Sex Dice Ideas + How to Make Your Own

Whether you’re looking for your perfect sex dice, or ideas to make your own spicy dice surprise, we’ve got you covered!

What Kinds of Sex Dice Are There?

There are a lot of sex dice out there these days! If you’re curious about which ones to get, then you might want to think about what you want to use them for. Are you looking for some new ways to get aroused, or do want some suggestions for new things to try during sex?

Here are the most common types of sex dice you can choose from…

Foreplay Dice

Sexy 6 Foreplay Dice Game

When you think of sex dice, you’re most likely thinking of foreplay dice. These are dice that can give you ideas of how to warm up yourself and your partner for a sensual session.

They might have suggestions for actions, body parts, locations and more, but they usually don’t have ideas for the ‘main act’ like penetration or oral sex.

Oral Sex Dice

Lovehoney Oh! Oral Sex Dice

There’s no one right way to give oral sex, but we can often end up defaulting to the same techniques. If you feel like spicing up your routine, then why not add some oral sex dice to your cunnilingus or blowjob kit?

These oral sex dice from Lovehoney suggest actions like licking, sucking and nibbling, a selection of the most sensual body parts, and how long to go for.

Sex Position Dice

Erotic Position Dice

It’s not all licking necks and nibbling nipples! Sometimes we just need a little inspiration to switch things up during sex, which is where you might enjoy a sex position dice like this one.

The position ideas are a mix of familiar and adventurous, and, while the illustrations are based on a heterosexual relationship, they can be tried out by couples of any gender!

Kinky Sex Dice

CalExotics Let’s Get Kinky Dice

Thinking about dipping your toe into the world of BDSM? Bought a bondage kit but aren’t sure how get started with it?

Some kinky dice like these from CalExotics can help you out! These sex dice have ideas for which kinds of sensations to go for, which BDSM toys to use, and where on the body. Just remember to read our guide to BDSM for beginners first!

Ideas to Make Your Own Sex Dice

Ready-made sexy dice aren’t for everyone, and that’s okay. Perhaps you don’t like the actions they suggest, or the body parts, or positions. Perhaps they don’t really fit your relationship or your dynamics. But, does that mean you have to miss out on the fun?

Of course not! It’s surprisingly easy to make your own version of ‘sex dice’, and include everything you love and find pleasurable, without the stuff you find awkward. You can also include toys and accessories that you own, and specific places in your house.

All you need is a pen and paper, a normal 6-sided dice, and some creativity. Start by picking a category, like body parts or actions, and write down 6 sexy ideas for it, labelling them from 1 to 6. You can be as tame or wild as you like! Then, add more categories until you’ve created a whole scene.

Once you’re ready, roll your dice and find out which erotic combination you get to try out!

A quick homemade sex dice setup, complete with some tiny dice found in the Bedbible office.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, here are some sex dice ideas you might like to include…

  • Body Parts: clitoris, penis, testicles, frenulum, perineum, bum, nipples, neck, thighs, lower back, navel
  • Actions: kiss, suck, nibble, lick, rub, tickle, spank, blow on, massage, graze, flick
  • Locations: pick rooms, or specific settings like bed, chair, table, sofa, kitchen counter, rug, shower, door, wall
  • Toys: go through your collection! You can include vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, masturbators, nipple clamps, restraints, floggers, paddles
  • Time: 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, the length of a song, until the other says stop, until orgasm
  • Positions: missionary, cowgirl, doggy, 69, spooning, wheelbarrow, queening, hogtie, leapfrog
  • Sensations: temperature play, tickling, impact play, tingles, smells
  • Partners: if there’s only two of you, have one partner as the even numbers and the other as the odd numbers

How to Use Sex Dice

Isn’t it pretty self-explanatory? I’m kidding.

Sex dice, despite their apparent simplicity, can take a while to get used to. In the beginning, it might feel a bit awkward to follow the instructions of some dice rather than just following your instincts. Plus, what if it suggests something that just doesn’t work?

Whenever I think of sex dice, I’m always reminded of this scene (via Imgur).

Well, first off, it’s okay to re-roll! If you roll a combo that feels awkward or weird, just roll again and never look back. Or, just choose another option that would make it work — whatever keeps that sexy mood going.

If you’ve made your own sex dice with your own ideas, you don’t even have to use actual dice! You can just pick a combination you like and go with it. You could also have your partner pick numbers for you to perform on them. After all, sex dice are just there to inspire your erotic play.

You also have lots of options when it comes to how long you use them for. Each partner could do one roll each, just to get the ball rolling before your animal instincts take over, or you could make a date of it and roll over and over again until you just can’t take it anymore!

More Sexy Games to Try

If sex dice just aren’t advanced enough for you, then here are some ideas for other games that can get you and your partner going!


Monogamy is a game designed to inject some fun and spice into relationships, one square at a time. There are three levels of play, and over 400 ideas for actions to take and topics to talk about. Plus, the winner gets to pick a fantasy to come true!

Oral Fun

This is a party game with a twist! Move around the board answering trivia questions, drinking and either giving or receiving oral sex — sounds like my dream evening!

Lovehoney Oh! Hot Knots

If you’re looking for an easy and fun way to get into the world of bondage, this could be your ticket. This game includes 52 cards with instructions on new and interesting ways to tie up and pleasure your partner, along with silky-soft handcuff restraints and a blindfold.

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