11 of the Best Thick Sex Dolls for Big Boobs and Bubble Butts Lovers

   Kevin Foley
So, you’re on the hunt for a thick sexdoll but you’re not quite sure which one to buy. With so many different options, it can be hard to find the best doll. That’s what Bedbible is here for! The Tori Curvy TPE Sex Doll is our test winner. Complete with a curvy figure, giant breasts, and a round bubble butt, this doll is sure to meet all of your personal preferences. Of course, Tori isn’t the only thick sex doll out there. Whether you need a small, portable—but still curvy—doll or a doll that can be customized down to the eye color, you’ll find the perfect doll for you in the article below!
1 Test Winner

Tori Premium Curvy TPE Doll


  • Want tons of custom options
  • Love curvy figures
  • Need a positionable doll


  • Want a silicone doll
  • Don’t want customization options
  • Need a budget-friendly doll

The first—and, in our opinion, the best—thick sexdoll we’ll be looking at today is Tori, a premium sex doll that’s made from TPE. Like most sex dolls, Tori is highly customizable, being offered in a variety of sizes with a wide selection of optional features to perfectly meet your individual needs and desires. Whether it’s oral, vaginal, or anal penetration you’re after, Tori’s luscious curves are eagerly awaiting your command!

  • Multiple styles/sizes offered
  • Highly customizable
  • Optional free cleaning machine
  • Financeable

  • Expensive
  • Storage case costs extra
  • Made from TPE
Height33 inches
OpeningsMouth, vagina, anus

Even if she doesn’t look quite like the girl of your dreams, Tori is the perfect thick sex doll to start from. Made from high-quality TPE, offering three usable entrances, and including a bunch of opt-in free extras, Tori is a decent value for the money. That said, she does become a bit less of a bargain if you go heavy on the customization. While some options (such as a second head) are offered for free, others—like vampire teeth—can easily add hundreds on top of the original price. Ultimately, if you’re going after a short, curvy doll then Tori is a solid option. Lifelike to the touch and stunning to the eyes, you’ll certainly get your money’s worth if you decide to pick this doll up!

2 Runner Up

Irontech Scarlet Elf Thick Sex Doll

 Irontech Scarlet Elf Thick Sex Doll

  • can handle moving a weight of 80+ pounds.
  • have adequate space for storage.
  • seek a highly realistic sex doll experience.
  • appreciate the option to customize and dress the doll.
  • desire a visually and tactically stimulating thick sex doll.

Irontech Scarlet Elf Thick Sex Doll

  • struggle with moving heavy objects.
  • require a portable and easy-to-handle sex doll.
  • have a limited budget.
  • are concerned with regular, thorough cleaning.

The Scarlet Elf Irontech Doll is a life-size, elf-inspired sex doll, approximately five feet tall, made from TPE material with realistic details. It features three usable orifices and offers extensive customization options, including interchangeable heads and the ability to dress the doll up.

  • Highly realistic appearance.
  • Fully posable for various configurations.
  • Three functional orifices (mouth, vagina, anus) for diverse experiences.
  • Customization options enhance personalization.
  • Interchangeable heads for different looks.

  • Weighs over 80 pounds, making it difficult to handle.
  • Cleaning and maintenance can be time-consuming.
  • Storage could be challenging due to its size.
  • High price point (over $2,000).
Irontech Scarlet Elf Thick Sex Doll
MaterialsTPE, faux hair
Height5 feet inches
Weight81 lbs
OpeningsVagina, anus, mouth
Insertable length(Vagina) 7 inches, (anus) 6.7 inches, (mouth) 5 inches

In my opinion, the Scarlet Elf Irontech Doll stands out for its lifelike realism and extensive customization options, making it a compelling choice for someone looking for a highly realistic sex doll. However, it’s crucial to consider the practical aspects such as its significant weight, the need for ample storage space, and the investment of time required for cleaning and maintenance. It’s a substantial investment, both financially and in terms of the space and effort needed to enjoy it to the fullest. If you’re prepared for these commitments, it could be a highly rewarding purchase, offering an exceptionally realistic experience. However, if convenience and ease of use are priorities for you, this might not be the ideal choice.

3 Cheapest

Britney Big Boobs Sex Doll


  • Want a compact doll
  • Can easily move 30 lbs.
  • Want to upgrade from strokers


  • Want a full-sized doll
  • Prefer dolls with limbs
  • Need a silent-in-use toy

Need a thick sex doll on a budget? If so, look no further than the Britney Big Boobs Sex Doll from Tantaly! Fit with two holes (each offering unique sensations), oversized breasts, and supple skin, Britney is both budget-friendly and space-saving. Although she’s a bit smaller than most, Britney’s large breasts jiggle around pleasantly during use, and you can really see the ripples through her backside with every pump. On the small side? Yes. Still worth it? Most definitely!

  • Budget-friendly
  • Oversized breasts
  • Realistic detailing
  • Soft texture

  • Bulky
  • Gets dirty easily
  • No storage box included
Height19.09 inches
Insertable length(Vagina) 7 inches, (Anus) 6.22 inches inches
Weight28.6 lbs
OpeningsVagina, anus
Storage Bag IncludedNo (plastic bag included)
Condom safeYes

It’s hard to beat Britney when you’re looking for a thick sexdoll on a budget. Her breasts are perky, the exterior is well-detailed, and each of her holes offers a slightly different experience when you enter it, which is a good offering for a doll of this size. Still, there are some downsides to be aware of. First, if you’re looking for a full-size sex doll, Britney isn’t it. Her proportions are closer to ⅗ of a person, which could be off-putting to some. She also gets dirty very easily, although that’s a trait shared with nearly every other doll on this list (so we can’t fault her too much for it!). Basically, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option with a premium feel, Britney is the slightly downsized doll you didn’t know you needed!

4 Beginner

THRUST Pro Elite Alana


  • Are an ass person
  • Have never owned a sex doll before
  • Want skin tone options


  • Want a full-size doll
  • Prefer “oral”
  • Want realism from all angles

For some people, purchasing an entire thick sexdoll is too much. Whether your budget won’t allow it or you simply don’t have the space, the THRUST Pro Elite Alana has everything you’ll need (and nothing you don’t!). This thick sex doll is essentially an oversized masturbator, offering two holes and a large ass for your viewing—and penetrative—pleasure. Heavy enough to stay in place during use but lifelike enough to jiggle like the real thing, Alana is a must-have for any first-time sex doll buyer who loves backside fun!

  • Two entrances
  • Budget-friendly
  • Realistic detailing
  • Easy to use

  • Flat underside
  • Lacks limbs
  • Hard to clean
MaterialsSoft plastic
Length14 inches
Width14 inches
Height9 inches
Insertable length7.5 inches
Diameter (internal)(Vagina) 0.5 inches, (anus) 0.1 inches
OpeningsVagina, anus

Alana is a great option for anyone who doesn’t mind a minimalistic design that focuses on only the essentials. With usable vagina and anus holes, this thick sexdoll is ready to go with just a little lube and a suitable surface. As users have pointed out, she works great, providing a realistic sexual experience in a variety of positions. However, customers also pointed out that she’s a bit challenging to clean. Unlike some other dolls, Alana doesn’t feature a wide single canal between the vaginal and anal entrances. As such, cleaning—and drying—her out after use can be a bit of a hassle. Still, we’d say the reward is worth the effort. Realistic both inside and out, Alana is a gal that will blow your mind (not your budget)!

5 Curvy

Kaylen Premium Curvy TPE Doll


  • Want a full-sized sex doll
  • Have a variable budget
  • Lots of customization options


  • Lack the proper storage space
  • Need a budget-friendly option
  • Prefer the bubble-butt look

One problem you’ll often run into when shopping for a thick sexdoll is that it doesn’t *quite* look like a real woman. Fortunately, that’s not a problem you’ll have with Kaylen! Even the face of this beauty looks realistic, along with every other detail on her body. Fully customizable, you can enjoy Kaylen in any form: with legs, without legs, small-breasted, large-breasted, or anywhere in between. Made from high-quality TPE, Kaylen not only looks realistic but—once you’ve inserted yourself inside—feels realistic as well. Want a doll that is nearly 1:1 of an actual person? If so, then Kaylen is the doll for you!

  • Realistic proportions
  • Highly customizable
  • Excellent detailing
  • Financing available

  • Expensive
  • Made of TPE
  • Storage case costs extra
Height64 inches
Insertable length6.7 inches
Width43 inches
Diameter (internal)0.59 inches
Weight107 lbs
OpeningsMouth, vagina, anus

Many different dolls offer a high level of customization. However, when it comes to the Kaylen thick sex doll, the main advantage of this model is the realistic design of her face. Let’s be honest: some dolls look kind of funky! Kaylen doesn’t suffer from that issue, but she doesn’t have a few downsides worth discussing. Like most customizable dolls, many features will cost you extra. For example, you can get your doll with both a full body heating system and real human hair, but that will cost you an additional $849 (on top of the initial price of the doll). Some options can be added later on, while others must be added during the initial order. We recommend taking a good look at the various options ordered to ensure you’ll get the perfect doll!

6 Big Breasts

Lina Premium Curvy TPE Doll


  • Love giant breasts
  • Prefer Asian facial features
  • Need a posable doll


  • Need a budget-friendly option
  • Prefer butt to breasts
  • Lack required storage space

Lina is the perfect doll for anyone who absolutely loves large breasts! Although there technically is the option to buy this thick sex doll with more realistic breasts, we think her expansive check is a noteworthy selling point! Beyond breasts, Lina has a well-crafted face, complete with a cute nose, small lips, and a usable mouth. Offered in multiple heights (all of which have a gorgeous, curvy figure), Lina could be your first doll or your latest. Either way, she’s sure to become your new favorite!

  • Realistic face
  • Giant breasts
  • Easy to dress up
  • Posable

  • Various add-on incompatibilities
  • High price tag
  • Made of TPE
Height62 inches
OpeningsMouth, vagina, anus

Breast lovers will absolutely adore this thick sexdoll. When it comes to oversized breasts, Lina is one of the best dolls you can look at. In “stock form”, her hair perfectly frames her face, and her figure as a whole has great curves to it. Add in a flexible, posable internal skeleton and you’re sure to have a great time with this doll. Of course, there are always downsides. For Lina, it’s the pricing. If you want to get a doll like the one pictured, you’ll be looking at a minimum investment of nearly $2,400! Whether she’s worth the asking price really depends on how often you plan on using her. If you do decide to pick her up, we highly recommend purchasing a storage case as well. Since her breasts are massive, you’ll be much better off storing her in a case, rather than leaving her hanging up (where the weight of her breasts will eventually stretch out her chest).

7 Big Ass

Saya Premium Curvy TPE Doll


  • Love curvy ladies
  • Prefer larger lips
  • Want customization options


  • Prefer more petite figures
  • Have a smaller budget
  • Need a lightweight doll

Why settle for a thick sexdoll when you could have the thickest of all sex dolls? Perfect for those who simply can’t be bothered to settle for less, Saya is a salacious doll with curves galore! With long curly hair, luscious lips, large breasts, and a bum that would rival Nicki Minaj, Saya is a top-tier doll that nearly anyone would be happy to add to their collection. Capable of being penetrated vaginally, anally, or orally, this full-function, completely poseable doll is a great option for anyone who doesn’t mind spending a bit extra for quality!

  • Offered in a wide range of sizes
  • Extra curvy
  • Financing offered
  • Great for dressing up

  • Expensive
  • Made of TPE
  • Very heavy
Height62 inches
Insertable length(Vagina) 7.48 inches, (anus) 6.69 inches, (mouth) 4.72 inches
Width26.7 inches
OpeningsVagina, anus, mouth

Whereas many dolls tend to focus on either the breasts or the butt, the Saya thick sex doll has put a lot of effort into both aspects. Like most other options, this doll is completely customizable. However, just based on the “floor model”, your brand-new doll will have everything you could ever want in a sex doll. A lifelike face is just the cherry on top, perfectly complementing the curves of this doll. While this doll is full-sized and perfect for dressing up in hand-picked outfits, that size does come at the cost of portability. Being extra thick, Saya will actually weigh a bit more than other life-size dolls, which is definitely a factor worth considering. Still, we think Saya offers great value for your money. Just make sure you explore all of the customization options before placing your order!

8 Natural

Big Amy BBW Doll

 Big Amy

  • Have a thing for pregnant women
  • Prefer large breasts
  • Need a fully poseable doll

Big Amy

  • Prefer more petite dolls
  • Want height options beyond 5’9”
  • Need a budget-friendly option

Whereas many of the dolls we’ve covered so far are designed for a more general audience, Big Amy is a doll specifically targeted toward those with a pregnancy fetish. If you’re one of the people who fall into that category then the rounded tummy, large breasts, and full backside of this doll are sure to satisfy your desires. Her face is perfectly framed with long, flowing brown hair, paired with large—but not oversized—lips and accented eyebrows. Whether you want the doll solely for intercourse or plan on dressing her up in your favorite maternity outfits for a bit of roleplay, Big Amy can help you bring your inner pregnancy fantasies to life!

  • Unique, pregnant model
  • Realistic proportions
  • Silicone model offered
  • Many customizable features

  • Oral possible with soft head only
  • Silicone body adds $700 to the price tag
  • Cast costs extra
Big Amy
MaterialsTPE or silicone
Height63 inches
Insertable length(Mouth) 5.11 inches, (vagina) 7.08 inches, (anus) 6.29 inches
Width49.2 inches
OpeningsMouth (optional), vagina, anus

Big Amy is a very expensive doll, but you get an amazing doll for the price. If you’re willing to increase the price even more, you can even get this thick sexdoll made from silicone (instead of standard TPE!). You’ll have the choice of three different skin tones, a decent range of custom heights, and a number of other customizable features. Some features cost extra, but others—like weight reduction—are offered free of charge: you just need to opt in! For downsides, the only one that’s really unique to this doll is the lack of a removable silicone vagina. Beyond that, most complaints are standard (heavy, bulky, pricey, etc.). All in all, Big Amy is a doll that we’d recommend to anyone with a pregnancy fetish. Many other dolls simply don’t fill this space. Fortunately for interested parties, Big Amy does!

9 Fantasy

Deborah Premium Curvy TPE Doll


  • Have a thing for elves
  • Prefer extra thick body types
  • Don’t mind having a heavy doll


  • Need a lightweight doll
  • Don’t like the elven look
  • Want a silicone doll

Do your inner fantasies involve fantasy characters? If so, then Deborah could be the unique thick sexdoll for you! While many of the elf dolls available offered shoot for the petite, long frame that elves are well-known for, Deborah takes a completely different approach. Complete with giant, soft breasts and giant hips, this sex doll is a great option for any fantasy lover. Available in four different skin tones and made from high-quality TPE material, this highly-customizable doll offers you a way to have a curvy elf of your very own!

  • Positionable
  • Curvy body type
  • Unique, elven design
  • Eight vagina options

  • Very heavy
  • Pricey
Height60 inches
Insertable length(vagina) 7 inches, (anus) 6 inches, (mouth) 5 inches
Width45 inches
Weight93 lbs
OpeningsVagina, anus, mouth

While most dolls opt for a traditional human look, Deborah offers a nice change from the generic look of your typical thick sex doll. Of course, her body remains relatively human, but her tipped, pointy ears add the nice dash of fantasy you’d miss with other sex dolls. Unlike the sleek shape of her ears and face, Deborah is stacked everywhere else. With bodacious breasts, perky nipples, and an oversized backside, this doll is perfect for thick body lovers everywhere. Still, like other dolls, Deborah does weigh quite a bit, which could make positioning her a bit of a challenge. Weight reduction doesn’t appear to be an option, so you’ll have to deal with the extra weight in exchange for her extra curvy figure. Even so, we think Deborah is a doll worth picking up. When the perfect fantasy doll is available (and completely customizable), why wouldn’t you want to get your hands on her?


6YE Doll

 6YE Doll

  • Love MILF dolls
  • Enjoy subtle areolas
  • Prefer the feel of TPE

6YE Doll

  • Need a silicone doll
  • Struggle to move 121 lbs.
  • Want extensive customization options

For the avid MILF lover, finding the perfect thick sex doll presents you with plenty of options. However, if you want a doll that offers premium detailing and fairly realistic proportions, this 6YE doll is definitely one worth considering! Standing 5’5” with long, curly hair, and perfect curves, the 6YE doll embodies the sexy older lady looks to perfection. Whether you plan on dressing her up in sexy outfits or simply enjoying her in the nude, this full-figured doll is sure to excite you in ways you’ve never felt before!

  • Curly hair
  • Free skeleton upgrade
  • Realistic body design
  • Free standing feet offered

  • Expensive
  • No height options offered
  • EVO skeleton doesn’t work with heating
6YE Doll
Height64 inches
Weight121 lbs
OpeningsVagina, anus, mouth

Standing at an average height but paired with curves for days, this 6YE doll is a great thick sexdoll for MILF lovers. We appreciate the extra detailing that went into the design of this doll, from the realistic skin textures to the dimples on her back. At 121 lbs., this doll is fairly heavy, which could make getting her in position a challenge. Still, she is fully posable, meaning the only positioning limitations you’ll run into will be getting her to stay in place. Finding clothes for her shouldn’t be too hard, which is always a nice way to make the experience more immersive. Although customization options are a bit more limited than some other dolls, you’ll still have plenty of options to choose from. If you love the look of a mature woman and want a doll that’s realistic down to the tiniest detail then you should definitely put this 6YE on your list of options to consider!


Brandy Curvy Brunette Doll


  • Love giants breasts
  • Prefer tanned skin
  • Generally prefer younger women


  • Prefer mature women
  • Want a doll with more realistic proportions
  • Need something portable

Brandy is a small but thick sexdoll that combines naughtiness and innocence for a perfect package! By default, this doll has a wide width, a tiny waist, and oversized breasts. However, more so than any other doll we’ve been over so far, Brandy has customization options for nearly everything. Whether you prefer a specific labia color, nipple size, or lip style, Brandy can be made to fit your exact preferences. Don’t settle for a doll that fits most of your personal desires. Instead, pick up Brandy for yourself, made to order and straight out of your fantasies!

  • Vaginal, anal, and oral sex possible
  • Realistic exterior detailing
  • Nearly every detail can be customized
  • Free international shipping

  • Month-long processing time
  • Most upgrades cost extra
Height60 inches
Insertable length(Vagina) 7 inches, (anus) 6 inches, (mouth) 5 inches
Weight93 lbs
OpeningsVagina, anus, mouth

As far as pricing goes, Brandy isn’t exactly “affordable.” Her asking price starts around two grand and goes even higher if you want to add extra features like gel breasts, freckles, or a breathing system. Even so, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another doll that allows this level of customization. The smallest of details—such as fingernail style—can be made specifically to fulfill your personal fantasies, which definitely gives this thick sex doll some points in the realism department. That said, there are a few people who probably won’t like Brandy very much. Her face looks pretty young, which makes her less appealing to those who prefer MILF sex dolls. You also can’t change her breast size. This is a feature we’d like to see offered in more custom dolls, as liking large butts doesn’t automatically translate to preferring large breasts (or vice versa). So, is Brandy worth your hard-earned cash? Well, if you like the look of younger women and can appreciate all of the various customization options that this doll offers, we’d say she is!

If You Are Not Ready for a Thick Full-Size Sex Doll

Getting a full-size thick sexdoll requires having enough space to properly store the doll, as well as the willingness to frequently move a lot of dead weight. If you’re looking for something a bit more portable (but still curvy), here are a few different options we’d recommend.

Fuck Me Silly 2

Fuck Me Silly 2 - If You Are Not Ready for a Thick Full-Size Sex Doll
Weighing just over 12 lbs., the Fuck Me Silly 2 is a top-tier torso sex doll that can be used hands-on or hands-off with ease. Jiggly 36DD breasts, a detailed form, and easy-to-clean one-tunnel design make this Pipedream product an easy win in our minds!

Sex Doll Torso with Arms

Sex Doll Torso with Arms - If You Are Not Ready for a Thick Full-Size Sex Doll
Adding a head and arms into the mix, this sex doll uses premium TPE to craft a realistic and highly customizable sex doll torso. With three ways to enjoy it and plenty of available add-on options, this doll gives you the benefits of a full-sized doll while reducing the required storage space.

Biggest Tits Ever Sex Doll

Biggest Tits Ever Sex Doll - If You Are Not Ready for a Thick Full-Size Sex Doll
If you’re after a doll with the biggest breasts possible then this one is sure what you want! With a full bust size of 45.7 inches, hips measuring at 35.4 inches, an internal metal skeleton (for posing), and a number of different customization options, the Biggest Tits Ever Sex Doll gives you a lot of bang for your buck!

Eva Doggy Style Doll

Eva Doggy Style Doll - If You Are Not Ready for a Thick Full-Size Sex Doll
For butt lovers, the Eva Doggy Style Sex Doll is a no-brainer! Equipped with a round butt, jiggly cheeks, realistic detailings, soft-to-the-touch skin, and two holes for you to enjoy, Eva is a great option for those with lots of ideas but little space to work with.

Different Types of Sex Doll Materials

The two main materials you’ll see used in sex dolls are TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) and silicone.   TPE is a porous material that’s relatively cheap to produce. As such, a TPE thick sexdoll will generally be cheaper than its silicone counterpart. This material is excellent at retaining heat, feels relatively lifelike, and poses limited risk of causing allergic reactions.   However, it’s important to note that TPE is a porous material. This means you’ll never be able to sterilize your doll, making cleaning an absolute necessity.   Silicone is a more expensive material used in some high-quality sex dolls. Compared to TPE dolls, a silicone thick sexdoll is more durable, non-porous (meaning it can be sterilized), heavier, and a bit stiffer. They can also retain some warmth, but they lack the elasticity of their TPE counterparts.   You’re extremely unlikely to have an allergic reaction to a silicone sex doll.

How to Use a Thick Sexdoll

Never owned a thick sexdoll before? Here’s how to use it!

Clean Your Doll

Clean Your Doll

When it arrives, you should give your doll a good cleaning. Your doll will also need to be cleaned in the holes you used after every use!

Position Your Doll

Position Your Doll

To prep for actually using your doll, you’ll need to figure out where you’re going to use the doll and how you want it positioned. Make sure your doll is in the correct position before moving on to the next step.

Use Your Doll

Use Your Doll

With the doll correctly positioned, you can now apply lubricant to the doll. Once it’s properly lubricated, you can now enter and enjoy your doll!

How to Clean a Thick Sexdoll

If you own a thick sexdoll then keeping it clean with regular upkeep is a requirement. Fortunately, these dolls aren’t too hard to clean (though the process can be a bit time-consuming!). The orifices (vagina, mouth, anus) should be cleaned after every use using warm water and antibacterial soap. The body of the doll should be cleaned monthly using the same materials. You may treat TPE dolls with renewal powder. The wig of your thick sexdoll can be cleaned using cold water and sulfate-free shampoo. Always let your doll completely dry before storing it away. Failure to do this will result in bacterial buildup. Also, avoid putting dark clothing on your doll (as this may cause staining).


Although thick sex dolls look amazing when they’re in your home, it’s getting them into the perfect location and position that might give you issues. The added mass of these dolls means they can end up being quite heavy, but that’s just a trade-off you’ll have to prepare for!

No, you do have options! While most of the thick sex dolls we’ve listed below are full-figure dolls, you’ll also have plenty of torso sex dolls to choose from if that’s what you’re looking for.

Sometimes. While nearly all of the full-sized dolls offer customization options (ranging from the smallest of details to entire features), most of the partial dolls are sold as-is.

That depends on what materials your particular doll is made from. The manufacturer should be able to provide you with a recommended lubricant. However, you can always use a water-based lubricant, as this is compatible with any type of sex toy material!

Yes. In fact, many people enjoy the process of shopping for and dressing up their dolls! Some manufacturers may provide the sizing of the doll upfront. If not, simply measure your doll’s proportions to find the best sizes of clothing.

What is a Thick Sexdoll?

The term “thick” is used to describe a woman with natural curves in her figure. As such, a thick sexdoll is a sex doll that features large breasts, thick thighs, or a large butt. While some dolls may have all three of these features, some dolls may focus more on the breasts or butt in particular.

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