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My review and interview with founder Angie Rowntree. Learn about ethical porn and what true porn for women is all about.

This is my personal and BedBible review, and I am excited to share it with all of you! You see, I am one of those people who has to believe in a product or service before selling it to others.

Therefore, with part of my job being reviewing sex toys and services, such as this, I have the privilege of trying all sorts of wild and wonderful things; one of them being

So, when you see me recommend this website to you, that means I not only love it, I believe you will love it as well. And you can always be 100% sure I will never give a positive review unless I mean it.

That being said, let’s talk about and all of the exciting, erotic and sensual things they have to offer. Review Synopsis The Garden
  • is a porn website, geared toward women that features ethical porn.
  • Ethical porn is adult content filmed by consenting adults that are treated well, paid fairly and actually enjoy the sex acts with partners they are attracted to. Additionally, ethical porn, also referred to as feminist porn, depicts female pleasure in a realistic way.
  • was started in 1999 by Angie Rowntree in response to her perceived need for pornography better suited for women. In addition, the site touts a desires survey that has collected 24 years’ worth of erotic information from women which had been used to develop exclusive films and content for the site.
  • offers more than 2,000 short and full-length films of many genres, sexual wellness videos, BDSM and kink movies as well as stories and novels, guided masturbation and so much more.
  • You can join at various tiers including 2-day, 1 month, 3 months and 1 year.
  • The website’s navigation is simplified and extremely easy to use, it’s considerably safe and discreet.
  • This BedBible writer gives 5 stars!

Taste everything has to offer with a two day trial membership for just $4.95 Review Quick Links

What is The Proposal is an interactive website dedicated to porn for women. Or, as some like to call it, feminist porn.

But what exactly is feminist porn? Well, it may not be what you are picturing!

In fact, this type of porn is catered to women and features actual stories and fantasies with plots, story lines and a lot of steamy, sensual sex.

Further, the best aspect of this type of porn is that it shows real, reactive and sensual sex during which the woman is actually pleasured and enjoying it. Additionally, it features male and female couples, same-sex couples and a little bit of fantasy threesome action as well.

Plus, these creative films are shot in various backdrops that convey fantasy as well as every day life, as we know it.

Now, what you won’t see on are fake-screaming actors that strike a pose and stare at the camera as she “squirts” across the room. That is because she’s being sweaty, slap-banged by several men who eventually end their fun by covering her in their spew.

Nope, no movies about f*cking just for the sake of f*cking; they all have a story around which they revolve.

Most importantly, these erotic masterpieces have been inspired by the very people who watch these films and are members of Hence, the interactive component of this groundbreaking website.

Yes, the movies actually come from the imaginations and fantasies of women just like you. Then, they are masterfully developed into a film, oftentimes produced by founder and award-winning film producer Angie Rowntree.

Plus, has a plethora of delightful things for you to enjoy in addition to movies – of which, I’ll talk more about shortly. But the best thing about is that the pornography contained within the site’s parameters is considered ethical porn.

Want to see for yourself? Get full access with a 2-day trial membership for just $4.95

What is Ethical Porn? Destinations

Ethical porn is a term used to describe adult films created by people who care about the actors, respect them, and treat them like human beings. For instance, actors aren’t just thrown together and made to have sex and pretend they’re enjoying it.

On the contrary, the movie producers either film real-life couples, or pair actors that have a mutual attraction and real, on-set chemistry. In addition, ethical porn includes policies such as these:

  • All sex acts are negotiated and agreed upon before the scene is shot.
  • Anyone can say “no” at any time and can stop a scene if they feel uncomfortable.
  • Condoms are provided on-set and the choice to wear them is up to the actors.
  • Pay rates are per day with no variances because of gender or sex acts performed.
  • Actors will never be asked to perform any act that has not been discussed and agreed upon prior to filming.
  • Meals and snacks are provided throughout the day.
  • There are on-set advocates to represent the actors.

Although this is just a small portion of what goes into creating ethical porn, the point is that when watching movies on, you can be confident that what you are seeing is real attraction and satisfying, consensual sex performed by actors who are treated well.

And the public is welcome to read everything, in regard to the creation of ethical porn, right on the website under Casting Calls and Policies. Yes, you can apply to be an adult actor right there as well!

How Did Get Started?

The best part of is how it got started. I spoke to the founder of, Angie Rowntree, and here’s what she had to say in regard to why she created this incredible website.

“My husband (who is the founder of and I got involved in the very early days (1994) of the online adult entertainment industry. From the start, I was confused and frustrated by the lack of films and other content aimed at women as consumers, and the lack of content from a female perspective or showing mutual pleasure.”

I couldn’t agree more with this, as someone who used to watch porn with my partners, I was always left frustrated and feeling unfulfilled with everything we watched. And sometimes, even disgusted.

Angie continues:

“Everything was geared towards a male point of view and men’s fantasies, with depictions of male pleasure, and very little or nothing for us. When I questioned people in the industry as to why, they told me there was no market for women. ‘Women just don’t watch porn’ or ‘women are not visual’ was the common refrain. That was in 1998.

“I wanted to change that.” Angie stated, “Although at the time I was not sure what that looked like in practice, that’s why I started asking women via our survey what they wanted to see or experience.”

Twenty-Four Years of Data on Female Desire

Angie shrugged off the industry norm and created, along with her first, interactive component, the sexual desires survey. Angie added:

“By 1999, the first primitive version of was born on our small business website, along with our survey, which has now been running for 24 years. Yes, we have 24 years of data on desire – specifically female desire.”

And since that time, has become quite a success!

“While there were some skeptics in the beginning, believe it or not, people within the industry have been very supportive – and our members have been incredibly encouraging. I’m also tickled that many people I’ve met outside of the adult industry have been very accepting and curious – in fact, it’s made for some fun and interesting dinner conversations over the years.”

Yes, we all want to be like Angie when we grow up! Now, let’s take a look at and all the site has to offer you!

Award-Winning Website and Movies

"Whispers of Desire" movie photo
“Whispers of Desire” compliments of

Another exciting aspect of this review is the fact that the website itself has won several awards from XBiz and AVN. However, as proof of the incredible movies created by Angie Rountree for, those films have received dozens of awards and nominations from AVN, CineKink Film Festival and others.

I mean, think about that! Imagine, a movie created from one of your submitted fantasies winning a prestigious award!

My Review of

My review of has literally been more than a year in the making, as finding time to watch enough content in order to develop a thorough review, was tough. But now, here it is, for all of our BedBible readers to see.

Accordingly, I am going to share my thoughts on’s offerings, from their exclusive and curated movies, to a virtual reality world in which you can participate, and then some.

And, as always, if you join, BedBible does get a small percentage of the sale. However, that has never influenced any of us to write a dishonest review on any product we feature.

But first, I want to address why I felt it so important to include a female-centric, ethical porn site with our trusted partners.

My Fascination with Porn and Yearning for More

Y’all know I am old-school and have been in the pleasure product business for 3 decades. Meaning, I started when vibrators were hard plastic, were only referred to as massagers and featured in Memaw’s Carol Wright catalog.

And the reason I so seamlessly flowed into that business was because of my love for sex and helping others, as well as my long, self-claimed nymphomaniac status and appreciation of porn.

Well, my appreciation of the idea of porn.

You see, I used to attend triple-x rated drive-in movie theaters with my first husband, 40 years ago. The thing was, we never made it past the opening scene because the films were geared toward male fantasies and their pleasure.

Therefore, I was unable to watch any more of the movie; not that there was anything to actually watch.

It was then that I yearned for more; particularly films with a purpose and real women expressing real pleasure. I mean, how often do people have sex with the furnace repair man, joined by their neighbor, who just happened to stop by to borrow a cup of sugar because his wife was out of town?


Unknowingly, Angie Rowntree was fulfilling my secret desires for porn that stimulated more than my then-husband.

And here it is! Better late, than never! Review: What Does Have to Offer?

Compliments of

Now, let’s dig into my review so you can, hopefully, fall in love with the site, the way I did! Most importantly, I hope you find the site not only appropriate to share with your partner, but something you’ll want to invest in for the long-term!

So, let’s talk about the abundance of unique offerings from, and the beautiful and creative mind of founder, Angie Rowntree.

Original and Curated Movies offers over 2000 + movies for your viewing pleasure. Further, those movies include shorts, as well as full-length films, delivered in 20-30-minute vignettes.

That way, you can watch each part of the movie, at your convenience. Or, have time in between parts to enjoy a bit of fun with your partner or favorite sex toy.

Plus, many of the movies on are originals, written, developed and filmed from the fantasies of women just like you. Additionally, curates unique and special movies from other sources that also fulfill the desires of its members.

As a matter of fact, I am in the middle of watching a film that is a porn-dream-come-true for me. It’s very Hallmark-esque and stars a young man, tired of meaningless, one-night stands.

Now, enter his best friend and his girlfriend, who want to fix said young man up with an adorable new neighbor and her sweet little pup.

Then, the pup runs off – unknown to the adorable girl – and right into the back yard of the guy looking for a deeper, loving bond.

*swoon* Are you feeling the chick-flick, rom-com vibes?

However, his friend cooks up a scheme to hang onto the dog so young guy can assist adorable girl in finding the pup. Hence becoming her knight in shining armor.

Yes, even I can see where this is going – guy gets girl, girl finds out he lied, but they later make up and live happily ever after.

But as much as this sounds like a Hallmark movie, plot wise, it includes the sex we only fantasize about as those credits roll and we hug our pillows.

So, what else makes movies stand out from the oodles of available porn?

Sign up from as little as $4.95 to access more than 2000 movies!

More on Movies

The Soiree interface
The Soiree Interface –
  • VR Dynamic 360 Degree: Some movies are VR compatible, allowing for 360 degree viewing – bringing the fun and steamy stories to life.
  • Other viewing choices: Include four screen size options or TV casting-streaming on your Smart TV or with an HDMI connection.
  • Sex Toy Pairings: These movies include the use of sex toys, integrated beautifully into a storyline.
  • Couples Movies: There is a wide variety of films that feature couples and are perfect to watch with your significant other.
  • The Discover Tab: Clicking this tab brings your fantasies alive with BDSM and kink cinema, girl-on-girl, pleasure mapping, activism and videos for men. Plus, offerings such as how to strip for your partner, anal sex tips and blow job secrets.
  • Soiree: A feature for the times, Soiree was developed during the pandemic, and allows members to share movies with a friend or partner anywhere in the world. With over 500 titles to share, Soiree also features a personal video chat, so you can talk or have a little long-distance, naughty fun.

Finally, I was over-the-moon when I noticed an actor had stretch marks and real breasts! Yes, there are tummy rolls and thick thighs too!

I think a little tear came to my eye! features real people who look like me and you and our partners! And that, dear readers, is something that has been missing from porn. Stories and Novels

There is nothing like snuggling up in bed with a warm cup of tea or nightcap and a good book. But you can take that a step further and read’s selection of erotic stories and novels.

After all, what helps you sleep better than a good story, topped off with some self-pleasure, followed by an earth-shattering orgasm? Or, read these provocative, character-rich stories to your partner and vice-versa for a super-steamy evening at home.

Best yet, the written word allows us to see the story in our minds, creating the perfect character traits or putting ourselves in those roles.

Audio Stories Too also provides audio stories for those who prefer to close their eyes and listen. On top of that, these audio stories include genres such as your typical erotic fantasy, old-time, burlesque, comedy-dramas, and even ASMR whisper stories – if you happen to love the new ASMR trend.

Actually, I listened to a few audio stories myself and I can only rate them as well-written, voiced and steaming hot!’s Guided Masturbation

Guided Masturbation clip Guided Masturbation

Admittedly, I wrongfully believed that guided masturbation was someone teaching you to masturbate. Like, “Okay, now place your finger on your clitoris and move in a circular motion.”

Boy, was I wrong!’s guided masturbation audio files are an adventure in masturbation – literally. To explain further, you are the star in this erotic journey of masturbatory discovery.

I sat here on the couch, headphones on and eyes closed – doing my due diligence for you. And I literally had to run off to the privacy of my room, grab my favorite toy and finish myself off.

Yes, their guided masturbation stories are titillating, seductive and oh-so-scorching hot. 5-stars, must try, will do it again and again!

And so should you!

Erotic Photo Galleries also has a comprehensive and beautiful photo gallery featuring erotic photos, tastefully done and incredibly masturbation-worthy. In addition, some of your favorite Sssh movies have their own still albums, shot on-set, which you can enjoy, no pause button required. Review: The Fifty-One Shades of Submission Virtual World

If original and curated movies, guided-masturbation and erotic novels weren’t enough, helps you fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies in a safe and anonymous way. Introducing the Fifty-One Shades of Submission Virtual World.

To experience your sexual fantasies, simply create an account, get your avatar and head to the Welcome Center to learn how to customize your character. Then, walk around the flea market, check out the bars and night clubs or attend a live event, such as a concert.

And when you’re ready, you can purchase an apartment, decorate it with user-created furnishings and accessories, and buy clothing, new hair styles and even get tattoos for your avatar. Best yet, you can experience a custom BDSM session with either Ana or Christian.

Finally, everything is anonymous, safe and so deliciously exciting! I tried out the virtual world, again, doing my research for you, and here’s my experience.

My Fifty-One Shades Virtual World Experience

Sssh Virtual World Designed by Red Light Center for Sssh.Com
Sssh Virtual World Designed by Red Light Center for Sssh.Com

What I learned during my stay in this virtual, 3-D adult playground was that first and foremost, people there were extremely helpful and friendly. For instance, the second I stepped into a room, I was immediately welcomed with friendly hellos and offers to show me around.

That’s how I knew to go to the welcome center, find a volunteer and make my avatar more me. In the meantime, folks were dancing, drinking and making out as well as just chit-chatting.

However, I did learn that I could watch “nakies” but couldn’t get nude and have sex until I paid a modest fee to upgrade my account. So, if voyeurism is your thing, this virtual world will cost you nothing.

But if you want to upgrade your clothing or hair, buy an apartment and partake in all sorts of naughty, sexual escapades, it’s worth the fee.

In all honesty, I’ve never been a gamer.

In fact, I am terrible at any sort of video game. However, I was able to control my avatar with ease while navigating the entire city, talking to people and making friends.

Best of all, everyone was excited that I was writing an article! That is, after I explained no names would be mentioned!

In the end, Fifty-One Shades of Submission is a must-try, especially if you are wanting to experience wild sex in ways you feel you never could in the real world. Again, 5-stars, will go back again and again!

And if you join and happen to see Sex_Writer_65, stop and say hello! Miscellaneous Offerings: Review

Finally, in addition to all of the grown-up goodies above, offers advice columns like Dear Amy and Ask a Man, sexual wellness videos, a sex toy and jewelry store and True Confessions. Which is similar to Dear Penthouse, only created by the minds of women, just like us.

In addition, features podcasts and Sex Talk Tuesday on Twitter, which is hosted by guest celebrities and some of the top names in the pleasure industry.

Honestly, I was surprised, impressed and excited over the vast array of everything that offers its members. But don’t just take my word for it, jump on and get yourself a membership now!

However, if you need to know more, keep reading! Because, yes, there is more. Coming Soon

Bound Love from
“Bound Love” from

Upcoming delights making their way to include a Historical-Vintage, fantasy movie line-up, Sssh sex trivia and animated GIFS. Additionally, Angie Rowntree shared some upcoming Sssh surprises with me.

The first was an answer to my question in regard to films featuring mature adults, my personal porn desire;

“I actually have this fantastic script about a couple – one divorced, one widowed – who are back on the dating scene and struggling to navigate it after 40 years.”

There is more to this movie concept, but I don’t want to share her trade secrets, because the movie is still in development.

“We have so many member requests for films like this, but it’s a challenge to cast them.”

I am extremely disappointed that it’s such a challenge to find mature actors willing to create ethical porn. I mean, it would be wonderful to see people, like myself, in these films – like the way BedBible has sex toy testers of every age, gender and sexual orientation – so you’ll find someone like yourself reviewing sex toys.

But my disappointment quickly flipped, as Angie did share an upcoming film release that is right up BedBible’s alley!

“In the next couple of weeks, we’re releasing ‘Toying Around,’ a short film about a couple who introduces sex toys into their love life. Our members wanted to see a film where the woman initiates a conversation about spicing up their sex life, and the husband is enthusiastic and supportive.

It’s a wonderful story.”

Considering this is an advice subject that lands in my inbox on a regular basis, I’m sure “Toying Around” will be another must-see in the Sssh collection!

How Popular is

So, how popular is Considering it’s been around and growing since, 1999, won many awards and is still going strong, I would say, without a doubt, that it’s extremely popular.

Angie Rowntree shared the following:

“I’m humbled and honored by how popular has become and by the longevity of the brand. I’m consistently amazed by the feedback we get from our fans and members, who have contributed so much to my understanding of human sexuality and desire. 

After all, everything on is there because a member has requested it. It’s really gratifying to hear people say that has improved their lives – and not just by providing them with quality entertainment. 

We are in the business of desire and our job is to deliver what is desired, period.”

I personally love and will continue to be a member of the warm, inviting and intellectually and physically provocative site. In addition, I am ecstatic at the future possibilities – hopefully, we will see some mature actors soon!

Finally, Angie gave me some insight into the present and future of the website:

“Technology changes so fast and I love the challenges. How you can make a seemingly one-dimensional website take on a life of its own, by making it feel warm and welcoming. How films and stories can bring people together and help them truly connect.” 

My time as an internet entrepreneur has taught me that everything online moves at an accelerated pace. As an online business, if you think you’re standing still, the truth is you’re going backward. Innovation has always been mission-critical at” Review: Is Safe?

Let’s jump into the technical and safety aspects of, now that we’ve covered everything it has to offer you, as a member.

So, is safe? Well, according to their terms of service and privacy policies, says:

“All information you submit to us is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL! We do not share your information with anyone and it is never transmitted over the internet for any reason. Your trust is our most valued commodity!”

And considering that online porn is usually synonymous with viruses and malware, it’s comforting to know that Sssh cares about our online safety and security. Navigation

The only thing I feel lacked was better navigation. To explain, each page loads as, say, a sex toy site. It will show you a certain number choices and, as you scroll, more content propagates.

That’s all well and good, perfectly acceptable for the most part. However, it’s not the most efficient way to discover their content.

However, navigation is simplistic and easy to use. First, you can choose your selection from the drop-down menu.

Next, you can click “newest” or “oldest” so the content shows up in some sort of order. Furthermore, the best way to keep track of what you watch, is by clicking the heart in the bottom-right corner of the vignette for each piece of content.

Additionally, that little heart features the number of likes displayed with it. That way, you have an idea of how well-loved that movie, video or novel is.

Or, like myself, members are also clicking to help them keep track of what they have already viewed. Sure, it would be great to be able to track your watched content, have a list of favorites and so on.

However, the ease-of-use, is a positive thing and hopefully, we will see more member-related features in the future. In the end, navigation didn’t disrupt the positive experience I had at all!

Hence, this small negative is more of an observation and “how to,” so you can navigate the site easily when you decide to join.

How Much is a Membership?

Now, we have arrived at one of the most important aspects of my review; how much does a membership cost?

I mean, considering everything I have laid out here, you might think the site isn’t affordable. Oh, but it is, as has several membership tiers that everyone can afford!

Personally, I would go for the year-long membership. However, that’s because I am absolutely enchanted and hooked on this content that I have coveted for so long!

Here is the rundown of membership costs:

Membership prices
Click image to join now

In case the graphic doesn’t show up, for some reason, here’s the subscription rundown.

$4.95 for a 2-day trial and great for a weekend in or to see if is right for you.

$19.95 for a full month of sensual escapades, movies and more.

$54.95 for 3-month membership and absolute perfection for winter viewing!

$99.95 covers a full year of deliciously exciting movies, Soiree, guided masturbation and bedtime stories to ignite the imagination and the fire we all have inside us.

Are you ready to try Go ahead and join now!

After all, self-pleasure is an important aspect of self-care and you deserve it! However, if you want a sneak peek, go to the landing page, then, at the bottom, click “continue tour”.

More Subscription Details

I know, sometimes it’s uncomfortable to get into a subscription for fear it will be difficult to cancel. However, Sssh makes it easy for you!

From their site:

“SUBSCRIPTION fees are automatically renewed at the end of the original term selected, for a like period of time, unless notice is received from the subscriber 48 hours prior to renewal date and time.

If you purchase our two-day trial membership, your membership will automatically rebill at our monthly rate of $19.95 and thereafter, unless notice is received from the Subscriber *12 hours prior to trial renewal date and time.

*Please note time restrictions are for cancelations via email only.

Canceling via the automated form or calling our 24/7 live customer service number (603-465-9088) is immediate.”

Further, your charges will remain discreet, as billing shows up as either The Phoenix Group or ThePHXGroup. So, no worries that someone will learn of your naughty little secret.

Why Should You Join

So, have I convinced you to give a try yet? If not, here are all of the reasons why I feel you should give it a spin.

  • If you’ve never watched porn before and are curious, is the perfect opportunity to do that discreetly. Rest assured; you won’t be subjected to anything off-putting.
  • You’ve always dreamed of porn with a storyline, like me.
  • You love erotica and audio stories.
  • If you’re down to try something exciting and new like BDSM or guided masturbation, this is the right site to join.
  • You want soft to hard porn, kink, sexual wellness advice and blow job tips all in one place, is the place to be!
  • If you are intrigued by the thought of a virtual world where you can be the sexy beast you know you are, all the while living out your wildest sexual fantasies, in a safe and secure way, you have got to try Sssh’s Fifty-One Shades of Submission.
  • Finally, if you want to be a part of creating ethical, adult films and seeing your fantasies brought to life, Sssh allows you to do that! Review: What Others are Saying

Taking a look around the web, I found hundreds of positive reviews. Unfortunately, reviews for adult sites aren’t like your typical reviews.

Therefore, I found a couple of reviews that I could share, that is, without the pornographic backgrounds and erect penises instead of stars. review

Overall, the reviews that I read were absolutely glowing! But again, you need not look further that Sssh’s own movies, audio and videos with the heart and “love” count! Review Conclusion

"Desolation" from
“Desolation” from BT and

In conclusion, not only do I like, but I cannot recommend it enough! I feel it has something for everyone!

In addition, I feel that isn’t just fantastic for women, it’s an extraordinary site for couples. Moreover, it has the right, meet-in-the-middle porn that satisfies the desires of both men and women.

So, no more faking your way through “Ashleigh Lays Sucks Her Way Through the College Football Team,” just to please your male counterpart. Instead, you’ll get the best of both worlds with hot, real sex, all wrapped up in a story that was dreamed up by someone like you!

For this reason, I give all the stars, thumbs up and erect nipples possible! And if you’re ready to sign up, you can do that right from this page!

A huge thank-you to Angie Rowntree for taking time out to talk to me, and the opportunity to review her incredible site. You have a member for life.

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