The 5 Best Sex Gloves for Some Manual Masturbation

   Kevin Foley
While most people stick to using their bare hands in the bedroom, things can get so much more exciting if you decide to use sex gloves! With so many different designs and purposely-made gloves available, chances are, there’s a sex glove out there that’s specifically made to enhance your favorite bedroom activities! Our test winner is the master Series Pleasure Fister, a textured glove that’s great for everything from fisting to masturbation. Of course, there are many other options available, so you’ll want to take a look at them all before making a selection. If you’re looking for a simple but effective way to take your bedroom antics to the next level, keep reading: we’ve got you covered!
1 Test Winner

Pleasure Fister Textured Glove

 Pleasure Fister

  • Want multiple textures
  • Are left-handed
  • Prefer long gloves

Pleasure Fister

  • Have very small hands
  • Prefer silicone gloves
  • Want more space per texture

If you’re looking for a single sex glove that can serve nearly any purpose, look no further than the Pleasure Fister Textured Glove! When masturbating with a glove, you’re usually limited to only a few textures. However, if using this as a masturbation glove, you’ll have plenty of textures to work with! Each finger has unique patterns, meaning you can use the Pleasure Fister as vagina gloves for highly-stimulating fingering sessions. Lastly (but obviously), the Pleasure Fister works for fisting. With ribs covering the entire arm of the glove, there’s no part of these fisting gloves that isn’t made for pleasure!

  • Works on either hand
  • Various textures
  • Works for vaginal & anal penetration
  • Compatible with silicone lubes

  • No color options
  • Only one size offered
Pleasure Fister
Length15.5 inches
Diameter1 inches
TextureMulitple / Ridged / Ribbed

The Pleasure Fister Textured Glove is definitely a jack of all trades. Whether you’re using it for fingering, fisting, or as a jerk off glove, this glove has more than enough textures to go around. Masturbating with a glove will—of course—feel a bit different than using your hand. However, the relatively shallow textures in the palm combined with the various finger textures won’t feel quite as consistent as a stroker. Personal experiences vary, but we’d probably recommend these gloves for use with a partner over using them for gloved masturbation. Still, you might find you love the experience (and the only way to find out is to try it for yourself). All in all, the Master Series Pleasure Fister Texture Glove offers a great bang for your buck. If you’re considering buying your first sex glove but aren’t quite sure which one to buy, you can’t go wrong with these gloves!

2 Cheapest

Nasstoys Masturbating Glove

 Masturbating Glove

  • Love tickling/being tickled
  • Need a glove for both solo & partner use
  • Want an affordable jerk off glove

Masturbating Glove

  • Prefer multiple textures
  • Want more color options
  • Don’t enjoy tickling

Next up is the Nasstoys Masturbating Glove! Perfect for gloved masturbation—as well as tickling your partner—this glove uses a simple but effective design. When masturbating with a glove, you’ll feel plenty of stimulation thanks to the various ticklers spread over the glove. If using the toy with a partner, you can either use it to pleasure their penis or run it along their skin to tease them. Simply, affordable, and easy to use, spice up your sex life on the cheap with the Masturbating Glove!

  • Affordably priced
  • One-size-fits-most
  • Good for tickling
  • Soft material

  • Only two color options
  • Made of TPR
Masturbating Glove
Allergies Phthalate Free

This sex glove uses a fairly simple design, which limits its potential use cases. While its main use is as a masturbation glove, masturbating with a glove isn’t its only use. Thanks to the various ticklers spread across the glove, you can easily use it to tease your partner’s back, thighs, neck, and other body parts. We think this would work great if paired with a blindfold! However, when it comes to other potential uses, these masturbation gloves fall short. They wouldn’t be very effective anal gloves or sex mittens as they lack full hand coverage. Still, considering how long they’re priced, they might have caught your eye. As long as you’re fine with the intended use cases, we think you’ll definitely find that they’re worth your money!

3 Beginner

Fist It Silicone Stimulation Glove

 Fist It Stimulation Glove

  • Enjoy multiple textures
  • Have an enthusiastic partner
  • Need a masturbation glove

Fist It Stimulation Glove

  • Want dedicated fisting gloves
  • Prefer silicone lubricant
  • Want two unique gloves

Our next sex glove suggestion is the Fist It Silicone Stimulation Glove. Made from high-quality materials, featuring a wide variety of textures, and perfect for masturbation, this glove is great for solo & partner adventures alike. Each finger has a unique texture, with potential uses ranging from vaginal penetration to whatever you can think of! Not only that, but this sex glove also has six stimulation rings built into the palm, making it effective for handjobs. With a glove like this, the only limit is your imagination. If you’re looking for a single item to instantly sex up your spice life, the choice is easy: go with the Fist It Silicone Stimulation Glove!

  • Works with either hand
  • Multi-purpose
  • Wide variety of textures
  • Made of silicone

  • Not for use with silicone lube
  • Limited wrist coverage
Fist It Stimulation Glove
Length10.5 inches
Width1.25 inches

Fist It Silicone Stimulation Gloves excel at two major tasks: insertion and stimulation. The different textures selected for each finger make them effective vagina gloves, as each one can offer a different type of stimulation upon insertion. As penis gloves, these also excel, thanks to the relatively pronounced patterns on the palm of the glove. While definitely not the same as a stroker, we feel that these gloves will still get the job done. In terms of price, these gloves are listed fairly. While you’ll only receive one glove for the asking price, you really only need one. Fortunately, the somewhat neutral design of this glove means you can use it on either hand! Ultimately, the only major roadblock you’ll run into with this glove is its material. Being made of silicone, it’s a high-quality product. However, it shouldn’t be used with other silicone products (such as silicone lube). If you can deal with sticking to water-based lubes then we think this glove is a good buy!

4 Fisting

Renegade Rubber Latex Fisting Mitten

 Latex Fisting Mitten

  • Love fisting
  • Have a partner with large hands
  • Enjoy puppy play

Latex Fisting Mitten

  • Have small hands
  • Prefer thin latex
  • Are allergic to latex

Not interested in masturbation gloves? Well, in that case, perhaps you’ll be more interested in these sex mittens instead! Made of thick latex for ultimate protection, these mittens are specifically designed to be used as fisting gloves. The inside of both the vagina and the anus can be easily damaged by fingernails, but these gloves eliminate any worries you may have. Of course, there’s more than one way to use these gloves. Many people also find them a useful addition to fetish play, as the gloves can be used to mimic paws or hooves. Whether you’re trying to safely enjoy fisting with a partner and play out your sexual fantasies as a puppy, the Renegade Rubber Long Latex Fisting Mitten has you covered!

  • Protects both partners
  • Relatively simple to use
  • Perfect for fetish play
  • No “cheap latex” smells

  • Not compatible with oil-based lubes
  • Thick latex makes it hard to feel
  • Not ideal for smaller hands
Latex Fisting Mitten
Length18.5 inches
AllergiesContains latex

The main benefit of these gloves is how thick the latex is. By using thicker latex, the likelihood of a sharp fingernail getting through the glove is severely reduced, making the fisting experience a lot safer for your partner. However, its biggest strength is also its biggest downfall. As noted by multiple users, the thickness of the latex makes it hard—if not impossible—to tell where your hands and/or fingers are going. Aside from that issue, we don’t have any complaints about the sex mittens. Being made of latex, they can be a challenge to put on. Still, that’s normal! The only way you won’t run into that issue is if you have small hands. In that case, you’ll have to deal with the gloves potentially being too big! We happily recommend these gloves (if you don’t mind reduced feeling in your average-or-above-sized hand). However, if that’s a dealbreaker for you, it may be a better option to find a glove with thinner latex instead.

5 Masturbation

Fist-It Masturbation Glove

 Fist-It Glove

  • Are tired of using your hand
  • Enjoy using different textures
  • Don't mind using lube to masturbate

Fist-It Glove

  • Don’t like ribbed textures
  • Want color options
  • Prefer silicone lube

While many of these products we’ve listed above can be used as masturbation gloves, this one excels at it! The Fist-It Masturbation Gloves feature a variety of textures designed to make them the best penis gloves around. From the ribs running across the majority of the hand to the nubs on each finger, every part is made for pleasure. This sex glove even features a vagina-shaped opening between the thumb and index finger, giving users an extremely unique way to experience stroking! If you’re tired of your hand and hoping to find something a bit different (and much more stimulating) then the Fist-It Masturbation Glove is the thing you’ve been searching for!

  • One size fits most
  • Features unique “vagina” hole
  • Consistent texturing
  • Easy to clean

  • Limited texture options
  • Sold individually
  • No size options
Fist-It Glove
Length6.7 inches
Width5.5 inches
Height1.18 inches
AllergiesLatex & phthalate-free

If you need dedicated penis gloves then this product is a great option. While it may not feature the most varied textures compared to other products on this list, we think that works in its favor. By using only two textures, the masturbation glove manages to provide consistent stimulation during use, which is a major positive. The glove also has a “vagina” hole that you can try out if you get bored of the regular textures. This glove only has one major downside. However, whether or not this is an issue depends on the person using the glove. If you’re used to using lube to masturbate that this jerk off glove will align with your routine already. However, if you’re not used to using lube to masturbate, having to use it—as you do with this glove—may pose a minor annoyance. Regardless, we still think this glove is a great addition to any penis owner’s toy collection. While needing to use lube every time you masturbate may not be ideal, we think the payoff is worth the small inconvenience!

Lubes to Keep Things Comfortable or Enhance The Sensations

Now that we’ve gone over the various fisting gloves, sex mittens, and masturbation gloves, it’s time to start thinking about proper lubrication. Here are two lubes we’ve had great results with!

Sliquid H2O Lubricant

Sliquid H2O Lubricant - Lubes to Keep Things Comfortable or Enhance The Sensations
Water-based, non-scented, and vegan, this lubricant from Sliquid is a great option for any situation. Being completely body-safe and compatible with every type of sex toy, you’ll never have to worry about damaging your toys—or yourself—when using Sliquid H2O Lubricant!

ID Sensation Warming Lubricant

ID Sensation Warming Lubricant - Lubes to Keep Things Comfortable or Enhance The Sensations
If you want to turn up the heat, there’s no easier way than by using the ID Sensation Warming Lubricant! Whether you’re using it on your sex glove, your partner, or yourself, this condom-safe lube gives you the additional warmth you need for next-level orgasms!

Finger Vibrators for Turning Your Own Hand Into a Vibrator

If masturbating with a glove just isn’t doing it for you, consider using a finger vibrator as an effective alternative to a sex glove. Here are a few models we suggest!

Fin Silicone Finger Vibrator

Fin Silicone Finger Vibrator - Finger Vibrators for Turning Your Own Hand Into a Vibrator
Water-resistant, rechargeable, and made of silicone, the Fin is a vibrator that fits comfortably between your fingers. Whether you want overall stimulation or pinpoint accuracy, the Fin does exactly what you need. Just switch sides for different sensations!

SUKI Sonic Silicone Vibrator

SUKI Sonic Silicone Vibrator - Finger Vibrators for Turning Your Own Hand Into a Vibrator
Rather than sticking with traditional vibrations, consider going contact-free with the SUKI Clitoral Pulsating Vibrator! By manipulating pressure waves in the air around your clitoris, this toy can easily make you O hour after hour!

Hot Octopuss Digit Vibrator

Hot Octopuss Digit Vibrator - Finger Vibrators for Turning Your Own Hand Into a Vibrator
This simple, finger-mounted toy uses silicone and various vibration settings to help you enjoy both internal and external pleasures. Whether you want to use it on yourself or a partner, this discrete toy can add a new level of stimulation to any sexual situation.

Extreme Sex Gloves for Some Gloved BDSM

Perhaps the sex gloves we’ve gone over so far we’re quite suited for your preferred type of play. If that’s the case, might we suggest these alternatives instead!

Vampire Gloves

Vampire Gloves - Extreme Sex Gloves for Some Gloved BDSM
At a quick glance, they’re simple leather gloves. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll quickly realize that these gloves are equipped with a ton of prickly tacks on the fingers! Perfect for tickling, teasing, or torturing your sub, the Vampire Gloves are an excellent option for anyone who enjoys sensory play. CONTAINS NICKEL

Lingerie Wet Look Fetish Gloves

Lingerie Wet Look Fetish Gloves - Extreme Sex Gloves for Some Gloved BDSM
Amazing to look at and great for teasing your sub, these Wet Look Fetish Gloves are like no other. With finger whips hanging from every finger on the glove (which adds a sexy wet look fabric up your arm), your partner will know that things are about to get spicy!

Mystim Magic E-Stim Gloves

Mystim Magic E-Stim Gloves - Extreme Sex Gloves for Some Gloved BDSM
Requiring a power box to fully enjoy, the Mystim Magic E-Stim Gloves make it easy to give your partner a shocking experience! Electric and erotic, you can tease whatever parts you can hold with these gloves.

Reasons to Use a Sex Glove

The primary reason people choose to use a sex glove is to enhance their sexual experience(s). That’s why so many sex gloves are purpose-made!
  • Masturbation gloves enhance the experience, providing sensations you’d never get to enjoy using only your hand
  • Fisting gloves keep the wearer’s hands from getting dirty, make the insertion process easier, and protect the orifice from internal damage
  • Fingering gloves give the wearer pronounced textures to work with, enhancing the fingering experience away from basic masturbation and closer to toy play
  • BDSM fashion gloves may feature specific components designed to enhance the BDSM experience, but they’re primarily made to fit a specific aesthetic
As you can see, there are many reasons to use a sex glove. The question is, what’s yours?

How to Use Sex Gloves

No matter what type of sex glove you’re using, the general prep process is the same. While the exact way(s) you use the glove will differ, you can still refer to the steps below when preparing to use your glove!

Check the Glove for Damage

Check the Glove for Damage

Even if they’re brand new, it’s always a good idea to check your glove for damage. Repeat this process before every use!

Ready the Glove

Ready the Glove

At this point, it’s time to apply lube to your glove! Always make sure you’re using a compatible type of lubricant with your glove to avoid damaging it. If you’re using a latex glove, you’ll want to dust both the gloves and your hands with talcum powder to make putting the glove(s) on easier.

Enjoy the Glove

Enjoy the Glove

Now that you have the glove on and lubed up, the choice is yours! Whether you’re using it to masturbate, fist a partner, or something else, the options are nearly endless. We recommend experimenting quite a bit with your glove to learn all of the potential uses. Just don’t forget to properly clean the glove when you’re done!

How to Clean Sex Gloves

Cleaning your sex glove is an extremely easy process, requiring only antibacterial soap and warm water. Use soap and water to clean your glove, then wash off any remaining soap using warm water only. Pat the glove dry and leave it out to completely air dry before storing it away. Avoid storing your glove when wet or damp, as this can cause bacteria to grow in the leftover moisture. Additionally, if your glove is made of silicone, you have the option of sterilizing it by dropping the glove in a pot of boiling water for a minimum of five minutes. Once complete, follow the same drying procedure described above to avoid issues.


Sex gloves are versatile items that can be used for both solo and partner play. While the usability for either type of play will depend on the gloves in question, you can generally use these gloves for either purpose.

When using sex gloves, you’ll want to pay close attention to the structural integrity of the gloves. In other words, avoid using potentially damaging materials with them and check for visible damage with every use!

It varies, depending on the manufacturer and glove in question. While most gloves are designed as a “one-size-fits-most”, some manufacturers do offer specific sizes. We recommend measuring your hand to ensure the gloves will fit before making a purchase.

Yes! While you may have to shop around a bit more to find the right gloves, there are various vegan sex gloves available. These gloves will be advertised as vegan, making it easy to find the right gloves for you.

Unless otherwise directed by the manufacturer, we recommend sticking to water-based lubricants. Suitable for use with any type of sex toy material, you’ll be able to safely use this lubricant without worrying about damaging your gloves!

What Are Sex Gloves?

Sex gloves are purpose-made gloves designed to enhance the sexual experience. While some gloves may only be suitable for one purpose (such as fisting gloves), others can be used to provide various types of stimulation. In general, sex gloves can be used for both solo and partner play.

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