The 5 Best Sissy Chasitity Belts to Restrict Your Sub

   Josh Gill
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Sissy Chastity Belt 1

 Sissy Chastity Belt 1

  • Love the G-string design
  • Enjoy something you can really 'wear'
  • Want to add a butt plug

Sissy Chastity Belt 1

  • Are not a sissy
  • Don't like the use of metal
  • Don't want a belt

This is where your transformation will begin and where it ends, if it ever does, it’s up to the keeper of your key! The sissy chastity belt is your key holder’s dream come true. Get locked up and forget about all the arousal you’ve ever experienced. Just a quick look at this masterpiece will make you want to get one. 35 mm tube won’t allow you to get hard, but it’s gonna make your key holder proud. I’ll agree that quite a few things in the world of BDSM may feel strange at first, but once you try them out, you’ll be proud as much as your key holder for trying out things that were not imaginable at first.

  • Easy to wear
  • Solid metal pouch
  • Can add butt plug

  • Very thin
  • Too restrictive for some
Sissy Chastity Belt 1
Length23.6 - 27.5 inches, to 39.4 - 43.3 inches

I have to admit that the Sissy Chastity Belt will undoubtedly be one of those items that will catch your eye. It looks like a strange and unique item of clothing, which of course it is, but it’s one that sissies will especially enjoy. It is worn like underwear, and the metal ‘pouch’ squeezes and pinches your cock and balls into a tight little package. There will be no erections for you! The amount of customization you have with The Sissy Chastity Belt is great, too. You can get these belts that include butt plugs, anal beads, or a rear access hole, meaning that while your package is being pressed, your butt can be pleased too. If you want something that will give you plenty of pleasure, then this is the chastity belt for you! Sure, it’s pretty expensive, and it’s not going to suit all sissies. Some people may prefer other kinds of belts, but that’s just a personal preference thing.

2 Tube

Sissy Chastity Belt 2

 Sissy Chastity Belt 2

  • Want a tube to put your cock into
  • Love the solid feel of metal
  • Want something long-term wearable

Sissy Chastity Belt 2

  • Don't like being restricted
  • Don't like the tube design
  • Aren't into being a sissy

This sissy chastity belt might be just the thing you’re looking for. Just looking at this simple but exciting design, I’ll admit that there will be a lot of people excited by it. Your Master might humiliate, spank, tease flog, or do whatever they want you, but serving them will bring more excitement than ever. It also requires a little basic care. Using soap and water will do the trick, but you have to remember to clean on a regular basis, as that is the way to please your Master. If you fail, new punishment is waiting for you. This is where your transformation will begin and where it ends, if it ever does, it’s up to the keeper of your key!

  • Tube design
  • Frim and inflexible
  • Relatively discreet

  • May be too small for some
  • Not much cock room in it
Sissy Chastity Belt 2
Length23.6 - 27.5 inches to 39.4 - 43.3 inches

If you want a tube-like device to slide your cock into, then the Sissy Chastity Belt 2 is a great option. It is well-designed to literally fit around your penis and firmly hold it. It makes it somewhat more discreet than some of the other sissy chastity belts out there.It may be too small for some, and it really doesn’t leave too much room in there for your cock to have any kind of movement. I know, that’s the whole point of a chastity belt, but some belts do allow for a little natural movement, even if you can’t achieve a full erection. If you can deal with this, though, the Sissy Chastity Belt 2 will be a great purchase.

3 Cock Cage

Sissy Chastity Belt 3

 Sissy Chastity Belt 3

  • Want a sissy chastity belt that can handle your balls too
  • Like an open tip to allow for urination
  • Enjoy the almost tube-like design

Sissy Chastity Belt 3

  • Don't want your balls in a separate cage
  • Aren't a fan of the design
  • Prefer thicker and more substantial belts

Closest to the Cock cage you will ever get with a sissy belt! Not only for Sissies though, it can be used by all men looking for serious chastity. It is a solution for all men having large balls and to whom a standard chastity cage doesn’t fit. With this Femdom Sissy Chastity Belt you have all you need to train yourself to MAYBE become worthy in your Dom’s eyes. Give the keys to your Dom key holder and let her/him play with you. Ready for your next session?

  • Adjustable
  • Space for your balls
  • Open tip

  • May be uncomfortable to wear
  • Not the most extreme
Sissy Chastity Belt 3
Length23.6 - 27.5 inches to 39.4 - 43.3 inches

If you’re interested in a customizable belt, then the Sissy Chastity Belt 3 has your back. With its almost tube-like design and a separate cage for your balls, it looks after ALL of your tackle. The open tip is a good feature as it allows for urination, and the whole thing is pretty easy and comfortable to wear. Sure, I’ve seen more extreme sissy chastity belts, but for what you get, this one ticks a lot of boxes. It is also pretty adjustable, too, so you can make the Sissy Chastity Belt 3 fit perfectly to you or your subs body.

4 Adjustable

Pavo Chastity Belt

 Pavo Chastity Belt

  • Want a more substantial sissy chastity belt
  • Want to take things to the extreme
  • Love the feel of metal and leather

Pavo Chastity Belt

  • Don't like the flat, squashing paddle at the front
  • Don't like the thick and chunky design
  • Are on the hunt for a cheaper sissy chastity belt

Cock cages are not fun for you anymore? Have you tried Chastity Belt Pavo? First thing you need to do is to get psychologically ready, as this is not a game for everyone. Could you handle being locked away for days or even weeks, being at the mercy of your Mistress. The quality design of this Full Male Chastity belt from Oxy will provide you great comfort and experience during your service and allow Mistress to play with different Anal Plugs. Try ordering now and find out how it feels to be a good Sub!

  • High quality
  • Extreme design
  • Un-ignore-able!

  • Too chunky for some
  • Possibly too uncomfortable
Pavo Chastity Belt
Length24 - 35 inches to 35 - 43 inches

Here’s something for you more extreme sissy chastity belt lovers! The Pavo Chastity Belt is thick and chunky and does its job perfectly well. The flat design will squash your cock and balls, leaving you feeling completely emasculated. I love the look of the metal on leather, as it gives it an industrial yet medieval look that some of the other belts in this review don’t quite have. Unfortunately, some may find it a little too extreme and may find the whole experience a little too uncomfortable, but if you want to go hard at it, the Pavo Chastity Belt is the one for you!


Sissy Chastity Belt 5

 Sissy Chastity Belt 5

  • Want a chastity cage with ventilation holes
  • Like the cup-like design
  • Enjoy having your cock locked away

Sissy Chastity Belt 5

  • Prefer to have a free cock
  • Are looking for a tube chastity cage
  • Are on a budget

Forget about your manhood with this Chastity device. It is a very masculine device that is designed to rid you of all your masculinity. Being a real sissy is not an easy task. Frustration can build-up until you get released. It may take some time to get used to such a feeling and wearing this Sissy Belt, but the reward from your key holder will be greater than what you could ever imagine.

  • Lots of ventilation
  • Solid design
  • Quality metal

  • Not a tube
  • May be uncomfortable
Sissy Chastity Belt 5
Length23.6 - 27.5 inches, to 39.4 - 43.3 inches

The Sissy Chastity Belt 5 is a good option if you want your cock to have plenty of ventilation. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still caged up and can’t get free, but you at least have the option of letting your penis breathe while restraining it. The metal is strong and sturdy, though some people may prefer the tube-like design of other sissy chastity cages. The Sissy Chastity Belt 5 suffers from the same thin design as a lot of other sissy belts, although I will admit it does make it discreet and easy to wear under clothes.

Add Some Anal Plugs to Fill You Up During Your Chastity Play

Chastity belts are all well and good, but sometimes the addition of an anal plug really takes things to the next level. Here are a few posterior-pleasing options!

Anal plugs for chastity belts - type A

Anal plugs for chastity belts - type A - Add Some Anal Plugs to Fill You Up During Your Chastity Play
Here are a few options all lumped into one! All of them with slightly different experiences! Choose your option and enjoy seeing your subs facial expressions once you surprise them with a different one.
  • 1 = 13.5cm / 5.3″ total length – 3cm / 1.18″ at widest
  • 2 = 11cm / 4.33″ total length – 2.8cm / 1.1″ at widest
  • 3 = 15.5cm / 6″ total length – 3.3cm / 1.3″ at widest

Lovehoney Silver Jeweled Metal Butt Plug

Lovehoney Silver Jeweled Metal Butt Plug  - Add Some Anal Plugs to Fill You Up During Your Chastity Play
Ramp up the funk in your trunk with this little gem, a silver metal butt plug with petite proportions and a sparkling jeweled base. Just 2.5 inches long and 3.75 inches around, it weighs 145 grams to fill your badonkadonk with glittery gratification. While the smooth, tapered shape slides easily inside, the slim neck and flared jewel-tipped base prevent any unwanted travel. Plus, this plug looks seriously stylish twinkling between your cheeks.

Other Kinky Sissy Accessories for Your Sub

It might surprise you to know, but there are even more kinky accessories to make play time with your sub feel extra sexy. I’ll talk you through a few of the most popular and well loved ones!

Spartacus Wordband Collar

Spartacus Wordband Collar - Other Kinky Sissy Accessories for Your Sub
Spartacus Wordband Collars are handmade by skilled craftsmen using quality oil tan leather. Snap settings for 13″, 14″, 15″ and 16″. Narrow band with four adjustable metal snaps. Nothing arouses the senses like leather. Fulfill your strongest desires! Make a statement without saying a word with this sassy leather collar. The comfortably slender band comes with four adjustment snaps to ensure a snug fit, and features a sassy saying in silver-tone letter studs along the front.

Silicone Lips Gag

Silicone Lips Gag - Other Kinky Sissy Accessories for Your Sub
Combining soft faux leather leather with a tasteless silicone kiss, this fun-loving piece hails from playtime masters Sex & Mischief. Uniquely styled, the soft Lips Gag holds the wearer’s lips open, stifling sound and preventing biting, spitting and otherwise. Strapping securely around the back of the head, an adjustable band buckles to fit most head sizes.

KinkLab T-Cups Nipple Suction Set

KinkLab T-Cups Nipple Suction Set - Other Kinky Sissy Accessories for Your Sub
Twist the night away and turn up the heat with KinkLab’s newest sensation play toy: The T-Cups™ Nipple Suction Set! Each turn of the screw adds a delicious degree of succulent suction to your nipples, neck, or other sensitive spots. Stick them to your skin and turn the handle to the left to create a vigorous vacuum, perfect for teasing and pleasing, fore, during, or after play!

How to use sissy chastity belts

You might look at sissy chastity belts and think how do I actually use that thing?! Well, if you do, it’s okay, I’m going to take you through the basics!

Choose the perfect belt for you!

Choose the perfect belt for you!

There are a lot of different types of sissy chastity belts out there, and it’s important that you find one that really suits you and your naughty needs. You may want a tube-like one, or perhaps a cup-like one. Maybe you prefer to feel metal instead of leather, maybe not. Find one that is perfect for you!

Fit yourself into it correctly!

Fit yourself into it correctly!

Once you’ve made your selection, you want to put it in place. Be careful when putting it over your junk that you don’t hurt or damage yourself. You want to fit it on, so it restricts you and takes away a lot of your phallic freedoms, while still feeling fantastic!

Don't wear it forever!

Don't wear it forever!

I get the appeal of wanting to wear sissy chastity belts for as long as possible, but the truth is you should probably not wear them indefinitely. Allow your cock to breathe and be free every now and again. It will be a relief to get it off, after a while! Just use your common sense!

How to clean sissy chastity belts

If you want to keep coming back and using your sissy chastity belts time after time after time, then you're going to want to keep them clean. But how exactly do you do that? Well, I'm here to talk you through keeping them clean!


No, they shouldn't do. They should be frustrating, annoying, and irritating, but they should never hurt. The idea is to deprive you of having naughty fun - not hurt or damage you in any way!

It all depends on what you want out of your sissy chastity belt experience. I can't say yes or no, as your preferences may vary. All I can say is try both types out and see which you prefer!

You can wear them for quite a long time, but I wouldn't recommend wearing them for TOO long. It's important to let your body rest and your cock to breathe and move naturally. Always take breaks and reset and refresh yourself!

Right here by following the links in my post! BedBible only works with the best, most reputable sex toy shops out there, and it's important to them (and me) that you have a fantastic shopping experience! So you can click in confidence!

What are sissy chastity belts?

Sissy chastity belts are items designed not only to deprive those with a penis of being able to have any kind of naughty fun, but also to emasculate them at the same time! It takes away their manhood and leaves them with zero sense of manliness. And if that doesn't sound like a good time, then I don't know what does!

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