The 7 Best Ribbed Penis Sleeves that Extend and Excite

   Josh Gill
If your partner is the type of person who values performance over realism, you shouldn’t settle for just any old cock sleeve: you need a ribbed penis sleeve! These performance-enhancing items are easy to use, available in many different sizes, and offer a convenient way to switch things up in the bedroom. There are many different textures crafted onto these devices, with options ranging from twirls and ticklers to bumps and ridges! Did we mention that most of these sleeves can also substantially increase the girth of your shaft!? No matter which model you choose, your partner is sure to love it. Give them something special with one of the fun toys listed below!
1 Test winner

CalExotics Adonis Extension

 CalExotics Adonis Extension

  • Want to extend the length and girth of your penis
  • Want a realistic shaped and feeling extender
  • Love the exciting outer textures

CalExotics Adonis Extension

  • Don't need to be extended
  • Want a more pleasurable toy
  • Are looking for an extender that won't slip off

If you want to extend your pounding power then the CalExotics Adonis Extension is a ribbed penis sleeve that adds an extra 2 inches to your manhood for super-deep diving. The bulbous tip looks and feels like the real thing while the highly textured outer shaft ensures that you give her extra pleasure with every thrust! But it’s not all about your partner – you get your own specially stimulating textures on the inside, ensuring that you both get something sexy from this bad boy!

  • Extend your length and girth
  • Textured on both sides
  • Beginner friendly

  • No loop to keep it attached
  • Fairly tight inner canal
  • Quite floppy
CalExotics Adonis Extension
Length6.5 inches, (internal) 4.5 inches
Diameter1.75 inches, (canal) 1 inches

If you’re looking for a ribbed penis sleeve to upgrade your anatomy then the CalExotics Adonis Extension is a great place to start. It is ribbed and bulbous, it is textured on both the outside AND the inside, meaning that not only will she enjoy you using it but so will you! It definitely helps with stamina, although it is prone to slipping off due to the lack of any sort of ball loop to keep it attached. It is also pretty tight. However if you’re on your journey to using more substantial penis toys, this is a good a place as any to start!

2 Cheapest

Doc Johnson TitanMen

 Doc Johnson TitanMen

  • Want a bigger girth
  • Love a clear design
  • Love the squeeze of cock rings

Doc Johnson TitanMen

  • Want to increase your length
  • Prefer more intense textures
  • Like toys that are easier to get on

Looking to have a girthier penis? Lucky for you the Doc Johnson TitanMen can help you with that! Made from a soft plastic material it will provide a stimulating and sensual texture for your partner as well as a squeezing and firm pleasure for yourself. Stretchy and able to accommodate most penis sizes, it acts as a super-effective cock ring as well as a ribbed penis sleeve! Sounds amazing, doesn’t it!

  • Great girth extender
  • Nice and tight
  • An affordable extender

  • Too tight for some
  • Not a full-penis toy
  • Not great if you don't like cock rings
Doc Johnson TitanMen
MaterialsSoft Plastic

The Doc Johnson TitanMen is a ribbed penis sleeve that acts like a cock ring while extending your girth! Tight and firm enough to hold and squeeze your cock, it gives you longer lasting and more firm erections, all while being ribbed and ridged to ensure that she enjoys the stretched feeling while riding you. Unfortunately it might be a little too tight for some men, and they might struggle to get their cocks into it! It also only sits at the base of your manhood and therefore isn’t a full-penis toy. Still, for the price you pay we reckon you’d be daft to pass on it!

3 Beginner

CalExotics Hot Rod Enhancer

 CalExotics Hot Rod Enhancer

  • Want to increase your girth
  • Are looking for an open ended penis extender
  • Love a super ribbed cock sleeve

CalExotics Hot Rod Enhancer

  • Are looking for a full length cock extender
  • Want a toy you can use while flaccid
  • Want a toy that will last

The CalExotics Hot Rod Enhancer ribbed penis sleeve that features an open-ended design so that the head of your cock can still receive plenty of attention. The thick and deep ridges will ensure that she gets plenty of fun from this particular toy too, as it will stimulate her vagina and clitoris as you slide in and out of her. Extending your girth and firmly squeezing your length, this bad boy will help you last longer and make sure that you’re as pleased as can be. Soft and adaptable, this toy is an absolute dream to own!

  • Deep and wide ridges
  • Very affordable
  • Super easy to use

  • Material isn't great
  • Might become damaged over time
CalExotics Hot Rod Enhancer
Length3.4 inches

If you want to last longer in bed then the CalExotics Hot Rod Enhancer has your back. Or rather your cock. Deeply ridges and ribbed it sits on your shaft while leaving your head exposed which allows for your own personal stimulation. A great option for both you AND her. A two-for-one kind of deal! A very affordable ribbed cock sleeve, it is unfortunately made of TPR which often degrades over time. Nevertheless, it’s still a worthy toy to have at your disposal as it undeniably does its job and it does it well!


Fantasy X-tensions Magic Pleasure Sleeve

 Fantasy X-tensions Magic Pleasure Sleeve

  • Love super textured penis sleeves
  • Like the open-ended design
  • Want a thick and firm extender toy

Fantasy X-tensions Magic Pleasure Sleeve

  • Prefer to be able to feel more on your shaft
  • Don't like the open-ended design
  • Want a less textured penis extender

The skin tight Fantasy X-tensions Magic Pleasure is a ribbed penis sleeve that will grip your shaft night and tight! It will work just like a cock ring to enhance your girth and overall size all while helping to reinforce your erection and improve your stamina. Covered in rows of soft and flexible mini-beads this toy will massage and stimulate her, no doubt soon becoming one of her favorite toys as well as yours! Plus the open ended design makes sure that the head of your cock still gets all the attention it deserves!

  • Very textured
  • Open ended design
  • A toy for her as well as you

  • Might be overly textured for some
  • Could decrease shaft sensations
  • Doesn't extend your length
Fantasy X-tensions Magic Pleasure Sleeve
Length5.5 inches
Width1.8 inches

For a ribbed penis sleeve the Fantasy X-tensions Magic Pleasure Sleeve is pretty great. Featuring plenty of textured nubs, it sits on your shaft and ensures it stimulates her while doing the same for you (plus increasing your girth, strengthening your erections AND improving your stamina). This is a toy that we would recommend for both beginners and more experienced users! It might not be the best toy for those that want more real-life sensation on their shaft, but the open-ended design still does allow for plenty of stimulation on the head of your cock.


Perfect Fit Fat Boy Thin Textured Extender

 Perfect Fit Fat Boy

  • Need a sleeve for the whole penis
  • Want to increase your length and girth
  • Are intrigued by a reversible sleeve

Perfect Fit Fat Boy

  • Need a ribbed sleeve to use while flaccid
  • Don't enjoy having something around your balls
  • Prefer an open head design

The Perfect Fit Fat Boy enhances both your length and your girth ensuring that you look and feel even bigger than usual. The textured inner sleeve means that you get plenty of sexy sensations while you do your thing. Plus, you can flip it inside out if to give your partner a taste of the texture! It might take a fair bit of lubrication to get on, but when it’s on it holds firm. This is aided by the ball loop that holds it in place. For such an encompassing toy it doesn’t add all that much to the matter. You’ll be able to notice the length and girth increase, but there are lengthier and girthier toys out there. So if you’re not happy with the size of this toy we would recommend upgrading to the Fat Boy Ultra.

  • Easy to put on
  • Ball loop keeps it held
  • Reversible design

  • Not the most textured toy ever
  • Ball loop can be tricky
  • Made of a porous soft plastic material
Perfect Fit Fat Boy
MaterialsSoft plastic
Length6.5 inches inches
Insertable length5.5 inches
Diameter1.43 inches, (canal) 1 inches

This soft, squishy and satisfying sleeve is the best ridged penis sleeve if you want full coverage, giving you more girth and length and also helping you last longer by reducing the sensation during penetrative sex! I think the ball sling design is also a great design feature as it holds it securely in place, but it might take a bit of practice getting used to! While this isn’t the most intensely textured sleeve in the review, it’s great that you can choose to have the texture on the inside, giving more penile stimulation, or on the outside, providing more stimulation for the partner!


Lovehoney Twin Teasers

 Lovehoney Twin Teasers

  • Love to have ribbed penis sleeve options
  • Like a lot of different textures
  • Want to extend your length and girth

Lovehoney Twin Teasers

  • Want more durable ribbed penis sleeves
  • Are looking for toys in different sizes
  • Don't want a toy that will be damaged in transit

The Lovehoney Twin Teasers are a real two-for-the-price-of-one kind of treat. The two ribbed penis sleeves will help extend both your length and girth, and feature different, highly sexy and stimulating textures on both the inside and the outside. Everyone can get something from this naughty little duo! And on top of all that it can help you last longer in bed, meaning that you can keep those sexy sessions going all night long! Delicious!

  • Two-for-one toys
  • Very textured
  • Extends length and girth

  • Only one size
  • Might not fit everyone
  • Could arrive damaged
Lovehoney Twin Teasers
Length6 inches
Diameter1.43 inches

The Lovehoney Twin Teasers really are a delightful duo of erection enhancing toys! This pair of ribbed penis sleeves sit firmly on your cock and make sure that everyone is pleased with the variety of textures that they feature. Both have different textures and patterns on them, so they are distinctly different from each other! They only come in one size and due to the material and the way they’re packaged they may arrive slightly warped or damaged, but not enough to damage the function of the toys. It’s just worth bearing in mind that if you want this awesome pair of ribbed penis sleeves there might be a few drawbacks!


Lovehoney Bumpy Ride

 Lovehoney Bumpy Ride Penis Sleeve

  • Want an open tip design
  • Prefer a ball loop for stablity
  • Are looking for a very soft sleeve

Lovehoney Bumpy Ride Penis Sleeve

  • Prefer something a little firmer
  • Have a thicker than average penis
  • Want a sleeve that adds length and girth

Slip this stretchy sleeve over your shaft and give your partner the joy off added girth as well as teasing textures! The open head design means you still get unhindered stimulation to the head, which is the most sensitive part for most penis owners! Plus, the ball loop keeps everything secure while you play.    

  • Soft and stretchy
  • Ball loop for security
  • Open head design

  • Can roll down during sex
  • Not the most intense stimulation
  • Doesn't feel like it's made to last
Lovehoney Bumpy Ride Penis Sleeve
Length4.5 inches
Diameter1.43 inches
MaterialsSoft plastic

The Lovehoney Bumpy Rider is a budget-friendly ridged penis sleeve that comes with some pros and cons. The very soft stretchy design makes it easy to get on but also means that it can roll down during use. It also means the texture doesn’t feel as intense, which could be a pro or con, depending on your taste! The soft plastic is also unfortunately porous and many users report that it doesn’t feel very durable, meaning this sleeve could be fun for a few uses but isn’t likely to last for a long time.

Comparing the best ridged cock sleeves at a glance

User ratings

The ridged penis sleeve with the highest user ratings is also the one I chose as the test winner! The Adonis Penis Extender scored a pleasing 4.5/5 based on ratings from 96 users! The lowest scoring sleeve was the Fantasy X-tensions Magic Pleasure Sleeve, with some reporting that the ridged texture was too intense.

Bedbible ratings

The Adonis Penis Extender also scored highly in the Bedbible rating with a score of 4.5/5.  I also scored the Fat Boy Perfect Fit and TitanMen ridged cock sleeves a high score of 4.5/5 making them great options for full sleeve and open ended design respectively.


Penis sleeves are often made from TPE and are relatively inexpensive compared to other sex toys. This means you really don’t need to break the bank to try one! That being said, there is a little variation in price. The cheapest sleeves in this review are the Doc Johnson TitanMen Sleeve and the Lovehoney Bumpy Ride Sleeve. The main difference between the two is that the Bumpy Ride has a ball loop while the TitanMen doesn’t. The textures are also slightly different— the TitanMen has ridges, while the Bumpy Ride has ridges and bumps.  

Ribbed Penis Rings

It’s not just ribbed penis sleeves we’re here to talk about, oh no, there are also ribbed penis rings available too! Designed to be used like cock rings, these little toys are discreet yet exciting. So let’s take a quick look at a few of the options you have available to you!

Dr Joel Support Master Triple Ticklers

Dr Joel Support Master Triple Ticklers  - Ribbed Penis Rings
Check this out! The Dr Joel Support Master Triple Ticklers boasts three super textured rings joined by a wavy support that is designed to provide some super stimulations to the vagina as you pound in and out of it. It can be secured via the fourth ring that sits behind the balls and ensured that no matter how hot and heavy things get, it doesn’t move an inch! What an irresistible toy!

Lovehoney Desire Vibrating Love Ring

Lovehoney Desire Vibrating Love Ring - Ribbed Penis Rings
The Lovehoney Desire Vibrating Love Ring is an awesome toy that can simultaneously stimulate the penis and clit. Soft and smooth, this silicone ring will powerfully grip the shaft of your cock. Cycle through 8 vibration modes with 12 increasingly powerful speeds using the simple and straight forward buttons on the toy. It really can give you superior and longer-lasting erections while giving her the buzz she deserves!

Oxballs Truckt

Oxballs Truckt - Ribbed Penis Rings
Looking like a pair of heavy duty tyres the Oxballs Truckt are chunky and powerful cock rings that will grab your manhood and make sure you know about it! Stretchy enough to accommodate most sized cocks, this cock and ball ring set helps enhance your erection strength and staying power. So if you want to ram away and feel as powerful as a truck, then the Oxballs Truckt will drive you – and your partner – absolutely wild!

Penis Sleeves and Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be an embarrassing thing, but guess what…most men suffer from it at some point in their life! It’s nothing to be ashamed of and is only a temporary issue far more often than not! And guess what, penis sleeves can actually potentially help you out with your erectile dysfunction! That’s right – it’s true! But how? Allow us to explain!

Restricting the blood flow!

Restricting the blood flow! - Penis Sleeves and Erectile Dysfunction
It might take a while to achieve an erection, but once you have it your penis sleeve will help keep that blood in your cock by tightening and squeezing the blood vessels, thus keeping the blood in your cock. They will help you maintain that hard cock for as long as possible!

Providing sext stimulations!

Providing sext stimulations! - Penis Sleeves and Erectile Dysfunction
Trust us when we say that penis sleeves feel good! By wearing one while flaccid and just enjoying the feeling, you may get sensations that ‘stir the loins’, so to speak. The sensations you feel might just be enough to really get the blood pumping and get you up and raring to go!

They might not always help!

They might not always help! - Penis Sleeves and Erectile Dysfunction
As you can see, there are a few ways in which penis sleeves can help those with erectile dysfunction. HOWEVER they are not guaranteed to work, as much as we might want them to. We’d recommend not getting your hopes up tooooo high, and don’t pin all your expectations on your penis sleeve. Although…it’s always worth a shot because you never know, you might get some amazing results! Good luck!

How to use ribbed penis sleeves

Using ribbed penis sleeves is pretty straightforward. There’s nothing too complicated or confusing about it! But we do understand that some people might struggle – and that’s okay! We’re here to help! Here are some brief but super handy tips on how to use your ribbed penis sleeve!

Choose the right one for you!

Choose the right one for you!

Choosing the right ribbed penis sleeve for you is essential as you want a toy that you can get the most out of! If you want to be girthier then you’re going to want to go for a toy specifically designed to do that. Same if you want to add length. Looking for stimulation on your cock’s head? You want an open-ended toy. When it comes to ribbed penis sleeves the choices are numerous, so make sure you make the right one!

Make sure you're lubriacated!

Make sure you're lubriacated!

Lubrication is fun! It also helps make sure that you have no issues while using your ribbed penis sleeve or any other sex toy for that matter! A healthy dose of lube never hurt anyone. In fact you’re better off using too much than not enough! So make sure your cock and your sex toy are both covered in the stuff before you get going. You can thank us after!

Make sure you enjoy yourself!

Make sure you enjoy yourself!

This one might go without saying, but just enjoy yourself and your experience with your ribbed penis sleeve! It’s all about having fun and achieving that all important orgasm, so you don’t want to be worrying about anything. Enjoy the sensations and the feelings that using a ribbed penis sleeve brings. And enjoy how much your partner likes the toy too!

How to clean ribbed penis sleeves

Cleaning your ribbed penis sleeve is very important. Just think where it goes and what kind of bodily juices it's going to get covered in! Exactly! So it's ALWAYS recommended that you clean up and sanitize your toys as soon as you're finished with them. Luckily we have a few handy guides on how to do just that!


Yes, of course! Ribbed penis sleeves designed to be comfortable and provide safe and sexy pleasure. We would always recommend checking what materials the toys are made out of to ensure you are totally safe and sound!

How long is a piece of string? Haha You can use your ribbed penis sleeve for as long as you like, as long as you're comfortable with it. We would recommend a maximum of around 2 hours, starting with 30 mins and working your way up in half hour increments.

Using any lube is good, if you want to avoid any unfortunate accidents! But the best thing to use is water-based lubricants. They are chemical-free and therefore body-safe, and will cause no damage to your ribbed penis sleeve.

The best and most common would be silicone, as it feels good and is easy to clean and simple to sterilize. Soft plastic is also good as it feels great and is easy to wash too. It's all down to preference...but we prefer silicone for its many conveniences and perks!

Yes! The ribbed penis sleeve is designed to provide additional vaginal stimulation during penetration. While not all ribbed penis sleeves will have inner textures, all of them will have added exterior textures for enhanced stimulation!

Will a ribbed penis sleeve feel good for her?

A ribbed penis sleeve is a bit of kit that can be attached to your cock to help extend either your length, your girth, or both! They are often textured on both sides to ensure that not only do you get plenty out of using it, but so does your partner! In addition to providing more stimulation overall, ribbed penis sleeves can also help combat ED (although using a dedicated cock ring is still a better option for this purpose!).

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