Lovehoney THRUST Pro Review — The 10 Best Sex Dolls and Masturbators

   Kevin Foley
With the help of our team of expert sex toy reviewers, I’ve put together the ultimate THRUST Pro Elite review, so you can know for sure what THRUST toy is best for you. I’ve hightlighted all details about the products, pros and cons, prices, user reviews, and anything else you would need to know about a THRUST Pro Elite toy before you buy it! With a wide range of affordable realistic pussy masturbators, it’s not difficult to feel spoiled for choice with THRUST! With this helpful guide to the THRUST collection, I’ll help you make your decision!
1 Alana

THRUST Pro Elite Alana Masturbator

 THRUST Pro Elite Alana

  • Are looking for your first big masturbator
  • Love watching booty jiggle
  • Want different skin tone options

THRUST Pro Elite Alana

  • Need something that can be used quietly
  • Don’t have a lot of storage space
  • Prefer an easy cleanup process

As a higher-priced product, I had high expectations for this ass masturbator. Fortunately, the THRUST Pro Elite Alana delivered! Alana is available in two different skin tones which is perfect for guys who are tired of the same old pink skin tone all the time. Lovehoney was nice enough to provide Alana’s dress size (6 to 8) and panty size (medium), which means you can dress this girl up before the party begins! With a spacious vaginal cavity and tight anal canal, you can choose between two unique experiences when using this toy. Thanks to her weight, you won’t need to worry about slipping out while going to town (although you can grab on to her realistic-feeling skin if you want to anyway!).

  • Realistic skin texture
  • Weight prevents movement during use
  • Unique experience in each canal
  • Jiggles during intercourse

  • Cleaning can be challenging
  • “Pink” color could be more realistic
  • Anal canal is only 5.5” deep
  • No discreet storage option provided
THRUST Pro Elite Alana
Weight15.43 lbs
Length14 inches
Width14 inches
OpeningsVagina, Anus
Insertable length(Vagina) 7.5 inches, (Anus) 5.5 inches
Diameter (internal)(Vagina) 0.5 inches, (Anus) 0.1 inches inches
MaterialsSoft plastic

Alana delivers the high-quality sexual experience you’d expect from a THRUST Pro product. This small sex doll is particularly great for ass lovers since she jiggles just like a real girl when you’re hitting it from the back! That said, the sound of “skin” slapping together when doing so means Alana doesn’t exactly provide discreet lovemaking sessions. Although the packaging she comes in is discreet, the box inside the box is not discreet whatsoever, which means you’ll want to plan for this inconvenience ahead of time. You’ll also need to figure out how to store her, which might be challenging because she takes a bit to air dry. Nonetheless, the THRUST Pro Elite Alana provides an A+ ride for anyone willing to take her in, so it’s easy enough to overlook these few shortcomings.

2 Layla

THRUST Pro Elite Layla

 THRUST Pro Elite Layla

  • Want to graduate from strokers
  • Prefer toys that can be used in multiple positions
  • Need a waterproof sex toy

THRUST Pro Elite Layla

  • Have a long penis
  • Prefer doggy style
  • Want a visually-immaculate toy

Having two textured tunnels can be a great thing, but often, these toys weigh a ton, which makes using them a chore. That’s not the case with the THRUST Pro Elite Layla, a realistic-looking toy that weighs less than 7 lbs and has two separate tunnels for twice the pleasure! I am partial to this lightweight design that means it can easily be adjusted during use, and the flat-back design makes it excellent for hands-free, missionary-style sessions. The longer canal is only 4.5 inches long but can stretch to accommodate men with larger penises. Whether you prefer a realistic vagina or a tight anus, Layla is a girl that can deliver!

  • Lightweight
  • Two separate textured tunnels
  • Waterproof design makes it easy to heat
  • Easy to position

  • Shallow internal tunnels
  • Difficult to clean
  • Anal canal is too tight for some
  • Coloring wears off fast
THRUST Pro Elite Layla
Weight6.61 lbs
OpeningsVagina, Anus
Insertable length(Vagina, Anus) 4.5 inches
Diameter (internal)0.25 inches inches
MaterialsSoft plastic

The THRUST Pro Elite Layla represents the happy medium between a more expensive small sex doll and a high-quality stroker. Since this doll has a flat back it’s not feasible to “hit it from the back”. However, she’s designed for ideal fun in the missionary position! Still, she has enough weight to allow for hands-free use but is light enough so you can also manually manipulate her as needed. Layla doesn’t come with a heating unit but she will quickly match your body temperature after a few minutes inside. Cleaning is very easy, although drying is a time-consuming process so you should invest in some renewal powder for this doll. Our only real complaint is the coloring: multiple users have reported the coloring on the labia wearing off after only a few uses.

3 Holly

THRUST Pro Ultra Holly Realistic Vagina

 THRUST Pro Ultra Holly

  • Need a cheap orgasm
  • Have never had a sleeve before
  • Are looking for something easy to conceal

THRUST Pro Ultra Holly

  • Want suction
  • Have a penis over 6 inches long
  • Value visual realism

Sometimes, simplicity is best. If that’s your motto, and you’re looking for a simple pocket pussy, then you’re sure to love the THRUST Pro Ultra Holly Realistic Vagina stroker! With six inches of insertable length, people with average-sized penises can easily fit inside (and larger sizes can shoot out the back for easy cleanup!). She has a tight canal, which makes using lube a necessity, but works well for either solo use or for entertaining your partner! Unlike many larger sex toys, the THRUST Pro Ultra Holly Realistic Vagina is very easy to store discreetly.  Thanks to Holly’s waterproof construction, she’s very easy to clean using water and soap, making her the ideal first-timer toy.

  • Can be used with a bullet vibrator
  • Easy to clean
  • Internal texture provides excellent stimulation
  • Durable for long-term use with proper lube

  • Requires a lot of lube
  • Has a strong smell out of the box
  • Too tight for men with thick shafts
  • No suction effect
THRUST Pro Ultra Holly
Weight1.05 lbs
Insertable length6 inches
Diameter (internal)0.5 inches inches
MaterialsSoft plastic

The THRUST Pro Ultra Holly Realistic Vagina can provide years of entertainment, provided you use lube liberally. If not, tearing is certainly a possibility. The TPR stroker quickly adapts to your body temperature once you’re inside of it, and can even fit a bullet vibrator in the rear hole for added stimulation. Although longer than many of its competitors, people with longer penises will likely still pop out the back, which may be a drawback for some. On the other hand, this tunnel design makes cleaning a breeze, so it all comes down to personal preference. If you’re interested in purchasing your first sex toy but aren’t quite sure where to start, I strongly recommend considering the THRUST Pro Ultra Holly Realistic Vagina!

4 Angel

THRUST Pro Xtra Angel

 THRUST Pro Xtra Angel

  • Hate hard-to-clean toys
  • Want the option to add vibrations
  • Have a penis that's below average size

THRUST Pro Xtra Angel

  • Prefer life-size toys
  • Love anal sex
  • Have a longer penis

Many want a more “complete” realistic experience beyond the basic options offered by a fleshlight. Unfortunately, this often comes with a high price tag, but that’s not the case with the THRUST Pro Xtra Angel Realistic Vagina and Ass! Complete with a detailed vaginal opening, two usable openings, and a third opening designed to fit a bullet vibrator, the THRUST Pro XTRA Angel provides an excellent value for under $50! As a submersible sex toy, cleaning is super straightforward (even for first-time users), although the internal length of 5 inches & the canal diameter of 0.25 inches may make Angel a bit too small for you well-endowed men out there.

  • Easy to heat using warm water
  • Simple to clean
  • Realistic textures inside & out
  • Small & easy to store

  • Moves easily during use
  • Limited position options
  • Anus is very tight
  • Long penises may come out the back
THRUST Pro Xtra Angel
Weight1.27 lbs
OpeningsVagina, Anus
Insertable length(Vagina, Anus) 5 inches
Diameter (internal)(Vagina) 0.3 inches, (Anus) 0.2 inches inches
MaterialsSoft plastic

The THRUST Pro Xtra Angel Realistic Vagina and Ass has received mixed reviews: people seem to either love it or hate it! This divide is mainly based on penis length. Since Angel only has 5 inches of internal length, people with longer members will easily pop out the back, making it a good option for men packing 5” or less but not ideal for larger penises. Still, some guys like the sensation of popping out the back! The internal entrance angle makes Angel a bit impractical for a couple’s use, but when it comes to solo pleasure, this masturbator can certainly deliver!

5 Zoey

THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey Realistic Vagina Cup

 THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey

  • Need something portable
  • Want a tight toy
  • Love suction toys
  • Want a masturbator that has a very tight feeling
  • Like the feel of a realistic toy
  • Are on a budget

THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey

  • Have a girthy or lengthy penis
  • Want something with multiple holes
  • Hate cleaning your toys
  • Are looking for a Fleshlight competitor
  • Have larger than average penis girth
  • Expect the highest quality possible

The THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey Realistic Vagina Cup makes it easy to have an orgasm on the go. The exterior casing on the masturbation cup allows for simple transportation and storage, keeping your toy protected from dust and dirt when not in use. For average-sized men, Zoey’s tight fit is sure to provide hours of entertainment thanks to her tight, textured canal that’s six inches deep! Best of all, the hole at the end of Zoey allows users to enjoy a suction effect during masturbation. You can also insert a bullet vibrator into Zoey for added fun. All you need is some space to yourself, a tube of your favorite water-based lubricant, and the desire to achieve an amazing orgasm!

  • Adjustable suction
  • Works with a bullet vibrator
  • Affordably priced
  • Fully waterproof
  • The interior of the toy feels amazing
  • The exterior has ridges that make the toy easy to grip during use

  • Suction requires manual input
  • Needs a lot of lube
  • Casing has a sharp edge
  • The packaging indicates that the vagina opening is wider than other THRUST Pro Ultra toys. However, it is still quite small
  • The casing should have a flat base to make cleaning easier
THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey
Length7 inches
Insertable length6 inches
Diameter (internal)0.5 inches
TextureBumpy, realistic
Weight9.8 lbs
MaterialsTPE, Hard Plastic
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableLight, Medium and Dark Skin Tones

Bad points first: the casing of the THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey Realistic Vagina Cup has sharp edges. Normally, this wouldn’t be much of an issue, but since Zoey is a very tight fit you’ll definitely want to lube her up quite a bit. Otherwise, you might find yourself having an unpleasant time if your member slips the wrong way. It’s also not made of the best quality, but then again, this is a budget toy. However, with a bit of care, Zoey has the tight, ribbed vaginal canal that’s great for any session, whether you’re looking for a quickie or an all-night masturbation extravaganza! Her “extra” hole allows you to enjoy a suction effort or use a bullet vibrator, although this won’t work if your large penis slips out the other end. Still, for the average man, I think Zoey provides a much more fulfilling experience than using your hand at a great price, making her a smart option for first-time sex toy buyers.

6 Alicia

THRUST Pro Elite Alicia Realistic Masturbator

 THRUST Pro Elite Alicia

  • Want the “full” experience
  • Enjoy backdoor sex
  • Love watching breasts bounce

THRUST Pro Elite Alicia

  • Don’t have a lot of storage space
  • Want something lightweight
  • Struggle to clean toys effectively

The THRUST Pro Elite Alicia Realistic Vagina, Ass and Tits Masturbator is a premium product usually demands a premium price, but Alicia is fairly priced at only $350 for the entire package. Take your pick from her voluptuous, perky breasts, perfectly crafted vagina, or tight anus, and prepare for the incoming orgasm! Both of Alicia’s tunnels are textured for maximum pleasure, providing separate but uniquely stimulating experiences. You’ll enjoy a much more realistic session with Alicia thanks to her detailed and sizable torso, which is sure to pleasure you time and time again!

  • Comes complete with T, V, and A
  • Soft, realistic breasts
  • Heavy enough to stay in place during use
  • Easy to dress up for roleplay

  • Cleanup is a bit more involved
  • Smaller than the average adult woman
  • Strong TPE smell upon arrival
  • Coloring will fade over time
THRUST Pro Elite Alicia
Weight16.53 lbs
Length19 inches
OpeningsVagina, Anus
Insertable length(Vagina, Anus) 5 inches
Diameter (internal)(Vagina) 0.25 inches, (Anus) 0.3 inches inches
MaterialsSoft plastic

No THRUST Pro Elite review would be complete with Alicia, and it’s very apparent why: she’s the full package at an affordable price! Whereas other masturbators may skimp out on all body parts, Alicia has breasts, a vagina, and an anus for a real-life experience. Thanks to her full-formed design, you can enjoy her from the front or from the back, unlike other cheaper models with a flat-back design. Her skin feels soft and smooth to the touch and—at 16.5 lbs—she provides just enough resistance to not slip around during use. My only complaint? The 5-inch depth may be a bit short for some well-endowed men, so that’s something you should keep in mind!

7 Taylor

THRUST Pro Xtra Taylor

 THRUST Pro Xtra Taylor

  • Love doggy style
  • Want a realistically-textured toy
  • Have a shorter penis

THRUST Pro Xtra Taylor

  • Prefer missionary sex
  • Want a life-size toy
  • Have an average-or-above sized penis

Whoever said you can’t get a good, realistic toy at an affordable price obviously hasn’t tried the THRUST Pro Xtra Taylor Ribbed Realistic Vagina and Ass! Smaller than your average woman, this toy has tight vaginal & anal entrances that are sure to help you blow your load in no time. Made specifically for ass lovers, Taylor has a full, jiggly bum that shakes realistically with every pump, providing a much-appreciated visual appeal to this portable product. She’s a bit too small for intensive couples play, but her compact size makes her a great option for your next solo session. Simply pumping away not doing it for you? Taylor has the space to add two bullet vibrators inside her, intensifying the sensations for many explosive orgasms!

  • Two useable points of entry
  • Realistic external & internal textures
  • Fully waterproof
  • Affordably priced

  • Shallow internal depth
  • Smaller than the average woman
  • Vagina & anus share the same tunnel
  • Requires a lot of lube
THRUST Pro Xtra Taylor
Weight1.69 lbs
OpeningsVagina, Anus
Insertable length(Vagina, Anus) 4.5 inches
Diameter (internal)0.25 inches inches
MaterialsSoft plastic

Whether or not you enjoy the THRUST Pro Xtra Taylor Ribbed Realistic Vagina and Ass comes down to two things: you can’t have a massive penis & you have to like small sex toys. With an internal length of only 4.5 inches, Taylor will be a bit too short for some guys to fit inside entirely, but her tight textured canal can definitely push you over the edge quite easily regardless. On the plus side, this sex doll is very easy to clean up and store, which is good news because you’ll need a lot of lube to slip inside of her. I did come across a lot of reviewers sharing that it was hard to get the “perfect angle” during use, so Taylor may or may not live up to your expectations. That said, at less than $45, I’d say this is a pretty good option for something that is a step up from a pocket pussy but still not a full blown small sex doll.

8 Ella

THRUST Pro Mini Ella Realistic Pocket Pussy

 THRUST Pro Mini Ella

  • Need something that’s easy to clean
  • Have to keep your toys hidden
  • Want a toy for partner play

THRUST Pro Mini Ella

  • Have a girthy penis
  • Are endowed over 5 inches
  • Want a toy that will last for years

Going away for a weekend but want something better than your hand? You might be in luck: introducing the THRUST Pro Mini Ella Realistic Pocket Pussy! True to the “pocket” aspect, this mini pussy offers 5 inner inches of ribbed, portable pleasure for less than $20! Mini Ella is completely waterproof which means heating her up for a more “real-feel” experience is a pain-free task, and cleaning out her inside won’t pose a challenge either. As a smaller model, she is a bit tight, but if you’re a guy who prefers a firm grip on your shaft then Mini Ella will more than meet your expectations!

  • Perfectly priced
  • Discreet & portable
  • Tight & textured interior
  • Easy to clean

  • Hard to dry
  • A bit on the short side
  • Lacks casing
  • Not suitable for long-term use
THRUST Pro Mini Ella
Insertable length5 inches
Diameter (internal)0.25 inches inches
MaterialsSoft plastic

Compact units are great for when you’re out and about, but being “compact” does mean that many people might find them a bit too small to be completely satisfying. If your penis is over 5 inches long then you won’t have any space left to add a vibrating bullet for increased sensations. That said, the Mini Ella does have realistic textures inside and out, albeit at a smaller scale than many other sex toys on the market. If your penis is on the smaller side then this toy will be great; if not, then you’ll have to decide if “full immersion” is worth missing out on a high-quality $20 toy!

9 Sophia

THRUST Pro Elite Sophia

 THRUST Pro Elite Sophia

  • Want a realistically-textured vagina
  • Enjoy penetration options
  • Need a hands-free toy

THRUST Pro Elite Sophia

  • Need something that can be silently used
  • Lack storage space
  • Want a streamlined cleaning process

Bigger than a masturbator but smaller than a full-sized sex doll, the THRUST Pro Elite Sophia Realistic Vagina and Ass provides the perfect balance of performance and portability for less than $80! Although Sophia may be too large for discreet transportation, her lightweight design makes her easy to move and adjust during use (or when packed amongst the rest of your luggage!). Sophia has two distinctly textured openings so you always have a choice between vaginal or anal entertainment. Thanks to her completely waterproof design, you can use water liberally while cleaning up after the fun has ended.

  • Two holes for twice the pleasure
  • 0.5-inch internal diameter
  • Completely waterproof
  • Heavy enough to stay in place during use

  • Cleanup can be a bit challenging
  • 5.5” internal length
  • Not as realistic-looking as alternative options
  • Strong TPE smell
THRUST Pro Elite Sophia
Weight4.4 lbs
OpeningsVagina, Anus
Insertable length(Vagina, Anus) 5.5 inches
Diameter (internal)(Vagina, Anus) 0.5 inches inches
MaterialsSoft plastic

Sophia isn’t as long internally as some of the competition, but her 5.5-inch internal length means most men will be able to bang away without issues. Spread-eagle and expertly detailed, Sophia will stimulate both your shaft & your eyes during your next solo session (or partner play!). While having two separate canals is great for providing a unique experience in each tunnel, it works against you when it comes time to clean up. The waterproof design means you won’t have to worry about getting this toy wet, but you might struggle to dry Sophia out. I also recommend investing in some renewer powder to help this process along!

10 Gigi

THRUST Pro Ultra Gigi Double-Ended Cup

 THRUST Pro Ultra Gigi

  • Want to have two toys in one
  • Are looking for your first masturbator
  • Like having the option of suction

THRUST Pro Ultra Gigi

  • Won’t use the anal entrance
  • Want a vibrating product
  • Want a multi-tunnel toy

The biggest limitation of most strokers is that they only offer a vaginal OR an anal experience, but not the THRUST Pro Ultra Gigi Double-Ended Cup Realistic Vagina and Ass! This double-ended fleshlight is 6.5 inches long, with one stimulating canal connecting both ends. Choose from either the vaginal or anal entrance (depending on if you want a tighter fit) and stroke away to completion! Although it feels somewhat cheap, Gigi’s casing is easy to grasp, making it easy to speed up (or prolong) the intense waves of pleasure you’re sure to enjoy! Thanks to the caps on each end, you’ll never have to worry about Gigi getting dust or dirt in her when you have her discreetly stashed away.

  • Two entrances for twice the fun
  • Stimulating textured interior
  • Adjustable suction effect
  • Easy-to-grip casing

  • Cleaning is hard initially
  • Both entrances share the same textures
  • Longer penises will fit all the way through
  • Cheap plastic casing
THRUST Pro Ultra Gigi
Length6.5 inches
OpeningsVagina, Anus
Insertable length(Vagina, Anus) 6.5 inches
Diameter (internal)(Vagina, Anus) 0.25 inches inches
MaterialsSoft plastic

There are many options when it comes to strokers, but I think that Gigi provides the best (versatile) bang for your buck! Not many toys this small have both a vaginal & an anal opening, which puts Gigi ahead of the competition right from the get-go. The downside is that both entrances share the same internal tunnel, although each will feel different when you’re slipping inside of them. If you want a truly realistic experience then you’re better off going with a sex doll, but when it comes to compact and affordable self-pleasuring options, Gigi is definitely a super-star you’re sure to enjoy for years to come!

Other Types of THRUST Pro Product You Might Like

On the hunt for a new sex toy but none of the options above seem to meet your standards? No worries—here are three options to showcase all the other types of masturbators that the Lovehoney THRUST Pro collection offers!

THRUST Pro Tech Realistic Vibrating Masturbator

THRUST Pro Tech Realistic Vibrating Masturbator - Other Types of THRUST Pro Product You Might Like
Do you love the sensations of vibrations around your shaft? Do you also love using realistic handheld pocket pussies? You get the best of both worlds with one of the Lovehoney THRUST Pro vibrating masturbators! Enjoy the 7 different speeds and 6 different vibration patterns with this wonder!

THRUST Pro Ultra Coco Ribbed and Dotted Ass Cup

THRUST Pro Ultra Coco Ribbed and Dotted Ass Cup - Other Types of THRUST Pro Product You Might Like
So, if you’re interested in trying out a THRUST Pro product from Lovehoney, but the options I’ve laid before you in the review above doesn’t quite pique your interest, you might like this. Are you more of an ass-person? Well, there’s plenty of anal adventures to go on with the anal fleshlights from the Lovehoney THRUST Pro collection.

THRUST Pro Mini Ayla Self-Lubricating Blow Job Mouth

THRUST Pro Mini Ayla Self-Lubricating Blow Job Mouth  - Other Types of THRUST Pro Product You Might Like
Perhaps, you’re more into the idea of putting your dong into someone’s mouth? Well, the THRUST Pro Mini Ayla can help you indulge in that fantasy in a simple and affordable way! Available at a lower price point, and it offers a self-lubricating feature! Simply add some water to the inside and pump away!

THRUST Pro Elite Natalia Lifesize Realistic Sex Doll

THRUST Pro Elite Natalia Lifesize Realistic Sex Doll - Other Types of THRUST Pro Product You Might Like
Tired of toys and want a “real woman”? Introducing Natalie, your perfect, drama-free partner! At 5’2″ tall with 30DD breasts, blonde hair, and a thick derriere, there’s no limit to what you can do with this sexy, full-sized sex doll!

Comparing the Best THRUST Pro Products

When it comes to personal pleasure, the THRUST Pro series from Lovehoney offers a variety of masturbators, each with its own set of features designed to cater to different preferences. Let’s compare these models to help you find the right fit for your intimate moments. For all the ass loves out there who are looking for a relatively affordable ass masturbator that will take you to new heights from your regular handheld pocket pussy. THRUST Pro Elite Alana stands out with an impressive overall score of 4.8 out of 5.0, bolstered by a perfect Bedbible rating of 5.0 out of 5.0. Alana is priced moderately and offers a realistic weight of 15.43 lbs, with dual openings for varied stimulation. Her design and ease of use are highly rated, making her a top-tier choice for those seeking a premium experience. She’s an ass masturbator with an ass that just won’t quit! Great for all your doggy-style desires. THRUST Pro Elite Layla is, on the other hand, ideal for anyone who loves missionary! She has a solid overall score of 4.3 out of 5.0, with a user rating of 4.6 from 25 users. Layla is lighter than Alana at 6.61 lbs, making her easier to handle. She’s also waterproof and phthalate-free, ensuring safe and versatile use. THRUST Pro Ultra Holly is a more affordable option compared to the first two, with a low price point and a user rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 from 121 users. Holly’s lightweight and simple pocket pussy design at just 1.05 lbs makes her a convenient choice for discreet storage and even travel. The perks here? The flexible sleeve allows for extra maneuverability and the ability to add tightness by squeezing around the outside. THRUST Pro Xtra Angel has a lower overall score of 3.9 out of 5.0 but remains a viable option with her low price and dual openings. Angel’s design and quality scores suggest a satisfactory experience for those on a budget. However, it doesn’t offer a lot of texture and internal sensations, compared to most of the other products on the list. THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey presents a unique texture with a bumpy, realistic feel, aimed at enhancing the sensory experience. She has a medium price and a solid user rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 from 185 users. Zoey’s 9.8 lbs weight strikes a balance between heft and manageability. The masturbation cup design also makes it ideal or travel and discreet storage. THRUST Pro Elite Alicia is a small sex doll on the higher end of the price spectrum but justifies this with a quality score of 85 out of 100, and, of course, the realistic build! Weighing in at 16.53 lbs and with a length of 19 inches, Alicia offers a lifelike presence complete with breasts, buttocks, a full torso, and a vulva for those seeking a more immersive experience. THRUST Pro Xtra Taylor is the least favored among users with an overall score of 3.7 out of 5.0, but her low price and dual openings might still appeal to those looking for a basic, no-frills option. THRUST Pro Mini Ella is another well-received simple pocket pussy with a user rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 from 289 users. Ella’s compact design does not compromise on quality, and her waterproof nature makes her easy to clean and maintain. THRUST Pro Elite Sophia has a commendable overall score of 4.5 out of 5.0, with a user rating of 4.6 from 33 users. Sophia’s design and ease of use are highly praised, and her medium price point makes her accessible to a wide range of users. She promises a realistic look and feel but still remains discreet and easy to store. THRUST Pro Ultra Gigi rounds out the list with a high overall score of 4.7 out of 5.0 and a Bedbible rating of 4.7 out of 5.0. Gigi is an affordable option that does not skimp on quality or design, offering a satisfying experience without breaking the bank. Although not the most realistic vulva out there, I think affordability and practicality overrules that in this case!

What Size THRUST Pro Masturbator is Best For You?

Penises come in all different lengths; fortunately, so do masturbators! Which size is right for you?

Choosing the Right Size Masturbator

Choosing the Right Size Masturbator - What Size THRUST Pro Masturbator is Best For You?
The size of your penis is something you’ll want to consider when choosing a THRUST toy. If you want to be able to insert your entire penis then you’ll need to choose a toy that’s as long/longer internally than your penis. However, some people don’t mind “popping out” the other side, so that’s entirely up to you! That said, if you’re planning on using a bullet vibrator with your toy then you’ll want to consider the length of the vibrator in addition to your penis when selecting a toy.

Internal Diameter

Internal Diameter - What Size THRUST Pro Masturbator is Best For You?
Measure the diameter or girth of your penis and compare it to any information you can find about the internal diameter of the THRUST Pro item you’ve got your eyes on. If you’re still not quite sure about how the internal diameter would feel, you can always try reading through user reviews online to see what the majority has to say about the fit and snugness.

How to Use THRUST Pro Products

The first step you’ll need to take before using any sex toys is to invest in some high-quality water-based lube. Once you’ve done that simply wait until you have some private time and then take out your THRUST Pro toy: let the fun begin!



Male masturbators vary in size, shape, and weight, so exactly how you choose to use your toy will depend on these factors. Generally, most masturbators will be light enough for you to manually manipulate them up & down your shaft, although some may be large enough for you to place in the missionary position or doggy style. Lube the opening adequately before attempting to insert yourself into the toy. If it starts to feel dry then you can always add more lube.

Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls

Much like masturbators, sex dolls vary in design, but all of them have vaginal and anal openings. You’ll want to properly lube the opening(s) of your choice before attempting to go inside. Depending on the size, shape, and weight of your doll, you’ll need to find a suitable surface where the toy won’t move much during use. However, if you find that your toy won’t stay put then consider propping your toy against something to limit its movement. Insert your penis into the opening of your choice and enjoy!

How to Clean Your THRUST Pro Sex Toys

The toys listed above are all waterproof to some extent (check your manual to see if your product is fully submersible). Therefore, to clean your sex toy, all you will need is some water, soap, and a bit of renewal powder! First, you’ll want to wash the canal(s) out with soap and water. After this, use only water to remove any soap residue, then leave your toy out to dry. Failing to let your toy dry completely before storage will cause bacteria to build up, making your toy smelly and unsanitary. Renewal powder helps your toy dry out (this is especially important when it comes to internal moisture) while also maintaining the material, so feel free to apply the powder somewhat liberally.


Generally speaking, sex dolls will provide a more realistic experience, but masturbators have the advantage of portability. Consider where you’ll be using the sex toy before making the final decision!

The THRUST Pro Ultra Gigi Double-Ended Cup Realistic Vagina and Ass stroker has 6.5 inches of internal length, making it ideal for men with larger penises.

All of the products above are high-quality sex toys, but a lower price generally means a smaller toy. If you want something more life-sized then you can expect to pay a bit more for the added realism.

Any toy can be used for couples play: the only real limitation is your imagination!

The recommended lube varies depending on the product. The products listed above use water-based lubricant, but you should always check the manufacturer’s recommendations before trying out a new type of lube.


Sex dolls & masturbators from THRUST are high-quality sex toys designed to simulate intercourse while also providing an erotic visual experience. Made exclusively from phthalate-free soft plastic, these toys are a more affordable alternative to premium silicone sex toys. Prices range from sub-$50 to over $300, depending on the model in question. Most THRUST Pro sex toys feature a vaginal orifice, although some may also offer (or substitute) an anal orifice. Available in all different shapes and sizes in Lovehoney's expansive online selection, there is a THRUST product for everyone!

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