The 7 Best Thick Penis Sleeves to Get You Girthier

   Josh Gill
When it comes to your cock, sometimes it’d be nice to have just a little bit of extra girth. That’s why today I’m going to be looking at 7 of the most adventurous and amazing thick penis sleeves out there! From thick, all-encompassing sleeves to vibrating sleeves, to open-tipped sleeves, there’s something for everyone, so sit back, and enjoy the ride!
1 Test Winner

Perfect Fit Fat Boy Ultra Fat Penis Sleeve

 Perfect Fit Fat Boy Penis

  • Like an easy to use thick penis sleeve
  • Want a sleeve with a ball loop
  • Enjoy the sexy textures inside the sleeve
  • Prefer your sleeves to be flexible

Perfect Fit Fat Boy Penis

  • Don't enjoy the use of a ball loop
  • Prefer silicone penis sleeves
  • Want a more solid thick penis sleeve

Grant your little guy some extra girth when you slip him into this chunky sleeve that doubles up as a sensational male masturbator. Its bumpy internal texture gives you extra stimulation as your partner enjoys your broadened baloney pony. Unlike other penis extenders, this tactile, real-feel design is soft, easy-to-wear and pleasurable for both partners. It slides easily over the shaft and loops over your balls for a secure hold, giving you complete peace of mind during wear.

  • Well textured
  • Ball loop
  • Feels great

  • Not made from silicone
  • May be too tight for some
Perfect Fit Fat Boy Penis
MaterialsSoft plastic
Length8 inches
Insertable length7 inches
Width1.9 inches, (canal) 1.25 inches

The Perfect Fit Fat Boy Ultra Fat Penis Sleeve is a great sex toy for a variety of reasons. I find it to look great, fit great, and generally feel great. That’s right; it’s a triple threat! It will give you a little extra girth to your cock while providing you with a tightly textured canal to hold your penis. This means that both the wearer of the sleeve and the person on the receiving end both get equal amounts of stimulation! The only main letdown of the Perfect Fit Fat Boy Ultra Fat Penis Sleeve is that it is made of soft plastic, and not silicone. That shouldn’t be too much of an issue if you don’t mind putting in a little extra work to keep it clean!

2 Cheapest

Lovehoney Mega Mighty Penis Extender

 Lovehoney Mega Mighty

  • Want a penis sleeve with a good girth to it
  • Like the see-through design
  • Don't want to pay too much for a toy like this
  • Want a very affordable penis sleeve

Lovehoney Mega Mighty

  • Don't want a clear penis sleeve
  • Prefer a more sturdy ball loop
  • Are happy to pay for a more expensive sleeve

Boost your girth to super-human proportions and up to 2 inches in length with this mega thick penis extender. Covered in bulging veins and a huge bulbous head for extra partner-pleasuring, keep your eyes on the goods thanks to the stretchy clear sleeve. Depending on your natural size, wearing the Mega Mighty can add up to 2 inches of additional length to your shaft, all with a realistic head and texture and an impressive 6.5 inches of girth.

  • Nice and thick
  • Clear design
  • Unobtrusive loop
  • Great price

  • Ball loop may break
  • Clear design won't suit some
Lovehoney Mega Mighty
MaterialsSoft plastic
Length7.5 inches
Insertable length5 inches
Width2.06 inches, (canal) 1.5 inches

If you enjoy seeing your cock with a little extra girth, then I can heartily suggest you pick up the Lovehoney Mega Mighty Penis Extender. Its clear design adds an extra sexy element as you can actually see your cock while it’s in there. The additional girth really is considerable, too, and will get the job done. There is a ball loop, however, the loop is pretty thin and may snap after a while. I’d recommend keeping an eye on that if you do go for the Lovehoney Mega Mighty Penis Extender. Still, for the super affordable price, you can’t complain too much!

3 Open Tip

Perfect Fit Open Tip Xplay Breeder

 Perfect Fit Xplay Breeder

  • Want a very textured penis sleeve
  • Like the idea of an extended girth
  • Want an open tip for when you ejaculate

Perfect Fit Xplay Breeder

  • Want a closed tip penis sleeve
  • Don't like a sleeve that is too textured
  • Aren't looking to extend your penis girth

Stay on top of your lovemaking game with a premium penis sleeve that brings superb satisfaction to yourself and your missus! Created specifically for men to achieve their dreams of getting bigger without the need for a surgical alternative or other expensive procedures. Instantly achieve an increase in girth, and bring your confidence back with the Open Tip Xplay Breeder Textured Penis Sleeve by Perfect Fit! Designed with an open tip, the Xplay sleeve allows you to still enjoy the pleasure and sensations of sex while wearing the sleeve. Unlike other sheaths on the market, your penis tip will stick through the open-ended hole and let you cum naturally.

  • Fantastic textured
  • Very girthy
  • Open tip

  • May be tricky to wear
  • Won't catch your cum
Perfect Fit Xplay Breeder
Length5.6 inches
Width1.4 inches
AllergiesLatex-free / Phthalate-free

Many penis sleeves have closed tips, meaning that when you ejaculate, your cum stays in there. Well, the Perfect Fit Open Tip Xplay Breeder has an open tip, and allows you to cum through the end of it – perfect for if you’re into a bit of breeding! The size and girth of the sleeve make it suitable for most cocks, though some may find it tricky to wear. The ball loop – while very stable – is thick and complicated, and might prove to be a bit difficult to put on in the heat of passion. I know I certainly don’t want to waste too much time when getting down to it! Still, if it’s an open tipped cock sleeve you’re after, the Perfect Fit Open Tip Xplay Breeder will do you just fine.

4 Silicone

Vixen VixSkin Colossus Penis Extender

 Vixen VixSkin Colossus

  • Want a realistic looking penis sleeve
  • Like textures on the outside as well as the inside
  • Love the feel of silicone against your cock

Vixen VixSkin Colossus

  • Are on a budget
  • Don't need it to look so realistic
  • Are looking for a smaller ball loop

Give your baloney pony a boost and achieve an epic erection of immense proportions with this 7 inch penis extender by Vixen. No matter what size you are it will hug your penis just perfectly and provide you with a firm erection. Made from ultra-realistic silicone with pronounced detailing, it looks and feels just like the real thing, after a growth spurt! With its pronounced head, thick veiny shaft and super-satisfying girth it’s easy to see how Colossus got its name. Plus, it has a stretchy ring that stretches around your balls for extra stability, meaning this extender sleeve stays securely in place during sex for seriously deep, orgasmic penetration for your partner. Fancy making things even more realistic? Pop your extension into warm water for 10 minutes before play for colossal body temperature bonking.

  • Realistic looks
  • Premium quality
  • Fun to wear

  • Extremely expensive
Vixen VixSkin Colossus
Insertable length7 inches
Width2.22 inches, (canal) 1.5 inches
AllergiesLatex-free, phthalate-free

Just look at the Vixen VixSkin Colossus Penis Extender! It looks ridiculously lifelike, and even features the veins and bulbous head of your average cock. But it’s not just the outside where it looks and feels great – the inside is just as fun (if not MORE fun!) The premium quality of the Vixen VixSkin Colossus Penis Extender is something that many people will love, and the ball loop will cradle them as you play. The only downside here is that it is a very expensive penis sleeve! If you’re on a budget, then the Vixen VixSkin Colossus Penis Extender is not the one for you. However, if you CAN afford it, I’m sure you’ll have no regrets!

5 Vibrating

Zero Tolerance Vibrating Girth Enhancer

 Zero Tolerance Girth Enhancer

  • Want a very easy to use toy
  • Still like to feel those natural feelings
  • Enjoy remote controlled vibrations

Zero Tolerance Girth Enhancer

  • Want a penis sleeve that fully encompasses your cock
  • Don't need vibrations included
  • Are happy with the girth of your cock already

Get bigger and rumblier with the Zero Tolerance Vibrating Girth Enhancer and enjoy size-augmenting power of that’s great for couple’s play. Two soft and stretchy loops rein in the balls and penis while the penis is supported along the top, seamlessly creating more insertable width for satisfying penetration. The remote control operates two 9-speed motors, letting you stay focused on pleasure with internal and external stimulation. This unique toy works for anyone with a penis looking for a boost in girth and a vibrating advantage, even underwater, as it’s completely submersible. Fully rechargeable toy and remote. Easy to clean with toy cleaner and a warm water rinse.


  • Easy to use
  • Open design
  • Great vibrations

  • Not all encompassing
  • Has to be recharged
Zero Tolerance Girth Enhancer
Length4.48 inches
Width1.5 inches
Vibration speeds9
Remote ControlsYes
RechargeableYes: via USB
AllergiesLatex-free / phthalate-free

The Zero Tolerance Vibrating Girth Enhancer really is going to have you buzzing with excitement! Why? Because this is a simple-to-use toy that is sexy and delivers direct vibrations right to your cock. It’s one of the easier-to-use penis sleeves in this review list, and as such, most people will really enjoy using it. One massive positive is that it does not fully encompass your penis, meaning that you still get the normal, natural sensations and simulations as you would when you’re not wearing it. The remote control makes it easy to vary and change the vibration speeds and patterns at only a touch, meaning that you (or your partner) can mix things up mid-coitus! It’s definitely a double thumbs up from me!

6 Hollow Strap-On

Doc Johnson Strap-On Kit

 Strap-On Kit

  • Want a customisable strap on kit
  • Are a woman wanting to own a cock
  • Are a guy that likes pegging

Strap-On Kit

  • Don't want to spend so much money
  • Don't want to double penetrate
  • Are happy with your cock as it is

Simple as Do Re Mi and ABC, this kit has 1, 2, 3 interchangeable hollow dildos, all compatible with its stretchy harness. Perfect for extending your length and width, these smooth silicone shafts make play with your partner all about love, baby. The smallest dildo measures 7 inches in insertable length, with a girth of 6 inches at its widest point. The middle dildo measures 7.5 inches in insertable length, with a girth of 6 inches at its widest point. The largest dildo measures 8 inches in insertable length, with a girth of 7 inches at its widest point. The silicone harness and chosen dildo sit flush against your body with help from the snaps and elasticated bands, so you can play just like usual.

  • Customisable
  • Comfortable
  • Premium quality

  • Quite complicated
  • Won't suit everyone
Strap-On Kit
Length8 inches
Insertable length8 inches
Width2.22 inches, (canal) 1.75 inches

The Doc Johnson Strap-On Kit is a great little kit for a variety of reasons. First off, it is very customizable. You can interchange the hollow cocks and choose one to suit your liking. Then there is also a hole for you to slide your cock through if you want to do a little double penetration. Women can wear this if they want to partake in a little strap-on fun, or if their male partner enjoys being pegged. The quality is high, and it is very comfortable to wear. The only thing is, is that the Doc Johnson Strap-On Kit is a fairly steep price. You do get a lot of cool stuff, but not everyone will be able to afford it.

7 Fantasy

Deep Fantasies Leviathan

 Deep Fantasies Leviathan

  • Have fantasied that you want to make come true
  • Enjoy a little bit of alien tentacle fun
  • Are looking for a weird but premium penis sleeve

Deep Fantasies Leviathan

  • Are looking for a more 'traditional' penis sleeve
  • Are hoping to pay a little less
  • Want a close-ended penis sleeve

An ancient sea monster, bringing chaos and destruction, The Deep Fantasies Leviathan Platinum Silicone Penis Sheath – Small, Blue will take hold of you and plunge into depths unknown. Those who choose to take on this monster will have their pleasure stretched beyond expectations.

  • Unique shape
  • Interesting textures
  • Open tip design

  • Strange looking
  • Relatively expensive
Deep Fantasies Leviathan
Length6.2 inches
Insertable length4.1 inches
Width1.8 inches, (canal) 1 inches

The Deep Fantasies Leviathan really is something out of your naughtiest fantasies! Designed to look like some alien sea creature tentacle, I can see why some people would really enjoy this design. The textures and shape are definitely unique features of this thick penis sleeve. The quality is also very high, and it is comfortable to wear – all definite winds, in my book! Will the Deep Fantasies Leviathan be for everyone? No. Some won’t like the strange shapes and textures, and as such will not enjoy using it or having it be used on them. For those people, there are plenty of other more traditional-looking penis sleeves out there.

The Ultimate Girth Enhancer for Double Penetration

What about if you don’t just want to extend and grow your penis, but want an entirely separate cock? Is there a toy for that? You can bet your bottom dollar, there is!

Oxballs 7" Penetrator

Oxballs 7" Penetrator - The Ultimate Girth Enhancer for Double Penetration
The Oxballs 7″ Penetrator is a dildo attached to a cockring! Stretch the ring around your cock and balls, and it lays out on top of your penis for one hot double-fuck. Made of Platinum-Cure silicone, it’s just the right firmness – like a nice flexible hard penis, not rock hard. It gives and flexes, molding to the base of your shaft. The base of the dildo is shaped, so it wraps around the top of your penis. The rest of the shaft is a nice smooth dildo with a flared head for easy double penetration!

How to use thick penis sleeves

Using thick penis sleeves isn’t actually that complicated. But just in case you’re struggling, I’ll talk you through a couple of the most important things to help you make the most of your thick penis sleeve!

Lube yourself up!

Lube yourself up!

Lubrication is important if you want to fully enjoy your thick penis sleeve! Make sure you coat your cock and your sleeve with a nice, high-quality water-based lubrication to make sure that you can slide it on without any painful friction issues!

Loop it around your balls!

Loop it around your balls!

Most cock sleeves will have a ball loop, which allows you to secure the sleeve to your testicles. It also acts as a kind of cock ring too, so you get double the amounts of pleasure. You may need to lube your balls up too if you want to fully avoid any unnecessary testicle entanglements as you put it on properly!

Don't wear it forever!

Don't wear it forever!

Thick penis sleeves are a whole lot of fun, and you really can get up to some naughty stuff while you wear them. But here’s the thing; you shouldn’t wear them for a long time! Sure, put your penis sleeve on and have a good time, but don’t leave it on indefinitely. Your penis needs to breathe!

How to clean thick penis sleeves

As a penis sleeve quite obviously goes on your penis, it's pretty essential that you keep it clean! But how exactly do you do that? Well, I have a few resources that will help you keep your thick penis sleeves in tip-top condition!


No! They are meant to fit against or around your cock snugly. As such, they will feel tight and like they are squeezing you, but never at any point should they feel uncomfortable or hurt you!

Water-based lubrication is always the type that I would personally recommend. It is body safe, won't damage your toys, and won't leave any mess when you're finished!

No! You need a penis to be able to fully enjoy a thick penis sleeve! Women can definitely feel the benefits of these sleeves, though! Their partner will feel extra thick as they wear them!

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What are thick penis sleeves?

Thick penis sleeves are intimate items that go onto your penis! They are designed to help make your cock feel even girthier, while providing you as the wearer with your own special kind of stimulation. If you want to increase your side and double the pleasure, then thick penis sleeves are just the things for you!

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