The Best 7 Spiked Dildos for Monster-Like Experience

   Isabelle Uren
Today I’m bring you my selection of the best spiked dildos for some intense sensations! Today’s winner is the seriously spiky Stegosaurus Spiky Reptile Dildo from Creature Cocks. On top of that, I’ve included a range of intensely textured dildos that look and feel absolutely incredible, from spiky dildos to studded dildos, dildos with ridges and dildos with bumps.
1 Test Winner

Creature Cocks Stegosaurus Spiky Reptile Dildo

 Stegosaurus Spiky Reptile Dildo

  • Crave very intense sensations
  • Love a fantasy design
  • Want a suction cup dildo

Stegosaurus Spiky Reptile Dildo

  • Want a dildo for intense thrusting
  • Are new to textured dildos
  • Prefer a slimmer dildo

It doesn’t get any spikier than the Stegosaurus Spiky Reptile Dildo by Creature Cocks! This thing looks incredible and lined from top to bottom with soft silicone spikes that make each movement feel sensational! I love that it’s made from softer silicone, so you can enjoy the intense texture without it being painful. Another feature that makes this one of the best spiked dildos is that it has a suction cup base and is harness compatible, for plenty of ways to play!

  • Beautiful, fantasy design
  • Soft spikes provide intense stimulation
  • Suction cup base
  • Harness compatible

  • Tricky to clean
  • Will be too intense for some
Stegosaurus Spiky Reptile Dildo
Length7.6 inches
Insertable length6 inches
Diameter1-2.2 inches

There are very few actually spiked dildos on the market and this by far the best spiked dildo I’ve found! Although the spikes are made of soft silicone, they do make for some intense stimulation. The dildo also gets thicker towards the base, with the thickest part measuring 2.2 inches. Compared to the other dildos in the review, it’s definitely the most intense, so I would say this is best for someone with more experience.  

2 Bumpy

Faak Bump Up Dildo

 Bump Up

  • Enjoy large dildos
  • Prefer bumps to spikes
  • Want a suction cup base

Bump Up

  • Are new to penetrative play
  • Are very sensitive to texture
  • Prefer a rigid dildo

This bumpy beast of a dildo really takes stimulation to new realms! The whole shaft of dildo is lined with bumps that tease your insides with every thrust. And at 9-inches long and 2 inches in diameter, I can recommend this to size kings and queens out there! The Bump Up Dildo also has a suction cup base so you can ride this studded dildo until your hearts content or strap it into a harness and give your partner a ride they won’t forget!

  • All over texture
  • Realistic head and balls
  • Made from silicone
  • Suction cup base for hands-free play
  • Harness compatible

  • Texture can be too intense for some
  • Will be too big for some
Bump Up
Length9 inches
Diameter2 inches

Wow! This studded dildo delivers both all over texture and intense size! As well as the bumps being quite raised, the two inch diameter means you feel the textural details even more! This is definitely one for those who like a LOT of stimulation and are used to big toys! I like that you get a choice of three colours and it has a suction cup base. It’s also a really great price for such a big silicone dildo! One of the other things that sets apart is that the lifelike head and balls give it a much more realistic design than the other spiky dildos.

3 Ribbed

Addiction Tom Ribbed Dildo

 Addiction Tom

  • Prefer rippling, ridges
  • Love dragon dildos
  • Crave a girthy shaft

Addiction Tom

  • Prefer slim dildos
  • Want more intense textural details

Explore the rippling pleasure from the ridges of the Addiction Tom dildo from BMS. This hot pink, 7-inch dildo has a thick shaft that bulges just below the head for an intensely filling sensation. I would recommend this spiked dildo to those who enjoy thick dildos and more subtle textural sensations. I like that the silicone has a little softness to it, so although it’s a relatively big dildo, it’s still comfortable to use. The suction cup also makes it great for hands-free play.  

  • More subtle ridged texture
  • Exciting fantasy design
  • Curved shaft for g-spot/p-spot stimulation
  • Suction cup base
  • Thicker shaft

  • Only available in neon pink
Addiction Tom
Length7 inches
Insertable length5 inches
Diameter1.75 inches

This ribbed dildo s a great option if you want to explore textured dildo’s but aren’t ready for the intensity of spikes or large nubs. The ridges add a good amount of sensation without being overwhelming. Although the insertable length is only 5 inches, the girth is pretty big so this dido is best suited to those with some experience penetrative sex or thicker sex toys. The only downside I can see to this dildo is that it’s only available in neon pink which isn’t going to suit everyone’s taste!

4 Glass

Lovehoney Nubby Textured Sensual Glass Dildo

 Nubby Glass Dildo

  • Love rigid dildos
  • Want a dildo for temperature play
  • Enjoy straight dildos
  • Prefer a studded dildo

Nubby Glass Dildo

  • Want a studded dildo for anal use
  • Prefer soft, squishy dildos
  • Want G-spot stimulation

Is it a beautiful sculpture? Is it a blissful bumpy dildo? Maybe it’s both! I find the design of this spiky dildo very intriguing! This hand-blown glass wand from Lovehoney is covered in colorful bumps that massage with every move! Made from borosilicate glass, this wand is safe and strong and perfect for heating or cooling to explore the thrills of temperature play!

  • Delicious texture
  • Beautiful design
  • Can be heated or cooled
  • Compatible with all lubes

  • Difficult to clean
  • Not anal safe
  • Can get slippery with lube
  • Slim, straight design not the most exciting
Nubby Glass Dildo
Length7 inches
Insertable length6 inches
Diameter1.1 inches
MaterialsBorosilicate glass

This glass dildo really looks amazing and the bumps create some interesting sensations as they move in and out! The bumps aren’t too pronounced, but the rigidity means they still feel quite intense. Compared to the other dildos, it’s on the slimmer side, although as the material is rigid, I recommend using plenty of lube and warming up first. Plus, as it’s made from borosilicate glass, you can use any lube with this dildo — just be careful as it can get a bit slippery! Also, remember that this has no flared base, so it’s not safe for anal use.

5 Rippled

Tantus Tsunami Dildo & Mini Vibe

 Tantus Tsunami

  • Enjoy less intense texures
  • Want a curved dildo for g-spot/p-spot stimulation
  • Need a harness compatible dildo

Tantus Tsunami

  • Crave more intense textures
  • Want a suction cup base
  • Need very strong vibrations

Let this rippled dildo from Tantus drench you in waves of pleasure. The curved tip is perfect for seeking out your g-spot or p-spot while the increasingly big ripples of the shaft work their magic as you thrust the dildo. I’m a big fan of Tantus’ high quality silicone and the glossy finish of Tantus Tsunami. Plus, I love that it comes with a bullet vibrator that can be slipped inside to add some blissful vibrations to your experience!

  • Waves of pleasure as you thrust
  • Bullet vibe included
  • Harness compatible
  • High-quality silicone

  • Bullet vibe is a little weak and buzzy
  • No suction cup base
Tantus Tsunami
Vibration speeds(Bullet) 1
Length7.25 inches
Insertable length6.75 inches
Diameter1.5 inches
RechargeableNo (1 x 1.5 V N Battery)

Tantus dildos are known for the great quality, and the Tsunami is no exception! Although less intense than some of the other spiky dildos in the review, the waves have quite pronounced edges that give a nice massage with each thrust. If that’s still too much and you prefer more gentle waves, I would recommend the Tantus Charmer! While it’s nice that this rippled dildo comes with a bullet vibrator, it’s not the best quality and is quite buzzy and doesn’t add a whole lot in terms of stimulation. I think it’s also a shame that it doesn’t have a suction cup base. It’s a little more expensive than the other dildos in the review, but Tantus Dildos really are a great investment in a quality sex toy!


Creature Cocks Demon Rising Scaly Dragon Dildo

 Demon Rising Scaly Dragon

  • Love fantasy play
  • Want a mixture of spiky and bumpy textures
  • Need a suction cup base
  • Like a sculpted head

Demon Rising Scaly Dragon

  • Want a long spiked dildo
  • Prefer more subtle textures

Do you dare take on the Demon Rising Scaly Dragon? This formidable beast of a dildo from Creature Cocks has both scales and a spikes for a range of sweet sensations. The other thing that catches my eye is the more realistic, sculpted head that curves upwards for g-spot or p-spot stimulation. The dildo has a suction cup base for hands riding and it’s harness compatible! The perfect thrill for your next fantasy play night.

  • Exciting design
  • Rows of teasing spikes
  • Strong suction cup
  • Silicone

  • Not long enough for some suction cup positions
  • Base can be tricky to hold
  • Not ideal for harness use
Demon Rising Scaly Dragon
Length7.8 inches
Insertable length5.3 inches
Diameter1-2.8 inches

Wow! This is quite the fantasy dildo! I like that it has a mix of different textures and a sculpted head, but I think the rows of spikes won’t be to everyone’s liking. The spikes on the base can provide a little external stimulation and I appreciate the addition of a suction cup base, base can see that it might be tricky to hold for longer sessions. Compared to the other spiked dildos in the review, it falls into the medium size range. I think it’s nice that the top is narrow and the base is wider, so you just take as much as you are comfortable with.


Faak Alien Dick Dildo

 Alien Dick Dildo

  • Love large dildos
  • Are looking for interesting textures
  • Love alien role play
  • Want a suction cup base
  • Enjoy firm dildos

Alien Dick Dildo

  • Prefer softer, squishier dildos
  • Are not ready for some serious size

Dive deep into alien fantasy play with the Alien Dick Dildo from Faak. This whopping 9-inch dildo features intricate wiggling textures along the top of the shaft and pleasurable bumps along the bottom for an experience like no other! I think this thick spiked dildo will satisfy those looking to explore the realms of larger dildos! Made from silicone and featuring a suction cup base, this dildo is great for alien adventures on dry land or in underwater!

  • Varied textures
  • Strong suction cup
  • Great for fantasy play
  • Choice of three colors

  • Too big for some
  • Difficult to clean
Alien Dick Dildo
Length9 inches
Diameter2 inches

This is definitely the perfect dildo for alien role play! Imagine being abducted to be met with this wild ride! It has less intense textures, but more variation compared to the other spiked dildos in the review. Just be warned, this thing is big! I would only recommend this if you have experience with larger toys as the size and firmness also intensifies the sensation of the textural details!

Spiked Penis Sleeves

Slip on a spiked penis sleeve and take the stimulation to a whole new level! Not only do these sleeves add a little more length and girth, but they are also adorned with spikes and nubs. Each thrust will feel like an explosion of sensation for your partner. Plus, they can help give you a little more stamina so you get more time to enjoy them!

Lovehoney Twin Teasers Textured Penis Sleeves

Lovehoney Twin Teasers Textured Penis Sleeves - Spiked Penis Sleeves
Choose between the spiked sensation and rippling ridges with this two pack of penis sleeves from Lovehoney.

Lovehoney Bumpy Ride Textured Penis Sleeve with Ball Loop

Lovehoney Bumpy Ride Textured Penis Sleeve with Ball Loop - Spiked Penis Sleeves
Adorn your shaft with partner pleasing textures but keep the tip free for head stimulation and ejaculation! Everyone’s a winner with this textured penis sleeve from Lovehoney!

CalExotics 3pc Extension Set

CalExotics 3pc Extension Set - Spiked Penis Sleeves
Want a whole range of spiky sensations? This CalExotics has three different spiked penis sleeves to explore! They are made from stretchy TPE and secure in place with a stretchy ball loop.

Comparing the Best Spiked Dildos

Here’s a quick feature by feature comparison of all the spiked dildos in this review to make your decision a little easier!


The two spiked dildos with the highest overall ratings are the Creature Cocks Stegosaurus Spiky Reptile Dildo, which has more intense all over spikes, and the Addiction Ben Scaled Dildo, which has more subtle ridges.


The slimmest spiked dildo in the review is the Lovehoney Nubby Glass Wand at just 1.1 inches in diameter. I would recommend this slim spiked dildo to beginners or anyone looking for a rigid or wanting to explore temperature play. At the other end of the scale, the biggest spiked dildos in this  review are the Bump Up Dildo and Alien Dick Dildo, both measuring an impressive 9 inches long and 2 inches wide! I would only recommend these to people who have some experience with larger toys.

Texture Intensity:

If you are looking for super intense spiky textures, I would look at the Stegosaurus Spiky Reptile Dildo, which has very pronounced all over soft silicone spikes, making it the most intense in terms of stimulation. The Addiction Tom and Tantus Tsunami both have less intense textural details, making them better for people who are very sensitive or crave more intense thrusting. The studded dildos, like the Lovehoney Nubby and Bump Up are in the medium intensity range.


Most of the dildos in this review fall into the $30-$50 price range. The cheapest is the Lovehoney Nubby Glass Wand at just under $35, while the most expensive is the Tantus Tsunami at just over $50.

How to use a Spiked Dildo

While spiked dildos can be used in the same way as other dildos, they do take the intensity to a whole new level! Here are tips on how to enjoy your spiky dildo to the max!

Spend extra time on foreplay

Spend extra time on foreplay

Spiked or bumpy dildos feel more intense, so you need to make sure you are very aroused before you use them, otherwise they can feel uncomfortable. You can use the dildo to stroke you clitoris, in between your labia, or massage your anus, depending on whether you are using your dildo vaginally or anally.

Use extra lube

Use extra lube

The extra texture requires extra lube to help those spikes and bumps glide smoothly. Add lots before you get started and re-lube as necessary!

Move slowly

Move slowly

Move the dildo slowly instead of thrusting fast and hard to really feel and enjoy the textures!

How to Clean Spiked Dildos

Spiked dildos require extra attention when cleaning as there are lots of small gaps for bacteria to hide in between the nubs and spikes. Be sure to be extra careful to clean the whole thing thoroughly! If your spiked dildo is made from silicone or borosilicate glass, you can clean it with hot water and mild soap or a sex toy cleaner. You can even boil it to sterilize it as long as there are no electrical parts.


No, spiked dildos shouldn't be painful. Although they are called spiked dildo, they don't have sharp spikes for obvious reasons! The 'spikes' have rounded or blunt tips and are often made from soft materials like silicone. Many are more like studded dildos, which have more rounded bumps than actual spikes.

I would recommend a studded with very small, rounded 'spikes' or bumps as this won't be too intense. You should also look for a smaller girth and softer materials.

There are many different spiked dildos out there and while a lot of them do fall into the fantasy dildo category, there are plenty that don't as well! There's a spiked dildo out there to suit all tastes!

Spiked dildos, bumpy dildos, and ribbed dildos all add extra stimulation as the textural details massage the internal walls of the vagina or anus making the sensation feel more intense.

What is a Spiked Dildo?

A spiked dildo features added 'spikes' along the shaft that intensify the stimulation as you move the dildo in and out. But don't worry, the spikes aren't sharp and they aren't designed to hurt. Instead the blunted tips massage over the sensitive nerve endings in the vaginal or anal canal for some intensely pleasurable stimulation. Studded dildos provide the same effect but are less intense and more beginner-friendly, as are ribbed or ridged dildos.

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