7” in circumference then the diameter is 2.25”.
  • If your penis is 7 7/8″ in circumference then the diameter is 2.5”.

How to Use a Penis Pump Cylinder

Never used a penis pump cylinder before? Keep reading.

Shave Your Pubes

Shave Your Pubes

This first step is actually completely optional. You don’t need to shave your pubes, but some men find that shaving actually helps the cylinder maintain a better seal, resulting in stronger pressure.

Place the Cylinder Over Your Penis

Place the Cylinder Over Your Penis

Once your penis is inside the cylinder, push down slightly to ensure that all sides of the base are touching your skin, completing the seal.

Start Pumping

Start Pumping

All that’s left is to pump! How much pressure you apply is up to you, but most doctors (and manufacturers) don’t recommend pumping more than 10 minutes per day. Doing so may cause some temporary damage to your penis. Once the desired results have been achieved, feel free to slide a cock ring onto your penis to help maintain your larger erection for longer.

How to Clean a Penis Pump Cylinder

You should clean your penis pump cylinder after every use. Fortunately, the process is quite easy! To start, you’ll only need your penis pump cylinder, some hot water, and antibacterial soap. Clean your toy just like you would a dish, and make sure your toy is completely dry before storing it away. That said, don’t put your penis pump cylinder in the dishwasher: you’re likely to damage it!


Yes. Although unlikely to cause any long-lasting injuries, overdoing it with your penis pump could result in burst blood vessels, bruises, numbness, skin discoloration, and a tingling sensation.

Most penis pump cylinders are made from acrylic (which provides the clearest view).

No. Most people just like being able to see the pump in action!

Although technically possible, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll achieve any impressive advertised size claims. Notice how they all say “results may vary”?

Of course! Many people enjoy having their partner pump their penis, or watching their partner pump themselves.

Unless you’re using a penis extender and seeing progress (in which case, see next question), you won’t need to replace a penis pump cylinder unless it gets damaged.

You should purchase a penis pump cylinder that is two to three inches longer than your current penis length.

What is a Penis Pump Cylinder?

A penis pump cylinder is a cylinder designed to be attached to a penis pump. The cylinder surrounds the penis, applying suction to promote harder erections and penis growth. Unlike penis extenders, penis pump cylinders are designed to temporarily (not permanently) increase penis size. Available as cylinder sets or standalone toys, there are penis pump cylinders available for penises of all sizes!

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