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Sex Doll Accessories

What You Need, What You Want, and How to Find It

Sex doll accessories are equally as important as the doll itself. After all, you’ve invested a great deal of money to have the perfect sexual playmate. Therefore, you want her to look and feel her best. That’s where sex doll accessories come in. In this article, we are going to talk about the most important sex doll accessories, what you need, what you want and how to find it.

In addition, I will give you tips on buying clothing for your sex doll, how to measure for that clothing, and shoes too! Plus, we will discuss other sex doll accessories – from makeup and hair to sex doll penis attachments and the all-important storage accessories. That way, you will be able to accessorize your sex doll with style and ease.

The Biggest Sex Doll Accessories: Sex Doll Clothing

Sex doll accessories: Clothing

One of the biggest sex doll accessories is clothing. That is because her (or his) website, photo shoot was likely the first thing that attracted you to your sex doll. Unfortunately, those stylish outfits, or lack thereof, are not included with the doll. So, how do you make your sex doll look its best? With beautiful and stylish sex doll clothing!

But if this is your first sex doll and you’ve yet to find the proper owner’s guidance, you probably don’t know that sex doll clothing is actually real women’s (or men’s) clothing. However, there are a few tricks to buying sex doll clothing. For example, where to buy sex doll clothing and how to properly measure a sex doll to find out their clothing size.

Where to Buy Sex Doll Clothes

Sex doll Aurea
Aurea Sex Doll

Where to buy sex doll clothing depends entirely on where you want to shop. Typically, sex doll owners return to the site from which they purchased the doll. That’s all well and good as some sex doll sites, like Joy Love Sex Dolls, carry a plentiful selection of sex doll clothing. Unfortunately, every single sex doll outfit is usually lingerie – and inexpensive lingerie, at that.

However, you can find a great selection of sex doll clothes, including dresses and athletic wear at Sexy Sex Doll’s website. In addition, their prices are competitive in comparison to regular, online clothing shops.

So, what if you want to dress your sex doll in real clothing without returning to a sex doll website? The answer to that is to shop anywhere that carries women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. But how do you shop for women’s clothing, especially if it’s something you’ve not done before?

Let’s find out!

Shopping In-Store for Sex Doll Clothes

If you’re the type of person who needs to see and feel clothing and fabrics, the best way to shop for sex doll clothing is in-person, in a store. And the easiest way to do that is to carry your sex doll’s sizes with you on a piece of paper. Then, you go through the racks, find what you think will look amazing on your doll and buy your sex doll clothing.

However, not all people are the best at finding stylish clothing in the right sizes. Therefore, approach a sales person, tell them you are shopping for you wife’s (or husband’s) birthday and hand them your size list. But, how do you know what sizes your sex doll wears?

That’s the easy part, and we will cover that in just a moment.

Shopping Online for Sex Doll Clothing

The next place that’s great to shop for sex doll clothing is online. There, you have literally hundreds of thousands of places to shop! For instance, Amazon has clothing from name brands as well as boutiques. Or, if you are looking for a specific style of clothing or a place for which you happen to have a credit card, you simply go to their online store.

Then, you find the clothing you like and click on the clothing size chart. But you may have to search the product page a little bit. The reason for this is that some sites put a link to the size chart near the product photos. Or, some sites will put a link below, in the description. Either way, you can find out which size clothing to order for your sex doll.

Sex Doll clothes, size chart links
Sex doll clothes, opened size chart link

Now, let’s figure out what size sex doll clothes you need to buy!

How to Take a Sex Doll’s Measurements for Clothing

The easiest way to take a sex doll’s measurement for clothing is to go back to the site from which you purchased your love doll. There, in the doll’s description, you should find the measurements for the sex doll you ordered. The measurements for Aurea, the doll pictured above, look like this:

Aurea's measurements

How to Measure for Sex Doll Clothes Manually

Most importantly, if you modified your sex doll in any way from the basic doll description, you’ll need to measure them to get the correct size. First, you will need a sewing, measuring tape. These differ from measuring tapes you use regularly as they are soft and flexible. As a result, they lie flat against the body and give you a more accurate body measurement.

Next, you take your tape measure and measure your sex doll without any clothing. Like this:

Sex doll accessories, measuring for clothes

Shoes: Another Important Sex Doll Accessory

Another highly desired sex doll accessory is a pair (or 10) of shoes. Again, you can shop for sex doll accessories, like shoes, either in-person or online. And although shoes aren’t as complicated as sex doll clothes, you still need to know how to figure out what size shoe to purchase for your love doll. Additionally, it’s important to know the best type of sex doll shoes to choose.

High Tops and Boots

The best type of sex doll shoes are high top sneakers and booties as well as boots. That is because they give extra support to the ankle and legs. Fortunately, if you purchased a sex doll with standing feet and an enhanced lower skeleton, your sex doll should stand well wearing shoes. However, heels may propose a problem as sex doll feet don’t bend as easily.

That being said, finding high heels with a platform offer additional support. Furthermore, if your sex doll doesn’t have the standing feet, high tops, booties and boots will help your doll to stand for short periods while leaning against something for support. Finally, it’s best to size up, in order to give your sex doll’s feet plenty of room and to avoid damage.

What Size Shoe Does a Sex Doll Wear?

You must know what size shoe your sex doll wears before choosing the shoes or boots you like best. And there are two ways to do that. One, look again at your sex doll’s purchase page to see if her measurements are there. Some sellers actually add the doll’s foot size in inches, like this:

Aurea's foot measurements

But if your sex doll’s website description isn’t as thorough as Aurea’s, you’ll have to measure your doll’s feet yourself. You do this by putting one foot flat on the floor and on a piece of paper. Next, draw around the foot with a pencil. Then measure the tracing with a measuring tape, from the big toe to the heel. Finally, compare the foot size to the following chart, and you have your doll’s shoe size!

Sex doll accessories shoe size chart

Beautiful Sex Doll Accessories: Hair and Wigs

wigs for sex dolls

Aside from sex doll clothes and shoes, you can also change up your love doll’s look by changing her hair. And that can be done by buying wigs in a variety of colors and styles. First, check the site from which you ordered your sex doll. Many have sex doll accessories such as clothing, TPE repair kits and wigs. For instance, Sexy Sex Doll carries a fantastic selection of sex doll wigs at competitive prices.

But if you’re looking for a wider variety of wigs for your doll, you can shop online or in person. Maybe you’d love the feel or real human hair, and the ease of styling it offers. Or, perhaps you’re looking for bright, fantasy colors. No matter what your preferences are, you can find plenty of sex doll wigs on Amazon and wig websites.

Sex Doll Accessories: Makeup, Lashes and Nails


Sex doll accessories also include things like makeup, lashes and nails. Granted, you may have ordered your sex doll with makeup already applied. But sometimes you may want to give her a more glamorous look. So, how to you change your doll’s look with these sex doll accessories? By knowing what to buy!

First of all, makeup is easy to apply. Plus, there are oodles of YouTube tutorials showing you ways to apply makeup to your sex doll. Most importantly, don’t go the cheapest route when buying these sex doll accessories. After all, you invested a lot of cash in your playmate, so you definitely don’t want to ruin her beautiful face with cheap makeup. Therefore, look for these quality, cosmetic accessories:

  • Eye shadow pallets
  • Lashes
  • Blush
  • Lipstick and lip gloss

Fingers and Toes

Other sex doll accessories, which complete an overall look, are the fingernails and toenails. To be exact, nail polishes. Considering most all sex dolls come complete with your choice of nail color, you may not want to bother with it at all. But for those of you who love to change your doll’s look, consider a new nail color for fingers and toes as well as nail decals and colorful press-on fingernails.

Extra Sex Doll Accessories: Body Parts

Another group of sex doll accessories that can completely change the look of your DIY sex doll are sex doll parts. Sex doll parts include various body parts either to replace what you have, upgrade your sex doll or make your sex doll look completely different. So, let’s take a look at the type of sex doll parts that are available.

Different Heads

You can change your sex doll’s head, in some brands of dolls, for a completely different look. However, if you decide to change heads, just be sure that the skin tone matches. Additionally, no matter which brand of sex doll you chose, you can change out her (or his) eyes. That way, you can match eye color with different wigs and other sex doll accessories.

Sex Doll Penis Attachment

Sex doll penis attachment

The vast majority of sex doll websites offer the sex doll penis attachment as an add-on purchase. But if you didn’t order this sex doll accessory and have since had a change of heart, no worries! Rather than buying a Trans sex doll, the sex doll penis attachment is available at most sex doll websites as an ala carte sex doll accessory.

However, if you aren’t aware of this amazing sex doll add-on, it’s simply a penis with an attachment that is inserted into a female sex doll’s vagina. As a result, you can switch back and forth between a vagina and a penis!

In addition to the sex doll penis attachment, you can purchase these sex doll parts:

Sex Doll Accessories for Cleaning and Repair

Some of the most important sex doll accessories are those products used for the cleaning and repair of a love doll. Ultimately, you want to protect your investment and ensure your sex doll stays beautiful and lasts a lifetime. Because of that, you’ll want the best sex doll accessories to assist in the maintenance and upkeep of the doll. So, let’s take a look at these accessories.

Flushing Your Doll Is Priority 1

Flushing every opening in your sex doll should be a regular activity; especially the orifices that you use sexually. This ensures your doll stays clean and free of bacteria, germs, viruses and mold growth. And although most all sex dolls arrive with a cleaning kit, sometimes you may need a replacement kit or one that works more efficiently. Therefore, here are a couple of cleaning items to consider.

The Vaginal Irrigator

The vaginal irrigator is an important sex doll accessory as it keeps the inner-working of your sex doll clean. It’s a simple bulb with a tube that features holes, through which you squirt water, soapy, then clean. So, if you’ve worn out your current vaginal irrigator, or bought a used sex doll and don’t have one, it’s easy to find them in sex toy shops and on sex doll websites.

And just because it’s called a vaginal irrigator doesn’t mean it can’t be used on the anus or mouth of your sex doll. As a matter of fact, they are made to clean all sex doll openings.

High Tech Sex Doll Accessory that Cleans

Sex doll accessories for cleaning

This new, efficient, high tech cleaning system was created by the makers of WM sex dolls. Clearly, it looks intimidating. However, it runs by electricity, pumps water through a sex doll’s openings and includes UV disinfecting. That way, you know your doll is clean, healthy and no longer carries the risk of growing mold or bacteria.

The All-Important Sex Doll Accessory: The Repair Kit

One of the worse things that can happen to a sex doll owner is when there is an injury to the doll’s skin. These cuts and abrasions not only look bad, but will only grow larger if they aren’t repaired immediately. So, rather than sending your sex doll off for a minor repair, it’s best to keep a repair kit on hand at all times.

TPE Repair Kit

TPE repair kit

TPE repair kits are essential sex doll accessories! After all, accidents happen and dolls get damaged. Fortunately, TPE repair kits make it easy for you to repair any tears or abrasions yourself. These kits include 2 important products; TPE glue and a chunk of TPE material that matches your sex doll’s skin tone. That way, you can do seamless repairs, at home.

Care and Repair Kits

Finally, care and repair kits for sex dolls include everything you need to care for and keep your sex doll looking stunning. For instance, this kit from Sexy Sex Doll includes the following:

  • TPE stain remover to keep your sex doll’s skin pristine
  • Premium TPE safe warming wand
  • Sex doll renewal powder to keep the TPE skin feeling soft
  • 401 glue for lashes and nails
  • TPE repair glue for cuts in the skin

Keeping these things on hand allows you to care for and repair your sex doll in a timely manner – avoiding further damage.

Safe Storage: Important Sex Doll Accessories

Not every sex doll owner lives alone and has friends and family that are cool with seeing one’s life-size playmate. Therefore, having a place to store your sex doll is one of the most important sex doll accessories. In addition, storing your sex doll, when not in use, protects her (or him) from dust and dirt, sunlight, absorbing dyes onto the skin and getting creases and flat spots on the body.

Luckily, there are several types of storage options for sex dolls. Which type of storage is the right sex doll accessory for you, depends on your living situation and the size of your space. Here are a few of the ways you can store a sex doll.

Keep the Shipping Box!

Instead of buying expensive sex doll accessories, the easiest and cheapest sex doll storage is to simply keep the box in which it was shipped. Yes, you’ll have to return the doll into the manner in which it was shipped (removing the head), but the box was built to keep a sex doll safe. Be sure and wrap her hands, feet and head, then her body, and store her in a flat position.

Crates and Boxes

Crates and boxes are great sex doll accessories for storage. They allow you to store the doll in a lying down position, as well as being made of strong materials that help avoid anything lying against the doll. In addition, most sex doll storage boxes and crates include locks, so your doll stays safe from prying eyes.

Storage Benches for a Sex Doll

sex doll accessories for storage

Storage benches are also great sex doll accessories in that they give you a discreet place to store a sex doll and a usable piece of furniture. Plus, storage benches are absolutely perfect if you live in a small apartment and have limited closet space.

Hanging Storage for a Sex Doll

Another great way to store a sex doll is by using hanging solutions. As a matter of fact, hanging is the preferred way that manufacturers store their sex dolls before shipment. Therefore, if you have a large closet or a lockable room in which to store your sex doll, this is an optimal sex doll accessory.

So, all you’ll need is this hanging rack a suspension hook which screws into the doll’s neck and a head stand will keep your doll safe and injury free.

Sex Doll Accessories Make Sex Dolls Complete!

Sex doll accessories make sex dolls complete. First, clothing shoes, makeup and accessories bring a sex doll to life as well as giving her (or him) the look you desire. Secondly, sex doll accessories such as extra heads, wigs, eyes and sex doll penis attachments allow you to change the dolls aesthetics without the expense of a brand-new sex doll.

Finally, cleaning supplies, repair kits and storage items are the essential sex doll accessories as they protect your investment and keep your doll looking and feeling amazing for many years to come.

You can find a lot of sex doll accessories here.

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