The 7 Best Spanking Benches for BDSM Connoisseurs

   Kevin Foley
If you’re tired of bending your partner over the bed to give them a good paddling then it might be time to invest in a spanking bench! This specialized type of sex furniture is invaluable when it comes to paddling, spanking, or caning your partner with pinpoint accuracy since it gives you easy access to their posterior. They often have built-in hooks that can work with your current BDSM restraints, making it easy to enjoy some bondage as well! There are many different designs for you to choose from, from basic benches to more complex models that incorporate reins and stirrups for a more immersive experience! In general, spanking benches tend to be pricey items, but in the list below, we’ve selected a wide variety of options suitable for nearly any budget. Are you ready to take your impact play to the next level? Then you’ll want to keep reading!
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Obedience Extreme Sex Bench

 Obedience Extreme Sex Bench

  • Need a high weight limit
  • Want a bench for sex & BDSM
  • Enjoy multiple restraints

Obedience Extreme Sex Bench

  • Want something simple
  • Need hooks
  • Are on a tight budget

If you’re on the hunt for a bondage spanking bench that also doubles as amazing sex furniture, look no further than the Obedience Extreme Sex Bench! This high-quality bench supports up to 400 lbs., can be adjusted to perfectly fit your partner, is padded for long-term comfort, and even allows you to move the head support section for some extra fun! All of these features come at a competitive price, striking the perfect balance between performance and pricing. If you’re ready to expand your love life beyond the bed but don’t feel ready (or inclined) to make a full-scale dungeon, take a sex-positive step in the right direction by purchasing this multi-purpose spanking bench!

  • Multiple restraint straps
  • Supports up to 400 lbs.
  • Padded for extra comfort
  • Multi-purpose

  • Not discreet
  • Requires a lot of space
  • Faux leather
  • Cost over $800
Obedience Extreme Sex Bench
MaterialsPU Leather, steel, nylon
Length(Torso pad) 18.5 inches, (Arm/Ankle pads) 12 inches
Width50 inches
Height27 inches
FasteningQuick release buckles
Maximum Weight400 lbs

At a little over $800 out the door, it’s not particularly accurate to call this piece “affordable sex furniture”. Still, we think you get a lot of bang for your buck, which is why we definitely recommend this spanking bench! Its high weight limit of 400 lbs. means it can support nearly any size of sexual partner, which is an issue you might run into with lower-quality furniture. The design (which fully supports your partner’s face, forearms, mid-section, and lower legs) of this bench allows you to perfectly adjust your partner’s position to your liking, opening up a world of options in terms of sexual intercourse as well as BDSM encounters. The bench also includes a wide variety of straps, which will prevent your partner from moving (and keep them safe during “fun time”!).

2 Cheapest

Zeppelin Cocoon

 Zeppelin Cocoon

  • Need something that looks “normal”
  • Want something beginner-friendly
  • Tend to leave your sex equipment out

Zeppelin Cocoon

  • Need firm body support
  • Want something adjustable
  • Are looking for straps or restraints

Have you ever wanted to bang in a bean chair? If so, we’ve got the product for you! The Zeppelin Cocoon is a bean bag chair designed specifically to aid you in any type of sexual encounter, meaning you can use it for regular sex as well as for kinky BDSM encounters! Lay your partner down and paddle their bum to your heart’s content as they lay there basking in pleasure and pain (you can do this literally anywhere with enough floor space!). Best of all, this is a prop you can leave in your regular living space since it looks just like a regular bean bag. Choose from three colors & start figuring out what you want to use it for first while you eagerly await the mailman’s arrival!

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to store
  • Multipurpose
  • Three color options

  • Doesn’t provide support
  • Lacks restraints
  • Lacks hooks
Zeppelin Cocoon
MaterialsFaux fur, nylon
Length6 inches
Width6 inches
Maximum WeightN/A lbs

Unlike the rest of the items on this list, the Zeppelin Cocoon actually isn’t a bench at all, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for some spanking fun! Both a blessing and a curse, the bean bag design allows your partner to assume any position that’s convenient, and the bean bag can even be draped over other furniture if you want to flog them against a specific object (such as the kitchen counter!). Obviously, ingenuity and creativity aren’t for everyone: some people just want something that they can set up and start using right away! If that sounds like then the Zeppelin Cocoon probably isn’t for you. However, if you don’t mind trading restraints and straps for easy storage & the ability to use your new furniture anywhere then the Zeppelin Cocoon might have a positive influence on your sex life!

3 Premium

Padded Spanking Bench

 Padded Spanking Bench

  • Like custom-made equipment
  • Need multiple attachment points
  • Want positioning options

Padded Spanking Bench

  • Aren’t ready to invest in your sex life
  • Don’t already own restraints
  • Need neck support

This BDSM bench doesn’t mess around: your partner isn’t getting out of their punishment this time around! Fitted with knee rests for your sub or slave, simply use one of the many attachment points to restrict their movements or even immobilize them entirely. Polished steel and washable vinyl combine to make a heavy-duty product that won’t give (no matter how much your partner tries to escape!) and can easily be cleaned after use. Made to order, you will have to wait a bit before receiving your BDSM bench but the wait will surely be worth it: now all that’s left to decide is whether to strap your partner to the top or to bend them over the side & let them have it!

  • Over 20 attachment points
  • Easy-to-clean vinyl material
  • Padded surface
  • Made-to-order

  • Doesn’t use leather
  • Large
  • Not discrete
  • Expensive
Padded Spanking Bench
MaterialsVinyl, steel
FasteningAttachment points

Our main issue with this bench is the price: at nearly $2,500, it’s way more than many people will be willing to spend. Still, you get what you pay for, and for that price, you get a made-to-order sex bench with over twenty different attachment points for restraining your partner, a sturdy steel frame, and padded vinyl surfaces for added comfort. If you want to only purchase one sex bench for the rest of your days then this bench would be a good option, since it opens up many different ways to ensnare, restrain, and punish your sub using only a single piece of equipment. That said, we’d probably only recommend it to someone who already has a dungeon (or at least a dungeon in progress) since the bench doesn’t come with any cuffs, rope, chains, or other restraints: you’ll need to provide these yourself. Considering the price, we think they should at least include one set of restraints to get you started.

4 Subtle

Prelude Bench King Black Label

 Prelude Bench King

  • Need something discreet
  • Easy to clean
  • Don’t want to spend over $1,000

Prelude Bench King

  • Need restraints in addition to the furniture
  • Require all-natural materials
  • Want something unique

It might not look like much, but the Prelude Bench King Black Label could be just what your sex life needs! Although it looks like regular furniture at a quick glance, this bench actually has 12 hidden restraint clips that can be easily utilized to subdue your partner for some kinky roleplay. Arriving nearly ready to use, you’ll need only to screw in the feet (using pre-drilled holes) before this piece is ready to go! It’s sized perfectly with a king-sized bed and available in a variety of colors, which allows you to match it with your covers as well! Discreet yet highly functional, you’ll be able to be as creative as you feel inclined using this affordable sex bench.

  • Design blends into the room
  • Concealed restraining clips
  • Easy to assemble
  • Two textured fabric options

  • Uses faux lambskin
  • Not available in different sizes
  • Requires some assembly
Prelude Bench King
MaterialsFaux leather, polyester, high-density polyurethane, maple
Weight40 lbs
Length72 inches
Width22 inches
Height18 inches
FasteningHidden restraint clips

Although it’s not the biggest bench around, this model is still far from being a portable spanking bench, which means that where you initially place it is probably where it will end up staying. Fortunately, the design & styling of this bench will make it inconspicuous amongst the other furniture in your bedroom. It would be nice if there were size options besides “king”, but we think it would look close enough at the foot of a queen bed. Like many other benches, you won’t receive any restraints with your purchase, but—contrary to its appearance—this model is equipped with 12 restraint clips to help you get a bit kinky in the bedroom. The height of the bench also makes it good for penetrative sex, either sitting or kneeling doggy style.


Pony Play Spanking Horse

 Pony Play Spanking Horse

  • Want a unique pony play experience
  • Enjoy realism
  • Are a Janet Jackson fan

Pony Play Spanking Horse

  • Need furniture for intercourse
  • Don’t have a lot of space
  • Aren’t into pony play

Love Janet Jackson? If so, there’s a special reason why you might want to consider purchasing this: the rocker used this as a prop on her “Rock Witchu” stage in her 2008 tour! Besides the historical appeal, the design alone makes this item a must-have for anyone serious about pony play. This horse can be used as you groom, or spank, or flog your “horse”, completely restraining them and leaving their final fate up to your judgment. It’s time to take the reins and have a bit of fun!

  • Features reins and stirrups
  • High-quality materials
  • Made to order
  • Historical value

  • Expensive
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Not suitable for intercourse
  • Takes a while to arrive
Pony Play Spanking Horse
MaterialsNickel, leather, metal
AdjustableYes (kneeling pad)

We love the design of this item! The reins and stirrups add a lot to the realism, making it perfect for pony play. According to the manufacturer, the item is designed to help you groom, paddle, or flog your pony, which makes us think that trying to ride your “pony” on this prop isn’t a good idea (you also wouldn’t be able to use all the restraints if you attempted to do so). Despite this, we still think this piece is worth a second glance if you already have an established play space, love pony play, but want to add a “finishing touch”. Like any of the “made-to-order” pieces, you’ll have to wait a while for this piece to arrive in the mail & the shipping costs are entirely up to you. Also, since returns aren’t accepted and the item is pretty expensive, we’d recommend making sure you’ll actually use this horse before purchase.


Black Label Esse

 Black Label Esse

  • Want to try out new sex positions
  • Enjoy restraining your partner
  • Need something that’s easy to clean

Black Label Esse

  • Need something small
  • Won’t use the accessories
  • Don’t want to pay extra for accessories

Combining comfort with sexual freedom & a hint of kink, the Black Label Esse sex bench is a simple-yet-effective piece of sex furniture that will open up plenty of options for “fun time” with your partner! The company itself has 12 different recommended positions, but really the only limitation of this bench is your imagination. The bench has 24 connector points to help you restrain your partner, after which you can easily flog them into submission or plow them to completion! The base price includes the Black Label Esse, a mini-scoop, and a headrest, but you can also bundle a variety of cuffs with your order for some ready-upon-arrival fun!

  • Plenty of accessory options
  • Great for multiple sex positions
  • Machine-washable cover w/inner liner
  • Includes scoop & headrest

  • Takes a bit to ship out
  • Large
  • Cuffs cost extra
Black Label Esse
MaterialsMicrofiber, polyester, polyurethane
Length64 inches
Width24 inches
Height24 inches

Normally, we would fault the product for not including any type of restraints. However, since the Esse does come with some accessories, we don’t think that’s really a bad point of this bench. Included with your bench is a headrest for added neck support and the mini-scoop for back support. This—combined with the curved design—makes the Black Esse perfect for trying out new sex positions without needing to support your body entirely. If you prefer to go beyond intercourse into bondage, the Black Esse can also assist you there thanks to its 24 different connector points you can attach restraints to! Maintenance-wise, this item is pretty easy to keep clean because of its removable cover. Overall, we’d recommend the Black Esse to pretty much anyone who wants to spice up their sex lives without breaking the bank.


Bondage Padded Barrel Horse

 Bondage Padded Barrel Horse

  • Want something for doggy style sex
  • Enjoy spanking & paddling
  • Love made-to-order furniture

Bondage Padded Barrel Horse

  • Don’t enjoy spanking or paddling
  • Need something discreet
  • Don’t have a large budget

Visually, this BDSM spanking bench doesn’t give us much to look at, but it has a lot of untapped potential hidden behind the seemingly simple design. This barrel horse is ready for you (or your partner) to bend over its frame & receive a well-deserved paddling! At first glance, the restraining options might seem limited, but this device actually has 22 welded attachment points, allowing a partner to be restrained easily & effectively during use. Made to order, this barrel horse is covered in premium, easy-to-clean vinyl and padded for extra comfort when you’re bent over it. Sometimes seemingly simple things offer the most fun!

  • 22 attachment points
  • 24” diameter
  • Easy-to-clean vinyl covering
  • Lightweight, aluminum frame

  • Takes a while to arrive
  • Limited positioning options
  • No included restraints or accessories
  • Overpriced
Bondage Padded Barrel Horse
MaterialsVinyl, aluminum
Width24 inches

Our main issue with this barrel horse is the price. For such a simple design, the nearly $2,500 price tag seems unnecessary. To be fair, it is a made-to-order piece, but still. Moving on from that issue, the horse is a great addition to any sex dungeon, but will also feel at home in your bedroom (although you’ll need a lot of closet space to store it away!). The simplistic design makes it easy for even complete beginners to use, but more advanced users will have 22 attachment points to take full advantage of for more adventurous escapades using this barrel horse. Nonetheless, we can’t 100% recommend this item because of the price tag, but if you do decide to add it to your collection, we recommend using a credit card or PayPal credit to do so.

Just Add a Spanking Tool...

Sure, you can enjoy a spanking bench with hands-only spanking, but why limit yourself? Expand your limits with the spanking aids below!

Sportsheets Leather Slut Slapper Paddle

Sportsheets Leather Slut Slapper Paddle - Just Add a Spanking Tool...
Love the sound of a good “thwack” but can’t quite take a full-force hit just yet? If so, the Slut Slapper has got you covered! You’ll be able to enjoy a relatively modest impact on your behind while still enjoying a satisfying “thwack” upon impact. Your dom will enjoy the mark it leaves across your bum—”SLUT”.

Bondage Boutique Faux Leather Flogger

Bondage Boutique Faux Leather Flogger - Just Add a Spanking Tool...
This beginner-friendly flogger is the perfect step up from a hand to the backside. Easy to grip and ready to sting, this faux leather flogger is sure to drive you wild!

Lovehoney Red Heart Riding Crop

Lovehoney Red Heart Riding Crop - Just Add a Spanking Tool...
Love hurts… at least, it does when the Red Heart Riding Crop comes around! Bend your sub over the bondage bench and smack their butt with this minimum pain, maximum enjoyment riding crop.

Prefer a More Sit-Down Experience?

Sometimes you’re not in the mood to lie down. In that case, sit instead! Here are three fun chairs that offer more than meets the eye…

DOMINIX Deluxe Faux Leather Sex Position Enhancer Chair

DOMINIX Deluxe Faux Leather Sex Position Enhancer Chair - Prefer a More Sit-Down Experience?
Essentially a “leather” hole with loops on two sides, you can bend over this chair for a spanking, be tied down and teased, or sit up top while your partner pleasures you from below!

Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair

Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair - Prefer a More Sit-Down Experience?
If you want to take a break from pain & stick to pleasure for a while, this chair can help you achieve your goals! Spread your legs, take a seat, and enjoy a minimal effort ride on whatever you place below.

Love Botz Bangin Bench

Love Botz Bangin Bench - Prefer a More Sit-Down Experience?
Although a folding spanking bench would have been nice, we’re sure you’ll be more than happy with the LoveBotz Bangin Bench instead! This bench is essentially an improved version of the item above, allowing you to easily ride a dildo, a partner, or enjoy oral sex from below, all while sitting comfortably on your grip-equipped throne above!

Make Your Own DIY Spanking Bench

With some spanking benches costing thousands of dollars, it might seem appealing (and even sensible) to make your own instead. While we don’t advocate for this approach, there are a couple of items around the house you can use while you save up for a dedicated spanking bench!


Ottoman - Make Your Own DIY Spanking Bench
An ottoman (or a foot bench) is the perfect, ready-to-use spanking bench! It’s already padded, provides more than enough surface for you to lean over, and you can add pillows on top to angle/adjust yourself.


Couch - Make Your Own DIY Spanking Bench
Any couch with an armrest is perfect for some spanking fun! To use it, simply bend over the armrest and let your partner figure out the rest!


Bed - Make Your Own DIY Spanking Bench
The obvious choice, you can definitely let your partner spank you using your own bed to prop you up. The best part about using the bed for some rear-end punishment? You’re already in the perfect position for some post-spanking penetration!

 - Make Your Own DIY Spanking Bench
We do not recommend making your own sex toys and always recommend that you purchase purpose-made sex toys from a reputable shop. We are in no way responsible for any harm caused due to the use or sharing of these DIYs. You are 100% responsible for the outcome should you choose to make your own sex toys.

How to Use a Spanking Bench

So, you’ve purchased your new spanking bench & you’re waiting for it to arrive, but you’re not quite sure how to use it. Not to worry: keep reading!

Getting On

Getting On

Exactly how to get on your spanking bench will depend on which model you bought. Some models you may simply lay down on, whereas others may have restraints to hold you in place. When in doubt, refer to your owner’s manual for specific instructions!



Ah, the fun part! Once you (or your partner) is in place, the spanking can begin. How you do so is entirely up to you: some people prefer a lighter spanking, some go beyond basic spanking and want to be flogged, but most people will fall somewhere between these two extremes. Communication is key, so ask your partner what they’re into if you’re not sure what to do.



Although not every spanking bench will be able to accommodate sexual intercourse, some models have enough space for it to happen. Exactly how things go down is up to you!

How to Clean a Spanking Bench

Part of using sex equipment is making sure to properly take care of them, and sex benches aren’t the exception! The process is fairly simple, but we’ll quickly overview how to clean your new sex bench anyway. Metal is the easiest material to clean. To do so, simply grab some cleaning wipes, wipe down the metal, and then dry it off with a paper towel. If you don’t have cleaning wipes available, you can use cleaning spray and paper towels instead. To clean genuine leather, you’ll first need to dip a sponge in soapy water (you can also use a dedicated leather cleaner!). Use the sponge to clean off the surface of the leather, and then dry the leather using a non-wet cloth. Once the leather has sufficiently dried off, treat it with some leather cream to finish the cleaning process! The specific materials used in sex furniture vary widely. When in doubt, check your owner’s manual for specific instruction on the best way to take care of your sex bench!


Technically, yes, any bench could be used as a spanking bench! The reason people purchase these items is that they’re made for maximum comfort, often offer restraints, and just add to the overall “vibe” of the encounter.

Depending on which website you’re using to shop, there may be financing options (such as Sezzle) available. If not, see if the item is financeable from a different vendor, or consider chagrin the bench to a low APR credit card.

Generally, no. However, you can check with the vendor or manufacturer for specific warranty information.

A high-quality spanking bench should last you a lifetime with proper maintenance and care.

You can—in fact, many people choose to make their own before making the leap to going out and buying one! You’ll need to do a bit of research first to determine not only what type of spanking bench you’re going to make, but also to figure out the materials needed. From there, be creative, be crafty, and enjoy the process! We do not recommend making your own sex toys and always recommend that you purchase purpose-made sex toys from a reputable shop. We are in no way responsible for any harm caused due to the use or sharing of these DIYs. You are 100% responsible for the outcome should you choose to make your own sex toys.

What is a Spanking Bench?

A spanking bench is a piece of sex furniture that’s specifically designed to aid a person in spanking, paddling, or otherwise disciplining another person. Depending on the model, your bench may also help provide better access for certain sexual positions These benches often use metal frames and exterior padding to provide superior support for the sub on the bench. Many benches also incorporate restraints into their designs, making it easy to restrain the benched partner. Most spanking benches are fairly large and heavy, but some can be disassembled for easier storage.

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