The 7 Best Red Dildos for Extra Spicy Sensations

   Josh Gill
We’re diving into the raucous world of red dildos today! Whatever you want, I have something for you, from the massive Tantus Adam Super Soft Dildo, to the vibrating Impressions Las Vegas Vibrating Dildo, to the cool yet hard Gläs Mr. Swirly Ribbed Dildo. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and choose your poison!
1 Test Winner

Ruse Shimmy Silicone Suction Cup Dildo

 Ruse Shimmy Dildo

  • Want a brightly coloured, eye-catching dildo
  • Enjoy the large, lifelike looks
  • Need a suction cup base

Ruse Shimmy Dildo

  • Prefer smaller dildos
  • Want something smoother
  • Are looking for a vibrator

Design meets pleasure with Ruse. The Ruse Shimmy Silicone Suction Cup Dildo is a beautiful brightly colored realistic dildo that’s the perfect size! With 8.75 inches of length and 1.75 inches of width, this dildo is sure to please! Shimmy has a pronounced head to tease you and stimulate you in all the right ways. The strong suction cup base also makes this colorful dildo harness compatible. The size of this dildo would also be great for experienced peggers! The texture is silky, the density is firm. Add some color and spice to your sex life with the Ruse Shimmy. This toy is made of completely nonporous platinum-cured silicone and fragrance-free for your safety.

  • Brightly colored
  • Lifelike looks
  • Realistic texture
  • Suction cup base

  • Quite large
  • No extra functions
  • A little too chunky for some
Ruse Shimmy Dildo
Length8.75 inches
Insertable length6 inches
Width1.75 inches

The Ruse Shimmy Silicone Suction Cup Dildo is a brightly colored and incredibly lifelike dildo. While it’s red, everything else about it screams ‘reality’, from the impressive length and girth to the flesh-like textures all up and down its length. It has a certain amount of flexibility, too, so you truly can convince yourself that it’s the real thing. On top of all that, the suction cup on the base is a really handy feature that will come in very handy if you’re in the shower or near any flat, smooth surface. This dildo won’t suit everyone, as it is fairly large and has no extra functions such as vibrations. But still, the Ruse Shimmy Silicone Suction Cup Dildo is certainly a champ in my eyes and one that you’ll surely keep coming back to time after time!

2 Cheapest

Temptasia Jezebel Silicone Dildo

 Temptasia Jezebel

  • Want a very flexible dildo
  • Don't need to to look too realistic
  • Are looking for a dildo on a budget

Temptasia Jezebel

  • Prefer dildos that look more realistic
  • Need it to be stiffer
  • Are happy to pay a little more

Soft and sensuously curved, the Temptasia Jezebel Silicone Dildo is designed to massage the G spot or prostate. Sculpted from pure body-safe, platinum-cured silicone. The silky-smooth shaft is 6.25 inches in length (5.25 inches of insertable length) and measures 1.5 inches in diameter at its widest point. Jezebel is non-porous, boilable, and easy to clean. It warms with your body or by running under warm water. This sexy toy is harness compatible, features a heart-shaped, suction cup base, and has been crafted with your pleasure in mind.

  • Flexible
  • Affordable
  • Nice design

  • May be too flexible for some
  • Not the most realistic
Temptasia Jezebel
Length6 inches
Insertable length5.5 inches
Width1.5 inches

If you want a dildo that looks sexy while not looking completely phallus-like, then the Temptasia Jezebel Silicone Dildo is a great option. It is well-sized, replicating the length and girth of a realistic cock, while not being so overtly penis-like in looks. It has a wide range of flexibility to it too, so if you want some movement then you have plenty of options. Some people may find the Temptasia Jezebel Silicone Dildo to be a little overly flexible and may require something a little stiffer for their fun, but overall it’s not too much to complain about. After all, for such a cheap and affordable toy, you really can’t go too wrong!

3 Vibrating

Impressions Las Vegas Vibrating Dildo

 Impressions Las Vegas

  • Want a vibrating red dildo
  • Love the simple design
  • Want an easy to use toy

Impressions Las Vegas

  • Don't need the vibration function
  • Are looking for a suction cup base
  • Want to spend less

The versatile and vibrating Impressions is a deliciously pleasurable strap-on dildo that will make wish playtime never ends with your girlfriend! You and her will love the vibrations that will help to come when a clitoris stimulation is needed. With a curvaceous shape with a beautifully rounded head for g-spot stimulation, the dildo is wonderful to use with a harness or without. It features 10 orgasmic vibrations patterns and pulses and is rechargeable. It’s also waterproof and can be used in the bath or shower too!


  • Lovely design
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful vibrations

  • A little too plain
  • Expensive
Impressions Las Vegas
Length8.25 inches
Insertable length5 inches
Width1.5 inches
Vibration modesSpeeds and patterns
Battery Life50 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
RechargeableYes: via USB

Vibrators are a massive win for most people, and when I came across this vibrating red dildo, I just knew I had to show it off. It’s the Impressions Las Vegas Vibrating Dildo, and it certainly hits the spot. The phallic shape is smooth and comfortable to use, while the controls for the vibrator are very simple and user-friendly. The vibration speeds and patterns themselves actually feel great, and I can’t complain about the variety it offers. Some may find the Impressions Las Vegas Vibrating Dildo to be a little too plain or not exciting enough, but I think that’s more of a subjective thing, as some people will also adore the design and shape of it. There’s a certain degree of movement and flexibility too, so it can reach right inside and make proper contact with that P-spot or G-spot!

4 Glass

Gläs Mr. Swirly Ribbed Dildo

 Mr. Swirly Dildo

  • Love a clear and weighty glass dildo
  • Want to feel those random ridges sliding inside
  • Are looking for something a little different

Mr. Swirly Dildo

  • Prefer softer materials
  • Want a dildo with a smoother shaft
  • Like a dildo to be flexible

Each thrust from the Gläs Mr. Swirly 8″ Ribbed Glass Dildo delivers 8 inches of delicious length, enhanced by a spiral ridge all along its shaft. Featuring a slight curve, the 8″ Mr. Swirly Dildo is perfect for targeting the G-Spot with its tapered tip. The elongated size allows for easy handling during solo or partner play. Glass uniquely retains heat and cold, allowing you to explore the sensations of temperature play. The Gläs Mr. Swirly 8″ Ribbed Glass Dildo is made from fracture-resistant glass, the Gläs Dildos are body-safe and hypoallergenic for comfortable, worry-free use.

  • See through design
  • Intense ridges
  • Nice length/girth

  • Very hard
  • Not flexible
Mr. Swirly Dildo
Length8.5 inches
Insertable length8 inches
Width1.85 inches

If you want a dildo that provides a fantastic view, then the Gläs Mr. Swirly Ribbed Dildo is one that will certainly set things on fire. The glass allows you to see everything as you slide it in and out, and those randomly swirled red ridges offer all kinds of teasing pleasures as it slides in and out of you. The shape of it is incredible, and the bulbous head only adds to the stretching and teasing textures. Thankfully, the glass is strong and won’t cause any issues as you use it. I can totally see why the Gläs Mr. Swirly Ribbed Dildo won’t suit everyone, though. Because it is made of glass, it is obviously very hard and has no flexibility to it. But personally, I think that the main draw of this bad boy is the fact that it is see-through and provides some fantastic views as you use it!

5 Fantasy

Tantus Magma Dildo

 Tantus Magma

  • Like the fantasy design of this dildo
  • Want a slightly curved sex toy
  • Enjoy the feel of premium silicone

Tantus Magma

  • Want something a little more traditional looking
  • Prefer straight dildos
  • Are looking for a harder material

The Tantus Magma features a one-of-a-kind texture, in semi-soft silicone! This dildo’s stacked ridges and glossy drips are sure to deliver extra sensation. Twist it, turn it, and thrust it to discover all Magma’s stimulating possibilities. With a flared, harness-compatible base, Magma is ideal for solo play, anal play, and use with a partner. All Tantus silicone dildos are made of ultra-premium platinum-cured silicone.

  • Unique design
  • Nice curve
  • Premium quality

  • Not a 'traditional' dildo
  • Textures may feel weird to some
Tantus Magma
Length7 inches
Insertable length6.25 inches
Width1.5 inches

Made from a super premium quality silicone, the Tantus Magma Dildo certainly is one of the most strange and unique-looking red dildos out there. Designed to look like it has red-hot magma oozing down it, it will provide you with some odd yet arousing sensations as you use it. The material is soft and flexible, akin to that of a real cock. The toy also features a nice, smooth curve that will reach around inside your body as you use it. It’s little things like that that really make a big difference to sex toy users! The downside for some people is that this isn’t the most realistic of red dildos out there. But the Tantus Magma Dildo is one of fantasy and fun, and as such should be taken with a fun pinch of salt, as intended!

6 Large

Tantus Adam Super Soft Dildo

 Tantus Adam

  • Are an advanced dildo user
  • Want a large red dildo
  • Enjoy the curve of the dildo

Tantus Adam

  • Want something smaller
  • Are only a beginner to dildos
  • Prefer straighter sex toys

The Adam Super Soft is a semi-realistic toy with hints of veins and a dramatic arch that plays especially well in a harness. This toy is perfect for G-spotting or P-spotting with a very generous base for a snug fit. Made from Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% ultra-premium dual density silicone, the super soft silicone gives a luxurious texture to make the ride even more amazing.

  • Large size
  • Good curve
  • Soft feel

  • Too big for some
  • Curve may be too steep
Tantus Adam
Length7.5 inches
Insertable length7 inches
Width1.68 inches

They do say ‘go big, or go home’. Well, that’s what the Tantus Adam Super Soft Dildo is for! You can either handle it or you can’t! Because it’s such a large dildo, it’s far better for those that are advanced users. Beginners to these kinds of things may find that they struggle with it, and in all honestly, I don’t want you to hurt yourself! The curve will reach around inside you and tease at all the perfect spots, and the soft silicone will feel as natural as can be as you ride it. Now, as I’m sure you can imagine, the main downside to the Tantus Adam Super Soft Dildo is that it is large. If you don’t think you can handle it, don’t even try! Start smaller, and work your way up to this beast when you feel like you’re ready. It certainly gives you something to work towards!

7 Strap On

Unisex Strap-On Harness Kit

 Strap-On Kit

  • Want a 3-piece strap on kit
  • Find these things comfortable to wear
  • Want a selection of dildos to choose from

Strap-On Kit

  • Don't like strap on harnesses
  • Prefer to use red dildos in other ways
  • Want something less complicated to wear

Get ready for a red-hot romp with this strap-on kit, including an adjustable harness with two supple silicone suction cup dildos. Choose from a ridged black 5-incher and a smooth red 7-incher, both shaped for G-spot or P-spot play. Looking for extra thrills? Insert a bullet vibrator into the pocket at the back of the harness and buzz your play to a whole new level.

  • 3-piece kit
  • 2 dildos
  • Secure harness

  • May be to complicated for some
  • Not the most comfortable
Strap-On Kit
Length(harness) up to 65 inches, (dildo) 7 inches
Insertable length6.4 inches
Width1.43 inches

The Unisex Strap-On Harness Kit is great if you enjoy this kind of play. It is comfortable to wear, and allows you to strap one of the two dildos provided to it, allowing you to pound away even if you don’t have a cock! The dildos can also be used separately too, and they even have suction cups, so you have options there too. It’s what makes this particular kit so exciting! Sure, some people will find this a little tricky and overly complicated to wear, but once you know what you’re doing you shouldn’t have too many issues with it. The harness of the Unisex Strap-On Harness Kit is very secure though, so no matter what kind of bedroom gymnastics you get up to it should be able to easily keep up with you and your partner!

For Hot Electro Play

Electro play is an extra spicy element that some people absolutely love! If that sounds like you, then I have a toy that you’ll adore!

ElectraStim Fusion Komodo Dildo

ElectraStim Fusion Komodo Dildo - For Hot Electro Play
The ElectraStim Komodo Dildo can be used with a strap-on harness, as a handheld toy and can even be suction cupped to a flat surface! Made from the highest quality materials and with so much versatility, this toy is a highly anticipated innovation for electro play. Made from smooth and sleek medical grade silicone in a spicy shade of red, Komodo’s striking ridged design highlights the conductive areas along the shaft for increased awareness of where the stimulation is targeted.

Add Red Vibrators to Your Play

Are you picking up some good vibrations? Me too! That’s probably one of these saucy red vibrators that I have to show you!

We-Vibe Tango X Lipstick Bullet Vibrator

We-Vibe Tango X Lipstick Bullet Vibrator - Add Red Vibrators to Your Play
Pucker up, power queens, the new and improved Tango bullet vibrator is here, and it’s more powerful than ever. The size of a mere lipstick, this bedroom icon proves that size doesn’t matter. Introduce this mini marvel to your favorite hotspots, ASAP. An update on We-Vibe’s best-selling bullet vibrator, the Tango X harnesses the rumbly power of a wand, with the petite dimensions of a bullet. Perfect for precise clitoral stimulation, and the ideal travel companion.

Womanizer Duo G-Spot and Clitoral Stimulator

Womanizer Duo G-Spot and Clitoral Stimulator - Add Red Vibrators to Your Play
Pleasure two of your hottest hot spots at once with the Womanizer Duo, a luxurious clitoral and G-spot stimulator. Explore escalating bliss with 12 levels of intensity, then discover 10 vibration modes to really take your arousal over the edge. Made from velvet-soft silicone, the Duo uses Womanizer’s patented Pleasure Air Technology to envelop the clitoris with thrilling contactless suction. Alongside the suction is a firm, vibrating G-spot stimulator, which offers 10 vibration modes for intense internal stimulation.

Inya the Rose Clitoral Pressure Wave Stimulator

Inya the Rose Clitoral Pressure Wave Stimulator - Add Red Vibrators to Your Play
The Rose by INYA is your seductive and sexy companion for fluttering pleasure. Innovative air technology delivers pinpoint accuracy and unmatched stimulation. Made of body-safe silicone, “The Rose” is rechargeable and water-resistant.
  • Material: Silicone & ABS Plastic
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
  • 7 Speeds / Functions

Need More Spice?

Are you not quite done with these spicy red toys just yet? Well okay then! Here are a few final toys that might just tip you over the edge!

Sportsheet Saffron Flogger

Sportsheet Saffron Flogger - Need More Spice?
The Saffron Flogger By Sportsheets features luxuriously long faux leather tines in the Saffron collection’s signature colors that flow from a strong, metal handle that requires only a capable lover’s firm hand. Each soft, flexible strand of the Saffron Classic Flogger can whisper across their body or cross it with a biting snap.

Sportsheets Leather Slut Slapper Paddle

Sportsheets Leather Slut Slapper Paddle - Need More Spice?
A special spanking paddle with a split surface for ear-bending spanks at the flick of a wrist, deliver audible impact without too much force. Great for beginners who love to hear the sound of spanking, but aren’t quite ready for full-throttle whacks yet. When you are ready for something a little harder, play around with the imprint-possibilities of this paddle. The cut-out portion leaves a perfect ‘SLUT’ label on your sub’s fleshy bits when slapped with just the right level of force.

Bondage Boutique Faux Snakeskin Hogtie Set

Bondage Boutique Faux Snakeskin Hogtie Set - Need More Spice?
Achieve full-body restraint in a snap with this faux snakeskin hogtie set. Including cuffs, this hogtie comes with everything you need to play straight away, and can easily be customized by detaching the cuffs. Luxury and functionality all in one place. Position the hogtie in front or behind your sub’s body for custom bondage play.

How to use red dildos

Using red dildos might come naturally to some people, but I totally understand that that won’t be the case for everyone! If that sounds like you, then you’re in luck, because I’m going to talk you through a few of the basic things to help you enjoy your dildo!

Choose wisely!

Choose wisely!

There are all kinds of red dildos out there! This review post alone has shown you that there are no end of red dildos for you to choose from! So you need to find one that is perfect for you – one that really will meet your needs. You don’t want something too big, or too small, you want it in the ‘Goldilocks zone’; i.e. just right! Also consider if you want it to move or vibrate, or whether you’re happy with manual stimulation!

Lubricate liberally!

Lubricate liberally!

Lubrication is most definitely your friend. It just keeps everything slippery and sliding along nicely. Applying plenty of lube to not only your red dildo but also your body will help things stay as friction-free and perfectly pleasurable as possible! You can never use too much lube, so don’t be afraid to go wild with it. You’ll definitely not regret it!

Savor the sensations!

Savor the sensations!

Whenever you get a new sex toy, there’s always the temptation to just go crazy with it and get down to it asap, but where’s the fun in that?! You might as well take your time with your red dildo, and really enjoy the feel of it. Savor the sensation of it sliding in and out, and enjoy the different functions that it has. They say that slow and steady wins the race – well, that saying definitely applies to red dildos!

How to clean red dildos

Keeping your red dildos clean and hygienic is important. After all, you don't want to come to use them only to find that they're covered in bacteria, germs, and other gunk! Luckily, I've provided you with a few super useful resources to help you keep things clean!


Anyone! Man, woman, gay, straight, and everyone in between! They are not gender or sexual orientation specific! So whether you're a woman wanting you grind up that G-spot or a man wanting to pleasure that P-spot, then you can go for it!

I would always recommend a good water-based lubrication because not only is it body safe and won't cause you any damage, but it also won't damage your toy, or leave any sticky residue when you're all done!

Nothing, really! It's literally just the aesthetics of these dildos that make them so special! Some people really do believe that the color of their sex toy makes it better, though, so if you believe that, then more power to you! Relish in the red!

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What are red dildos?

Red dildos are literally dildos that are colored red! This fiery, spicy color is one of love, romance, and passion, and it is no wonder that so many people can't wait to get their hands (as well as other parts of their bodies) on these delightfully devilish dildos! Red dildos are certainly a fine and outstanding addition to any sex toy collection!

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