The 4 Best Sex Tables for After-Dinner Erotica and Bondage

   Kevin Foley
If you think your sex life is confined to the bedroom, think again: you need a sex table! These must-have products appear in various forms, from functional (albeit conspicuous) furniture to table accessories that can turn any old flat surface into the next best place for future sexcapades! Just like other types of sex furniture, these products are available at a variety of different price points, allowing nearly anyone to enjoy a sex table. The type of table you’re looking for depends on how you intend to use the table, but—not to worry—we’ve included a solid selection of options for you to choose from. IN addition to providing a few different products, we’ll also be going over how to get the most out of your new sex table! Ready to shop? Let’s go!
1 Test Winner

Hammered Steel Coffee Table/Cage

 Hammered Steel Coffee Table/Cage

  • Want to contain a person
  • Need something subtle
  • Don’t have a budget

Hammered Steel Coffee Table/Cage

  • Are on a budget
  • Have limited space
  • Need it right away

Why settle for something small when you could have the ultimate bondage table for your house or home? This table might not be affordable for everyone, but those who can afford it will receive a made-to-order sex table, created from only the highest quality of materials! Big enough to keep your submissive securely locked away, this table can be used exclusively for your dungeon but also will fit right at home in your living room. Show your sub their rightful place by locking them in, putting up your feet, and keeping them in there until they’ve learned their lesson!

  • Easy to use
  • Large enough for one person
  • Made to order
  • Hardwood top

  • Expensive
  • Slow shipping times
  • Bulky
Hammered Steel Coffee Table/Cage
MaterialsSteel, hardwood
Length(Top) 42 inches, (Cage) 38 inches
Width(Top) 28 inches, (Cage) 24 inches
Height20 inches
TextureSmooth (Acrylic finish)

At over $2,000 per unit, we think it’s pretty obvious that this sex table is made exclusively for those who can afford to invest heavily in their BDSM lifestyles. Still, considering the quality of the item, the size, and the fact that they’re handmade, we would say it’s up to you—the buyer—to decide if this table is worth the asking price or not. Your sub won’t be enjoying a comfortable experience once you lock them under the table,  but considering this table is mainly used to dominate and humiliate, does that really matter? The important thing is that this table is large enough to keep your sub underneath, your items on top, and looks casual enough to fit in nearly any room setting.

2 Stockade

Medieval Dungeon Wood Stockage Set With Case

 Medieval Dungeon Wood Stockage Set With Case

  • Have dedicated dungeon space
  • Want a unique item
  • Have multiple submissives

Medieval Dungeon Wood Stockage Set With Case

  • Don’t like the scent of pine
  • Want a visually flawless item
  • Need expedited shipping

If you want to get kinky on $500 or less, then this dungeon stockade set is definitely worth your serious consideration! Made from high-quality leather, metal, and New Zealand pine, this sex table not only delivers on performance but on visual appeal as well. Simply choose what position you’d like your sub to take and place them there: this stockade will make sure they have no choice but to obey! Don’t worry if a bit of lively resistance is a routine part of your roleplay either. This set is made to last which means you two can be as rough as you’d like, without fear of anything breaking.

  • Made for heavy use
  • Adjustable to size & pose
  • Pleasant natural smells
  • Comes with accessories

  • Prone to chipping
  • Requires mounting points
  • Heavy
Medieval Dungeon Wood Stockage Set With Case
MaterialsNew Zealand pine, cedar, steel, real leather, PU, canvas
Length(Box) 39.8 inches, (Pillory) 37.8 inches
Width(Box) 16.14 inches, (Pillory) 10.24 inches
Height(Box) 3.94 inches, (Pillory) 2 inches
Weight44.1 lbs

If you already have a bondage table but want something different to add to your dungeon, this stockade set could definitely add the “spark” you’ve been looking for. Like other Stockroom products, the quality is amazing, but the real thing that makes this set stand out is how adjustable it is. You can raise/lower the pillory using the mounts & chains provided, forcing your submissive into whatever position you’d like them to assume. The kit included leather wrist inlays that make the pillory compatible with small wrists, and even includes a flogger & a blindfold, allowing you to set a scene simply with this set alone! Whether you’re planning on purchasing this as a start to your dungeon or more as an addition, we think you’ll definitely be happy with the decision regardless.

3 Vacuum

Latex Vac-Bed Bondage Restraint

 Latex Vac-Bed

  • Love restrictive bondage
  • Want a unique table toy
  • Already own a vacuum cleaner

Latex Vac-Bed

  • Need something for solo use
  • Want a silent dungeon setup
  • Are allergic to latex

If you’re looking for a device that can make any surface into a bondage table, then this latex Vac-Bed will definitely be of some interest! Completely restrict your submissive’s movements using only the vac-bed & a household vacuum cleaner, providing both of you with an exciting, unique bondage experience you won’t be able to get with other dungeon equipment. Available in black & clear models, you can either see all the details of their naked, confined body through the latex or cloud them in blackness, leaving the specifics up to your imagination!

  • Works with most vacuum cleaners
  • Can be used on any flat, hard surface
  • Available in black & clear
  • Made of high-quality latex

  • Not for solo use
  • Potentially fatal if misused
  • Requires vacuum cleaner
  • Expensive
Latex Vac-Bed
MaterialsLatex, PVC
Length95 inches
Width35 inches
Height1.5 inches

The downside of this product is obvious: they only make the vac-bed using latex, which means anyone with a latex allergy will be out of luck when it comes to enjoying this unique bondage experience. Still, people without a latex allergy can easily enjoy using the vac0bed: they’ll just need a vacuum cleaner! The Stockroom claims that the hole will fit most vacuum cleaners, but if you find it doesn’t then you’ll need to make a trip to your local hardware store to find the correct adapter. Unlike lots of other dungeon equipment, you’ll need to follow specific procedures in order to make sure your partner is safe during use. Although this lovely sex table topper can easily turn a basic tabletop into a kinky fantasy, it can also be lethal if misused, so following the proper safety procedures is a must!

4 Portable

Liberator Bondi Portable Playscape

 Liberator Portable Playscape

  • Need something affordable
  • Are new to BDSM
  • Want a “travel dungeon”

Liberator Portable Playscape

  • Want something heavy-duty
  • Need a truly debilitating prop
  • Prefer real to faux leather

Most people think of something stable, secure, and non-movable when they think of a sex table, but the Liberator Bondi Portable Playscape proves that you can still enjoy bondage roleplay without being tied down to a single location! Complete with a poseable mat, ankle cuffs, thigh cuffs, wrist cuffs, a bunch of buckle connectors, and a blindfold, you’ll be able to constrict your partner’s movements in pretty much any manner you see fit, no matter if you’re in a hotel or a home. High-quality synthetic materials keep the price down and the durability up, making this Playscape perfect for years of entertainment “on the road”!

  • Can be used in multiple positions
  • Soft on the skin
  • Wide variety of buckle connectors
  • Comes with a blindfold

  • Uses synthetic leather
  • Lacks visual appeal
  • Expensive for product received
Liberator Portable Playscape
MaterialsSynthetic leather, microfiber, dense foam
Length48 inches
Width24 inches
Height3 inches

For what it is, this bondage table delivers. It doesn’t claim to be an inescapable dungeon torture device. Rather, it claims to be something that fun couples can bring along to explore their bondage fantasies, which—in a sense—implies that it’s not for heavy use. While it would definitely be a challenge to get out of, we have no doubt that one could escape these restraints if desired, which could make it a somewhat disappointing purchase if your plan is to render your partner powerless. Because of this, we wouldn’t really recommend it to hardcore BDSM enthusiasts, but we do think bondage newbies will love the product, making it an excellent purchase for them!

Tabletop Sex Machine

The tables above are sure to keep your sub in one spot, but what you do to them while they’re held there is up to you. Not quite sure what your next move should be? Here’s one product that can quickly have them screaming in orgasmic ecstasy with forced orgasm after orgasm!

Hismith Table Top 2.0 Pro

Hismith Table Top 2.0 Pro - Tabletop Sex Machine
With speeds up to 240 strokes per minute, this tabletop fuck machine will make your sub finish… whether they want to or not! Fully adjustable, you can plow your sub to submission from literally any angle imaginable. They might get tired, but—as long as it remains plugged in—the Hismith Table Top 2.0 Pro won’t!

Looking for More Comfort?

Just because you’re dominating your sub doesn’t mean they don’t get to be comfortable (unless you just plain don’t want them to be!). Here are a few comfortable BDSM-friendly pieces you might want to consider adding to your current dungeon setup.

Prelude Bench King Black Label

Prelude Bench King Black Label - Looking for More Comfort?
Large enough to be laid down upon and easy to strap someone to, this Prelude Bench will have your sub facedown & ready to submit in no time!

Black Label Esse Chaise ll

Black Label Esse Chaise ll - Looking for More Comfort?
Perfect for both bondage roleplay and casual relaxation, the Black Label Esse Chaise II bridge comfort with kink!

Table Top Sex Positions

You’ve already got the table: now what? Here’s how to use your new sex table to have better sex right away.

Table Top Missionary

Table Top Missionary - Table Top Sex Positions
Have your partner sit on the table and spread their legs. Slide yourself inside of them and then pull their hips towards you. From here, you can thrust vigorously without needing to worry about supporting their body weight!

Table Top Doggy Style

Table Top Doggy Style - Table Top Sex Positions
Bend your partner over the table and spread their legs slightly so you can easily enter them from behind. Enter them, then proceed normally (as you would with doggy style). Not only can you do this position hands-free, but you can also grab their hips for extra “oomph” or even pull their hair for a bit of kinky fun!

How to Use a Sex Table

Purchasing a sex table is definitely a step in the right direction for your sex life, but just having one isn’t enough: you also want to know how to use it! Here’s how.

Having Sex

Having Sex

If the main reason behind your purchase was to have sex on it, then this step is fairly self-explanatory. Have one partner get onto the sex table enjoy!

Other Purposes

Other Purposes

Although you can certainly have sex using a sex table, many come with hooks for restraints and other attachments. If that’s the case with your model, then you can get a bit creative in finding new ways to restrain your partner before or during sex!

How to Clean a Sex Table

Most sex tables will be made from a non-porous material such as metal. These are easy to clean since they can simply be wiped off, sprayed down with a cleaner/sanitizer, then wiped off and left to dry. Some tables may be made from other materials but they should still be cleaned with wipes. When in doubt, consult your owner’s manual for the recommended cleaning process. Never skip cleaning your sex table: if it’s not properly cleaned, your sex table could become a breeding ground for bacteria!


Technically, yes! The main reasons people purchase sex tables are A.) for comfort, and B.) the addition of hooks, restraints, and other BDSM-themed extras.

Only you know the answer to this. Sex tables can be pretty expensive, so whether or not the purchase is worthwhile really depends on how often the table will end up being used.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an exact answer to this as it depends entirely on the company you order it from. However, most sex toy companies ship their products discreetly, meaning your neighbors will only know that you ordered something, but not what you ordered.

Assuming you purchase a high-quality sex table, you can expect to get many years out of your new prop. Some even last a lifetime!

That depends entirely on the model you select. Some models are meant to be moved easily, whereas others are heavy and may require multiple people to move them.

What is a Sex Table?

A sex table is a table that’s designed specifically to safely help aid two or more partners in future sexual endeavors. Although—technically speaking—any table could be used as a sex table, dedicated “sex tables” offer superior comfort and support when compared to regular tables. Many also integrate D-rings, cages, and other types of restraints into their design, which can be used for BDSM roleplay.

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