The 6 Best Small Nipple Clamps for Those with Mini Nips

Emma McNab   Emma McNab
If you’ve got small nipples and you’re struggling to find nipple clamps that actually stay in place, we at Bedbible are here to help you out! We’ve rounded up six pairs of small nipple clamps for every need and body type – we’ve even included a guide on how to use your small nipple clamps once you’ve selected your perfect pair! We know that it can be difficult trying to find nipple clamps for small nipples – stop Googling and get stuck into our review below! Of the six pairs of small nipple clamps we assessed, we rate their quality, their pinch power, and their suitability for our small-nipped readers. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into our review and find your perfect pair of small nipple clamps! If you’re still having trouble you can try a different type of nipple stimulator such as nipple suckers or nipple vibrators.
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Mini Nipple Clamps

 Mini Nipple Clamps

  • are looking for small nipple clamps with coated tips
  • want non-adjustable small nipple clamps
  • want to enhance nipple sensitivity
  • are a male or femme-presenting individual with small nips

Mini Nipple Clamps

  • need an adjustable pair of small nipple clamps
  • don't enjoy the sensation of coated tips, want something more extreme

At under $20, these mini nipple clamps are perfect if you’re looking for a budget-friendly pair of small nipple clamps for your next bondage adventure. As they’re designed for small nipples, these mini nipple clamps are perfect for men (whose nips tend to be smaller on average than women’s) although they’re also ideal if you’re femme-presenting and simply have small nips! One downside is that these clamps aren’t adjustable – if you prefer nipple clamps designed for comfort, you might find that this pair provides a bit too firm of a pinch.

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Medium-heavy tension
  • Vinyl coated tips
  • Increases nipple sensitivity

  • Not ideal for advanced users
  • Chain might be too heavy if you have sensitive nipples
Mini Nipple Clamps
Length12 inches

If you’re looking for a great pair of nipple clamps for small nipples, this mini set might just do the trick! These clamps combine the best of both worlds: while the non-adjustable feature makes them ideal for pain-play and domination, the coated tips make them ideal for finding a comfortable pinch for longer sessions. The metal chain measures 12 inches, and sports an authentic BDSM look perfect for sub play and partner fun! These mini nipple clamps also offer a slight tugging effect, perfect if you’re into a bit of masochistic discomfort during bondage play!

2 Cheapest

Lovehoney Tease Me Advanced Nipple Clamps with Heart Charms

 Tease Me Nipple Clamps

  • have small nipples and often struggle with nipple clamps falling off
  • love the metal-on-skin feeling
  • prefer a weaker pinch
  • care about aesthetics

Tease Me Nipple Clamps

  • need a firm pinch
  • enjoy using nipple clamps during rougher sex - users find that these clamps fall off with certain movements
  • have sensitivity or mobility issues with your hands - these small nipple clamps can be quite fiddly to get on

If you’re all about aesthetics, you’ll love these small nipple clamps from Lovehoney. They’re not just pretty, they’re super functional, too: these mini clamps are ideal if you have small nips and have trouble keeping nipple clamps in place. The clamps are ever-so-slightly weighed with a small heart charm, while the clamps themselves are simply designed, and grip the nipples without much effort. With these clamps, you’ll enhance your nipple sensitivity and make your nipples super sensitive to erotic touch. These clamps are ideal if you’re a beginner to intermediate BDSM enthusiast, and you want to spruce up the traditional BDSM look with some non-intimidating, cute aesthetics.

  • Great for small nipples
  • Pretty design
  • Lightly weighted
  • Enhance nipple sensitivity

  • Weak pinch
  • Might fall off larger nipples
  • Difficult to get on
Tease Me Nipple Clamps
Length1.5 inches

Beginner-friendly with a simple, cute design, we’d recommend these Lovehoney nipple clamps to our small-nipped readers looking to experiment with nipple play and enjoy the enhanced nipple sensitivity that nipple toys can offer. While these toys don’t offer the strongest grip, once worn they’ll pinch your nipples and allow you to benefit from a heightened nipple sensitivity, which can be especially thrilling when combined with other toys or BDSM bondage play. Under $15, these small nipple clamps are also suffer affordable and great for cracking out when you want to pop on an aesthetically pleasing pair of nip clamps.

3 Beginner

Lovehoney Colorplay Color-Changing Silicone Nipple Suckers

 Color-Changing Nipple Suckers

  • love the sensation of having your nipples sucked or licked
  • are new to nipple clamps
  • have small nipples and want nipple suckers that stay in place

Color-Changing Nipple Suckers

  • have larger nipples, as these toys can often fall off
  • prefer nipple clamps for pain-play

If you’re more into nipple pleasure than nipple pain, these nipple suckers from Lovehoney might be of interest! Offering powerful nipple suction, these toys are super beginner-friendly and easy to use – just pop them on and enjoy intense nipple sucking sensations! The silky smooth silicone feels great on the skin and the suckers themselves enhance nipple sensitivity, making them ideal for use during sex, masturbation, or foreplay. These nipple suckers even change color during use when things get steamy, making them a fun novelty gift for a partner – or yourself!

  • Nipple suction sensations
  • Velvety silicone
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Fab color
  • Easy to use

  • Can fall off larger nipples
  • Can pop off with movement
Color-Changing Nipple Suckers
Length2 inches
AllergiesLatex-free, Phthalate-Free

If you’re into the idea of nipple clamps but feeling intimidated about the concept, we’d advise you to start off with the awesome pair of nipple suckers! Not only will you enjoy the delectable sucking and licking sensations that these toys offer, but you’ll also have the opportunity to experience nipple stimulation before deciding to move on to other, more advanced, nipple toys. One thing to note about these nip suckers is that they can pop off – that’s what makes them a great option for small nipples, as they will tend to hold better on smaller nips. At under $20, you have nothing to lose by giving these fun toys a try!

4 Clit

Mini Tweezer Y-Tips Triple Clamps

 Y-Tips Triple Clamps

  • want a dual-use clit clamp and nipple clamps
  • if you have small nipples and are looking for something that doesn't feel too heavy or cumbersome on your nipples
  • like tweezer-style nipple clamps
  • love a bit of pressure on the nipples

Y-Tips Triple Clamps

  • dislike pressure sensations or any type of discomfort when wearing nipple clamps
  • dislike tweezer-style nipple clamps
  • prefer small nipple clamps for pain play

Combining a pair of nipple clamps with a clit clamp can be a thrilling erotic experience: all that blood flow to your erogenous zones will render your body super sensitive to even the slightest touch! That’s why we recommend these Y-tip tweezer clamps – with their two nipple clamps and accompanying clit clamp – for enhanced sensations. This toy is ideal for a beginner, as the clamps are coated with PVC for ultimate comfort, while the clit clamp can be weighted with tuggy charms for advanced users.

  • Clit and nipple clamp
  • Coated tips for comfort
  • Easy to use
  • Tweezer-style clamping
  • Clit clamp can be used to add weight

  • Might yank slightly if you have a larger frame
Y-Tips Triple Clamps
MaterialsMetal and PVC tips
Length13 inches

The great thing about tweezer clamps is that they’re easier to adjust – that’s why this pair is perfect for beginners to nipple play, or those who enjoy diversifying their play between pleasure and pain. If you’re an advanced user (or if you don’t have a clit to attach it to) you can also make use of the clit clamp in alternative ways, such as adding a weighted charm for some fun tugging sensations! Just be careful with the tips, as some users have noted that they can come off if proper care isn’t taken. Overall, for under $30, these triple clamps are a great option for those with small nipples to enjoy all-around sensitivity.


Chrome Mini Clothespin

 Chrome Mini Clothespin

  • love clothes pin nipple clamps
  • have small nipples and love a good pinch
  • enjoy nipple torture and pain play

Chrome Mini Clothespin

  • don't like pain-play
  • want small nipple clamps that don't hurt or cause discomfort

Clothes pin-style nipple clamps are easy to use, but if you have small nipples you might have struggled finding peg-style nipples that don’t a) feel like you’re crushing your nips (and not in a good way) or b) weigh down your nipples (without you wanting them to!) Enter these chrome mini nipple clamps by Stockroom! Ideal for pressure, pain-play, and torture play, these nipple clamps are perfectly designed for small nipples, offering those heightened sensations without damaging your nipples or weighing them down. These nipple clamps are sold individually, so make sure to add two to your cart!

  • Great for small nips
  • Strong pinch
  • Ideal for pain-play
  • Easy clothes-peg design

  • Very strong grip - might be unsuitable for you if you prefer a lighter pinch
  • not ideal for beginners
Chrome Mini Clothespin
MaterialsMetal Chrome
Length1.25 inches
FasteningClothes-peg style

These chrome small nipple clamps are ideal if you’ve got small nips and you’re looking for something more advanced when it comes to your nipple play. We’d recommend using these clamps for pain-play and bondage play, as the super firm grip might not be ideal for beginners or those simply looking to enhance their nipple sensitivity. Don’t forget to add two of these clamps to your cart, as they’re sold individually!


Nipple Play Silver Beaded Nipple Clamps

 Silver Beaded Nipple Clamps

  • have small nipples and love a strong, secure pinch
  • tend to wear nipple clamps during sex and need a pair that won't fall off
  • enjoy temperature play
  • want a pair of adjustable small nipple clamps

Silver Beaded Nipple Clamps

  • want a more extreme pair of nipple clamps - this pair is adjustable, making it easier to find a comfortable hold but not so great if you're looking to dominate your sub with something non-adjustable

If you love the idea of lots of metal beads caressing your body while enjoying some hot nipple pinching, you’ll love wearing these small nipple clamps! These beaded metal balls are perfect for temperature play: heat them up or cool them down before use for an added oomph to your play! The clamps also offer a strong grip on your nipples, while the PVC coating offers soothing comfort. Whether you’re a beginner to nipple clamps or looking for your 100th pair, this pair offers something for everyone: the best thing about these clamps is the fact that you can adjust them: toggle the screw to find your perfect pinch!

  • Secure hold
  • Beaded chain for extra stimulation
  • Adjustable screw
  • For both pleasure and pain

  • Small clamps - might add too much pressure if you have larger nipples
Silver Beaded Nipple Clamps
MaterialsNickel-free iron and rubber
Length16 inches

These nipple clamps really are made for small nipples! Whether you pop them on during solo masturbation, during sex with a partner, or during foreplay to increase your body’s sensitivity, the strong pinch combined with the feel of the metal beads will enhance your arousal and make for some thrilling sensations! If you’re a beginner, use the adjustable screw to find the perfect pressure, while advanced users can use the accompanying chain to add weights, charms, or simply enjoy some tugging! These small nipple clamps are the most versatile in our round-up, and at under $20, a total bargain!

Adjustable Nipple Clamps

If you want to switch between pain and pleasure, we recommend opting for adjustable nipple clamps! Adjustable nipple clamps are ideal if you’re a beginner, or simply new to nipple clamps and want a minimum of control over your pinch! Here are our top recommendations for small adjustable nipple clamps:

Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Tease Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Tease Vibrating Nipple Clamps - Adjustable Nipple Clamps
These vibrating small nipple clamps by Lovehoney are perfect if you’re looking for the pinch without the pain! Wear these clamps during sex, foreplay, or masturbation for delightful, buzzy sensations and hands-free nipple stimulation.
  • Velvety silicone feel
  • 4.5 inches in length
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Perfect for foreplay
  • Powered by a removable, single-speed bullet vibrator
  • Latex-free
  • Battery-powered

Nipple Grips 4-Point Weighed Nipple Press

Nipple Grips 4-Point Weighed Nipple Press - Adjustable Nipple Clamps
If you want to take your nipple play to the next level with something more loyal to the BDSM look, these 4-point adjustable small nipple clamps by Calexotics get the job done! With a weighted charm for tugging sensations, these clamps are adjustable via four screws: simply adjust the grip according to your preferred pressure and enjoy hands-free nipple stimulation!
  • Secure grips stay in place
  • Body safe
  • Weighted charm
  • Non-tarnishing, nickel-free
  • 4 inches in length
  • 0.5 inches inner diameter

Nipple Play Non-Piercing Nipple Jewelry Crystal Gems

Nipple Play Non-Piercing Nipple Jewelry Crystal Gems - Adjustable Nipple Clamps
If you have super sensitive nipples (or low pain tolerance) but want to experiment with nipple toys nonetheless, nipple jewelry is a pain-free possibility! These nipple crystal gems offer the lightest possible weighted sensation while adorning your body with gorgeous jewelry!
  • Beautiful design
  • Made with iron and silicone
  • Adjustable pressure on the nips
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Pain-free alternative to small nipple clamps
  • 2.25″ loop, 4.75 inches in length

How To Make Your Own Small Nipple Clamps

If you don’t currently have the spare cash to buy small nipple clamps, you can always make use of the following DIYS. Nipple clamps are one of the easiest DIY sex toys, as you can use items you already have lying around the house without too much creative effort:

Small paper-nips

If you’ve got some paper clips lying around your office or in your desk drawer, you can use these as DIY nipple clamps! For small nipples, you’ll want to opt for a smaller clip so that it grips the nipple sufficiently. Paper clips might not offer the strongest pinch, but will provide enough blood flood to heighten your nipple sensitivity – and provide a fun aesthetic at the same time!

Pegging - no, not that kind!

As already pointed out above, clothespin pegs are the simplest types of nipple clamps – in fact, most clothespin nipple clamps are simply modelled after the pegs you use to dry your laundry! For small nipples, you’ll want to buy a pack of mini clothespins, the type used for hanging up delicates or paper. These types of small nipple clamps will offer a firmer grip and a stronger pinch than a paperclip, so might be best suited to intermediate or advanced users.

Chopstick Clamps

If you love tweezer-style nipple clamps but you just don’t have the money to splash out on your favorite pair, you can always make do with a pair of chopsticks!


Disclaimer! - How To Make Your Own Small Nipple Clamps
At Bedbible, we always recommend buying your sex toys from reputable sex toy shops (such as Lovehoney) rather than making your own or using DIYs. Buying sex toys direct from reputable stores guarantees both authenticity and safety, and is always the better option. Bedbible is in no way responsible for any problems incurred via the use of homemade sex toys.

How to Use Small Nipple Clamps

Found yourself the perfect pair of small nipple clamps? Here’s how we recommend using these fun toys:

Go easy on the lube

Go easy on the lube

Normally at Bedbible, we can’t get enough lube! While we usually recommend always adding lube to your toys, when it comes to nipple clamps, lube can often make your clamps fall off. Go easy on the lube, or leave it out altogether.

Stimulate your nipples

Stimulate your nipples

One of the main major purposes of nipple clamps is to enhance nipple sensations: once you’ve been wearing your nipple clamps for enough time, you can take them off and enjoy your newly, highly-sensitized nips!

Pair it with a clit clamp

Pair it with a clit clamp

If you want to enhance your sensations even more, pair your nipple clamps with a clit clamp or a pussy clamp! You’ll stimulate blood flow to all your important erogenous zones and enhance the overall sexual experience.

Sensation Play

Sensation Play

When you’re playing with nipple clamps and clit clamps, you’re going to want to take advantage of your enhanced sensitivity – why not indulge in some fun sensation play? Play with ticklers, experiment with temperature play, or enjoy simple, light-touch caresses while blindfolded or bound.

Get the timing right

Get the timing right

If you’re a beginner to nipple clamps, you’re going to want to leave them on for around 10-20 minutes to begin with. As you begin adjusting to the sensation, you can leave them on for longer.

How to Clean Small Nipple Clamps

Cleaning intimate sex toys is an absolute must, and the same goes for small nipple clamps! While nipple clamps might not enter your body directly in the same way that dildos and vibrators do, they might still come into contact with bodily fluids and lubes, so washing them after each use is essential in order to avoid bacteria, STI transmission, and toy deterioration. Most nipple clamps will be easy to clean with a simple wash with soap and water but always refer to the manufacturer's instructions to be sure. You can also take a look at our guide below on cleaning different sex toy materials:

Cleaning different materials


If you're using nipple clamps that fall off, you might be better off opting for adjustable small nipple clamps - these will offer a better grip than non-adjustable clamps.

In most cases, lube isn't necessary with any kind of clamping toy - lube will only weaken the grip of your clamps.

We always recommend buying your nipple clamps from a reputable sex toy shop such as Lovehoney, Shevibe, and TooTimid.

Only if you want them to! Small nipple clamps will hurt if you adjust them too tightly, or if your nipples are too large for the clamp.

If your nipple clamps hurt and you don't want them to, we'd recommend switching to an adjustable pair. You can find high-quality, adjustable nipple clamps for under $20 from most sex toy retailers.

We do not recommend making your own sex toys and always recommend that you purchase purpose-made sex toys from a reputable shop. You are 100% responsible for the outcome should you choose to make your own sex toys.

What are small nipple clamps?

Small nipple clamps are traditional nipple clamps designed for smaller nipples. You can also use small nipple clamps if you have larger nipples but simply want an enhanced pinch! Like larger nipple clamps, these clamps are available in a variety of sizes (such as tweezer or clothespin). Many products include a chain attached to the clamps that can be tugged on to provide additional stimulation during foreplay. Although many small nipple clamps are body-safe, some may contain allergens, so it’s always worthwhile to check for any potential issues before purchase.

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