The 6 Best Sissy Butt Plugs For Gratifying Girly Play

   Josh Gill
Let’s dive head first into the world of sissy butt plugs! From bright and eye-catching options such as the Neon Bunny Tail Butt Plug, to easy-to-use, beginner-friendly toys such as the Tracey Cox Supersex Beginner’s Butt Plug, to extra naughty and cheeky choices like the Play With Me Naughty Candy Heart Butt Plug, there’s something in this review for everyone!
1 Test Winner

Lovehoney Jeweled Heart Metal Butt Plug

 Jeweled Heart Butt Plug

  • Want a butt plug with a heart shaped base
  • Don't want something too big OR too small
  • Love the cool feel of metal

Jeweled Heart Butt Plug

  • Prefer a softer and more comfortable butt plug
  • Don't like the heart shaped base
  • Prefer butt plugs that are warmer

Delve into the heart of your pleasure with this jeweled metal butt plug. Made from zinc alloy with 2.5 inches of insertable length, this smooth 5.1 oz metal plug is perfect for adding a little sparkle to your anal adventures. Adorned with a sparkling pink love heart at the base, this plug looks lovely between a pair of peachy cheeks. Formed in rigid zinc alloy, it’s perfect for putting precise pressure on your P-spot and other internal hotspots. It’s also suitable for temperature play – simply pop it in the fridge for 10 minutes, or leave it in warm water to change up your playtime.

  • High quality metal
  • Good for temperature play
  • Nice heart shape design

  • Too cold for some
  • May feel overly hard
Jeweled Heart Butt Plug
Length3 inches
Insertable length2.5 inches
Width1.11 inches

When it comes to butt plugs that sissies will love, the Lovehoney Jeweled Heart Metal Butt Plug is a favorite amongst most wearers. The metal butt plug is a nice high quality, and it has a good weight to it. Size wise it should suit most people, being big enough to fill you up, yet small enough for even beginners to enjoy it. Because it is made of metal, you have some great options when it comes to temperature play; it will stay cold for a long time, even when inside you. That definitely adds an extra exciting element that I think people will love when using this particular plug. Sure, some people may find it to be a little overly cool, and because it’s made of metal the Lovehoney Jeweled Heart Metal Butt Plug may be too firm and uncomfortable to some, but overall I think it’s a winner!

2 Cheapest

Tracey Cox Supersex Beginner's Butt Plug

 Supersex Butt Plug

  • Are a beginner to anal play
  • Want a very affordable butt plug
  • Like the thin and sleek design

Supersex Butt Plug

  • Are looking for something a little bigger
  • Are wanting a more expensive butt plug
  • Are more of an advanced anal toy user

This supersex Beginner’s Butt Plug from the Tracey Cox range is perfect for newcomers to anal play. Made from soft and flexible silicone, this mini plug is great if you’re looking to explore a whole new range of orgasmic sensations. A supersex pocket-size guide to anal play by Tracey Cox is also included, explaining how to achieve comfortable and safe stimulation of one of your most sensitive erogenous zones. Ideal for those who are wanting to explore anal pleasure but need a little guidance.

  • Thin design
  • Very affordable
  • Beginner friendly

  • Too thin for some
Supersex Butt Plug
Length3.5 inches
Insertable length3 inches
Width0.95 inches

If you’re a sissy in search of an affordable butt plug, might I suggest the Tracey Cox Supersex Beginner’s Butt Plug. It’s a fun choice if you’re on a budget! Also, the design makes it very easy to use for those that are only just starting out, so if you’re a beginner, this one will be a hit, too! The main selling point is the price though, and for a flexible silicone butt plug, this is a bargain. I can guarantee that some will find the Tracey Cox Supersex Beginner’s Butt Plug to be far too thin for their liking, so if you’re a more advanced user, or just prefer something a little more substantial sticking back there, then I might look elsewhere. But still, for what it is, and for such a good price, I think this is a pretty fine sissy butt plug.

3 Beginner

Play With Me Naughty Candy Heart Butt Plug

 Candy Butt Plug

  • Want a butt plug with a cheeky message
  • Are only a beginner to anal toys
  • Can't resist the feel of a silicone butt plug

Candy Butt Plug

  • Prefer the feel of metal butt plugs
  • Are a more advanced butt plug user
  • Are looking for a butt plug that vibrates

Sex should be fun, so Blush created Naughty Candy Hearts Silicone Butt Plugs. These cute little plugs are the perfect gift for your lighthearted lover. Made from soft and flexible silicone with a safe heart-shaped base. With their smooth satin finish, they have a buttery soft touch that becomes slick with lube. Made of 100% silicone, they are hypoallergenic, nonporous, and boilable. The words “Do Me Now” are molded into the product, so they won’t wear off with time. It’s the best way to express yourself! Their size also makes them perfect for anal beginners.

  • Great for beginners
  • Soft and easy to use
  • Natural feeling

  • Not for advanced users
  • No additional features
Candy Butt Plug
Length3.5 inches
Insertable length3.25 inches
Width1.5 inches

If you’re an absolute beginner and want a sissy butt plug that will suit your naivety, then the Play With Me Naughty Candy Heart Butt Plug will certainly check those boxes! This silicone plug looks as sexy as it feels. The naughty message on the base is another added erotic element that will keep you revved up and feeling horny, and the silicone feels natural and lifelike as you slide it inside. Because it is for beginners, it is very easy to use, and you’ll have no problems fitting it in. On the flip side of that, though, more advanced users might find it a little plain and boring. It’s certainly not for those sissies that want something bigger! But for beginners, I can’t think of a more fun plug than this!

4 Vibrating

B-Vibe Vibrating Heart Plug

 B-Vibe Heart Plug

  • Are looking for a vibrating butt plug
  • Want the battery to last a long time
  • Need a butt plug made out of silicone

B-Vibe Heart Plug

  • Don't want to spend so much money
  • Are happy with a non-vibrating plug
  • Prefer metal over silicone

Looking to add some extra romance to your backdoor exploration? Look no further than this super powerful, Heart Shaped Remote-Control Plug from b-Vibe. Let your booty bling and vibe with 15 different vibration patterns and 6 escalating intensities. Made with smooth body-safe silicone and a wide tapered jewel base, this plug is going to be comfortable, with the ideal shape for safe insertion and removal. Includes a USB charge cable and works for up to 1.5 hours consecutively. You can use the Vibrating Heart Plug with or without the wireless remote control.

  • Vibrating
  • Rechangable
  • Quality silicone

  • Not metal
  • Very expensive
B-Vibe Heart Plug
Length3.5 inches
Insertable length3.07 inches
Width1.45 inches
Vibration speeds6
Vibration patterns15
RechargeableYes: via USB
Battery Life90 minutes

Throwing vibrations into the mix is always a fun way of spicing up your fun with a sex toy. That’s what makes the B-Vibe Vibrating Heart Plug such an exciting toy! There are a lot of vibration patterns to choose from, and it can all be controlled via a small and handy remote control. You can either use it yourself or give it to a partner and let them be in charge. When recharging it, you simply attach it to the magnetic USB charger. The battery lasts 90 minutes, so it should last plenty long enough for most naughty sessions! It’s a fun option to have! The materials all feel first-rate, and the quality is undeniably high. The main drawback to the B-Vibe Vibrating Heart Plug is that price tag. I get that it is made of quality materials, and it gives you a lot of options, but it is mighty expensive, and not very budget friendly at all!

5 Glass

Icicles No. 48

 Icicles No. 48

  • Like the cold feeling of glass in your ass
  • Enjoy using see through toys
  • Want to experiment with some temperature play

Icicles No. 48

  • Are looking for a vibrating butt plug
  • Want a butt plug made of something softer
  • Want a plug with a bigger base

Elegant, upscale, and hand-crafted with amazing attention to detail, this luxurious line of glass massagers from Icicles will leave you breathless. The Icicles No. 48 Glass Butt Plug is  adorable, sleek, unique, and made to play hard. Perfect for anal play, this luxurious glass plug features a tapered tip to ease insertion, while the bulbous body feels nice and solid inside of you. The neck itself is quite wide which adds a nice stretch to the sensation. Not only does the base work as a good stopper for keeping the plug from slipping inside of you, it is so cute! The mild pink hue of the glass along with the simple daisy design makes this glass butt plug a great addition to your sissy play!

  • Strong and solid
  • Durable
  • Clear material
  • Adorable design
  • Non-porous, hypoallergenic and body-safe
  • Ideal for temperature play

  • May feel too hard for some
  • Base could be uncomfortable to wear longterm
  • A bit small for experienced users
Icicles No. 48
Insertable length3 inches
Diameter1.25 inches
Storage Bag IncludedNo

For sissies that love some glass in their ass, the Icicles No. 48 Pink Butt Plug is a beauty. It is made of strong and solid glass which has a nice sexy pink coloration to it. Those who love see-through sex toys will certainly love this, as it provides some unique and sexy views for anyone that wants to watch it being used on someone else. I know that there will be some who are worried about the glass breaking, but it has been tempered and is pretty much as hard as steel for all intents and purposes, so I wouldn’t worry about it breaking! Shape and size wise, it is pretty easy to use and sits more on the beginner side of things. The base of the Icicles No. 48 Pink Butt Plug may be an issue for some people. Compared to other plugs, it is quite small, meaning it may be more difficult to grab when you want to remove the plug. Also, the round shape could make it uncomfortable to wear for extended periods.

6 Fluffy

Neon Bunny Tail Butt Plug

 Bunny Tail Plug

  • Want a plug that is very easy to use
  • Like the addition of the fluffy tail
  • Want to decorate your ass

Bunny Tail Plug

  • A looking for a bigger plug
  • Don't like the fluffy tail element
  • Worry the tail will get too dirty

Popping comfortably into place and positioning a cheeky ultra-soft faux fur bunny tail between the cheeks, the playful Neon Bunny Tails Plug is absolutely perfect for beginners thanks to its tiny size and silky surface. Penetrating super-smoothly, the plug’s tapered shape inserts with only the tiniest amount of stretch- it widens gradually toward the bottom where a nice sleek neck helps secure the fluffy pink puff into place. Like any good anal toy, a wider circular base helps prevent it from traveling in too deep. In ultra-hygienic and hypoallergenic silicone, the Bunny Tail sanitizes easily and thoroughly for good clean fun.

  • Soft and sensual
  • Bright and eye-catching
  • Easy to use

  • Fluff might not suit everyone
  • May feel a little too garish
  • Not the largest plug ever
Bunny Tail Plug
MaterialsSilicone and faux fur
Length5 inches
Insertable length2.5 inches
Width1 inches
WaterproofSubmersible (though the fluff will take a while to dry!)

A little bit of soft fluff really adds something extra to your sex sessions…especially when it’s hanging from your ass! The Neon Bunny Tail Butt Plug may be small in size, but it is more than a fun time! While it’s not the longest or thickest butt plug in the world, the faux fur tail is what really elevates this toy. It looks fantastic and feels incredibly soft and cute. It’s a fun and fluffy bit of anal decoration. And not only that, but the price cannot be argued with too! As I’m sure you can imagine, the only downside of the Neon Bunny Tail Butt Plug is that it is a little too small for some people, and has no additional functions. Also, the fluff may end up getting dirty and needing some extra cleaning. But personally, I can see past that, and just enjoy this sensory and sexual plug for what it is.

Other Kinky Accessories for Sissy Play

If you want some extra accessories for sissy play, then you’ve come to the right place! I have some kinky additional items that you’re going to love!

Mistress' Punishment Spiked Chastity Cage

Mistress' Punishment Spiked Chastity Cage - Other Kinky Accessories for Sissy Play
Not only that this cage is very emasculating, but it is also a perfect prison for naughty sissies! Molded on mistress’s Elena request, this spiked sissy chastity cage with a vagina on its top is intended for larger Ding-dongs. It gives you a constant reminder of who’s in charge. Keep yourself trained and obedient with this plastic chastity cage’s biting spikes.

The Sissy Chastity Belt

The Sissy Chastity Belt - Other Kinky Accessories for Sissy Play
The sissy chastity belt is your keyholder’s dream come true. Get locked up and forget about all the arousal you’ve ever experienced. Just a quick look at this masterpiece will make you want to get one. 35 mm tube won’t allow you to get hard, but it’s gonna make your keyholder proud.

Crossdresser Fake Vagina

Crossdresser Fake Vagina - Other Kinky Accessories for Sissy Play
This Special design makes it look like a fake vagina and helps to cover and conceal the chastity device. If you are crazy enough, use it for a transgender, cross-dress drama queen cosplay party or Halloween costume. It is all up to your imagination and bravery. We would recommend using it as an addition to your cross-dressing!

Fufu Training Clip

Fufu Training Clip - Other Kinky Accessories for Sissy Play
Looking for an alternative to a chastity device? Check out the Fufu training clip! This innovative product hides the bulge and prevents erections, making it perfect for those who want to explore their sissy side. With its comfortable design and easy-to-use functionality, the Fufu training clip is a must-have for anyone looking to add some excitement to their sex life. Easy to hide, the road to feminization like never before!

Pussy Shaped Chastity

Pussy Shaped Chastity - Other Kinky Accessories for Sissy Play
The road to feminization as you never experienced before. Make your manhood disappear and showcase it under a realistic vagina shape. 3D printed and made out of Nylon, it is sturdy and solid for long-term wear. For all the sissies out there who were looking for the ultimate chastity cage – here it is. Imagine you getting fucked by the backdoor while a gentle vulva is showing up instead of your pathetic dick – arousing? You bet!

How to use sissy butt plugs

You may find yourself wondering exactly how you use sissy but plugs, and if that’s the case – don’t worry! I’m going to talk you through some of the basics that will allow you to enjoy these butt plugs time after time!

Lube it up!

Lube it up!

Lubrication is your friend. I cannot overstate how good lubrication can be! You want to cover not only your sissy butt plug in a good water-based lube, but also your ass. This will allow it to slide in completely friction free. After all, it’s always nice when things glide and slide along smoothly, right?!

Slide it inside!

Slide it inside!

Now that your sissy butt plug and your ass are all lubed up, you can slide the toy on in there, taking your time to really savor the stretch and enjoy the textures and sensations. Having your butt filled up with a sissy butt plug is unlike anything you’ve ever felt before, so you should enjoy the moment and not rush things!

Enjoy...but not for TOO long!

Enjoy...but not for TOO long!

I totally get the want to leave your sissy butt plug stuck up there in your ass all day long, filling you up and making you feel like you’ve been violated in the best and most sexy way. But while butt plugs are designed for longer term use, they are not designed for indefinite use! Make sure that you allow your butt to rest and relax every now and again, returning to its normal tightness and position. Besides, that means that you get to enjoy sliding it in all over again!

How to clean sissy butt plugs

Cleaning your sissy butt plugs when you're done is one of the most important things about owning them. Considering where they go and what they do, they are going to get first. So, how do you keep them sanitized and hygienic? Well, here are a few handy resources that will help you out!


Not particularly, aside from a few aesthetic choices. But it's the intent with which you use them! But plugs are all well and good, but if you want to feel and act like a sissy, then there are definitely butt plugs that can help you do that!

No! Or at least, it shouldn't do! Just make sure that you use plenty of lube and don't try using a plug that is far bigger than you can handle!

Of course! If you have a butt, you can wear a sissy butt plug. They are not 100% exclusive to men!

I'd recommend using a good water-based lube. Not only is it good for your body, but it will also not damage your plugs, and it won't leave any sticky messes to clean up when you're done!

Right here by following the links in this post! I've linked to some of the most well-loved and highly respected sex toy-selling websites out there!

What are sissy butt plugs?

Sissy butt plugs are a kind of butt plug designed for males. They (obviously) go into the ass, and leave them with a sense of being less of a man - or a sissy! This feminization is a real sexy release for some guys, and it allows them to fulfill their deepest, darkest desires. Sissy butt plugs are just one of the tools by which they can achieve that goal!

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