The 12 Best Realistic Penis Sleeves for an Authentic Extension

Javier Zavala   Javier Zavala
Whether you struggle with erectile difficulties or just want to give your partner “something extra”, buying a realistic penis sleeve can do wonders for your sex life. I’ve put in hours of research to find the best realistic penis sleeves available for all different needs. In this review, I’ve got penis sleeves of all sizes, from 6.5 inches right up to 12 inches, as well as a double penetration penis sleeve! There are also some really great sleeves for people with erectile dysfunction. It was hard but I chose the Vixen VixSkin Colossus as todays test winner, as not only does it use safe materials but it delivers some seriously great sensations!
1 Test Winner

Vixen VixSkin Colossus Penis Extender

 Vixen VixSkin Colossus

  • want a penis sleeve with a lot texture
  • prefer a silicone sleeve
  • want a very girthy sleeve

Vixen VixSkin Colossus

  • think your partner will struggle with the size
  • are on a budget
  • want a sleeve for ED

Treat your parter to some Colossus climax with this super realistic extender sleeve from Vixen‘s VixSkin range! The Colossus delivers extreme size and sensations — the raised veins and pronounced ridge tease with every thrust and are exaggerated by the added thickness. The wearer also get’s some added stimulation as the internal canal is textured for extra pleasure. The erection will be top notch, yes, I said it – and it’s a promise. It’s thanks to the firm core that it will provide you with a great erection. Made from silicone, this sleeve not only feels soft and realistic, but it’s also non-porous! It also has a stretchy but sturdy ball loop to keep the sleeve in place while you play.

  • Girthy
  • Intense vein structures
  • Sculpted head
  • Secure ball loop
  • Textured inner canal
  • Multiple skin tones available

  • Expensive
  • Might be too large for some partners
  • Ball strap can weaken over time
Vixen VixSkin Colossus
Insertable length7 inches
LengthInternal 5.5 inches
DiameterInternal: 1.5 inches, External: 2.28 inches
Colors Available3 skin tones

Not only is the Colossus one of the most realistic penis sleeves out there, it also delivers in terms of quality and stimulation, which is why I chose it as today’s test winner!  I love that it’s made from silicone, so it doesn’t contain any harmful substances and it’s non-porous — it can even be sterilized! It’s also one of the few realistic penis sleeves that comes in three different skin tones, meaning more people can find a sleeve that matches their skin tone. It does add some considerable girth, so this will be better suited to partners who enjoy a satisfying stretch. Some users have reported that the ball strap can weaken over time, so be sure not to overstretch it and be careful when putting it on and removing it.

2 Beginners

Lovehoney Mega Mighty 1 Extra Inch Penis Extender

 Lovehoney Mega Mighty 1 Extra Inch

  • want a small extension
  • have a smaller penis
  • want quality materials

Lovehoney Mega Mighty 1 Extra Inch

  • want to explore more extreme sizes

Give your partner the pleasure of an extra inch with this high-quality realistic cock sleeve! Made from soft, stretchy silicone, this sleeves looks and feels like the real thing, just bigger! The pronounced head and veins deliver teasing sensations with each thrust, while the snug sleeve might help you enjoy a longer-lasting erection! The stretchy ball loop keeps everything in place while you get down to it!  

  • Safe, quality materials
  • Adds an extra inch
  • Stimulating head and veins

  • Some users found the head too rigid
  • Ball loop can be too tight for some
Lovehoney Mega Mighty 1 Extra Inch
LengthInternal: 5.5 inches, External: 6.5 inches
Insertable length5.5 inches
DiameterInternal: 1.25 inches, External: 1.75 inches

I love that this realistic cock sleeve is made from silicone, making it non-porous, easy to clean and more durable! This is a great sleeve for those who want to explore bigger shafts without going too big as it only adds an extra inch in length. The head of the shafts is quite a lot bigger than the shaft, meaning you can really feel the coronal ridge. This extra stimulation can be pleasing for some while others might find it uncomfortable so keep that in mind when deciding if this is the sleeve for you!

3 Cheapest

Size Matters Realistic Penis Extension and Ball Stretcher

 Size Matters Penis Extension

  • want a cheap realisitc penis sleeve
  • want to add some length and girth
  • want to reduce sensation and last longer
  • enjoy ball stretching

Size Matters Penis Extension

  • want a non-porous penis sleeve
  • prefer a regular ball loop design

The Realistic Penis Extension and Ball Stretcher delivers extra size and stimulation at an affordable price! This stretchy sleeve slips over your shaft to transform into a 9 inch pleasure machine. It also has a ball stretcher which provides subtle stretching stimulation while helping to secure the sleeve.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Enjoy a 9-inch shaft
  • Ball stretcher
  • Realistic textures

  • Made from porous material
  • Attracts a lot of dust and lint
  • Hollow head can be too floppy
Size Matters Penis Extension
Length8 inches
Insertable length6.5 inches
Width1.75 inches

If you want to explore penis extension on a budget, this is your best bet! This sleeve has a realistic design and the TPE is wonderfully soft and lifelike. It is, however, porous, meaning it can harbor mold and bacteria over time. The material is pretty soft and the tip is hollow, so if you don’t fill the whole internal canal it can be a little floppy. This would make a great cheap option for trying out a realistic penis sleeve before committing to a higher quality silicone sleeve.  

4 Vibrating

Lovehoney Perfect Partner Hollow Vibrating Strap-On

 Perfect Partner Hollow Strap on

  • enjoy vibrations
  • prefer a strap-on harness
  • want a more rigid shaft

Perfect Partner Hollow Strap on

  • avoid using PVC products
  • prefer the sleeve style design
  • want a wireless remote

Take your partner’s pleasure to a whole new level with a bigger, firmer erection as well as teasing vibrations! This hollow strap-on has an 8-inch dildo with realistic textures along the whole shaft. Plus, you can control the 3 speeds and 7 patterns of vibration using the wired remote. The thick, stretchy harness straps offers a lot of support, so you can thrusting without fear of it slipping off.


  • Added vibrations
  • Sturdy harness design
  • Great price
  • Realistic textures

  • Rigid shaft can be uncomfortable
  • Battery operated
  • Wired remote can be annoying
  • Made from PVC
Perfect Partner Hollow Strap on
Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns7
LengthInternal: 6 inches, External: 8.5 inches
Insertable length8 inches
DiameterInternal: 1.5 inches, External: 1.98 inches
RechargeableNo, 2 x AA batteries
Remote ControlsYes, wired.

If you are looking to try a hollow strap-on or you specifically want a vibrating realistic penis sleeve, this could be a good place to start. The strap-on harness style also offers more stability and support than a sleeve, and the shaft is a little more rigid than other sleeves, making it a good option for those with erectile dysfunction. It’s a shame that is made of PVC, though as this is porous and can contain harmful plasticisers.  I wouldn’t recommend this for long-term use. Another thing to bear in mind is that it’s battery operated, so you’ll have to keep stocked up on batteries.

5 Thick

Fantasy X-Tensions Mega 2" Extension

 Fantasy X-Tensions Mega 2"

  • want a customisable realistic penis sleeve
  • want a thicker, longer penis
  • love the realistic feel of FantaFlesh

Fantasy X-Tensions Mega 2"

  • want a non-porous sleeve
  • prefer a ball loop for security
  • want a sleeve for anal penetration

Fulfil your partner’s fantasies with the Fantasy X-Tensions Perfect 2″ Penis Extender! This realistic penis sleeve adds an extra 2 inches to your shaft and up to 66% more girth for some seriously filling sensations. Made from FantaFlesh, it feels incredibly realistic and is easy to slip over your own shaft. This sleeve also has a unique design — you can trim the end to match the length of your penis, so there’s no hollow space left in the tip!

  • Can be trimmed to size
  • Adds up to 66% in girth
  • 2 extra inches in length
  • Feels realistic

  • Might be a bit too thick for some
  • Lack of ball loop means it can slip off
  • Made of TPE which is porous
  • Not anal safe
Fantasy X-Tensions Mega 2"
LengthInternal: 6 inches, External: 8 inches
DiameterInternal: 1 inch, External: 1.75 inches

For its price, this inexpensive realistic penis sleeve is a great option, especially if you are looking for something extra thick. The materials feel realistic but are porous, so you should either consider using a lubrication free condom or only use it for a short amount of time. It’s great that you can trim the bottom to match the length of your penis but the downside is that it doesn’t have a ball loop to secure it in place. If the sleeve doesn’t fit snugly, it can slide off during use. Just be warned, this adds some serious girth, so be sure to check your partner is into it first!

6 Small

Vixen Holster

 Vixen Holster

  • want a smaller penis sleeve
  • have a smaller penis
  • prefer silicone sex toys

Vixen Holster

  • have a penis larger than 4.5 inches erect
  • have a penis bigger than 1.37 in diameter
  • want to explore large penetration

The Vixen Holster is a top-quality realistic penis sleeve! Made from high-quality silicone this realistically textured shaft adds a little extra length, girth, and sensation to your own shaft without being too extreme — it’s the Goldilocks of penis sleeves! Once inside, the sleeve is held on with the stretchy ball strap, so you can enjoy thrusting without worrying about it slipping off! Made with Vixen’s VixSkin formula, which contains molecules of silicone lube, the Holster has a wonderfully soft squishy feel.

  • Non-toxic, non-porous silicone
  • Realistic look and feel
  • Sturdy ball strap
  • Adds girth and length

  • Expensive
Vixen Holster
Insertable length5.87 inches
LengthInner canal: 4.5 inches
Diameter2 inches
Diameter (internal)1.37 inches

Unlike many of the realistic penis sleeves in this review, the Vixen Holster won’t give you a super-sized shaft — it will add some noticeable length and girth for extra pleasing stimulation but it’s not overwhelming in terms of size. This is a really great sleeve for anyone who just wants to size up a bit or for anyone with erectile dysfunction who has issues maintaining their erection or getting hard enough for penetration. As a major plus, this is one of the few realistic penis sleeves made from silicone, meaning it cannot trap germs, and with proper care, it won’t deteriorate like some cheaper materials.

7 9 inch

Fetish Fantasy 9 Inch Hollow Strap-On with Balls in Flesh

 Fetish Fantasy 9 Inch Hollow Strap-On with Balls

  • want a large shaft
  • prefer the harness style
  • enjoy more rigid materials

Fetish Fantasy 9 Inch Hollow Strap-On with Balls

  • want a soft, stretchy sleeve
  • prefer to avoid PVC

This hollow strap-on secures over your own member, transforming into a 9-inch monster! Realistically textured from the sculpted head right down to the lifelike balls, the shaft looks just like the real thing. The thick, stretchy straps are easy to get on and hold your super size dong firmly in place while you pleasure your partner.

  • Large shaft for intense stimulation
  • Realistic textures
  • Rigidity makes it great for ED
  • Thick

  • Rigid materials won't suit all bodies
  • Can be a little tricky to put on flaccid
  • PVC is porous
  • Inner length quite short
Fetish Fantasy 9 Inch Hollow Strap-On with Balls
LengthInternal: 3.9 inches, External: 9.4 inches
Insertable length9 inches
Width1.75 inches
Harness SizeWaist: 28-52 inches inches

If you are looking to give your partner the experience of super long, thick shaft, this hollow strap on is a great contender! The more rigid shaft makes this a great option for people with ED, although it can be a little tricky to get on when completely flaccid. The waist straps are nice and thick for support. Some people might find the thong style back uncomfortable so bear that in mind when deciding if this is the realistic cock sleeve for you. The only major drawback to this strap-on is that it’s made from PVC, and although it states it is free of phthalates, it is still porous. For that reason I would strongly recommend using this with a condom or replacing it after a shorter period of time.

8 10 inches

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Hollow Strap-On

 Fetish Fantasy Extreme Strap-On

  • crave a super sized shaft
  • prefer a strap-on style sleeve
  • want a black sleeve

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Strap-On

  • are not experienced with extra-large toys
  • prefer non-porous materials
  • want a soft, stretchy sleeve

Fulfil your super-sized fantasies with this 10-inch titan! This long, thick, intensely textured hollow strap-on will satisfy the hungriest of appetites! The PVC shaft can be worn over your flaccid or erect penis, meaning you are ready to play whenever your partner desires! The leather harness is strong and sturdy and comes with a metal O-ring, meaning you can switch out the dildo.

  • Extra large for extreme penetrative play
  • Leather harness
  • Metal O-ring can be used with other dildos
  • Intense realistic textural details

  • Will be too big for many
  • PVC is porous
Fetish Fantasy Extreme Strap-On
LengthInternal: 6 inches, External: 10 inches
Insertable length7 inches
Diameter2.25 inches
Diameter (internal)1.25 inches

If you and your partner fantasize about extreme penetration, this is the sleeve for you! While it’s not the one most realistic penis sleeves in this review, this hollow strap-on really delivers in terms of size and stimulation! Be sure to check you are both up for this monster before committing to it! Also keep in mind that the massive size, will make the textures feel more intense. I like that the harness is made from leather and that you can use it with other dildos that fit the O-ring. Also, bear in mind that PVC is porous and can harbour germs and mold over time.

9 11 inches

Blush Novelties Realistic Performance Plus 11 inches

 Blush Novelties Performance Plus 11 inches

  • are ready for an XL shaft
  • prefer non-porous materials
  • prefer a semi firm shaft

Blush Novelties Performance Plus 11 inches

  • want a soft sleeve
  • prefer a harness for support
  • are not experienced with XL toys

This absolute beast of a sleeve will give you a whopping 11.5 inch shaft to send your partner into another realm of pleasure! The sculpted head and long thick shaft are lightly textured to give the look and feel of real skin. The base of the sleeve features a stretchy loop that slips around your balls to keep it all in place. This realistic cock sleeve is made from silicone, making it non-toxic and non-porous!

  • 11.5 inches
  • Body safe silicone
  • Realistic skin texture
  • Ball loop to keep it in place

  • Will be too big for many tastes
  • Only one skin tone available
  • Ball loop can be a little tight
Blush Novelties Performance Plus 11 inches
LengthInternal: 8.75 inches, External: 11.5 inches
Diameter2 inches

This is a really great quality realistic penis sleeve! Unlike many penis sleeves, which are made from porous materials, this one is made from silicone. This means it will last much longer and won’t harbor any germs or mold. Plus, it can be sterilised! On top of that, although it is super-sized, it still manages to be one of the most realistic penis sleeves available. The more subtle textural details add a nice amount of realism for the size without being overwhelming. Some users have reported that the ball strap can be a little tight when trying to get it on. Other than that, this is a fantastic cock sleeve for anyone who craves extreme sizes and realism!

10 12 inch

King Cock Strap-On Penis Extension Sleeve 12"

 King Cock Strap-On

  • are looking XXL penetration
  • like the harness style
  • don't mind about the price

King Cock Strap-On

  • are on a budget
  • the huge size is not for you
  • are a beginner

This mega meaty hollow strap-on is about as big as it comes! If you crave extreme intensity, look no further! At a wild 12 inches long, you will have a super-human schlong to fill your partner to the brim! It’s so big, in fact, that it comes with a full body harness for stability! It’s hard work holding up such a weighty wiener!

  • Absolutely massive shaft
  • Realistic veins
  • Sturdy body harness
  • Can be used flaccid or erect

  • It will be too big for most people
  • PVC is porous
  • It needs a lot of lube
  • Can be difficult to control
King Cock Strap-On
LengthInterior: 8 inches, Exterior: 12 inches
Diameter2.3 inches
Insertable length10.75 inches
Diameter (internal)1.5 inches
MaterialsDildo: PVC, Harness: Vinyl

This large hollow strap-on, is no joke! It is eye-wateringly big and is only going to be suitable for the real size kings and queens out there. As well as being extra large, it also has some serious veining on it, making it one of the most most realistic penis sleeves at this size! The harness can be a bit trick to get into but the extra straps do add more stability and are a plus if you enjoy the more BDSM style harnesses. Again, it’s worth noting that this made of PVC which is porous, so it cannot be fully cleaned and can harbor bacteria over time.

11 Double penetration

11" Two Cocks One Hole

 Two Cocks One Hole

  • are interested in double penetration
  • crave intense fullness

Two Cocks One Hole

  • do not have ample experience with XL toys
  • are not prepared to warm up before use
  • prefer non-porous sex toys

Why settle for one shaft when you can have two? Enjoy extreme double penetration with this two headed monster of a strap-on! The two meaty shafts feature realistic textural details and can be worn over your penis when it’s erect or flaccid. The double dildo is held in place with the adjustable suspender-style harness for added support and easier control.

  • Double penetration
  • Long and girthy shafts
  • Suspender-style harness
  • Harness can be used with other dildos

  • Too extreme for many
  • Made of porous materials
Two Cocks One Hole
LengthInternal: 8 inches, External: 12 inches
Insertable length11 inches
Width3.6 inches
Diameter (internal)1.5" inches
Vibration modesPVC

This double demon is definitely one for those with bigger tastes and a craving for double penetration! It’s also a really great way to explore XL double penetration without bringing in another person. The more rigid, hollow design also means it can be worn flaccid or erect! The harness is pretty necessary for stability when using a toy this big but it can be tricky to get into. You will need a little time to get set up and you have to be willing to warm up before attempting this big boy! I would also recommend using this with a condom to keep it from trapping bacteria as PVC is a porous material.


Lovehoney Mega Mighty 3 Extra Inches Penis Extender with Ball Loop

 Lovehoney Mega Mighty

  • Want a full cock sleeve to extend your shaft
  • Prefer a ball loop for support
  • Are interested in lasting longer

Lovehoney Mega Mighty

  • Have a larger than average penis
  • Want a cock sleeve for erectile dysfunction
  • Prefer non-porous materials

The Love Honey Mega Mighty will give your member a real boost with an extra 1-3 inches, as well as added girth! This realistically textured sleeve provides lifelike sensations for your partner, which are only enhanced by the added size! The sleeve is is flexible and stretchy and held in place with the ball loop so it won’t slip off even with more vigorous action. Plus, as it dampens the sensations to your real shaft, you might find you can last much longer!  

  • Adds length and girth
  • Ball loop adds support
  • Realistic look and feel
  • Soft and flexible

  • Material is porous
  • Will be too tight for larger than average penises
  • Can be too tight for some
Lovehoney Mega Mighty
DiameterExternal 1.83 inches / Internal 1.5 inches
LengthExternal 11 inches / Internal 5.5 inches
Insertable length8.5 inches
MaterialsSoft Plastic

Lovehoney Mega Mighty really adds some considerable length and girth to your shaft, so be sure to check with your partner before purchasing this realistic penis extender! The soft plastic does give a very realistic feel but bear in mind that it is porous, so you should wash it very thoroughly, and I don’t recommend using this for a long time and you shouldn’t use it with multiple partners. Check the measurements of this realistic penis sleeve. If you are bigger than average, you are probably going to find this is a little too tight for you.

Be Just Like Shane Diesel with His Sleeve

Have you ever wanted to look like your favourite pornstar?  

Shane Diesel

Shane Diesel  - Be Just Like Shane Diesel with His Sleeve
Now you can do it with one of the most realistic penis sleeves. So realistic, in fact, that it’s molded from Shane Diesel’s massive member! At 8 inches long and 2.25 inches wide, this sleeve is thick, girthy and extremely satisfying! So if you are a huge fan of Shane Diesel (yes Shane, not Vin) or you just love a big shaft, this realistic cock sleeve will deliver!  

The Adonis Penis Sleeve

Realistic penis sleeves offer a bigger, harder shaft but there are also sleeves that add new sensations to the mix. Enter ribbed penis sleeves! As well as giving you a little more to play with in the size department, these sleeves have pleasurable nubs and ribs that add teasing sensations with each thrust!  

Adonis Textured 2 Extra Inch Penis Extender

Adonis Textured 2 Extra Inch Penis Extender - The Adonis Penis Sleeve
The Adonis penis extension provides you with 2 extra inches to pleasure your partner. On top of that, the whole shaft is covered in delicious textures for that something extra to drive them wild!

A clear sleeve to watch the action

Most realistic penis sleeves come in different skin tones to make them look realistic, but you can also get clear sleeves that allow you and your partner to see your penis through the sleeve! This is really great if you love watching yourself penetrate your partner!

Fat Boy Ultra Fat 7 inch

Fat Boy Ultra Fat 7 inch - A clear sleeve to watch the action
This thick stretchy sleeve slips over your shaft, giving your partner some extra girthy sensations. This sleeve is especially good for those who prefer a soft, squishy feeling. Plus, the internal canal features pleasurable textures to tease the wearer!

Vibrating sleeves for extra sensation

If you are really looking to turn up the sensations, take a look at these vibrating penis sleeves! Not only do they enhance your erection, they give it vibrating powers for you and your partner to enjoy!

Fantasy X-Tensions Vibrating Real Feel 2" Extension

Fantasy X-Tensions Vibrating Real Feel 2" Extension - Vibrating sleeves for extra sensation
This realistic cock sleeve adds an extra 2 inches and up to 33% in girth! On top of that it has a powerful clitoral vibrator that sits inside a softly textured sleeve to give your partner a boost of pleasure!

Lovehoney Ignite 20 Function Vibrating Penis Sleeve

Lovehoney Ignite 20 Function Vibrating Penis Sleeve - Vibrating sleeves for extra sensation
This open ended penis sleeve allows you to enjoy more sensation on the head your penis, which for many is the most sensitive part! Plus the sleeve has 20 different vibration settings for you to enjoy!

Why wear a penis sleeve?

You might be wondering what the fuss is all about when it comes to penis sleeves and whether they can have any real benefits for you. Here are some of the advantages of wearing a penis sleeve during partnered sex.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction  - Why wear a penis sleeve?
Realistic penis sleeves are a great tool for people with erectile dysfunction. Some sleeves can be worn on a flaccid or semi-erect penis so you can still enjoy partnered sex whether you have an erection or not. More rigid sleeves are the best for those who struggle to get an erection.

Last longer

Last longer - Why wear a penis sleeve?
As a sleeve reduced the sensation to your penis, it can help you last longer during sex. This gives you more time to enjoy sex and pleasure your partner.

Explore new sizes

Explore new sizes - Why wear a penis sleeve?
If you and your partner fantasize about sex with with a large or extra large penis, penis sleeves allow you to explore that fantasy without needing to involve anyone else.

New sensations

New sensations - Why wear a penis sleeve?
Whether your sleeve has realistic veiny textures, added pleasure nubs, or even vibrations, the additional stimulation can be extremely pleasurable for the receiving partner.

What to look for in a penis sleeve

There’s quite a lot of variation when it comes to realistic penis sleeves, so I’ve put together a little guide on how to choose the best realistic penis sleeve for you!


Size - What to look for in a penis sleeve
Measurements are really important when choosing your penis sleeve. Firstly, you will need to measure your penis when (erect if you will be using your sleeve with an erection) and make sure you can fit the internal measurements of the sleeve. Secondly, you will need to check the overall measurements of the sleeve to make sure the size is appropriate for the receiving partner.


Materials - What to look for in a penis sleeve
Unfortunately, the majority of realistic penis sleeves are made from TPE or PVC as they are cheaper to produce. TPE can also feel incredibly realistic. The downside to these is that they are porous, meaning the material can trap germs and mold,  and they can sometimes contain harmful substances. Silicone is the best material for a realistic penis sleeve as it is non-porous and non-toxic. It can,  however, be much more expensive and difficult to find.


Colour - What to look for in a penis sleeve
Do you want your sleeve to match your skin tone or do you want a different color? Unfortunately, not all brands offer different skin tones so it can take a bit of research to find the right one for you. Vixen usually offer three skin tones.


Firmness - What to look for in a penis sleeve
If you have erectile dysfunction a firmer, more rigid sleeve will be easier to put on. A stretchy sleeve will allow you to feel more sensation through the sleeve. You should also see what your partner prefers as a firm, rigid sleeve can feel more intense.

Ball loop or harness

Ball loop or harness - What to look for in a penis sleeve
Stretchy sleeves tend to have a ball loop to hold it in place, whereas bigger or firmer sleeves will be worn with a harness.


Price - What to look for in a penis sleeve
If you are on a tight budget or you just want to try a sleeve for the first time, you can look for a cheaper option. If it’s made from TPE or soft plastic, consider using a non-lubricated condom with the toy to prevent it from trapping bacteria. If you have a bigger budget or want a more durable, safer, high quality sleeve, I recommend paying a bit extra to get a silicone sleeve

What do Reddit Users Say About Their Penis Sleeve Experiences?

Have you ever wondered what a realistic penis sleeve actually feels like to wear or use with a partner? Well, I took to Reddit to find out people’s honest, unfiltered experiences and opinions of using cock sleeves Here’s what we found in our research!

Pleasure for her!

Pleasure for her! - What do Reddit Users Say About Their Penis Sleeve Experiences?
Most of the users (women and men) agree that vulva owners enjoy the added stimulation. Most men confirmed they were surprised to hear groaning, moaning, and making faces they hadn’t seen before. So in general, there was very positive feedback. But as always, this a personal taste, so be sure to check with your partner before buying one!

Price range!

Price range!  - What do Reddit Users Say About Their Penis Sleeve Experiences?
According to the users, most of them recommend spending a bit extra to get a decent quality cock sleeve that’s going to last. Silicone is the best material in terms of safety and durability.

Does it work for men?

Does it work for men? - What do Reddit Users Say About Their Penis Sleeve Experiences?
A big part of the community agrees that the only benefit from men is to last longer. The reduced sensation from having a sheath over your penis can help last longer, giving you more time to enjoy with your partner.


Sizes - What do Reddit Users Say About Their Penis Sleeve Experiences?
While you might be tempted to go for the biggest penis sleeve out there, bigger isn’t always better! Go too big and it can be painful for the receiving partner, making it a useless purchase. It’s much better to go just a little bigger than your size and gradually work your way up to bigger sizes!

How to put on a penis sleeve

Once you’ve got your new realistic penis sleeve in your hand, it can be a bit of a challenge working out how to get into it! One thing to keep in mind is that softer sleeves are going to be more difficult to use without an erection.

Get warmed up

Get warmed up - How to put on a penis sleeve
If you can get erect or semi-erect, this will make it easier to slip into the sleeve. So enjoy a little stimulation to get you going first.

Lube up liberally

Lube up liberally  - How to put on a penis sleeve
Add some water-based lubrication to your penis and the sleeve to help things slide in smoothly.

Secure your sleeve

Secure your sleeve - How to put on a penis sleeve
If your sleeve has a ball strap, carefully slip it around the back of your scrotum. I would recommend trimming any public hair to prevent it from catching.

How to use a realistic penis sleeve

Here are my top tips for enjoying your new realistic cock sleeves for some souped up sensations with your partner. For more detailed instructions and inspiration, check out our full guide on how to use a penis sleeve. 



Spend some time making out and playing with your partner before trying to put your sleeve on as having an erection or semi-erection will make it easier to get your sleeve on. However, it is still possible to use a sleeve without an erection. When you are ready, follow the instructions above to put your sleeve on.

Use plenty of lube

Use plenty of lube

As well as using lube on the inside of your sleeve, you will need to use plenty of lube on the outside of your sleeve to help it slide. This is especially important if you are using a very large or textured sleeve.

Do it slowly and warm up

Do it slowly and warm up

Any penis sleeve is going to make your shaft bigger, meaning it will be a new size than what you partner is used to. It’s really important to move slowly, and if you are using a very large sleeve, you should use your fingers or some smaller toys to warm up first. And once you are fully inserted, don’t go straight to hard thrusting, take it gently while your partner gets used to this new size.



Once you are both feeling comfortable, you can explore different positions and speeds to find out what feels good for you both!

How to clean a realisitic penis sleeve

If your sleeve is made from silicone, TPE, or PVC and has no electrical parts, you can wash it using warm water and a mild soap or sex toy cleaner. You can also boil silicone sleeves to sterilise them for a deep clean now and again. You should make sure you wash the outside and inside thoroughly and let it fully dry before storing it away safely in a separate bag or box.

how to clean a magic wand


Yes, they are! Penis sleeves allow you to enjoy penetrative sex with or without an erection. Rigid penis sleeves are the best option for people with erectile dysfunction.

Anyone with a penis can use a penis sleeve! Whether you want to last longer, have a bigger shaft to play with, or use it for erectile dysfunction, a penis sleeve is a great accessory!

You should always get consent from your partner before using a realistic penis sleeve. When using it together, use plenty of lubrication and take it slowly, especially if it's a much bigger size than you are used to.

You should use a water-based lubricant since is the best overall, it is easy to clean and compatible with all materials.

As penis sleeves are very intuitive to use, you can use them in pretty much any position that feels good for you and your partner!

What is a realisitc penis sleeve?

A realistic penis sleeve is like a hollow dildo that can be worn over a penis. It can be used by people with erectile dysfunction or to add more length and girth to your erection to give your partner the experience of having sex with a bigger penis. They can also help some people last longer in bed as they reduce some of the sensation to your penis. Realistic penis sleeves can be worn by anyone with a penis and can be firm or soft and stretchy.

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